Dance with the Dead

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This is a horror story with a little twist at the end. Be sure to read this tale on a night before going to bed.

Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018



Anna is in an abusive world. Her mother and father are terrible people. Ann is kept in the basement where she has little next to nothing where the cobwebs are in the corners. Mother comes home drunk and father comes home acting weird with the smell of rancid beans that have been sitting in the hot sun for more than four days. The smell, it made Anna’s eyes water when they told her to stay in the basement and don’t come out. When they did the bad thing with the needles, they are zonked out for more than two days. Anna came out of the basement when the night roves over the land, hearing the sound of the bubbles that are coming up mommy and daddy’s throats simultaneously. Anna rolled them to the side when Momma throws up all over the floor, waiting for her spasms to pass when Anna felt worse than ever in her life before, almost crying bad.

Anna is sitting in the basement with only the self-made bed that is in the corner. The little Fisher-Price toy table is sitting in the middle of the room. On top of the table is the tea set with the little plastic saucers with no one else for the coming tea time that is nearing to the point of commencing. What Anna needed the most is a hot dog. What is what she needs is a hot dog and nothing else. Maybe some tater tots to go with the hot dog. That made her stomach tumble when somewhere she heard the sound of something thumping above her head.

Mommy and Daddy are fighting again. This made her want to cry about it. She sat on the stairs with her head buried between her legs. Little did she know is that she went to sleep and when she woke up, she didn’t hear the sound of something that is happening on the floor above her. Light didn’t come through the window when it is to be a moonless night in a neighborhood that didn’t know her pain.

It is pitch dark in here and she hates the feel of the boogeyman that is in the corner. She read about all the cheery monsters in the children’s books that have a happy ending before the final page is turned. Some of them are memorable and some of them didn’t strike a nerve in her heart. The boogeyman is real and they are the people that are above her head. They don’t even worry about her anymore. She is hungry, alone, tired and she needs someone to play with.

Anna got up from the stairs in the darkness and posed to walk across the basement, meeting the wall with the darkness all around her. She met her back up against the wall and scrunched down, putting her knees up to her chest. The last time she ran from this place she got down to the lake that on the end of the street. She sat there most of the night before a policeman carted her back home. It was near the end of the policeman’s shift and he didn’t see the signs from mother when she brought Anna back into the house. What happened next is what Anna witnessed when mother slapped her across the face. She called Anna a dirty, rotten scoundrel. That was all Anna is. She is a dirty, rotten scoundrel. They threw her in the basement for the rest of the day.

This night will be different with her back against the wall. Anna looked through the dust covered glass with the only two windows that are on the top of the basement walls are on the left side of her. Anna doesn’t remember the last time Mom or Dad came down to clean the place. They are too busy to get a score to pop into their veins. Anna overheard that Daddy lost his job again before she is caught with the basement door open. Anna is punished for that, finishing the night off with another bowl of store-generic mac and cheese with the pasta undercooked and too much milk in the bowl. That is all she eats now is mac and cheese when Anna cried after looking at the window, putting her head between her legs to let it all out.

A knock came upon the window when it took her strength to look up.

What she sees is something transparent over the mild gleam of the street light that is coming from somewhere. What came from that transparent stream is something she cannot shape in her head. The transparent shape knelt down and knocked on the window again. Anna marveled this when she didn’t know what to do. Mother told her not to talk to strangers and that is a great deal of keeping her life in safe boundaries. A knock came upon the window again when Anna gained the courage to come off of the wall.

She stirred across the basement with her hair all a fritter, meeting the base of the stairs with her measure going with the stairs along with her tear stricken eyes. She felt the wood of the stairs before she even realized she is walking up the stairs. She has done this dozens of times with a realization of the boogeyman. There is no boogeyman in the darkness. She has been living in the basement for two years now. She slowly went up the stairs, trying not to make a sound when she made the last riser as she touched the door.

It took her all the energy to turn the knob on the door. When she did, she blew a calm breath out of her mouth. The kitchen is cluttered with junk. The light on is the only light that is on the gas range that is over the stove. There is not a clean spot on the floor when Anna could see the ketchup stain that is on the floor and the juice stain that is not even an inch from that. The top of the fridge under the cabinet is filled with cobwebs when Anna waited for any signs of something that might be up. There is not one sound. Anna got a move on from the kitchen when she left that, coming to the hallway with the floor being a little less cluttered with trash all over the floor and possible sharp objects that could poke Anna with just one wrong step. It took her almost a minute to get to the front door when Anna felt the coolness on the knob of the front door. She opened it and wondered outside when she smelled the fresh cut grass that is next door and the sound of a pinwheel that is turning in the property that is on the other side of the street. Anna smelled the sweet scent of Lilies of the Valley and carnations from the neighbors on the other side of the house. This made her happy when she pounced down the stairs before closing the door gently behind her. The sidewalk that is in front of her is so cracked that it would hurt her bare feet. The clouds in the sky are so thick that there is no moon as she waited for the wind to die down.

She has not been outside for more than two months.

Anna started to walk down the sidewalk when she met the end of the sidewalk with the mailbox a little to the left of her. The sounds of the crickets are all around her when something did a shushing noise on the side of the house. When Anna turned she sees a girl older than her come into the light of the streets with red hair. The girl is about fourteen years old with her hair wrapped in a pony tail that came down to her lower back. Her eyes are dark in the light at first before she turned her eyes towards Anna that came closer. Her eyes are the color of green when she placed her hands on her chest.

“Do you know who lives her now? I’m sure you know.” The girl looked at the front of the house before looking back as Anna with her face all aglow in sorrow.

“I used to live her a few years ago.”

“My mommy and daddy live here.” Anna pointed towards the house. Anna kept away from the girl that would try something. He heard about pedophiles using girls to snatch other girls. Anna kept her boundaries up to full defense.

“Good. I don’t like my father.” Her tone of expression change, her face changed into something worse than anger.


“He did something to be in this house. You say your parents live here?”


The girls face turned down in wild wonder, mumbling to her-self when Anna came closer to wonder what she is mumbling about. The girl knew that she is looking when the girl shut up.

“What year is this?” The girl asked Anna.

Anna told her when the girl almost felt like dropping onto the grass.

“It’s been over six years since.” The girl looked at the ground before she shook her head.

“My name is Brenda.”

“My name is Anna.” Anna itched her arm.

“Do you want to spend some time with me?” Anna asked her with stupefied grace. Anna left her defenses and now it is the course of desperation.

Brenda shifted her legs with her braid coming down her back. It moved a little when she did so.

“It is going to be hard though.”

“Why?” Anna replied with her voice getting higher. She started to feel like she is going to spontaneously combust.

“We only have one night to get to know each other.” Brenda spoke when the wind started to blow again.

They walked down the sidewalk together with her talks getting more and more into the point of just a few words. They rounded the corner when Anna asked her about the house and her being the last one that lived there. Brenda didn’t look at her when she changed the subject to something else. It is easy to change the subject on little children. It’s like flipping a coin in the air and startling them before they catch the coin. It is that easy. Anna enjoys Brenda’s company quite immensely. Anna for the first time didn’t think about home when Brenda continued to walk with her eyes shifting all around her.

“What are you worried about, Brenda?” Anna brought this into the middle of what they are talking about when Brenda didn’t make any eye contact.

“They will see me and take me away. I don’t want to go just yet.”

“What do you mean? Who will take you away?” Anna stopped in her tracks. They are near the intersection railroad with no cars traveling on the road. Anna didn’t realize that they are at the end of town, forgetting about her drug abused parents that are sprawled out in the hellish house.

“The one with the mask; he has been trying to find me.” Brenda cried, biting her lower lip.

“What is he going to do to you? I won’t let him hurt you!” Anna came close, grabbing her when she felt nothing in the space between her arms.

“What?” Anna cried out, falling to the ground with her nose almost touching the asphalt.

“I’m sorry.” Brenda still stood in the same place with her eyes closing.

“I didn’t mean for you to fall. It’s just that I don’t belong in this transition.” Brenda still stood there, not helping her when Anna helped herself up.

“What do you mean?” Anna brushed the rocks off of her ratty dress.

“Didn’t you know that I died in that house that you live, in the basement?” Brenda pointed back towards town where the streetlights are burning quietly.

Anna eyes widened, walking back a couple of steps.

“I don’t understand?”

Brenda licked her lips and then shifted her hips. She crossed her arms across her chest and then opened her mouth before talking.

“What do you say that you have been talking to a ghost all of this time?”

Anna moved back more when she felt like slapping her hand across her face.

“I don’t understand. What?” Anna cried out when a car appeared in the distance, coming their way.

“The masked one is coming for you. He is here to take you to the unknown.” Brenda looked into the car that is revving up in the distance, getting closer and closer to the point that the car is about to intersect the railroad.

“Why is he coming for me?”

Brenda looked at her square in the eyes before tears welt up.

“Go back to the basement and see.” Brenda spoke to her when the car drove through both of them, not even slowing down at the sight of two children in the middle of the road.

What happened next is Anna is in a space that is familiar. The yard has not been cut in quite a long time when the door stood in front of her with the steps leading up to it.

“Where are you?” Brenda spoke behind her. Anna turned and sees Brenda wearing a black dress upon her body.

“I’m in the backyard of home.”

“Good. Now go further to know the truth.” Brenda stood in the spot when Anna looked at her, then the door, then looked back at Brenda again.

Anna started to walk up the stairs leading towards the door.

Anna didn’t open the door but walked through it. The hallway has no smells when she walked over the groups of garbage that is all over the floor. The only light on is the light that is in the dank kitchen. The faucet is leaking when Anna went from the kitchen and walked through the hallway, not smelling anything anymore.

“The senses are there. That is what you are still holding on. You will let go when the truth is revealed.” Brenda spontaneously stood next to her when Anna flinched at the sight of her.

“Go into the living room.” Brenda nodded her head towards the doorway that lead to the living room on the right of the hall when Anna went in.

She sees daddy in the reclining chair with the needle still stuck in her arm. She sees mommy passed out drunk with the bottle on the floor, spilling the contents all over the whooped carpet. Their eyes never opened when Anna looked at Brenda with that black dress that she wears.

“What happened to them?” Brenda considered asking her.

“My baby brother died at child birth. He had something wrong with him?”

 “Whooping cough,”

Anna turned towards her.

“What is that?”

“It’s an illness with the lungs.” Brenda closed her eyes and shook her head.

“Did he have a name?” Brenda looked like she became insane for a spell.

“Yeah, his name is Doug. Dougie is what we called him. He was only a year old.”

“After that they fell out of touch with reality.”

Anna shook her head with tears forming in her eyes.

“They do not see the light. Like my father that didn’t see the light.” Brenda walked in front of Anna when Anna didn’t make any eye contact with him.

“Do you know what happened to me?” Brenda asked when Anna shook her head, trying not to cry.

“I live in this same house with my father and mom left him. The reason why she left is that he gambled and drinks. All the time he did it. The bills kept piling up and he didn’t even have the gull to face his emotions. She left him and he could care less. He kept on drinking with me trying to support him. Mom didn’t fight custody for me for the sake of her living her life to the fullest. She left me to this world that is blacker than the night. Then one day he lead me to the basement, asking he needed help with some boxes that he couldn’t get to on one of the highest shelves. I did it, meeting the highest rung on the ladder when he kicked it over with the hitch of his boot. I fell and my head hit the concrete. After I died he killed himself with a gunshot to the head.” Brenda ceased to talk, looking at her parents before looking at Anna again.

“That happened all in this basement. This house, all of it is my prison. I am trapped here with a mask man trying to get me. He is not a god or demon and he brings people to the Great Beyond. I think it is a lie. Every time I try to leave, I wind up being back here at this house. I’m sick of looking at it.” Brenda casted an angry look at the house with her mouth turning into a sneer.

“I hate this place. This place – I feel it in my heart that this house is evil.” Brenda looked at Anna in the eyes when she slowly pointed in the direction of the kitchen.

“You should look for yourself.” Brenda implied when she disappeared in an instant.

Anna felt like crying when she is gone in an instant.

Then she slowly sauntered to the kitchen to see what happened.

Anna met the door that stood in front of her leading to the basement. The doorknob didn’t reflect the light of herself when she looked at it still, feeling of not going down that basement. Her heart is hurt when she closed her eyes and commenced to go through that door. When she did she found her standing on the stairs with the light not afflicted to the still scene that is in the basement. It is dark when she stood in the same place, not seeing a movement in the darkness as she pondered down, one stair at a time. As she pondered, she sees a form that is lying on the basement steps that she cannot see, sitting down on the steps when she waited for the dawn to reveal the shape that is sprawled on the steps.

There is a second person here. There is a second person that is here in the basement.

Anna thought of this when she hunkered down and placed her head in between her knees, waiting for the sun to come up when the first time she did not feel tired anymore. She did not feel hungry either.

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