The power of Rain

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What the rain can do for someone who's willing to be themselves, to struggle uphill, the ones who try to make the world a better place, who try to be the best that they can be. Who try to be
themselves even if the flock turns on them, who will never just follow the group blindly.

Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018



The touch of the rain may be cold

but feels so warm

It may make you drenched

But you feel relieved

It may seem like you're alone

But you feel the comfort

it may make you muddy

but it cleanses your soul


can feel sane.

It has the power to heal your pain


So many are afraid

so many run away

stuck in the mess that they made

by choosing to with the group stay


In a group where they cannot grow

they shut off their inner flow

The part of them that make them real

The part of them that they can feel


It fades away

to be like others

makes them decay

and makes them bothers


For the ones who are good

for the ones who are strong

The ones who lift the world

who try to fix what's wrong


There are crimes of different types

Some of which are bound by law

some are greed and lies by straw 

and one, the crime of killing the self


But all of which by weakness grow

All that makes YOUR life you throw

By simply just not being you

You can have your crew

But don't let that rule your heart

Cause then you're doomed from the start

And after your entire life is through 


The feelings of regret take over

Never making a choice of your own

Being to weak to be yourself

Instead of fighting head on with the pain

And being rewarded by the soothing rain


Or if by luck or chance

You would have found that one romance 


The way you lived just would not work

Cause for acceptance you'd be a jerk


Your heart would be to weak to let it in

And it wouldn't even be called yours

You regret putting on yourself this pin

Of doing others unworthy chores


Then you realize the group was just like you

And none of you had any meaning

Your life ending in this shit filled loo 

In the end no beauty leaning


No dame

Just shame

Life's lame

with only

you to blame.


What you can learn is to embrace yourself

and embrace the rain

Take the fight

take the pain


Carry the burden

carry the scars

carry yourself 

and carry the bars


Cause being yourself is not an easy task

That's why so many people fail

But in the end the task is worth

even for the very frail


Cause the other option in the end

simply just looks pale

and tastes so stale

Both of the ways are like a jail



You can free yourself of that weakness stain

and by being you, you'll feel free in the rain.












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