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'loving a strange but beautiful lady" is a story about a successful young man who fell in love with a lady from the marine kingdom, got married and even had three kids with her. This story will
touch you deep in your heart and might even make you shade tears. But hey! all that which you will read is not a true story. Every bit of the story was crafted out of my imagination. Enjoy it.

Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018






It was one night a very cool one for that matter when I was standing right in front of my mansion gazing at a dark cloud struggling to cover the bright and shining beautiful moonlight at its appearance. It was rather strange to me because it was the very first time I was taking part in such an uncomfortable but rather worth talking event because it was something unbelievable. It took me a whole lot of time to try to withdraw my eyes which was fixed so deeply on the said event because it felt like there was an external force trying to make me base my attention on what was going on, so I could not witness what was taking place right at my very own mansion. 

When I finally succeeded to steal my attention which was rather so intensely gripped and held by the said event, I left and got inside but just to discover that everything about my normal life had changed out of a sudden. 

I started feeling strange things happening like someone was constantly staring at me. Every night when I go to bed, I will have dreams seeing strange people having parties in my house.

This continued for some time and I never wanted to let anyone know because I was sure that they will rather believe that I was crazy than believe my unbelievable but perplexing story. These thoughts made me become calm about the whole situation but believe me I was ready to do everything within my human power to know what had happened to me that night. 

I then decided to have as many dreams as possible to find out who these people were and why they decided to use my own house of all the houses around that same vicinity.

But to my greatest surprise, from that day henceforth, I Stop having dreams about them for as long as 2 weeks. Everything became normal and it was like everything had falling back in place. I stopped having that sensation of someone constantly gazing at me until something, even more, scaring happened.

It was once more another terrific night. More cold and intense than the first night I had that encounter with a dark cloud trying to fight the shining beautiful moonlight at its appearance. everywhere that faithful night was shaking as if there was an earthquake happening at that very instance. The calmness had just vanished into thin air and everything I could feel was the trembling of the earth.

Not long after, I saw a very beautiful young girl appear right in front of my eyes. I could not scream nor talk because it was like every little strength I had was pulled out of me. But to tell you the truth, even if I had felt my strength coming back in full force, I won’t had still run because her beauty was stoning. A kind of beauty I can promise to have never seen before. She was tantamount to a real queen, the exact definition of what beauty was, is and will ever be. 

Then I heard her call my name “Chief, Chief, Chief” three good times she called my me as such. I was very scared and felt like scales were falling off my body as if I was Fish. 

My anxiety to remain there had changed and all I could think of the instance she voiced my name was to vanish from that place as far as my legs could carry me.  My instant change of mind to run instead of staying was not based on her looks but rather her voice. For she had a voice of a man and it sounded as if she was calling me in the middle of a deep tunnel. It was one of the most terrific sounds I have ever heard in my entire life of existence. There was no way of escape for me, for I thought my life was going to end that night until something unspeakable happened.




Still very much shock by the sound of her voice, she approached me. At first, I thought it was over because there was nothing I could do. I had no energy to even move an inch from where I was standing. It was like I had suddenly become a stature, (a beautiful art crafted describing the fright of man). I could only move my eyes for that was the only part of my body that I still had control over. Sometimes when I think about that night and everything that happened, I feel like the only reason I could still control my eyes was that she was so beautiful, and I could not bear to lose sight of her even for a second.

Strange Lady: Why are you so scared? I thought you wanted to find out who we are?

I could not still say anything because I couldn’t talk.

Again, she spoke

Strange lady: Why are you not saying anything? Mortals will never cease to amaze me, “She said”

When she made that statement, she came and placed her finger on my lips and my mouth open and I asked...

Me: Who are you and what do you want from me?

Hearing my question, she laughed so loudly. Looking at me soo deep into my eyes she said….

Strange lady: I am the queen of the red sea.

Hearing her say that made me even more scared than before, but noticing my reaction, she said.

Strange Lady: But do not be afraid for I am not here to hurt you. We only came here for a meeting that night. It was rather unfortunate that your house was the most suitable environment for our meeting. I know you had been asking yourself so many questions lately and that’s why I am here to answer them all.

When she finished saying all that, I was no longer scared. It was like all my strength had come back in full force and I could now move every part of my body. I then asked her.

Me: What was your meeting all about?

Strange lady: She answered and said it was none of your business, and that I should not strive to want to find out more because I will be seriously hurt if I were to really know more.

But, I gave a deaf ear to what she said. I really wanted to know more because I could not bear to let her go. To me, that was a lifetime opportunity standing right in front of me.  And so, with my stubbornness, I still said to her

Me: I really don't care what the information I might find out will do to me. I really want to know more about you because I have falling deeply in love with you.

This was not loved. It was what is generally known as infatuation or let me say lust.She had made me so obsessed with her beauty and it was almost impossible for me to live without her.

 Hearing me professing love to her, she laughed so loud again and for a very long time. It was like she was not the only one laughing.

She was laughing in breaks, and each time she laughed, he was a thousand of Eco's to her laughter.

When she was done laughing, she then said to me.

Strange lady: What you are seeking for will burn you.

 I did not understand what she meant by that statement. I was just crazily and madly in lust with her beauty.  And behaving like all the men in love, I said unto her.

Me: I don't care what happens afterward, I just want to be with you.

Strange lady: After a long silence, she said yes! And I was very happy.




I started going out with this lady. she will take me to parties in places I have never been before. Every single party I attended with her was extraordinary. Mostly, a group of people will come and throw a red carpet for her to walk on. The kind of chairs reserved for us was made of pure gold. In fact, everywhere in most of the places we went to were all covered with gold and decorated with diamonds. It was magical.

To them, money and wealth was not a problem at all but what was really scaring about the entire issue was that this person were not workers neither did some of them own businesses. They had money and everything money could buy at their fingertip. Everything I ever dreamed of been given to me even without me asking for it.

What still scares me until now was the fact that they knew all about my dreams even though I had never told any of them and not even the strange lady. Every single dream I have ever dreamed of and even those dreams I thought they were impossible to become a reality were all given to me in one single day. At that time, I could not think because all that was in my mind was my love for the strange lady and the rest did not just matter at all. Believe me or not, I had started loving the person she was and not just lusting after her beauty.

My relationship with the strange lady was a very uncomfortable one because she will never want to spend the night at my place even if I begged her to. But any time I will just think of her for a second, she will always appear. Even when I am sleeping, and just happen to think about her, that whole night she will appear and be with me in my dream until the next day.

The funniest part of this relationship was that she never wanted anything intimate with me. Any time I try to kiss her, she will turn her face to another side. I didn't really understand why she was acting in such a manner. But I will always respect her decision Because I was practically like her slave; always doing everything she asked me to do without any restrictions or complains.

At first, she did not really love me and sincerely me too. In the beginning what I felt was lust and she knew it. But as time went by, spending time with her and getting to know her better, I found out that she was a very nice person deep inside. She had a beautiful heart. The truth about everything how we first met was base on a mission from the marine world. But being with her for a long time created a kind of trust between us. She started telling me so many things about her life.

It was finally when she started opening up to me when I discovered that she was not actually the queen herself but was sent by the queen to make my life a living hell.

During my conversation with her one night, she told me how she was forced by the queen of the red sea to execute this mission. She told me that the reason was that I was a great man and my greatness was going to cause a lot of problem to their kingdom and so the only way to stop that was to bring me down. 

Talking to me that night, her eyes were filled with tears ready to pour down like rain. She was practically subbing in her heart. What made me love her, even more, was the fact that she said for the past few months, she has been protecting me from her queen.

When she said that, I then flashed back one night when I thought of her and she appeared. That night, I saw her with bruises all over her body and I asked her what had happened. she told me she was in a fight, but I didn't ask her further with who she was fighting with. She has been risking her life to protect mine and to me, no one has ever done that for me.

It was during one of our discussion that I equally find out that she was a human like myself but was initiated by a friend without her knowledge. she has been asking for her way out for a long time, but the queen never wanted her to go because she was the most beautiful agent that she had. But seeing her talk to me, I really felt how desperate she wanted out.  And so, I decided to help her fight for her freedom.




One day coming back from one of the usual fancy party, we both had an attack from the agents of the queen of the red sea. It has been for a while since she visited the marine kingdom and that made the queen very angry and scared of her revealing the kingdom secrete to the whole world. So, the queen had made a lot of attempt to make her return to the marine kingdom but to no avail. This night was the final warning for her but unfortunately for the queen, she had already made up her mind never to return to the kingdom again.

Her resistance that night caused a big fight between herself and the queen's agents. The fight lasted the whole night. It was the bloodiest of all the fight I have ever seen. But all thanks to her experience and techniques in spiritual combat, she came out victorious killing the two agent who had been send by the queen to bring her dead or alive. Even though she won, she was badly hurt.

That night when the battle had ended, I carried her to my house because she had lost a lot of blood and was very weak. The fight ended around 5am but everywhere was still very dark. I was very scared they were going to be back for her again and if that had happened, it will have put the both of us in great danger for she could no longer fight because she was very weak. So, I waited impatiently without closing my eyes for the day to be clear.

When everywhere was clear that day, I tried to wake her up, but she was not responding. At first, I thought she was just joking because sometimes when we use to play, she will pretend to be dead for as long as 30minutes. Most of the times I will be scared right to my bone marrow but when I will think that the worse has happened, she will get up and start making fun of me.

One day when she did that and I was very angry at her, she said to me...

Strange lady: why are you making this an issue? You know I always do that.

Me: I know that's true but listen it is not fun at all.

Strange lady: Hey! She exclaimed, don’t make it an issue please because I hate it when you are sad.

Me: I won’t make it an issue until you tell me the reason why you do that all the time.

Strange lady: Okay! She said. I will tell you everything if you really want to know. I don’t just want you to remain mad at me.

She told me that practically every time she does that, her spirit lives her to the marine world. When she gets there, she has to go and reveal herself to the queen so that the queen will think she is still on the mission she sends her to do and so will not suspect her plans of permanently resigning from being a member of the kingdom. So that was the reason why she will always do that especially when we are playing. All this was because of the thought of losing me one day scared her to death.

Me: I thought we are in this together? I asked.

Strange lady: I know, but I can't bear the thought of putting you in danger and that's why I can’t tell you everything. Some things I rather prefer it to remain secret for your own sake.

 It was a very difficult thing to take knowing that I was the man. But I had to respect her decision no matter how hard it was.

So, when she had that fight due to that hilarious attack from the queen’s agents, I carried her home. When we arrive home she asked me she wanted to rest for an hour or two because she was very weak.  She had lost a lot of blood in the process of the battle and that was the best thing to let her rest for a while. So, I allow her to sleep but when it was almost 2hours I did not get her up because I really wanted her to rest for as long as she could sleep.

But it was so surprised when I tried to get her up after about 5 hours of rest and she was not responding. As I said above, I thought it was her normal joke of scaring me but this time it was different. I touched her after a very long struggle of getting her up and to no avail, she was dam very cold. It was like she had been put in a deep freezer for days.

I could not understand neither could I explained what was really going on. I was confused and to tell you guys the truth I didn't really know what to do. I tried calling 911 but just the thought of having myself implicated in a crime I know nothing about scared me to death.

After an hour when I had discovered her state, I saw something strength again. Water started coming out of her mouth, batteries and her ears. It was like someone was struggling to draw her and she was fighting to come out of the water.She started shaking after a few minutes, that is her entire body started trembling. This lasted about 4hours and after that, the water flowing out of her and her trembling body stopped.  She returned to the previous state and in about 30minutes, her body started pilling.

When I discover her body pilling, I tried to touch her but to my greatest surprise, her body was very hot. The reason why her body was pilling was as a result of the high temperature of heat her body was generating. All these constant changes in her body temperature lasted for as long as 5 days. I could not eat nor do any other thing within those days because I did not really know what to do or to think of. And finally, breaking on the 6th day she finally opened her eyes and I felt very relieved.




When she finally got up I was very happy. I held her so tied in my arms telling her she scared me to death. I told her I thought I had finally lost her for good, “please don’t do that ever again I said”. Seeing my reaction, she asked.

Strange Lady: why are you acting as such?

Me: you really don’t know what happened to you? I asked.

Strange Lady: NO! what happened?

Me: you have been dead for like 5days now.

Strange Lady: What? She exclaimed. Are you sure of what you are saying? She asked.

Me: how many of us are in this room?

Strange lady: just the two of us? She said.

Me: Then believe me I am telling you the truth.

Strange lady: She burst into tears telling me how she had a horrible dream why she was at sleep and the queen herself came and to take her by force to the marine kingdom.

Me: Being very surprised, I told her, but I did not see anyone. No one came back since your last battle with the queen’s agents.

Strange Lady: What! Again, she exclaimed. Did I fight with the queen’s agents?

Me: I told her yes! that’s why you die for 5days. I furthermore explained to her; After the fight with the queen's agents, you won but was very injured and lost so much blood and so that made you very weak too. I carried you home but reaching the house you said you wanted to rest because you were very weak, and I carried you to the bedroom so you could rest. After about 5hours of sleeping, I tried to wake you up but you were not responding. I thought I had lost you and surprisingly you opened your eyes today.

Strange Lady: all this happened to me? She asked.

Me: Yes! I responded.

Strange lady: I can now remember that day you brought me home after the fight. And I remembered telling you I wanted to rest because I was very weak. But what I cannot understand is that you are saying I died for 5days and it’s just today that I opened my eyes. She continued by telling me how the queen took her by force to the marine kingdom and wanted to sacrifice her to the devil in charge of the marine world. She used all that she had to fight but the queen was more powerful then her.

When she discovered that she could not save herself, she then started crying for help. But the more she cried, the more no one was coming to help her out. They were times when the will put her in the pot and cook her expecting her to come back to the past her, but each time they do that, she became even more conscious than ever. It was like he was another force that was protecting me “she said”. Because believe me or not, they did all they could, but they could still not kill me.

So today was the final day that they were to kill me for the queen had invited the devil himself to come and do the job since she had tried everything she could to kill me but to no avail. When the devil arrived this morning ready to kill me, a voice spoke to me and told me to start praying. So, I started praying to God asking God to forgive me for all the things I did bad and that I was going to turn a new living and will serve him for as long as she lives. Not too long, she saw a small light appeared and a hand came out of the light and started pulling her up until she found herself back here.

She told me all these with a River of tears flowing down her eyes. I could not hold it to, so I joint her in the crying. Still, in the process of the story how God save her from the devil’s hands, she fell on her knees and started praising and worshiping God. I notice something else when she was narrating the story to me how God save her. I saw a kind of Glowing. Yes, she was naturally beautiful but this time it was extraordinary. The glory was just too much. I don't really have enough words to explain what I saw on her that day. It was like all the light was focused on her.

So, after she finish telling me the hold dream and we had praised and worship God for some time, I then told her that it will be good if we go and joint a living Bible church to grow there spiritually. I Myself was not a church person. I had my life to Christ in the past but took it back because of the pleasures of the world. But seeing how God transformed and save her from the snare of the enemy despite her past life, I too was eager to really experience God myself. 

So just around where my house was, there was this living church of God called “LOVE TEBANACLE HOUSE OF PRAYERS International”. The Man of God of that church was very powerful. I have been constantly hearing how God has been using him to deliver so many people from a situation like ours. So, I told her it will be great if we visit the church tomorrow. And to my greatest surprise, she agreed.

When it was night, we went to bed. That was the very first time she was spending the night at my place. I have learned to love and respect her so much so that I had to be a gentleman. We went to bed but could not sleep in peace.

We had another attack in the night from the queen’s agents. But thanks to God, we made it to the next morning.

The next morning coincidentally was a Sunday. So, we left for church that fateful day. She told me that day it was her very first time going to church. When we arrived at the church, the man of God was preaching about God's undying love and mercy. How God can save you and help you out even if your past was not something to be proud of. In fact, it was like the entire sermon was about her.

When the pastor was still preaching she burst into tears. I have never seen her sob like that before. She could not control it. The pastor had to stop the entire sermon to asked her why she was crying, and she told the pastor you can't understand. Just a few minutes after the pastor had asked her, the queen had sent her agent last night and they still could not kill her and so this time she came herself.





When the queen of the red sea arrived at the church, the strange lady started manifesting. It was then that I knew that she had 10000 demons inside of her. That's was why even though she was safe by God, she still had that attack in the night. Although she was safe, she was not totally free from the kingdom. She still needed a pastor to deliver her for her to be totally free.

So, she started manifesting when the queen got in. when the pastor discovered her, he told the whole church to start praying and rebuking the devil out of the church. But when the queen heard the pastor say that, she started laughing saying

Queen: she is mine and I must take her with me today. He soul belongs to us.

Pastor: No! the devil is a liar she does not belong to you and her soul belongs to God Almighty and not you.

Queen: haha haha! The queen laughed. There is nothing you can do. We have already caged her soul at our kingdom.

Pastor: You think so but wait and see what Our God is going to do about that.

Queen: Your God can’t do anything. Hahahaha! She laughed again.

Pastor: let us see about that then.

Queen: if that’s how you want it to be let it be then. By fire and by force I will take her because she belongs to me.

Pastor: try it and you will see.

It was at that instant that the queen lunches the fight against God thinking that God was her mate. But God so Crotched her and send her back to the pit where she belonged. And when the queen had disappeared, the pastor then conducted total deliverance on the Strange lady and since from that day she was set free and became a completely new lady. When the deliverance was done, the pastor then said to the strange lady from today your name will be called “Rebecca”. And from that day, that was her name henceforth.

 She and I accepted Christ Jesus that day and started living as such.

We got married one year later and had 3 beautiful kids Praise, Angle, and Princess.

We were the perfect family that anyone one could ever think of. Together with our three kids, we will go out and do evangelism every Saturday and Sunday after church. But knowing that there are always consequences and marks we live to everything we do in life, one day during our usual evangelism with my wife who was now called Rebecca and my beautiful three kids, something happened.




One day when we went out for evangelism, we met this lady who once had an encounter with my wife when she was still part of the marine kingdom. The lady in question was the wife of one pastor who was killed in a spiritual battle between the marine world and himself. On this sad day, the person who was the lady of those who was sent to execute the mission was Rebecca. And so, due to the weakness of the of lusting after her church member, the Rebecca used that against him to strike him down.  This battle happened in the presence of his wife and his kids.

Rebecca that night thought of killing the entire family but something stopped her from doing it. What happened that night no one could explain. Even Rebecca said during her confession that it was a strange force something she has never experienced before. Let just say God save the pastor family from being killed that fateful night by Rebecca. When the woman was explaining this to me, she burst into the cry as if it happened just yesterday. It was something that had happened 10years ago before Rebecca even met me.

When this lady was explaining this, Rebecca started crying and asking for forgiveness for all what she did. She told the lady how she was very sorry and that it was not her doing it that night but all that happened that night was influenced by the marine kingdom.

The lady did not just want to hear anything. She was bent on exposing Rebecca because she thought Rebecca was still that same person. Rebecca cried that day and trying to let her know how she had changed and was now a born-again Christian. But with all her cries and her begging, the lady still went ahead to tell everyone how Rebecca is an agent of the marine Kingdome.

As her husband, I tried to do everything to help my wife because I know she was a changed person and everyone else around that vicinity knew of her change too. I tried to inform the police about the matter but my wife being so kind told me to allow the lady alone. As always, I allow the lady and did not inform the police about anything.

My wife wanted to prove to this lady how changed she was. This lady will go on social media telling everyone how bad my wife was. And each time my wife hears of that, she will go down on her knees and cry to God. My wife was practically crying every single day. This lady will bring up a new story about my wife every single day. And all this was gradually killing my wife and I did not know it. Because of overthinking, she developed a brain cancer.

She started bleeding from her nostrils every day. At first, we thought it was because of stress due to what was currently going on. But after some test conducted by my family doctor, we discovered that it was brain cancer. It had started some few months ago when all the trouble started with that lady and she herself did not know. 

According to our family doctor, she had got just a few months to live. This made me very angry. I wanted to go and confront that lady myself, but my wife didn't let me go. The happy family that we had students became the most sorrowful family. I could not eat nor do anything just like that fateful night she died and lasted for 5days. But Just that this time around, I was thinking of how I was going to raise our kids all by myself.

I just could not bear the pains of see her die slowly but there was nothing I could do. She started losing her beautiful hairs and each time her hair comes out, she will show me, and I will burst into cry again. She will always tell me God has a reason for everything.  Even in her painful moment, Rebecca did not ask God why all this was happening to her.

Every morning I and our kids will watch her laying and shading tears and we will all shade tears with her. They were days I will draw myself into Alcohol and she will ask me; Honey, since when did you started drinking and I will tell her I am very sorry and that I was never going to drink again. But the truth is it was more than I could control for the thought of losing her was killing so deep.

And so, with all that was happening and everything we have tried to cure but to no avail, I then decided to join her faith, so we could both pray to God for a miracle. When I told her about my decision of trusting in God for a miracle, she was very happy and for the first time after a long time of being in bed, she smiled at me.




That night when she smiled at me, I held her hands and we prayed together declaring healings and quick deliverance. But I discovered that every time we prayed, her situation got even worse.  the next day after our prayer last night, her head that was not longer paining her for some time started hurting her even more. I called the doctor and the doctor told me the cancer had destroyed her entire brain and there was no way again. She was still left a day to live but the doctor told me she just has 5hours to live. Again, I started crying and yah! It seemed like every hope was really gone.

When I was crying and looking at her, I notice that she was praying even in her deep sleep. I remember hearing her calling the name of Jesus Countless times. And so, I decided to hold her hands and joint her in faith. My greatest prayer that day was that since God have decided as such, let his will be done. I told God that I was ready to let her go and that I know she was going to be much happier with him than being here in this wicked world. 

But when I was praying, I noticed my unconscious wife holding my hands so tied. It was like a force was trying to pull her, but she did not want to go. so, when I opened my eyes, she had open her eyes. I looked into her eyes it was filled with tears ready to pour down. But she controlled it and after some minutes, she closed her eyes.

When she closed her eyes, I equally notice that she had stopped breathing. I held her and cried to the top of my voice, but she was not getting up. I finally gave up and covered her with the sheet she was covering.  

Hearing me that night, my kids came out and why I was crying, and I told them that their mother has gone to be with God in heaven and she will never come back again. they were still kids and when I told them that their mum was not coming back again, they too started crying.

We cried and cried and there was nothing we could do to bring back Rebecca. I tell you, if crying was possible to raise up the dead, that night with the magnitude of crying that I and my kids cried will have brought back Rebecca to live.

So, the next morning, I called my pastor to inform her about the death of Rebecca and other church members. I Also informed everyone who was safe because of Rebecca preaching to them.

My entire compound was filled with people and everyone and everyone present pouring down tears. It was then that I discovered that during the short time that Rebecca became born-again, she affected a lot of people’s lives positively.

Even prisoners were brought out of prison to come and say goodbye to Rebecca. She had really impacted so many lives.

When the crowd was crying, I left there and got in where Rebecca was laying. I watched her and even to cry was more than me to do. I was tired of crying and was ready to let go when I saw something strange happen.

Someone who has been dead for a day was sweating. It was something I had never heard before, so I called the Man of God to come and see what was happening. When the man of God came and saw what was going on, he too could not explain what he saw.

Myself with the pastor and some leaders of the church all saw this happen and after about 30 minutes we saw a very bright light radiating from Rebecca’s body and after about a minute, the light stopped, and she opened her eyes.

Everyone in the room including the pastor ran out of the room except me. I forget that fact that she was dead and I quickly ran towards her and hogged her tied telling her how I was feeling already empty without her.

Not too long after, the pastor and the other came in. There were scared to come closer to her, but I told them not to be scared. The pastor and the rest of the church leaders started waving their hands and praising God.

Listen, it could only be God. God brought her back to me. When the news went out to the people that Rebecca had come back to life, the shouting I heard out was unbearable. It was a shout of joy I presume. Every sorrow had turned into joy. Some were laughing somewhere dancing and some went on their knees and was singing and praising God. it was during that time that I discovered how many people were missing her already and not just me.

When she came back to life, that same day she could not talk. but the next day, she started talking and the very first thing she said was where are my kids and my husband. I was in the bath at the time she wakes up. When I heard her voice calling us, I quickly ran into the room and saw her standing. She told me she was very happy to be with us again. she told me when she died and was on her way to Heaven, God asked her a question; "where do you think you are going to?”. She was surprised at the question and thought God wanted to send her to hell instead. But God told her to return on earth because they were still a lot of things he wanted to use her to do. And when God said that to her, she started deciding again and found her self here once more.

She said when she was coming down, she saw how many people were crying and morning because of her, and seeing that she understood what God was talking about when he said there was still a lot for her to do.

When she finished narrating the story, I came and held her tied. With great joy and thanks to God, I sang songs of praises to him. We all did. The next day the pastor visited us, and she told the pastor why God wanted her to come back and together, the pastor prayed and since that day my wife started receiving an invitation in Churches, Crusades, and forums to come and preach. 

Many people just wanted to see her. The sick who saw her became healed not to talk of blind eyes opening when she is preaching, and the lame walking and the death being raised. God Used her in so many ways in touching so many lives.

I and my kids were very happy to have such a woman and a wife in our lives.

Everyone had become fun of her. The news about her was spread across the world. I cannot possibly count the numbers of countries we were invited just for her to come and preach there. She had become a General of God.

It was not long after when the lady who started all the issue visited our house. She came and almost Knelt to beg my wife for forgiveness. But even before her knees could touch the ground, Rebecca’s own had touched the ground already. And instead of her begging for forgiveness, Rebecca asked her to forgive her. This action made the woman see how kindhearted Rebecca was and they both hug each other and became best friend ever after. 






The End


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