In the life of Alessia: Growing up

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When Alessia's grandma decides to give her to some guy she realizes that her parents would not always be there by her side holding her hand. She learns to fend for herself. She couldn't have done
it alone but a little help can't hurt.

Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018



When I was only 11 I started planning my future wedding. White doves, lilac flowers on each table. I would walk out in a beautiful white silk dress. Everyone would turn around to see me and gasp. Their eyes filling up with tears at the sight of me. I had it all planned out right to the last detail. Well except for one thing. The guy. I really never gave it much thought and it never bothered me because I knew I was going to marry a great guy. That was all 3 years ago. The times are changing and I’m already feeling the pressure to marry a good italian guy. My parents are old school. I need to marry young and have kids carry on the family business do our ancestors proud they constantly nag. Don’t get me wrong I have dated before just not the guys my parents have dreamt of me dating. You know how Indian parents want their kids to marry doctor, lawyers those kind of guys well my parents want to marry a good man honest, kind, respectful, and maybe rich man. I mean who doesn’t? I love my family and even though their traditions can get really annoying at times their my family. I can’t really complain my parents understand that the times are changing and have been a lot more considerate about letting me live a normal teen life as long as it does not interfere with our family morals. It’s more my grandmother who enforces these traditions on me. Every time I visit her she always bombards me with food saying I’m too skinny or asking if I’ve meet a guy yet or if I’ve went to go see pastor John recently. But this time she pushed it too far.


-”Alessia we are going to be late hurry grandma is waiting for us!” yelled my mom from outside. All my parents told me was that we were going to visit her because she has a surprise for me. I had my earbuds but I could still hear my parents whispers. I was not sure what they were saying but apparently someone was not going to be too happy. When we finally made it I grabbed my luggage out of the trunk. I found it weird because we never bring our luggage she lives so close. Maybe I would stay over? When I went inside I saw this well groomed man standing next to my grandmother. I had never met him before but my grandma introduced him as her friend who would be staying over for abit. Later that night I  


found out that I too would be staying over. It was a normal night we had supper, my grandma try to over feed me, we had dessert, my mom looked at me with the “don’t eat too much sweets look”, we played family games my dad tried to cheat. But during the whole night I looked to my right and there he was. His name was Adamo. During each part of the night he would reveal a new fact about himself. At supper he mentioned he had a brother and dessert he casually slipped in the conversation that  he worked for his father on the farm. The next day rolled around quickly and my parents sent me to go get things down in the village with Adamo. I found it funny my grandmother didn’t go to stores like normal people. She always said the fruit and veggies were fresher from the market. So I ended up spending the day with Adamo. He was a nice guy but he was also older than me. He was 18. He spent the day teaching me bargaining tricks and showing me around the village. When we finally got back my parents had weird looks on their faces. They sat me down and told me that they had to go home because of my older sister. She is only a year older and the only one who really gets me. Then they told me they would come back soon for my wedding. My mind exploded. Hearing those words meant they were giving me away to some family. And that is when it hit me they were giving me away to Adamo. Thoughts rushing through my head and in the background I could hear everyone talking at once. I finally stood up and walked to my room. Quietly without a word and with a blank stare on my white pale face, not even contemplating it I garbed my bag and started stuffing things inside. I was ready to jump out the window and rush out somewhere far away. When suddenly my entire family came barging through the door. My grandmother is the first to notice the suitcase and acts like she might be having a heart attack.

-”Oh dear god please tell me me your were not just running away. Alessia Rosanna Martucci you will not do this to our family!” She kept yelling at me for what seemed like forever. I stood up and shouted.

-”How could you I thought you loved me. Now your just giving me away.” I couldn’t even believe them. Then they sat me down like I was a two and told me that even if I was mad I still needed to respect my grandmother. They proceeded to tell me they loved me no less. They continued saying things like your grandmother just wants a good guy for you and that I haven’t been choosing the right guys lately and time was ticking. I blanked out for the most part but I happened to tune back in as soon as my parents announced that I would be living with him and his family to get the feel of being married. Before I knew it I was riding in the front seat of Adamo’s car. Watching my family waving at me as they got smaller and smaller. The drive was pretty quite. By quite I mean Adamo tried to make small talk asking me questions. I just nodded my head and pretended to listen. My focus was drawn to the scenery that I wasn’t able to enjoy.THe drive felt so long. He lived up on a hill so there wasn’t many people around. It was a nice house with three floors. It wasn’t really his house but his parents. He was apparently going to buy a house of his own when we got married in a year. Yes I know what your thinking in a year. I am being serious. We needed to get to know each other and I needed time to plan the wedding. Stuff like that. When we finally entered the home his family was waiting for me. The first people I saw were his parents. When his mom shrieked my name I recognized them. They were my mother’s highschool friends. Then I was introduced to his younger brother Christiano. He was 16 which made him two years older. I didn’t get much time to meet him because I was swept away by his mom showing me the way to my room. Since we weren’t married yet  we couldn’t sleep in the same room. So I was at one end of the house and Adamo at the other. I unpacked and thought I could make the best of my situation. Adamo seemed like a nice guy and maybe I could like him. Then I heard a knock on my door. I turned too find Christiano.

-”We never formally meet. I’m Christiano uhh Adamo’s younger brother, if you ever I don’t know need someone to show you around I know some cool spots.”

-”Don’t bother Chris she has a lot of unpacking to do. Leave now.” Adamo said out of nowhere. I guess they weren’t very close or something.

-”I’m sorry he bothered. You wanna come down to the market with me?”  he asked.

-”Thanks but no thanks. I have a lot of packing and I’m kinda tired. I think I’m just going to sleep the rest of the day.” I answered.

-”Ok well I will be back tonight see you.” he chuckled. Then walked over to me grabbed me in his arms and kissed my head. When I finally laid down I felt less sad about being here. The days that followed seemed like dreams. We grew closer and I started to feel more comfortable with him. We started hugging and holding hands and all. It was perfect. I might of developed some feelings for him. Months past and I didn’t think things could get better. And I was right things only got worse. He began to hang more often with other girls, coming home late, always smelling like beer and coming home drunk. One night he came home late like 2am late. He bursted through the door. He came over to my bed without a word and kissed me. I woke up and had a sleeping beauty moment. I asked if everything was okay and he shushed me. I thought he was going to leave so I laid down. He laid down next to me and we fell asleep. Early next morning I realized he was gone. I went to his room to see if he was still asleep but he wasn’t. The house suddenly felt empty, his parents were away for the weekend and his brother went away for awhile to where well actually to this day I’m not sure. I decided I needed a little bit of air so I went down to the village to take a walk. Guess what I saw. If you guessed Adamo well your half right. It was Adamo and two girls which he had his arms around. Wanna guess what I did well I’m just going to tell you I ran fast and far all the way to the house. While running I bumped into Christiano who I haven’t seen for a while. I acted like a startled cat and continued running until I reached my room. I picked up the phone. I decided to talk to my sister the only one who I could really trust at the moment. She listened and didn’t even laugh she even said that she knew what I was talking about. Adamo and her  were friends before and he became a drunk and she couldn’t bare breaking her parents hearts by telling her that her mother’s family friend was a drunk. So she never said anything. I hung up and went to the backyard to sit on the big rock. The big rock was were Adamo took me to look at the sunset and we shared our first kiss. I was quietly sobbing while looking at the distance when Christiano appeared on the rock next to me. He reminded me so much of his brother. I tried to hide my face by looking down. We sat in silence for a while when he asked are you ok? I tried my best to say yes in a steady voice. He must of seen through my bluff because his next sentence was we’re going to be family soon you can tell me. I was feeling very vulnerable and hurt so I confined in him. He grabbed me in his arms and hugged me. Christiano was much gentler than his brother. He told me I was onto something. Apparentaley Adamo was sent to rehab because of his drinking problems and stopped drinking until we were married when I couldn’t do nothing about it. And on account to all the girls well he was sort of a player. To take my mind off him we played monopoly. Adamo on the other hand wasn’t to keen on the idea. He stumbled down the basement. As soon as he saw us he began to yell. He grabbed my wrist and proceed to drag me upstairs. Christiano told him we were simply playing game of monopoly. He let go of my wrist and I got scared and ran up the stairs. From the kitchen table I could hear shouting and arguing. There was banging and maybe things were knocking over but I’m not sure. Then loud footsteps were getting closer and closer. Adamo appeared and walked to his room. I walked into the room and Adamo looked like he was about to cry. I was getting good at reading him now so I sat next to him. As he turned away from me I knew he needed me there more than ever. So my solution was to jump onto his back and kissed him. He just brushed me off. I knew he was mad at himself for overreacting. I just walked out and now thinking of it that probably wasn’t the best decision. I was walking in the hall and noticed in the mirror that Christiano’s face was messed up.

-”Christiano your face!” I shouted.

-”Ahh this is nothing you should see my face after a real fight.” he laughed. I forced him to come to the kitchen with me so I could help him wipe off the blood. His nose and lip were bleeding. He had a black eye and I felt guilty. I first helped him control his bloody nose. Then I put a sac of peas on his eye. I’m pretty sure I was freaking out more about his eye than he was. I was wiping off the blood of his swollen lip as I held back tears. Christiano was getting good at reading me too I guess because he took the napkin out of my hand and hugged me he whispered into my ear “everything will be okay he won’t hurt you don’t worry about it.” It made sense that Adamo would never hurt me because he loves me. Well I’m pretty sure he loves me. Still in his arms we heard footsteps. I quickly pulled away and decided that there were enough fights for one day that went down. Adamo stomped in and grabbed a beer.

“You alright?” I bravely asked. Walking towards him I tried to hug him from behind. He didn’t hug me back or push me away he just chugged his beer. He set the empty bottle on the counter and sighed. He looked down at me still hugging him. Adamo picked me up and kissed me for awhile. I felt kinda embarrassed to make out infront of his brother so recklessly. When he had enough he set me down on the counter and cheerfully yelled “I’m going out!” I sat there amazed not moving and Christiano was the first to break the silence.

“Well that was intense my turn.” he joked. I smiled at his joke and sat their some more.

“You need help down?” he asked sorta concerned. I finally came down and walked to my room. Once again I sat their puzzled. Somehow I caught feelings for Adamo and even if he was a drunk. All those times that he was sweet and caring were amazing. On the other hand he often came home drunk and made me cry often. I’m not sure how but I felt safe and unsafe with him. My anxiety kept me up until 12pm. That also happened to be the time Adamo walked in. I was trying to fall asleep when I heard Adamo shout for his mom. He was probably just having a nightmare but I decided to go make sure. The poor thing was tossing in turning and crying for his mom. I sat next to him and ran my fingers through his hair. He placed his head on my leg and asked me if I was his mom. I waited until he fell asleep to leave the room. I tried once to leave when I thought he was sleeping but I guess he wasn’t because he asked me not to leave. Times like those were what made the bad times livable. I woke up in a cold bedroom. I guess I left the window open and the cold air filled the space. I rolled over to see Adamo hugging me. The guy wasn’t able to get a good night's sleep. All night he was having nightmares. You would of thought I was taking care of a two year old. Adamo was adorable though. I put on one of his hoodies that was laying around and fell back asleep in his warm arms to the smell of his perfumed hoodie. That day Adamo’s little cousin was visiting. She was 3 years and the most adorable kid I had ever seen. For some reason Adamo was more caring and considerate than he had been in a long time. Maybe it was become we spent the day playing family. We were watching his cousin while the adults left for the weekend. Adamo and I took her to the park, feed her bathed her. When we were at the park Adamo had his arm around me and sighed “I want this forever.” I’m not sure if he knew that he had said it out loud. Sadly the fairytale ended the next day when Maria and I were awaken to a loud crash. Maria, Christian and I raced to the kitchen in our pjs. Adamo had dropped the bottle of vodka. I couldn’t believe that he would get drunk while he was taking care of a toddler.

“Adamo it’s 8am why do you feel the need to get drunk? Do you realize that we need to watch Maria?” I shouted. I never shouted at him I was pretty patient but that time I did. Cristiano took it as a sign to take Mia away.

“No you’re watching Maria and I don’t take orders from you honey.” He said and left. Great I had thought to myself he just keeps losing respect for me. When I entered Christiano’s room he quickly asked

“Everything okay?”

“Yah I mean there was a change in plans but I’ll manage.” I answered sitting next to him on his bed.

“I could hang with you guys today if you want.” He suggested. Maria seemed to like the idea because she quickly looked up from her book and jumped onto us knocking us over. We didn’t do nothing special expect colour and talk a walk. We also watched a movie. I could see that he would make a great dad someday. Maria seems to enjoy his company too and I did too. It was a fun day we tucked Maria into my bed. We forgot that Adamo had left so we locked the door. We went back into my bedroom where Maria was sleeping and sat on the floor. It was dark and i was tired so I had mistaken Christiano for Adamo so I laid my head onto his shoulder and quickly realized my mistake.

“ No it’s okay.” He said. So I put my head back onto his shoulder. His arm around me we started to talk.

“I had fun today.” he said.

“Me too.” I replied.

“Alessia?” He asked.

“Yes?” I answered. It seemed serious so I looked at him. We sat there for a long minute just looking at each other. Then suddenly I felt him pulling me in which led to our first kiss. It wasn’t like Adamo’s but softer and more passionate.

“I love you.” He whispered and continued to kiss me. I didn’t process the information too quickly so I let him kiss me but when I did realize what he said I shouted “You do!”

“ I mean You do really. I think I might like you took but I have to marry your brother and I kinda might like him too.” I whispered.

“ Let’s not worry about him now” He said hugging and at that moment things felt perfect. Have you ever heard perfect things never last well that can be applied here. We were all sleeping peacefully when Adamo started banging the front door.

“Alessia runaway with me.” He said excited.

“But but but.” was all I was able to spit out.

“Hurry pack some clothes for you and Maria and we can sneak out the back. We don’t have much time before he brakes the front door.” He warned me. I decided I would be happier with him than Adamo. So while there was pounding at the door I was running back and forth throwing things into bags. I grabbed sleeping Maria And we slipped out the back.

“What about Maria?” I asked.

“We will just have to raise her.” He replied grabbing my hand.


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