Love Triangle

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Two long time friends battle it out for the one they love.

P.S. This is all meant to be a joke.

Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018



Knet: Omega fireblade!

Fried: Hydro overshield!

Knet continued to attack relentlessly at the shield. Fried's shield was holding up at first, but began to give into the attacks.

Jason: Stop it both of you! Stop fighting over me!

Fried: Tell him to stop! He's the one who started this!

Knet continued to attack

Knet: I love you Jason! My victory over Fried will prove that!

Jason: Stop fighting! I love you both equally!

Fried: Tell that to him!

Knet: Omega Enhancer!

The fire attacks became alot more agrresive.

Jason: If you won't stop then I'll make the two of you stop!

Jason ran into the middle of the clashing elements. The attacks were so powerful that Jason lost his life. Once he did, Knet stopped attacking and stood in silence. Enraged looking at the body, Fried gave it his all.


Fried blew himself up causing an explosion to be felt all around the globe. 

All three were dead.

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