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Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018



What is serenity ?

It is the first look into your eyes, where I realize my fate is sealed - by the Lord himself, it is the buildup to the deep, most-intense first kiss, but not the kiss within itself, but the tention and chemistry whilst holding the hours of time in your hands to manipulate for a moment. It is realizing that you are not in control anymore, but only part of a bigger plan, written in stone; by the Creator himself...

Serenity is the feeling I get when I hold you, but not just you, your soul within mine. Let's run away - with nothing but the clothes on our backs. Serenity is when you would rather live through a thousand hells with one person, than live through one heaven with someone else. It is the words "don't stop", but also not just the words within itself, for it is the feeling of closure and security.

Serenity is believing in someone so much that you don't need anyone else to breed your happiness, it is the person that you want to take home to your family, it is the instance of acceptance, the glory of love. It is the woman that turns a boy into a man, encouraging him to be better, not just for her, but your future with her - with your children and their children...

Serenity is accepting that one day, you will return to dust, and everything you built on this earth will be lost to your soul, but whilst blooming through the earth, your ashes will bring life to many things - and accepting this for the fact it is, for you will lead a life with the person you love with your whole being!

Serenity is to surrender your entire heart and soul to someone and believe that they will carry your heart with pride, love and the loyalty you deserve. It is loving one person, only one, so much that you loose yourself in her, but feel at peace with it because you know that she will always find you... Within herself.

Serenity is the pause, the moment before you say "I love you", before you kiss her, before you make love and hold her...

When saying goodbye, holding her as if you will never see her again, when saying hello, holding her as if you thought you never would!

Serenity is interrupting a fight with a kiss, to be proud to say sorry if you were wrong. Serenity is a proposal, but not the layout of the venue or what is in the box, but what the man behind the box makes you feel. It is to stand by each other, through thick and thin and not giving a fuck what people think.

Love is serenity. Serenity is now. We are serenity.

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