First Date

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A story about a boy and girls first date. Not all first dates end well. Some first dates end... well, let's just say they end. This was a short story I wrote for a submission to the "Nightmare Soup
Book" contest. It wasn't picked.. but, I still think it is a good story.

Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018



First Date (Story)

By: Mykey Glover


Terry had been in love since the moment he laid eyes on her. She was the prettiest girl to come from the big city.  As a matter of fact, she was the only girl he knew from the city. Well, a bigger city then he came from anyway. 1970’s Carlton County is a one road town with three gas stations, two eating joints, and a small car dealership. As a matter of fact it was by complete chance that he had even met her at all. He just happened to be at one of the two eating joints when she was in town visiting her sister and brother-in-law. 


The whole thing unfolded just like a scene straight out of a black and white picture show. The server accidentally gave his Vanilla Tasty Cone to the wrong person and that wrong person happened to be the gorgeous Megan. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say despite Terry’s lack of suave`, he charmed Megan into agreeing to go on a date with him.  He had two weeks till she was to be back in town, it was time for him to start planning. A country boy planning a date with a big city girl. Why, there is only a million things that could go wrong with that. 


The two weeks passed as slow as a snail running a race but, the weekend had finally came for Terry to pick Megan up at 7pm sharp at her sisters house. He was ten minutes early and even asked for her sisters blessing which she happily gave.  The couple hopped into his freshly cleaned 55 Chevy, and off they went for a night of fun.  Terry had planned the whole night out to a “T”. Megan was a vision, she looked just like a movie star in her long lacy dress with her curly blonde hair pulled back in a perfect pony tail. Not a hair out of place of course. 


First, was dinner he took her to their special place, where they met of coarse.. Then it was time for a little adventure. See, the town of Carlton had a deep dark legend. Truth be told it was the only thing that made the whole town interesting; especially to the teenage boys. Supposedly, out in the woods in Tall Creek there lived a snarling monster who loved to frighten teenagers. Especially the ones on their first date with pretty girls from the big city. And Megan, well she was that pretty girl, to be scared. No adults had ever laid eyes on the monstrosity known as the “The Tall Creek Monster”, but the teens swear he exists. 


As they started down Tall Creek Road, Terry began to tell Megan all about the monster using over the top dramatics. People say it has two skinny legs, stands about ten feet tall, long mangy hair covering the entire front body, with two piercing blue eyes that glow like a freshly lit oven. And the smell, well it smells like death. “This is your idea of a first date?” Megan asked with some annoyance in her voice. “Yeah, there is nothing else to do around here. Don’t you like scary stories?”. Terry speaks with some hesitance in his voice, he fears he has blown his first date with the prettiest girl he ever laid eyes on. All because he thought she would enjoy a spooky little adventure. 


A little further on down the road the woods begin to thin and Megan can see a big tall tree standing in the darkness with nothing but a large circular field around it. “That’s where they say he lives” Terry says in a low spooky voice. “Yeah, well I don’t believe in monsters and I certainly am not scared if that is what you are trying to do.” “Yeah, maybe you should walk up to the tree then, if you’re not scared” Terry says. “Really??” Megan scolds him like a small child that has just said something out of line. Terry says nothing, he only stares. “Fine, I will go see if I see anything. And if anything is there.. I am gonna drag it back to this car and throw it right in the middle of your shiny hood” and with that she gets out and slams the door. The metal thud of the slamming door almost breaks Terry’s heart, he fears that he has just made the worst decision ever made in the history of first dates.


Terry was not sure what had come over him, but he was falling in love with this girl more and more every passing second. Secretly he feared that her newfound annoyance with him was surely going to be the undoing of any possible relationship they might could have had. He turned off the headlights and rolled the window down. “Seriously” she yells back toward the darkness where she can just barely still make out the shadow of his shiny 55 Chevy. “You said you wasn’t scared” he yells out the window. “ I’m not but, some light wouldn’t hurt” she yells back with extreme anger in her voice. Never the less, she pressed on. 


A few seconds passed and Terry could still see her walking around the tree. It seemed like it took her forever to make the  short walk up to it’s massiveness. She appeared to be looking up the tree’s body into it’s large, out reaching branches. All the while still looking for the town’s most creepiest resident. Terry had never seen it but, his friend swore up and down it attacked him one night and he barely made it out alive. His bicycle was tore to pieces though, that was his proof it happened of course.. the bicycle. Terry wondered to himself why he was still sitting in the car. “How could you let a girl walk around some spooky tree by herself, you are such an idiot” he thought to himself.. while still observing her in the distance. 


“I guess I should go out there with her. I am seriously blowing this date” Terry thought to himself. He opened his door and it’s creak pierced thru the quietness like an explosion in the middle of the night. It was unusually still. The wind, everything. “Hey, I am gonna come up there with ya and then let’s get you home” he yelled. A hollow echo of his voice reverberated through the trees, sending a chill up his own spine. As he approached the tree he could no longer see Megan. “I just haven’t got close enough” he thought. But, sure enough when he finally reached the tree.. She was not there. “Me…Megan.. stop playing around this isn’t funny. I am sorry if this is the worst date you have been on. I just thought it would be funny to scare you. Come on, I need to get you home.” 


Suddenly, there was a rustling in the branches above him. He squinted his eyes till they were nearly shut but, he couldn’t make anything out in the darkness. “Megan, are you up there? Stop screwing around. Now you’re scaring me. I need to get you home. I am sorry for scaring you and bringing..” but the last of his heart felt apology was cut short as something fell from the tree with all of it appendages spread out like a squirrel.  It fell flat up against his body; knocking him and it both to the ground. Terry begins to panic, flailing around under his attackers weight and trying to get free. Not once did he think to focus. When he finally calmed down he sees Megan’s face twisted into a sinister smile. She began to laugh hysterically and anger ran through Terry’s body like electricity. “Who’s scared now?” she said. “That is an awful joke I thought….” .. “Thought the Tall Creek Monster had ate me?” she said while still laughing. “Come on, let’s get you home” he said while pulling himself out from underneath her. “Hey, up till this it wasn’t such a bad date. Want to take me out again?” Megan asked. “Are you serious? I thought I had completely blown it with you and that you would never give a country boy like me a second chance”. Megan gave him a sly smile “City boys have taken me on worse dates. It was exciting. Thrilling even.” The two intertwine their hands and began to walk back to the car. 


About midway down the path behind them they suddenly hear a loud “Thump”. Something that sounded heavy and almost like a large animal landing in the mud. Slowly, they look at each other. Both horrified to turn around. Both terrified that after the cruel intentions they both had for each other; that something was actually behind them. They turn around slowly and true enough right there behind them it stands. Ten feet tall, with it’s skinny legs slightly bent at the knee with a flock of mangy, dirty, smelly hair hanging in front of it’s two large eyes.  Those blue piercing eyes was looking straight at them. Frozen in place the pair could do nothing but stare, it’s blue eyes were hypnotic. Unable to move, Megan and Terry were both grabbed at the same time by it’s long boney arms which were almost like the tree branches they had peered into earlier. Suddenly, it pulls them both toward it’s body. It leans it’s head down, it’s hot breath breathing on them. Like fire and brimstone. Then suddenly the massive beast lets out an unearthly moan. Terry and Megan saw blackness.. then they felt no more. Still holding hands as they were swallowed into the nothing.


Now, people say this story is true. It was a long time ago, but Megan and Terry were never seen again. The whole area of Tall Creek has been completely leveled with no woods in sight anymore. But people in the subdivision right about where that tall tree once stood.. Say once a month, they see a shiny 55 Chevy drive by and the drivers have the most unusual set of blue eyes that they have ever seen. Almost hypnotic. But, only the teenagers ever…. ever see them…. So, remember country boys.. When you take a city girl out. Never try to scare her..


It may be the last scare of your life……

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