Hello From The Other Side

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This poem is dedicated to someone who was very special to my heart. You are very well missed

Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018




Hello from the other side

Love was won, Lost by pride

Close your eyes and clasp my hand

Let’s escape to a faraway serene land

Once upon a time, hearts stood still

Words to embrace so gently spilled

Passion of a remote caress felt like silk interwoven with lace

Earth and Heaven fitted into place

Intellectual musing of such a beautiful mind

Smooth enough to be sipped on like fine wine

Hello from the other side

I’ve missed our carpet rides

Open your eyes we are now there

Inhale the floating waft of heavenly air

No tears here 

A place, no one knows the word fear

Minds are catered by the moon’s guiding force

Whispers from beyond space of a gentle voice

Body and soul bowing as one

A promise to kiss tomorrow only found beyond the sun

Cleanse your temple

Your senses

Place the past behind, and fly away, it’s that simple

The future holds such grand designs

Slipping away as we sail on borrowed time

I miss you

A tear worth my just due

Hello from the other side

Mentally we slipped and dived

So, attuned to one another

Free spirited earthbound lovers

On a starry night, you can hear my voice sail on the wind

Listen close as our hearts mend

Take care my love

A kiss blown from above

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