Eventually Uprooted

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Its not as bad as u make it look like..

Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018



More or less the same things affect you. Yes repeatedly though but they do.

In a way thats soemthing you've treasured from the very core. But then everytime it hits back, you feel it hurt more than anytime before.

I've heard people blaming, complaining & whining about being shattered in love & how life has been unfair to them.

And i slightly disagree with it, because you walked into it yourself no one dragged you into this game.

All ears to you when you say it was genuine and intense and was something you still adore.

But try and dont ruin it, if the present is not as u wish it was. What exactly do you wish to avenge for??

Had there been only typical successfull stories in the past, half of the emotions mankind would have never came across.

You are at the end where you've made it to the peak of almost every feeling, you've heard the beats crystal clear in the world full of chaos.

Treasure the past, respect the present also try and dont predict the future.

Life has a lot to offer, rather than drawing strands of different colors, see if you can appreciate life's blended mixture.

-Sachin Dubey

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