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Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018



I woke up one night in the summer to the sound of rattling chains. I got up from my bed in my bedroom and walked over towards the window. 

The sound of chains got louder and it sounded like wind chimes know hundreds of them. I opened up my window to my  horror a man was outside he had five chains all set up around five trees in our front yard and the chains were tied like nooses. The man stared at me and pointed a gun i ran to my parents room to tell them what happened. 

I woke my dad up who called the police. The police came a few minutes later and we heard gun shots coming from outside. And after a few minutes one of the officers came to the door and knocked and told us that the man had been shot and killed. 

My dad didn't tell us but it turned out the man not only had 5 chains attached to trees to attempt to hang us but he also had knives and rope and as many as 10 guns in his backpack. Also we were not the only victims of this man it turns out he's had killed two families in the past and attempted to kidnap the kids and sell them as slaves.

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