"Zombie spider"

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A new species of spiders have been discovered and they are called "Zombie spiders"

Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018



It was a Friday night I had just fallen asleep when I felt a sharp  pain from my bed. I immediately got up and turned my light on and flipped my sheets and sitting under the sheets was a brown recluse spider with red eyes and huge fangs with white goo coming out of the fangs. 

I wanted to faint as this ugly spider was in my bed. I started to feel pain and then something happened I lost all control over myself. My brother came into my bedroom and saw I was pale as a ghost and wasn't making sence. He tackled me to the ground and tied me up. He brought me to the hospital where doctors where stunned and could not figure out what had happened to me. 

A few minutes later one of the doctors saw legs in my ear. And he managed to use a tool and pulled out the brown recluse spider. I suddenly started to cough and felt better again. The doctor put the spider in a cage and did some excitements on it. 

The spider managed to break out and bit the doctor. He suddenly lost control like I had. Several doctors tried to tie him down and run experiments but he managed to escape threw an open window and we never saw the doctor or the spider again we have a theory that that spider very well could be a new species, another theory is that it was a "zombie spider" and if bitten it controls the human body with its venom.

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