My Favourite Princess

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Who would have thought that on this day I would be rescuing my favourite princess?

Submitted: June 15, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018



The mini stpped, and the door opened showing the long legs of the princess. Beside her wasd her bodyguard. I was crossing the road when I saw a hefty man tackled the bodyguard. I got quickly to the mini, grabbed the princess, and hurried quickly along the side walk, then slipped into a door on the right. I must confess I didn't know what I was doing, where I was going, but there was one thing that was certain, I had my favourite princess beside me. Inside the door there were some stairs leading up, we took them, then a loittle to our left, more stairs. Then I came to some doors and I opened them only to find that the place was packed with people. I realised staright away that this was no ordinary place. It was posh. The bar was on my right as we walked along it, seeing some people looking amazed, and some of them must have realised that the woman whose hand I was holding, was the princess.

The princess was tall, slim, with blonde hair. She was gorgeous, and everyone knew that. Wearing a long white dress, you know the type one would wear for an evening do, made her look graceful. I didn't know where I was going, I was new inside this building. We went on passing the bar, and came to a door with iron steps leading down. I got the princess safely down, went through a small alley way, and came to a great big church. Half of its door was open, so we slipped in there, and sat in one of the pews.

Looking straight ahead, I saw the altar with its fancy wood work around it and tall candles thatwere lit. I whispered to the princess, ''My name is John, I'm an ex-soldier. I think your in trouble. For the time being, you're safe here.''
''Thanks,'' she said, ''what you have done is really brave.''
''I said to her, ''I think your bodyguard is dead, and it won't be long before the whole area is surrounded  with police.''
''We were headed to the club,'' she told me, ''on the right, exactly where we stopped.''
''I know the club, I often pass it daily on my way to work. You know, you're my favourite princess, and to be so close to you, I hope I'm not dreaming!''
She gave a smile, ''You're not dreaming. This is real.''

Another ten minutes, and the church was packed with policemen. The princess was taken away safely, and I had to explain what had actually happened. They believed me and let me go, after they heard what the princess had to say.

I was seated in a cafe on the High Street when I saw a police car and a van pulled up. I had no idea whatsoever it was me they came for. My thoughts were that the whole thing had cleared up. They took me away, and I heard that they had a few witnesses who had seen me hitting the bodyguard. Trying to explain to them that I hadn't touch the body guard was a very hard thing. Although they had heard from the princess what had happened, they were still intent on holding me tight. I said to them, ''You're really mistaken, because I'm the one who saved the princess. Haven't you trace the big man?''
''What big man?'' They asked. ''There was no one else but you.''
''Do you think I'd be so foolish to be kidnapping the princess? She's my favourite princess, and it was I who resued her. About an hour later, they let me out, they had caught the big man who started it all. THey had the man who had killed the princess's body guard. I accepted their excuses and walked out a free man--the rescuer of the princess.

The End.

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