Adjuma's Love

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It's A 2 Part one shot about Jungkook

Submitted: June 15, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018




I’m Jungkook and i’m on my way to work. I am the personal assistant to a very successful black woman here in South Korea. I have been her assistant since I was 21. Working for Y/N isn’t easy and my first year with her as my boss felt like military service. She’s stern and orderly and doesn’t play around when it comes to her business or money but as cold as she may seem her employee’s respect her. Why you may ask. Well it’s because she respects us and takes good care of us like family. The companies motto is “We are not a company we are a family and our customers are extended family.” This is why I never left her side or this company. We take care of each other here. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that?!....

JK POV: It’s Friday night and it’s almost 8 p.m. I was about to leave work when Y/N called me into her office.

Y/N: Son can you be available to work with me this weekend? I know I usually let you rest on weekends because your young and you need to have a life outside of work and do other things but I have to get some work done and I trust you most of all with this delicate project i’m working on. So can I expect you at my house in a few hours?

JK POV: In the 3 years I have worked for Y/N ajuma I have never been to her house for anything. Not one dam thing! She basically lives in her company. She hardly goes home. Everything she needs is in a room in back of her office. This should be interesting.

JK: Yes ma’am i’ll be there by 11 p.m. if that’s ok with you.

Y/N: Ah! Perfect. I knew I could count on you. Your so loyal to me son. See you at 11 and I will send a car to pick you up so be ready. Pack a weekend bag. You’ll need it.

JK ride arrived at about 10:30. He was ready and he grabbed his bag and hopped in the car. He was curious about where she lived and what the place would look like. His palms were sweaty because for some reason he was getting anxious and nervous. it just hit him that he would be alone with his boss for 2 days and 2 nights. Just the two of them. Suddenly all kinds of thoughts naughty thoughts flashed threw his mind. He shook his head and passed his hand through his hair.

JK:NO!!! She’s like a mom to me. She practically helped raise me to be the man I am today. She even made sure I finished University. Why am I having these crazy perverted thoughts.

JK POV: Don’t get me wrong. Even though Y/N is 15 years older than me she looks hella good for her age. If I didn’t know her personally I would think at first glance that she was 25. She’s sexy and beautiful and caring. She calls me son for Pete’s sake. Jk what are you doing you perv.

The car stopped in front of a huge house. Tree’s and flowers decorated the front. I rang the door bell. Someone opened the door. It was a female maid.

Maid: Please come in young sir Madame is waiting for you. Please follow me to the den.

JK POV: Wow ! This place is beautiful. Marble floors, chandelier red wood accents on the steps and panels and doors everywhere. You can get lost in here. She had pictures all over random spots of the house. She had kids pictures in wooden frames and one picture hanging above a fire place caught my eye and made me stop. It was her surrounded by what seemed to be her kids. Are they her kids? They look just like her. Wow! in all these years I never knew she had kids. She never talked about them. She has no pictures at work. There has to be a reason.

Maid: This way young sir. You may go in now.

Y/N: Ah! Hello JK you’re finally here. We can finally get started working. Wold you like some food and something to drink while we work?

Y/N POV: He’s dressed casual. It just hit me that I never saw him without a suit on. He looks great in jeans and a T-shirt on. Those Timbs on his feet remind me of back home. All the guys I knew back home wore Timberland boots.

JK: Sure I can eat and i’ll just have some water thanks ma’am. I skipped dinner so i’m hungry.

Y/N: Ms. Lee get my son here what he asked for please and thank you.

Maid: Yes Madam right away.

JK POV: She started to fill me in on what she was working on. I pulled put my laptop and put my phone on vibrate. She had a bottle of wine chilling and 2 glasses. She offered me some wine and I accepted but I ate first. Before you know it it was midnight and Y/N ajuma was asleep.. I guess she would be after having 5 glasses of wine. I think it’s safe to say that she was drunk. I called them maid and asked her to escort me to Y/N’s room. She told me that she would put my bag in the room across from Y/N’s. I tried to lay Y/N on the bed but I lost my footing and fell on the bed with her in my arms. She moaned in my ear. I have never heard such a sound escape this woman’s mouth. I never saw her so vulnerable. This situation made me nervous. I had to leave. I tried to get up but she pulled me back down. I tried to slowly remove her arm from around my neck but she would throw her dead weight right back on me hitting me in my neck.

SHIT!!!! ( I said loudly) I never cursed around her before but I didn’t care at this point. I was frustrated and tired and anxiety was slowly creeping in. I tried to slowly move my body to get her arm off but then she turned as she moaned in my ear again and this time threw her leg around my waist. I’m screwed now. There’s no fucking way i’m gonna get out of this shit now!!! AHHHH!!!! why is this even happening? My mind started to race. Bad thoughts flooded my brain. I tried to fight it but I couldn’t. I’m so sorry Y/N. Forgive me please but I gotta get out your room and off this bed. The second I moved she threw her body on top of me and aggressively kissed me. OMG!!! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!! I had no choice. I pushed her off of me.

Y/N: How dare you push me off!. Don’t you dare stop me!!! I own you!!!

Y/N plopped on top of JK falling asleep. JK gave up fighting. He did his best not to move and calmed himself and waited for the chance to get up. The sun filled the room and Jk woke up. Y/N woke up holding her head because she had a hang over. She looked over and saw JK laying there.

Y/N: “Hey Kid! What are you doing in my bed” she asked calmly.

JK; oh shit!!! Dam! I’m sorry for cursing. I swear it’s not what you think. You were drunk so I carried you to your room and you kind of threw your body on me so I couldn’t get up. I tried to get up but you just kept pulling me back in bed. I guess I fell asleep while waiting for you to fall deep enough in your sleep to let me go. Sorry Ajuma.

Y/N: Well seeing as how we are both still fully dressed I guess we didn’t sleep together or nothing weird happened.

JK: No Ajuma Y/N we didn’t but you did kiss me.

Y/N: I did what?!!!

JK: You don’t remember? You kissed me quite aggressively and said that you owned me.

Y/N: Dam! I was drunk as hell wasn’t I lol. I’m sorry son. I get aggressive when I drink. I guess I shouldn’t have drank on an empty stomach huh. Shit! Sorry for making things hard on you.

JK: It’s ok Ajuma. No harm no foul. I’m gonna go shower and stuff. I’ll see you down in the study.

Y/N: JK! Wait. Did you enjoy it? The kiss I mean. Did you like it?

JK POV: FUCK!! Why would she ask me that. Is she for real? If I answer her honestly she may just fire my ass. This could be a fucking set up. Fuck that!!!! She fine as hell though. That kiss lit my soul up. Fuck it!

JK: Yea it was good. I liked it.

JK POV: Oh well I put it out there may as well shower and leave now cause she’s about to fire my ass.

Y/N: Good! I’m glad you enjoyed it. See you in about an hour.

JK POV: WTF! just happened just now?!! Did my sexy ass boss just say good and brushed off the fact that she almost fucked me last night in her drunken state? Did she brush off the fact that she raped my lips and pinned me down leaving me laying there panicked and scared shitless. I need to take a cold shower. Shit just got real up in here. Wow! Smh!


Part 2

Y/N: I have been secretly been crushing on JK for a few years now. He’s no longer that scared, timid, and awkward kid I hired a few years ago. He’s a strong, charming, confident man now. I have groomed him into everything that I want and need in a business partner. He knows how I run things like second nature at this point. He’s a fast learner and always have been. Tonight I will start the process of grooming him into the perfect lover. The kiss was just a test. I wasn’t really drunk. I know he’s a good man. He’s loyal and I can trust him with my life. He’s a perfect life partner. Test #2 begins tonight. I can’t wait to see how he reacts.

An hour later they were eating breakfast while working. They worked until dinner. They skipped lunch.

Y/N: At this rate we will be done early. This is another reason I had you help me with this. Thanks JK I appreciate all you do for me and the company. I feel like I don’t tell you that enough.

JK POV: That made me feel good. Now I know that she pays attention to what I do. She appreciates me.

JK: Thanks ma’am. I’m happy you feel that way. I love working for you and at the company.

Y/N: I’m very happy you feel that way. I predict we will always work well together. I also predict that we will be done by 9-10 p.m. Then I shall reward you for all your help.

JK POV: Why did that last sentence turn me on and make me burst out in a cold sweat at the same time? What did she mean by reward? There goes my pervy thoughts again. Breath dummy and chill before you make things weird. Why is she looking at me with a smirk on her face? What is she thinking? What in the actual hell is going on? I’m trippin big time smh.

Y/N POV: He’s so dam cute when he gets nervous and flustered. I can’t wait til tonight.

They were done by 9:30 p.m. They were both drinking some wine. They wrapped up things and cleaned up the mess they made on the desk.

Y/N: JK go up and shower and meet me in the basement. I have something to show you.

JK: Oh I thought I would be leaving since we got done earlier than expected.

Y/N: Well it’s late so please stay. Do you have other plans?

JK: NO I don’t because I only made plans to work here all weekend.

Y/N: Great! Go shower and see you in the basement in an hour.

JK: Yes ma’am see you in an hour.

Y/N: Oh JK just call me Y/N.

JK: Sure I will,

Y/N: He’s so obedient. This is going to be fun.

An hour later JK goes to meet Y/N in the basement.

JK POV: I wonder what she has to show me anyway. What could it be? Maybe a pool table or a game system? That would be cool.

JK get’s down to the last step. There’s a red light lighting up the room. There’s one chair sitting in the middle of the room. He takes a look around. He doesn’t see Y/N anywhere. He does however notice leather straps dangling from the ceiling. A blind fold was on the chair as well. Music started to play all of a sudden. Seductive music. It sounded like something he had heard before. Next thing he knew Y/N came from behind a shimmery curtain. She had a mask over her eyes. It was a leather mask and she had a leather whip in her hand and she was dressed in all black with fish net stockings on with black heels.

JK POV: WTF! Did I walk into? OMG! she looked hot af!!! Why is she dressed like that? What’s with this basement?It looks more like a pleasure dungeon. I didn’t know my boss had this side to her. I can’t be here. Am I dreaming wtf man.

JK: What’s going on?

Y/N: I want you to stop talking and take your shoes off and sit here. Will you do that for me baby?

JK POV: She called me baby. Why is she doing this? What’s with the seductive tone in her voice? I’m about to fucking lose it.

JK: Yes ma’am. I mean Y/N anything you say.

Y/N: Good boy now just relax and do as your told.

Y/N put the blind fold over JK’s eyes. She strapped him to the chair gently. Music playing in the background was setting the mood.

Y/N: Just relax baby. I would never hurt you. Do you trust me?

JK: Yea I trust you.

Y/N: Good boy! Now let me take care of your every want, need and desire because this is your reward for 4 years of hard work and loyalty to me and my company. Your mine now baby. Relax!

She whispered seductively in his ear.” Relax baby”. Then licked his lips gripping him by his jaw firmly. She then ripped his white T-shirt off of him. She proceeded to tell him the rules.

Y/N: Your are to obey me. From this point on you call me Mistress. You answer when asked a question by saying yes or no Mistress. She tapped his thigh with her whip testing to see if he understood. “Do you understand?” she asked him. “Yes! Mistress” he said nervously being taken by surprise by the sting of the whip. “Good boy” she answered. “Now open your legs”, she demanded. “Yes Mistress” he answered. “You obey well baby”.

Y/N: I will give you your first reward.

She unbuckled his pants and unzipped them. She pulled his pants from under his butt and down to his ankles. She licked his lips teasingly again and she took her tongue and went from his chin to his chest, stomach and down to his manhood licking the head.

JK POV: If i’m dreaming please don’t wake me. I don’t want to wake up. Why has she never gave me any clue that she was interested in me all these years? Oh fuck I don’t care. My boss is doing things to me I only dreamed of and if I was to die right now in this moment it would be all worth it. I swear! OMG! her lips feel so fucking soft. I feel like i’m going to cum. I’m losing it.

Y/N stopped because she felt the throbbing in his shaft. She new he was about to release. She stood up and pulled his pants all the way off and removed the fragments of his shirt. She untied him from the chair and took him to the back where the straps were hanging from the ceiling. She tied his wrists with the straps. He stood proudly erect in all his naked glory. He wasn’t shy because he knew he had a nice body.

Y/N: I see all those hours at the company gym over the years have paid off baby boy. Your body is perfect.

JK: Thank you Mistress.

She rubbed her hands from his chest to his stomach then his back and grabbed his firm ass. She gave him one lash on the ass with the whip. He whimpered. She smiled. He bit his bottom lip.

Y/N: Your truly a grown man now baby boy.

Still touching his body as she circled him admire his manly and beautiful body. Perfect indeed she thought to herself. She then got on her knees and started to please him again and again she stopped when she felt him throbbing in her hands.

JK POV: OMG!!! She is driving me crazy. I like almost died just now but dam she feels good. i have never had anyone do these type of things to me. I mean this is that stuff you see in movies you know. My boss is legit the female Christian Grey and shit. I plan on continuing to receive my reward proudly.

She took off his blindfold looking him deeply in his eyes. He licked his lips at the sight of her alluring gaze. She stood there looking deeply into his brown eyes. Then she spoke.

Y/N: JK will you be mine tonight?

Jk: Yes Mistress. If that’s what you want.

Y/N: Will you be mine every night?

JK POV: Wait what did she say?

Y/N: Don’t answer that one yet. I’ll ask again soon.

JK: Yes Mistress.

JK POV: What did she mean by that last question?

She unstrapped him and led him to a huge bed that was behind the curtain. She sat down on the bed and opened her legs.

Y/N: On your knees!

She commanded him to get on his knees and he obeyed. He didn’t say yes Mistress though before obeying her command so he was punished by her whip.

Y/N: You didn’t say yes Mistress.

JK POV: She is no joke. Get your shit together JK. This is driving me crazy. I’m ready to ravish her body but I must obey. Idk why but I must. Fuck! Does she have some sort of spell on me? I can’t control myself.

She sat at the edge of the bed his head between her legs. He grabbed her by her thighs and pulled her wetness to his mouth. He placed her legs over his shoulders. In that moment he showed her how much of a man he was. He aggressively ate her until she started to squirm. He grabbed her by her hands and clasped his had together with hers and pulled her squirming ass back into position. His tongue invaded her intimate pocket hitting her walls aggressively. She squeezed her thighs and his hands and let out a loud scream. He didn’t care. He pulled back down took his tongue and licked her clit and bit her right thigh then licked it. He then went to the left side and did the same never releasing his hands from hers. He simply lifted his body slightly and allowed her to slide down enough that he could attack her thighs. She screamed and moaned with pleasure. Finally he released his left hand from hers allowing her left leg to fall off his shoulder. He watched as she laid there panting like a thirsty cat. He smiled at the sight of her. He took his chance and rubbed the head of his manhood against her and entered slowly causing her to moan seductively. It almost sounded like she was singing to him. Her voice turned him on. It just made him more excited. He released her right hand and leg and climbed on top of her. He bit into her neck hard and stroked her hard at the same time while gripping her thigh within his hand. He whispered in her ear softly.

JK: Call me Daddy.

Y/N POV: Did this man just flip the script on me? Did he just make me scream for my bloody life in pleasure? Did he just tell me to call him Daddy? WTF! Just happened?

Y/N: No! I don’t obey you. Y-you..

Before she could finish that sentence he bit her neck again and licked her down to her exposed breast softly biting her nipple. This caused her to lose it. Once again he whispered in her ear, “Call me Daddy”.

Y/N: No! She moaned aggressively through her teeth.

JK POV: She will obey me. She will do as I say.

He pulled out and flipped her body over so fast she couldn’t respond fast enough. This turned her on beyond measure. He entered her from behind slapped her on her ass and stroked hard while grabbing her hair. Once, twice, three times he pounded angrily into her wet intimate pocket and once again he demanded while thrusting into her the fourth time, “Call me Daddy”

Yes Daddy! she moaned with a high pitched squeal at the end. She buried her head into the pillow to scream as he wrapped his hands around her thighs lifting her legs allowing her to wrap them around his waist. He then slowed down and began to give her deep penetrating thrusts. He felt her tighten around his manhood. He commanded her to release.

JK: Cum for me Mistress. Cum for Daddy.

Y/N: Yes Daddy!

She moaned and obeyed him. They both released together. He gently released her and laid next to her. She turned and laid on her back. He touched her caramel skin and kissed her on the shoulder and pulled her body close as he looked her in the eyes and kissed her lips.

JK: I guess I disobeyed your command Mistress lol?

Y/N: Don’t worry i’ll punish you again later.

They both looked at each other and laughed.

Y/N: You did good Daddy.

JK: So did you Mistress.

The End

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