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Summer is here. Maybe the drama will end for a couple of months. Maybe it could get worse. It already did. First day of vacation and the drama got worse. Is that even possible? Well yes, if you had
one day in the life of mine. You would understand.

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018



Tuesday, July 17. 2018

Summer hasnt been going so well for me, so far. I got to reconnect with some of my old friends and family but theres always a little depression behind it. Seeing my family made me happy because they are the ones i can depend on the most. They dont make me feel as bad and they most definitely dont know me that well, which is good. 

It has been a full month of not going to school. Which means school is going to start pretty soon, not happy about that at all. I hate school, I know this may sound a little stupid, but i just figured out i have social anxiety when it comes to school. 

I have been shopping a lot, but i always tell myself why do i need to look good, if i dont even get noticed. I have to count on myself to think, i dress for myself, not for other poeple. I have been shopping at forever 21, tommy hilfigir, rue21, bath and body works, h&m, and VS PINK. I love those stores so much, they are like my life. 

Talking about stores, dont you ever wish that your closet or your home was a store, or even the whole entire mall. I mean think about it, there are restaurants in the mall, there is a crazy ton of shoes, clothes, accesories i can wear all the time. You can have sick parties in there, you can be really popular because your house is the size of your pimple that is on your forehead. i wish i could live like that, either way, my life is the total oppisite. 

Till this day im really scared of having someone figure out i have a blogging website. You should understand that i dont want people at my school knowing that i write about my whole life on this website alone. 

Other than the sadness in my blogs, im not going to lie. Im actually having a good time traveling around with my family. Other than the fact i have to deal with my brother in the car each car ride. 

My family and i are traveling to Washington DC, Arizona, Florida, etc. this summer. I am excited to spend time with them. 

If some of you guys know my ex boyfriend. He texted me the other day. I wasnt happy even though he said he was sorry about everything. Now i shouldve said, oh i hate you and you ruined my life. But i didnt. I was actually nice for the first time, i apologized for saying bad things about him in my head, and that i wish the best for him. That took a lot of gutt out of me. 

I still like least i think

If i spoil something on my blogs throughout the next days i post, its because i havent been caught up. I have been too busy and im sorry for the people who are waiting for me to post. 

I got my first bralette. It is beautiful. It is a soft, silky, white laced, bralette. I feel actually sexy in this thing. I imagine scenes in movies when girls have really pretty bras on when they are about to make out. Even though i know thats not going to happen. I mean the closest thing for me to make out with, is my wall. Im not joking, ive already done it. 

I recently told my mom about me blogging online. She said she loves it. Even though i didnt let her read any of my stories. And trust me she wont get my username on this website. 

My ex best friend, i will probably make a whole story about her. We recently blocked eachother online, instagram, snapchat, and whatsapp. I dont know why but i have a reason for all of it. I may have blocked her first. On whatsapp, i got really mad at her one day because she was treating my best friend really mean. So i was being a nice friend to my new best friend and i blocked her. Because honestly, being honest im dont with that crap with her. 

she recently just traveled to another country, and im still waiting for her mom to contact all the moms, that she got kidnapped. Yes i know that was really really really cruel, but its the truth coming from out of my mouth. 

Other topic

Dont you just hate the girl that is so pretty in your school. The worst thing is, that girl is a grade below me. Everyone thinks she is a mini model only because she looks identical to Cara Delevigne. I personally dont think she is THAT pretty. I mean shes not ugly but shes not stunning. All the boys love her and always pay attention to her and not to any other girls. I mean there was this really hot boy who came to our school to visit for a little fair. He had abs, he was a boy that would be impossible to get with. And he goes up to the pretty girl. Everyone got ticked off, including me. 

I mean this girl has literally everything in life. Boys, shes pretty, has 1000 followers, and has money. 

The one thing about this girl is that she isnt popular in having a lot of girl-friends. She is actually alone in school. She only has one good friend, and she barely has that girl. 

Lesson of this story.

Dont be jealous, and dont compare yourself to anyone in the world, because you are you and you are the best. 

Sincerely, your one and only ANONYMOUSLIFE.

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