A Portait of Evil

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young girl addopted by abusive eccentric parents, grows up to be a successful artist, tortured in her mind by her past child hood. Meeting a man, she falls in love as he convinces her to make her
art work feel her pain, sending her in to a murderous creative stage in life. Will she heal? Or will she continue to be consumed by darkness?

Submitted: June 15, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018



The Gallery
[Scene fades into The Daunting Canvas, Kendras art studio. Kendra has an art premier. Busy crowd of people, friday night.people are socializing, sipping wine and looking at her work, Kendra Standing off in the distance observing]

[ Cut scene to a Man and women standing in front of A morbid sculpture of a woman wrapped in barbed wire. The man covering his mouth with his hand as he spoke. Woman stands next  to him with her arm wrapped around him concentrating on the piece.]


Man: Amazing, I just just simply cannot  seem to grasp what vision it must have taken…..priceless

Woman: Such insight into into the human mind….

[Cut scene to another couple walking in, They take a look around for a second and walked out]

Man2: Vile!

Woman 2: I have lost appetite, can we please just go home

[Cut scene To Kendra, sipping wine watching the couple walk out]

Kendra: Well fuck you very much [under her breath]

[Kendra continues to look around and notices a man alone.]

[Cut scene to Middle aged man, dressed in a black suit, black shirt with no tie,sipping a glass of red wine, with his left hand in his pocket. He is standing in front of one her finest pieces. It is a large painting of a man and a women, with their eyes torn from the canvas and replaced with a black backing.They were dressed as royalty and in their hands they held chains and keys. His with the chains, and hers with the keys.]

[Cut scene to Gustav walks to the front of the gallery ,places a glass on the table with a card underneath it that read Gustav Johansson The Bastille.  Plain black card with red writing, phone number . Then Gustav exits and walks down the sidewalk into the night.]

[Cut scene to Kendra walking over to the table to see what the man left there Kendra  stands in the opening of the art gallery. She looks up the street in wonder who he is, after she finds and reads the card he left.The street is lit up with street lamps and traffic, not too heavy traffic.]

[Cut scene to back in the Gallery. People are starting to leave here and there and the place empties out. Different scenes here and there of people leaving and discussing her work…]

[Fade to Kendra By herself after everyone left]

[She looked down at the card and down the sidewalk, as if she might get a clue as to who he really is, but she saw nothing. She went back inside and closed the door and locked it. Everyone had left and it  was time to close it down]

[cut to Kendra admiring her work]

[she walks up and down admiring her work one last time. She makes her way to a backdoor that was a stairway, that led upstairs to her apartment. Scene ends with her turning out the lights and shutting the door behind her.]

[Cut to kendra Walking upstairs to her Apartment, then cut to inside]

[Kendra unlocks the door to her apartment, and enters, closing the door behind her and turning on the inside light. She places her things on the counter. {deco and apt. details to be decided} She enters her room to get changed]

 Like every evening, she turned on the lights, placed her bag on the counter and headed into her ro to get changed. She sat on her bed sliding off her shoes and placing them under her bed. She got up and went to her dresser and pulled out some pajamas and went into her bathroom.

[You see the light on through the slightly opened door. Only catching a glimpse of her arms and legs.]

[Kendra walks to her bed and lays down opening the phone. Only light on is the table lamp]

She returns to her bed, grabbing her phone and laying down. She opens her messenger and saw that there was a new message from a new number. She opened it up and with slight interest, and read it.

Message:Good evening.It was a shame we did not get  to speak this evening at your premier.I must say, I am intrigued by  your work. We must have tea soon.The Bastille

She pushed her head back a bit and raised her eyebrows

[Sarcastically spoken]

Kendra: Wonder if he signs all his messages with ‘Bastille’ ?
With that she closed her phone and set it on the nightstand to charge. She laid back and got under the covers,reaching over to turn out the light, she muttered

Kendra: Bastille

[scene closes as described above, shot from a few angles. All minor details to be decided later]
Going to see Mom and Dad

[Fades into Kendra sitting at her desk, drinking coffee and reading email in her studio office]

 Saturday morning was fading away as noon approached. Kendra sat at her office desk catching up on the weekly emails that she had missed,hoping perhaps someone had ordered one of her pieces from her premier. As she scrolled down she sipped her coffee and enjoyed the quiet. She normally did not open until the evenings on Saturday. Usually Saturday night brought its own crowd. Most of them into the darker club scenes, almost like goth, but classier.

[Her phone sounds off telling her she has a message. She places her cup down and picks up her phone]

 Kendra kept scrolling her emails and started to feel like it was time to get out and go see about maybe stopping by her parents, and telling them of her success the night  before. As she went through the pros and cons in her head, the messenger on her phone went off. She unglued her hand from her coffee setting it down , and picked up her cell phone opening the screen.

 The number attached to the message was Gustav’s.

Message: It is far too late for brunch. Tea at 3?

[Kendra looks perplexed a bit, yet surprised]

 Kendra read the message and thought for a second before responding.

Kendra: Sounds delightful. Where would you like to meet?

Gustav: I thought maybe the Brothers Three?

Kendra: Sure, i know of it. The poetry place off of Elm and Carter?

Gustav: Yes, that is the place. See you then

Kendra: Until then

[Shows Kendra closing her phone and getting up. When she gets close to the mirror, cut scene to close up mirror shot]

 Kendra closed her phone, and shut her computer down. She took a glance at the mirror  next to her to see if she was good enough to be in public. A little touch up here and there and it was perfect.

 The real question was, did she look good enough to be in front of the ever condescending William and Francine Lowery? She hated going to see them. It had always been a nonstop struggle to gain their approval, no matter what the past said. Regardless, she figured she might as well get it over with. She still had a few hours before she had to meet her latest fan for tea

  [shows Kendra gathering her things and leaving through the front of the studio, locking up as she leaves.] Fades out

  The afternoon  morning had turned into noon, and luckily, she had a cab driver that was relatively quiet. Not one of those that liked to blab off at the mouth about every unimportant event that randomly came to mind. But as she stared out the window, flashes of her child hood came to mind.

[Scene flashes in. This will be created in a hazy outline around the film itself with the the film itself distorted a bit as well. Needs to be a good border of “wavy haze”.]

 [She is in a small dark room with art supplies arranged neatly along the walls and shelves. The door is open where you can see William and Francine standing together at the doorway. They are both well dressed and speaking harshly with martinis in their hands]

William: Oh look darling, what on earth were we thinking?

Francine: I simply cannot be seen with her William! Oh the shame of her manners!

William: Do you see what you have one?! Now you have gone and upset your mother, you know she is not well!!

Young Kendra; But I was Just…

Francine: You see william?! I cant even have a simple conversation without her ruining it with her constant chatter and disrespectful attitude.

William: Oh worry not my dear, she will learn,oh she will learn.

[Scene flashes back to her in the cab]

[kendra skades her head briefly and is confronted by the driver]

Cabby:  Ma'am you ok?

Kendra: Oh yes, yes i’m fine thank you. Late night last night, just a little tired

Cabby: I know those nights, i think your stop is right up here, you want me to wait on  you?

Kendra: Ya know, i think maybe so. Thanks i don't know why i didn't think of that.

[cabby laughing]

Cabby: Oh thats ok, and don't worry, never an extra charge for life management advice

[Kendra laughing]

Kendra: well thank you very much, i may have to keep that in mind

[scene cuts to her getting out and shutting the door. She speaks to the driver briefly and heads towards the house.]

 As they pulled up, she had a feeling of almost overwhelming dread that started to rise up in her abdomen. The house always looked well kept. Older, victorian with a large porch and a balcony. The grass and hedges were always maintained as well as the rest of the landscape.

 As nice as the house was, it looked like a dark chamber of horror, which for her, it was. Long years of abusive speech aimed directly at her, being locked away like a dark secret for sometimes weeks at a time for the simplest of an etiquette violation, the wrapping of large paint brushes across her knuckles till they bled. It was all in that house, and it was always with her. Although the days of physical abuse had been over for years, but it was still alive and well within her, and always fueled by her adopted parents with their yet still poor view of her, no matter how  successful she was.

 Kendra got out of the cab and shut the door. She stepped toward the cabby’s window.

Kendra: I shouldn’t be more than five minutes or so

Cabby: Not a problem ma’am. I'll be here

[Scene cuts to her approaching the door after going up the shallow step. She opens the door without knocking and enters. Scene fades out while she is shutting the door behind her. Filmed outside]
[Fades into Kendra setting her bag on an entryway table, and calling for her Mother and Father. Can be shot from multiple angles. Interior to be decided later]

 Kendra walked into her parents house and closed the door behind her. This they hated. It was improper to enter a home without knocking, even if it is your families home.

Kendra: Mother? Father? It's Kendra

 She could already hear the overtones of disappointment in their voices

Francine: Oh William she did it again

William: Yes Kendra, we are in the study

 They both sounded as if someone had asked them to clean a toilet with their own toothbrush. She walked in through the foyer, past through the living room and down a short hallway, and entered a room to her left.

[scene opens with kendra walking towards the entrance to the study. Francine and william are drinking martinis standing in front of their library discussing various meanings of writings and art work]

 Kendra could hear their voices grow louder as she approached the room.

Francine: Well surely you could agree William, That El Greco had to have been from the wrong side of town

William: Oh but of course, What with his lazy form, and lack of color! Oh how droll!!
[ Kendra entered the room clearing her throat speaking as if she were talking to bratty children she didn't have any respect for]

Kendra entered the study, They were both standing in front of a large bookshelf that contained books of artwork and writing from poetry to novels.

Kendra: Actually, he is known for his exquisite blues, and elongated hands and feet. Next thing you both will be saying Vango was a worthless hack

William: Oh look my love, seems the authority on art is here to tell us how great she is again

Kendra: Well, if you would have bothered to come and see, you would know that last night was very successful. Let me ask you this, since this is the way you want to go about,when is the last time anyone bought any of your work?

Francine: Oh come now, you cannot possibly think that little childish things you make could be looked upon by anyone with any stature?!

William: Francine, you know very well the only people that go there, are displaced individuals that would not know real art work if it were strairing them blindly in the face. Never would you see any of OUR associates there.

 The tones were already set, decades stacked upon others,  of the same behavior, and worse.

Francine: Now WIlliam, we are not being fare. I know! We shall get Harold to go and look! Yes Kendra, Harold will be able to tell if your work is any good, he has been blind for Twenty years!

 Her parents both started laughing and raising their martini glasses to each other. Kendra felt her face flushing, first in hurt,then in embarrassment,then to anger.

Kendra: Have you both know I grossed over One hundred and fifty thousand dollars last year with no help from either of you to pickled pontificates! And furthermore, Neither of you have any leg to stand on until you can produce what I can and sell it. Put your money where your mouth is!

William:  Kendra! You’ll not speak to us this way!! Do you want the closet again?

 At hearing this, Kendra became filled with rage. Flashes of memory came flooding back, beatings, stale food, years of crying till there were no more tears left to cry.

[Flashes back to memories, Yelling and screaming, beatings, darkness, her sobinng and holding her face]

 Kendra was getting beyond angered at this point. Every time it's  the same old thing, over, and over, and over.

Kendra: Fine! Don't want to believe me? I'll bring my fucking work right here to your Goddamned door step! Wanna see?! Is that what you fucking need? Is proof?! What you want sales receipts?!

[Kendra is screaming at this point,Walking about the room pointing her finger at them and waving her arms]

 Kendra was diving deep into a realm of hatred. It was overtaking her as if in that moment, it no longer mattered what they thought. Now,it was about proving a point, now it was about revenge.

Kendra: What you think that that little measly twenty five thousand dollar check did anything for me? Let me clue you in, I never touched it! I made this not you! Fuck you and your money! Don't you see ?! Don't you get it?!

William: Out of our house this instance!!! You…..you denizen dilettante!!!!

[Flash into more of Kendras memories of abuse from her parents]

 William was raged, he set his martini down on the coffee table and started towards her. Kendra saw him heading your way and memories of him grabbing her by the throat started to come to mind.  Memories of him smashing her little knuckles, belittling her every move and that sound, that sound of the door locking, it all came back .

[Shot from multiple angles. As Kendra goes for the statue, William starts towards her in a threatening manner. Katherine turns psychotic and runs towards her much faster than William]

 Kendra looked around a brief second , she noticed a statue on the table by the door. It was not very big, all of about a foot tall. There was nothing really special about it, it was just a naked women Standing with one hand over her heart and the other to the sky. She ran a few steps over to it and picked it up.

 Her entire life, she was never aloud to touch anything in that house without express permission. Seeing her pick it up enraged Kathrine who threw her Martini down to floor and rushed towards Kendra, but it was too late, she already had it in her hand.

Farancine: No!!! Your not aloud to…..

[close up of the statue hitting her head. Not a death blow, but enough to cause bleeding, cracked skull and unconsciousness. After close up shot, or during, edit it in with a full view of Kendra Striking Francine, and Francine falling to the ground.]

 The statue landed on the top right of Fancines skull sending her to the ground unconscious. Kendra stepped back and looked down at her Mother, but only for a second as her Father was approaching quickly. By the time he reached her, both of his arms were outstretched to grab her throat.

[Shot from the side and front view. He rushes her, as she side steps and hits him in the back of the head with the statue. No  close up of the impact]

 Kendra sidestepped his advance,and swung the statue back, hitting him in the back of his head and smashing the hollow statue. William fell forward onto the table that the statue was on, smashing it to the floor.

[Williams bleeding head  leaks onto the broken table. His hands are bloody from the wound.]

 WIlliam groaned holding his head as he lay in the heap of garbage that used to be a table. He managed to look at one of his hands as he pulled  it from the back of his head. His hand was shaking as he saw the blood from his head had covered his hand. Kendra threw down the statue and stood there a moment to catch her breath and collect her thoughts.

[Kendra is rushed]

Kendra: Fuck, there went five minutes. Better say something to the driver.

 She looked down at William, who was still holding his head

[Kendra's voice changes to that of a sarcastic little girl, very bratty sounding]

Kendra: Now you don't go anywhere Daddy, your little girl will be right back.

 She ran to the front door and out to the cab

Cabby: Everything ok miss? [concerned]

[Kendra’s demeanor changes, and is breathing a little heavy, like she was rough housing]

Kendra: Oh sure just a few more minutes

Cabby: You sure you ok? You look like you been running from rabid dogs

Kendra: No no, just a big dumb brother, you know
[Fade into Kendra walking in,then cutting to her parents on the floor, him with his hand on Francine’s arm. Francine starting to moan]

 She turned and ran back into the house to where she left William and Francine. William had managed to crawl over to his wife who was still unconscious on the floor. Kendra walked up slowly to them and stood over them in victory.

William: Francine?

Kendra: Oh Daddy, Im sure she can't hear you right now

William: What have you, what have you done?

[Kendra prances around the room theatrically, one hand behind her back with the other gesturing. Sounding very authoritative.]

Kendra: Daddy,it has come to my attention, that yourself and mommy dearest, cannot manage on your own anymore! It is with great concern for your own well being that i have made this decision.

William: What decision?
Kendra: Well isn’t it obvious Daddy? You and Mommy get a time out!

William: You cannot mean..[fearful]

William tried to get up off the floor when Kendras boot met the side of his face. He collapsed again next to his wife who was now starting to stir and moan a bit.

Kendra: Uh oh, looks like mommy is waking from her nappy time. Come on ya old bag a bones, time to clean the storeroom!

[Shot from the floor,you see her grab her mother by the hair and vanish out of the room. Fade to her dragging her father  out and ending in fade.]

With that, Kendra grabbed her mother by the hair, and dragged her out of the room. A few minutes later she returned and grabbed her father up by his wrist, and with some difficulty,dragged him away as well.

[fade into them tied up in the closet, then cut to looking out the storage door again, this time seeing Kendra shutting the door. After the door is shut, it gets dark in the room, and you hear the door lock shut]

 As she placed them in the small lower room, the one she knew only all too well, she felt very justified and incharge for once with them. She took great care in tying them up and gagging them. She didn't want them getting out and telling stories after all.

[Spoken in a Shirley Temple fashion,hand on one hip, pointing a finger with a pouty voice]

Kendra: Now listen you two, I don't want either of you misbehaving while i'm gone.I have a lot of important things to do. I'll give you dinner when i get back, if your good.

[Kendra is closing up the basement very calm and together, in charge]

 She closed the door and locked it. She slid the key into her pocket, and headed to go back upstairs. Before she ascended,she stopped and looked back at the door.

Kendra: Chow

  She turned off the basement light and went upstairs, closing  and locking the door behind her.

[Basement has a large room with organised tables. Dimly lit. Other then the storage room, there are a few more rooms not yet seen, only the doors that are closed.]

[Kendra is walking out the house and closing it up. She walks to the cab gets i and they leave]

 Kendra grabbed her bag and looked at her phone.

Kendra: Hah! Still early for tea! Fuck it.

  She closed up the house and put the key in her pocket with the other. Making her way to the cab, she waved at the driver.

Kendra: Sorry about the wait! You know how family can be

 She got into  the back seat and closed the door.

Cabby: Oh I know all about that for sure. Where to now miss?[cheerful]

Kendra: Three Brothers Cafe’, and take your time

Cabby: I need more fares like you[laughing]

[scene fades out with cabby laughing]

Time For Tea

[Cab is seen pulling up to the small red brick cafe on a main downtown street. Sunny day. She pays cabby{close up} small convo, then walks inside the cafe’ Both Kendra and the Cabby talk as friends, very happy and friendly]

 The cab pulled up to Three Brothers. It was a quaint little place wedged in between a clothing boutique and a hair salon. The building was old, all original red brick and had a bench outside for people to sit and smoke. Most  evenings, people would gather there to read poetry and play jaz.

 Kendra got out of the cab and shut the door. Walking to the passenger window in the front she poked her head in.

Kendra: What  are the damages?[smiling]

Cabby: Damn something is wrong with my meter! This was supposed to be a Fifty Eight dollar fair! It says thirty. Well can't argue with a machine, thirty it is.[laughing]

Kendra: Aww, your too sweet, here ya go, and thank you.

 Kendra reached into her bag and pulled out some cash and handed to him. He smiled even bigger when he received it. The cab ride from her parents to the cafe’ had been a chatty one. Perhaps it was Kendras way of relieving stress,or maybe she was finally feeling a bit of peace knowing her parents were tucked away safely. Either way, they got to know each other pretty well by the end of the ride.

Cabby: Miss I said said thirty, you gave me way too much

Kendra: Consider it a tip

Cabby: Here, take this, any time any place

 The Cabby gave her his card with his number, and she happily accepted.

Kendra: Oh it’s a done deal...um….Michael ...Reed?

Cabby: Mike is good miss

Kendra: I’m Kendra, I own the art gallery Daunting Canvas
Mike: HaHa i'm mike I own this cab

 They both laughed a bit and said their farewells.

Kendra: See around?

Mike: Phone Call away!

 Kendra smacked her hands on the roof of the car swice to say a final farewell and he drove on down the street, disappearing into traffic.

 [scene cuts into her opening the door, then cuts into the interior of the  establishment. Red brick interior, not too overdone with deco, small stage, bar, few tables. Quiet place with Jaz playing low in the background ]

 Kendra  opened the door and walked inside. She stopped for a moment and focused on a small empty table off in a darkened corner, and decided that would be where she would have her meeting with Gustav.

[Pans around cafe’ getting a feel for the atmosphere.Shot from several angles with special attention on Kendra for most. One man behind bar and a man sitting at the bar. One couple at a table opposite Kendras table]

 She walked over and sat down. It had been a few years since she had last been there, and it had not changed a bit. Red brick walls, old wooden floors, nice quiet and peaceful. The entire place was dimly lit, and the dim lighting added much character to the atmosphere. There were a few prints on the wall of old actors and actresses in black and white, lit up with a single light on the top of each one.

 Kendra sat down placing her bag on the floor beside her. She looked at her phone,Ten minutes till Three. The man behind the bar approached her table.

Bartender: Good afternoon. What may i get you today? Are you with someone or will you be alone today?[polight]

Kendra: No, no Im meeting a friend here in a few min, can you come back in a few minutes? [polight]

Bartender: Absolutely,give you and your friend a minute, then i’ll come over?

Kendra: That would be wonderful,thank you.

  She pulled out a small mirror from her bag and looked into it. She brushed a little here and there, when satisfied, she replaced it. She sat and thought to herself as she looked around a bit.

[voice over as she thinks. Shot from her view and from an angle getting her and the table]

Kendra: well i guess for just bashing in my step mothers brains, i don't look too bad.

She glanced down at the table, and noticed a stain, very small, about as big around as a pea on her shirt inside her jacket. Blood.

Kendra: Shit, I hope nobody saw this

 She looked around a second hoping she thought that and didn't say it. There was no getting it out either, so she closed her jacket and buttoned it a few ties to cover it up.

 After a quick and inconspicuous inspection,she came to the conclusion that she was clear of any more blood stains, and she could stop worrying about it.

[shot from her view,Gustav walks into the cafe’ and starts approaching her table. After greeting, they sit. Shot from several angels with close ups of their faces during convo]
  A few moments passed and her attention was drawn to the front door  opening,And Gustav walking through. He was very well planted in his every move, almost like he knew he was in total control and walking through his kingdom, greeting his people in the village.

 The bartender immediately acknowledged his presence.

Bartender: Gustav! Always a pleasure to see you[Smiling in excitement]

 Gustav smiled and nodded in a manner to say hello, motioning his hand a bit pointing a loose index finger at him

 Kendra slid her chair back, and stood up as he got closer to her table. As he arrived to his chair they extended their hands to greet one another.

Kendra: Gustav?

Gustav: Indeed, and you definitely are Kendra.

Kendra: You got me, indeed I am.

 After the pleasantries were over, they both seated, and prepared to order. As agreed upon, the bartender came over to get their order after a few minutes of them getting comfortable.

[From table view, Bartender walks over to their table from behind bar. Close ups of all three ordering and such. All of the dialog is light and friendly conversation with overtones of playful sarcasm]

Bartender: Gustav and….? [politely looking to her for response]

Kendra: Kendra, Kendra Lowery

Gustav: Kendra owns The Daunting Canvas  across town, [admirably]

Bartender: Ah I have seen your work, very insightful to human emotion,I thought, but hey, I am no art critic, I’m just a humble tea maker. [laughing mildly, humbly polight]

Kendra: Well thank you, you don't have to be a critic to feel the expression of art. It's about whatever it makes you feel, to me anyway.

Bartender: Sure, I have always thought so myself. So what will you two be having today?

Gustav: Earl Grey is fine

Kendra: I think Chai is in order today, make that happen? [smiling]

Bartender: Anything you want, it's my pleasure

 The bartender smiled and slightly bowed as he left their table.

Kendra: Have to admit I haven't seen the inside of this place for years. Hasn't changed much

Gustav: I have been coming here for decades, every time i'm in town

Kendra: Oh you don't live locally?

Gustav: No, not for a long time. I have a place in Colorado I like to stay at, and a few other places here and there.

 Kendra nodded slightly and showed a look of being impressed.

Kendra: Well, [sarcastically sighs] alas I am stuck here in the city, in a studio apt. Above my gallery.

Gustav: There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you are happy. I mean,you are happy aren't you Kendra?

Kendra: Sure, I have no complaints.

 A moment later the bartender returned with their tea’s, and placed them on the table.

Bartender: Will this be all for now?

Gustav: This is fine thank you. Are we still on for this evening?

Bartender: Sure thing Gus, Eight P.M.

Gustavo: Fabulous. I will be here at Seven then

Bartender: That's perfect!  

 The Bartender turned and went over to the table across from theirs and spoke with the couple seated there briefly, and returned to tending his bar.

Kendra: You have been coming here for years haven't you.

Gustav: You might could say that [grinning as he brings his tea to his mouth]

Kendra: Well we all have our favorite places,I can see why you like this place, It has a pleasant and cozy atmosphere

Gustav: Thank you

Kendra: Wait, this is yours? You own this place?

Gustav: For about Twenty years now I guess

Kendra: Wow, never thought there was so much money involved in tea. Judging from what you said a few minutes ago, this place has made you a little, well off?

Gustav: No, no my Father left me well off, I just like to dabble in things. But there is money in tea. In fact there is a tea so rare and exquisite that it cost One point Two Million just for a Kilo.

Kendra: Wow! Have you ever tried it?

Gustav: Oh Yes a few times. It's not the flavor, it's what it is, it’s heritage That makes it so valuable.

Kendra: Heritage?

Gustav: Well it is dated back to the Ming Dynasty, Its a national treasure. Usually, you have to be royalty to be able to receive any at all it's so guarded.

Kendra: So what is this royal tea that you have aquired? What is it called?

Gustav: Da-Hong Pao

Kendra: well unless your royalty…

Gustav: I have acquaintances,I dabble.

Kendra: Ah, A man of mystery are you?

Gustav: Not really, I just experience life

 The conversation was going well. Kendra was intrigued by the mystery that seemed to surround Him. The more they talked the more she became interested as to who he really was.

[conversation switches to focus on Kendra]

Gustav: Enough, about me, I am sure you would find me quite booring.So tell me about your work. I have been an admirer for some time now. Where does your vision  come from?
Kendra: On the contrary,I don't think I have ever had a conversation about high dollar tea before. Quite fascinating really. As far as vision goes,I don't know, I have always, I guess been in love with the darker things? I put on music and create, that and a little help from Mary Jane [giggling], and I don’t know, it just happens.

Gustav: Amazing, such raw talent. Tell me, there is not too much information on you out there, where did you attend college at? Where did you get your degree?

Kendra: Degree? No you got it all wrong, I taught myself. I never had so much as one class

Gustav: Impressive. Self taught, and self made. I see I made wise choices.

[Cut to scene where Gustav is in her premier. Voice over from the convo during scene,highlighted in yellow]

Kendra: Choices?  

Gustav: Yes choices. After your last premier a few years ago, I purchased two of your pieces

Kendra: That was you?

Gustav: Yes it was.

Kendra: But i don't remember seeing you there.

Gustav: Oh I was, briefly, but long enough

 Kendra and Gustav sipped their tea and continued to talk about Kendra’s work, and her studio, what she aspired to become and things of that nature. She had gotten so swept up in all of it, she had totally forgotten about the previous events of the day.

Gustav: Ya know, I know some people in Sweden that would pay a good price for your work.

Kendra: Really, I kinda thought I was marked pretty high already

Gustav: Ok, how much did I pay for those pieces the other year?

Kendra: Let me think, I believe it was around Twenty Grand for both, Twenty Three to be exact if I remember correctly.

Gustav: To give you an example, I was offered One Hundred and Fifty Thousand
For your Canvas “Bleeding Heart”

[Kendra almost spit her tea out while sipping it]

Kendra: Fuck! [exclaiming as she almost spit her tea out] Im sorry, excuse me,that was rude. But really? That much?

Gustav: [grinning]Sure. Of course, I turned down his offer. But after this new premier, I sent him a link to your new website. As a matter of fact he will be contacting you soon I believe. At least he said so last night.

Kendra: Wow. I think I’m speechless. What just happened here?

Gustav: It’s called success, sit back and enjoy it

[ Their tea was almost finished, and although they would have loved to have another and talk more, time was ticking away and there were things they both still had to do.]{Giving signs of looking at watches ect… signifying it is time to leave. Gustav Pays bill.}

 They both agreed to speak again soon and parted their ways with a promise of a text message later

 Kendra was happy as she stepped out onto the sidewalk. She reached into her bag and pulled out the card. The cabby gave her, and opened her phone.

[The cafe scene fades out, and fades into brief cab scene with her reaching dialing her phone to call the cab]

Oh I’m Back

[scene opens with the Cabby pulling up an Kendra Getting in. Leaving front of Three Brothers]

[Dialogue between Kendra and Mike]

Mike: Lemme guess ma lady, the parents? {friendly}

Kendra: Absolutely, I think I will be there for the evening  {Happy}

Mike: I take it you had a good time at Three Brothers?

Kendra: Ya just never know who you are going to meet, like you for instance

Mike: Ma’am?

Kendra: How long you been driving a cab?

Mike: Oh for about five years now. Trying to save to get my own company, so no offence if I have to charge extra for bodies![joking laughing]

Kendra: What kind?[Laughing]

Mike: Well dead ones of course, we will role mob style! [really laughing hard]

[They laughed a few moments, then went back to discussing the cab company]

Mike: I want my own cab company, another ten years and ill have enough for a downpayment

Kedra: Ten years?

Mike: Yeah lot of competition. Like i said I wish I had more fairs like you

Kendra: Well maybe there is something we can do about that

Mike: We? Ok kinda lost….

Kendra: Be at my parents house in the morning at 9am. I'll have you take me to my Studio. I want to show you something

MIke: ummmm how long will it take? Clock has to stay…..[cut off by Kendra]

Kendra: Dont worry, i'll pay you for your tie. I have a idea.

 [Fade out scene]

[Scene fades into her getting out of the cab in front of her parents house.]

Kendra gets out of the cab and faces the house, reaching into her bag and pulling out 2 one hundred dollar bills, and walks over to hand it to him through the window.


Kendra: This should cover it yes?

Mike: Damn! I'll be here 9 am sharp!

Kendra: Your right..[kendra winks and smiles and points a finger at him]

[Scene ends with him pulling away acting very happy and excited, with her turning and walking to the front door and unlocking it, then entering]

[Scene opens as she enters the house once again]

Kendra enters the house and heads to the kitchen and gets supplies to clean the mess in the living room, where she fought with her parents. Nothing special, normal cleaning

This can be shot from several angles. No dialogue

[Scene ends with her opening the basement door and fading out]

[Scene opens looking through her parents eyes at Kendra squatted down in  the open doorway to the storeroom. Fades into darkness through her Father's eyes and as his eyes open, vision is blurry, then clears as Kendra Speaks]

[Dialogue between Kendra, William and Francine]

Kendra: Oh did I awake you? [Sarcastic evil voice]

William: [blinking his eyes] K...Ken….Kendra? Is th..th.that you?

Kendra: No you old son of a bitch, its the fairy fucking godmother [harsh and cold]

William: What do you think you are doing? [wincing in pain and trying to stran at the restraints]

Kendra: Well it is getting late, I thought maybe you might be hungry. [concerned and caring] I could go up stairs, bring down a bottle of wine and maybe a tad of caviar and crackers? Sound good?

 Her mother Francine starts to stir,  still moaning and trying to lift her head. Kendra looks over and takes notice.

Kendra: Oh look, the old bitch is waking up. Tell me dear [sarcastic concern] However is that pretty little head of yours? Looks like that must have hurt a bit, no matter we will get that fixed up in a jiffy. I have just the trick!

Francine: William….william [weak voice calling out]

WIlliam: Francine… I...What has she done?

Kendra: Oh it’s not what I have done, It's what needs to be done. Be back in a flash [happy smiling big]

[Scene ends with her getting up and shutting the door behind her, showing her parents tied up still bloody, scene fading out]

 Kendra walks back upstairs and goes to the kitchen and prepares two Bologna sandwiches Two cups of water and sets them on a fancy silver tray. She makes a seperate plate with caviar and chills a bottle of wine. No glass. She also grabs  few items from the bathroom medicine cabinet to bandage up her parents and starts bringing the things downstairs.

[Scene opens with Kendra preparing the food in the kitchen. Small antique radio on  counter playing Frank Sinatra. Kendra is humming to the music smiling and happy]

[Cuts to bathroom scene with her getting the bandages for her parents]

[Cuts back to kitchen scene with her placing the bandages and dinner plates starting to bring it downstairs, tray first. Fades out to her disappearing down the stairs]

[Fades back in with Kendra sitting at a small table with her caviar and crackers and the chilled bottle of wine next to it. She  has already placed her parents food and water in front of them. They are tied in ancient Japanese knots used in bondage. Just able to move their arms and hands enough to eat. Classical music playing in background. Candles have been lit to set a dark candle light dinner ambiance. Kendra has changed clothes and into one of her mother's elegant gowns with expensive jewels on. She has already bandaged her parents up]

[Dialogue between Kendra , an imaginary waiter she talks to, and her parents]

Kendra: Well yes, I do believe we have everything thank you [she smiles and nobody and listens for a second] No they are just fine, I think we are set.

William: [voice groggy] What are you doing?
Kendra: Well Daddy, I thought we could all have dinner together this evening. [back to cute little girl mode]

Francine: Those are my things….you little….[still sounding weak] [Kendra interrupts]

Kendra: Now now, temper temper….. You don't want to lose your dinner privilege tonight do you? [jokingly sarcastic scolding, shaking finger]

William: You cannot  think you will ever succeed in this, whatever it is you are doing.  [Still weak]

Kendra: Now you see? [grabbing open bottle of wine, standing up and drinking out of the bottle] This is the type of negativity we do not need if we are going to get through this together! [Angry]

Francine: Not my caviar ……. [groggy still]

Kendra: Oh your right mother, not your goddamned caviar, not your clothes, not your crackers! All you fucking have is those fucking sandwiches and they will sit there until you eat them!!!

 [Kendra rages and kicks the table over scattering the caviar and wine bucket all over the floor.]

Kendra: I should have known better than to think you would appreciate me cleaning you up and bringing you your dinner, you ungrateful couple of Cock lushes!!!

[Scene ends abruptly with Kendra slamming the door]

[Scene, short where she is locking the door leading to the basement and smiling]

Kendra: [tisking] You just don't get it, silly little people, oh I’m back [low eveil voice, sinister]

[End scene fading out]

I Need a Chauffeur

[Scene opens with Kendra in the doorway of the Store room again, Standing n the doorway dressed in black tight pants, Black boots, and black shirt. Makeup and hair done. She is drinking a cup of coffee out of her parents fine China]

[Dialogue between Kendra and her Parents]

Kendra: I see your awake….and still have not eaten.

[Kendras parents are more alert, yet very sore and in pain]

Francine: How could you think that we could eat this?

William: Kendra, I demand you end this now!!!! [wincing as he tries to yell]

Kendra: Well well well, look who just don't get it [as a matter of factly]

Kendra: Be patient you two, I have something to show you tonight, if your good that is. We will see if you have eaten all of your dinner by then and then, maybe then we can talk about some better accommodations. Until then, maybe you could learn to paint! Angry as she slams the door]

[Scene ends with showing the door and hearing it lock]

[Scene opens with her looking out the window as the Cabby pulls up]

Kendra looks at her phone

Kendra: I'll be damned, 9 am, right on time

[Scene fades out with her looking out the window]

[Scene cuts in to her walking to the cab with the house behind her]

[Dialogue between Kendra and MIke]

Kendra: I do admire punctuality!

Mike: Good Morning Ma’am [Gets out and opens the door for her this time]

Kendra: Wow, I could get used to this, I bet you do that for all the girls [Giggling, joking] Thank you [as she climb in the back seat]

Mike: And where shall we be going frst this fine beautiful morning? [very happy]

Kendra: To the Daunting Canvas my dear boy [dramatic]

Mike: Yes ma’am! [Happy]

[Scene fades out then into in front of the Daunting Canvas]

Mike: Is this where you want miss?

Kendra: No actually, pull in around the black to behind the Studio, there is a garage back there.

Mike: As you wish

[scene cuts to them parking in front of the garage]

[Dialogue between Mike and Kendra]

Mike: So this is the garage? [pulling up to it as she points to it]

Kendra: Yup, leave your meter running, and follow me

[ The Garage is a single door in the back of the Dunting Canvas in the back alley. Typical city alley with garbage bends, and a bum or two here and there ]

Kendra: I want to show you something [pulls out her keys and hits a button on a door opener]

Mike: O.K. [sounding a little suspicious]

The garage door opens revealing a shiney SUV [Lincoln navigator, Cadillac escalade, Something nice and new, hardly used]

Mike: Wow, that is really nice, i guess art pays doesn't it

Kendra: Yes and about to make a lot more, lemme ask you something, and please be honest [Serious]

Mike: I can do that

Kendra: On your best day, how much do you really bring home after running around all day?
Mike: Oh it varies, more on the weekends, but I usually make around 7 to 8 hundred a week after everything. Renting this Cab is expensive.

Kendra: I see, well you can’t buy a company on that

Mike: I’ll have enough in five years

Kendra: Mike, I need a personal assistant, and a personal driver. What say you forget that cab thing for a bit and come work for me, let’s say 2 grand a week salary?

Mike: Seriously?

Kendra: Dead serious. There will be room for bunusses , picking up clients, and of course, your loyalty.

Mike: For that kind of cash i'll bury bodies! [Laughing joking]

Kendra: Deal?

Mike: I don't know, sounds good, but I got a plan already [Doubtful]

Kendra: ok then…….

 Kendra reaches into her bag and retrieves a checkbook and starts writing a check and then hands it to Mike who is watching her intently. After it is written, she hands it over to him.

Mike: Fuck me! [shocked] sorry, this is uh…..

Kendra: It’s called a sign on bonus [giggling]

Mike: This is real?

Kendra: Every cent

Mike: can you follow me in your truck and i'll dump off the cab?

Kendra: Yeah that's the thing, I don't drive, I never could, I just freeze up [kinda ashamed]

Mike: Ah now i'm starting to see, ok, well then watch this [I have it solved]

[Mike pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number]

[Dialogue between Mike and Boss]
Phone: ringing….

Boss: Yeah Mike what's going on, and that meter better be running![pissy]

Mike: Yes sir it is, and it can keep running for someone else. Come get your cab and drive it up your ass for all I care. I’m finished![mad]

Boss: What n the fuck is your problem? We got to many fairs to grab for this!!! Damn it you little fuck![pissed off]

Mike: I just got a 10 grand sign on bonus that says i'm not. Fuck you and goodbye! Hurry up, meter is ticking![straight and confidant]

Mike hung up the phone and through it in the cab. Got in and parked it down the alley, shutting it off and walked back to Kendra.

Kendra: I knew I saw something in you I liked, I think this will work out just fine, one more thing..

Mike: Ma’am?

Kendra: The name is Kendra, plain and simple. No need all that Ma’am bullshit [laughing]

Mike: Thank God, all that really isn't me at all, just the job

Kendra: Good enough. Now, it appears your on foot.

[Kendra reaches back into her back and retrieves the keys to the Suv.]

Kendra: Take it down the the Shop, After you cash your check, [smiling] and get it serviced, washed and waxed. Then go and get yourself some new clothes. I can't be seen with you looking like that [laughing]. Go down to Laughter and Pain and tell them I sent you and that you work for me, they will set you up.

Mike: Wow, what a fucking day [Amazed] You got it.

Kendra: I have some things to do here so i'll see you when we get back, [pausing in thought] Do you um, Smoke?

Mike: Can’t cab company drug tests

Kendra, not anymore, when you get back we will blaze you up and get ya goin [winks]

Mike: Why do I feel like I just hit the lottery?
Kendra: who knows, maybe you did

[Mike gets into the SUV and backs out into the alley, stops and rolls down window]

Mike: Im a phone call away….Damn, I got get a new phone

Kendra: Thats ok get a new one while your out, ring me all your receipts, I'll reimburse you for everything. You go ten grand that should cover it.

Mike: Why didn't I meet you years ago?  

Kendra: Just wasn’t time i guess

[Scene ends with her entering the garage and closing the door, and Mike driving off]

A Phone call and a Visit

[Scene starts with Kendra sitting back at her desk going through paperwork in the office of her studio]

 It is getting well onto the afternoon and the weather is darkening. You can hear thunder in the distance from an oncoming storm. Mike has been gone a few hours. Her phone rings.

[Dialogue Between Mike and Kendra]

Phone: Ringing

Kendra: This is Kendra

Mike: Got my new phone and the truck is finished. Looks like its gonna rain. Wont me to get her back so the wax dont get it yet before I go get clothes?

Kendra: No that's ok, thank you. It’s just a wax job [laughing] You just hit that store, you will be around a lot of uppity ups working for me. Sometimes i'll just need you to stand and look intimidating. They will know how to dress you.

Mike: Your wish is my command, your the boss

Kendra: Fair enough, see you after a bit

Kendra hung up the phone as she heard the front door of the studio open. She gets up and walks out into the gallery to see Gustav has come in to see her. [no scene cut]

Kendra: Well I didn't expect to see you this soon

Gustav: I know I was supposed to text, but I think I will be in town for a while on business

Kendra: Really? No its no problem come anytime I am open, and you have my number

Gustav: I have something for you

Kendra: Oh?

[Gustav hands her black box made of solid wood, black ]

Kendra: What is it? It feels heavy?
Gustav: Just open it

Kendra opens the box and inside is an ancient dagger, old still looking Brilliant in appearance. The blade is curved with inscriptions on it. The handle is black and made of some rare material [doesn't matter] with a black Obsidian pommel on its handle

Kendra: Oh my God! This is Amazing?! Where did you get this? [excited, surprised]

Gustav: On one of my trips to South America.

Kendra: This is...Oh God I can’t Accept this….

Gustav: Oh? Why not?

Kendra: It must be priceless!

Gustav: Maybe, but in the grand scope of all things, what does it matter?

Kendra: So what is it? I mean where does it come from?

Gustav: Its From an ancient tribe long past. When someone had wronged someone, they were given this to exact pain on the person so they could feel the pain from what they caused the victim to feel, So legend has it. Sort of a justice blade if you will.

Kendra: Its Amazing [picking it up and looking at it in the dimming sun]

Kendra: Oh...My..God…. You can see a skull in the Obsidian!

Gustav: That's part of the mystery, some say it has magical powers, others say it was made my the Gods

Kendra: I don't know what to say really

Gustav: Well thank you is always a good start [laughing]

Kendra: Oh God, no, I mean thank you, just….wow! Um would you like a glass of wine or something?

Gustav: I believe a drink may be in order

Kendra: Well then right this way

Kendra takes him to a private show room in the back
[Scene fades out and then into the private showroom]

The room is all red brick walls with a few couches and a few paintings. There is a bar by the couches for entertaining.

[Dialogue between Gustav and Kendra]

Kendra: Make yourself at home, what's your poison?

Gustav: Just wine will be fine thank you

Kendra: Good enough

[Kendra quietly poor's thm a glass of wine and joins him on the couch, handing him his glass]

They sit for a moment and smell the wine before tasting it and place their glasses on the table before them.

[Dialogue between Kendra and Gustav]

Gustav: So tell me, how did you teach yourself? I am quite intrigued.

Kendra: It’s a long story that I have a hard time with, ya know.

Gustav: Do you know why people create?

Kendra: I guess for many reasons…..

Gustav takes another sip of wine and places it back down on the table, then turns and looks long and deep into her eyes. It only took a few moments for her to look away, feeling uncomfortable

Gustav: [placing her hand on hers and gently holding it] Many of us create for many reasons, for many it is an, escape if you wll.

Kendra: So I’m escaping now eh? [forcing a laugh]

Gustav: Tell me what happened to you. I see you , your damaged

Kendra: ……….

Gustav: That’s ok, we all are to some extent.

[Kendra got up and went to the bar, and poured herself another glass, reached under the bar and pulled out a box, brought it over to the table, set it down, next to the opened box with the knife in it, and opened it. Inside is some cannabis and a small glass pipe]

Kendra: Care to join me?

Gustav: It’s not a habit, but I don’t think I’ll say no

[Kendra packs some of the cannabis into the bowl and offers it to him]

Kendra: Its pretty good, always mellows me out

Gustav: Thank you, in all honesty it’s been awhile [lights the bowl and passes it to her]

[They smoke in silence until she places the bowl back into the box, and closes the lid]

[Gustav crosses his hands behind his head, and lays back on the couch]

Gustav: It’s not easy growing up in hatred is it

Kendra: No [tears start to form]

[Scene fades to memories of her child hood, then back to them talking as she tells the story. No dialogue as she explains...just scenes of her crying and Gustav consoling her, always flashing back to beatings and the locked room. Flashes of her dirty in the room, painting and sculpting at different stages of her growing up]

[Scene fades into them on the couch still, kendra done crying and drying her eyes]


Gustav: Sometimes it helps to let it out

Kedra: I never told anyone

Gustav: Sometimes that is just the start of healing

Kendra: ……..

Gustav: U create dark art to kill the pain inside you, maybe it's your artwork that needs to feel it

Kendra: What do you mean?

[Gustav looks down at the knife, and her eyes follow]

[Scene ends with camera zooming in on the knife and fading out]

A New Creation

[scene fades into Mike pulling up to the front of the Daunting Canvas in the SUV, gets out and enters the studio]

[Scene cuts to him opening the door and walking inside to see Gustav and Kendra exiting the private showing room]

[Dialogue between Mike, Gustav and Kendra]

Kendra: Wow! Look at you!

Mike: Oh you like [spins around]

Kendra: Yes I do, remind me to thank them.

Mike: Here are all of the receipts as you requested

[Gustav standing back and observing]

Kendra: MIke this is Gustav, I think he may be around for a while here and there

[Gustav walks over and extends his hand to Mike]

Mike: Pleasure is mine, I’m Mike

Gustav: Gustav, Yes and thank you, good to make your acquaintance

Kendra: Mike is my driver….security...all around….

Gustav: Ah I see, good move you should have someone like that around

[Gustav faces Mike]

Gustav: Mike do you carry?

Mike: [opening his Black coat and showing his 45 Auto] Never leave home without it

Gustav: Good man, we got a hot future to protect here

Mike: Not a problem, I am here for whatever she needs
Gustav: Oh I know, just like I knew you were carrying

Mike: Oh really now how's that [impressed]

Gustav: Same way I know why you came to this place and started driving a cab

Mike: [getting nervous].......

Gustav: It’s ok, relax. We all have a past [looks at Kendra] Dont we?

Kendra: Yes we do….[focusses on Mike] So what was it?

Mike: I’d rather not say

Kendra: It’s really ok, look come on back, like I said we were gonna smoke when u got back

Mike: you did for sure say that…

Gustav: Well you guys enjoy and, Kendra, I’ll see you in a bit?

Kendra: For sure, I’ll call you soon.

Gustav and kendra give each other a hug, mike and Gustav shake hands. Mike and Kendra head back to the private room as Gustav Leaves

[fade out scene]

[Scene fades into MIke and Kendra standing in the room, finishing smoking]


Kendra: So that was you?

Mike: Sure was, all six of them

Kendra: well I knew I hired the right guy

Mike: Yes you did, I know how to keep quiet

Kendra: Good. Time to go to work then

Mike: You're the boss

[Scene Fades with them leaving the private room]

[Scene opens with Mike and Kendra sitting at her computer looking t the latest arrests in the city]


Mike: There is one right there

Kendra: Yup, perfect

Mike: 23, kids got taken away because of child abuse, drug addict, she sound good to you?

Kendra: Perfect. Time to make a call

[Kendra picks up her phone and dials]

Phone: ringing

Gustav: Kendra….that was quick

Kendra: Nancy Mthaynee , 23, child abuser. 255 north 56th street

Gustav: And where do you want her?

Kendra: Bring her to mom and dads, drive around the back. 550 Orchid Ln.

Gustav: I'll be there in a few hours, I’ll call with the heads up

Kendra: See you there

[Kendra hangs up the phone and addresses Mike]

Kendra: You sure you down with this?

Mike: Just tell me what to do

[Scene fades out]

[Scene opens with them pulling into the back of Kendra's parents house]

Mike and Kendra Exit the SUV and enter the back door [scene fades out]

[scene fades in to them in the living room]

Mike: So this is it huh, this is where you were raised

Kendra: If you wish to call it that

Mike: I don’t, you told me enough

Kendra: So you ready to meet them?

Mike: Do you want me to…..

Kendra: NO!....I mean, sorry no, they get to fucking suffer.

Mike: Understood

[Scene fades out then into them walking down to the basement]


Kendra: Mike, one last time……

Mike: Kendra, I have done way worse and get a good night's sleep

Kendra: God damn, you sure aint that smiling sweet guy running a cab are you?

Mike: You don’t know the half

Kendra: Ok then, Mike I present to you….[she reaches and grabs the door to the storeroom and opens it] My good old mom and dad!

[The Door opens and Francine, and William are still tied up appearing to be dead]

Kendra: Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me![yelling]

[Her parents start to stir]

Mike: Well they ain't dead, but if you want to keep them alive they will need some medical attention, what me to handle it?

Kendra: Just don't be too nice, there is buckets and water down here and medical supplies upstairs in the bathroom.

Mike: Got to say those knots are straight perfect. Where did you learn that?

Kendra: [smiling] I like to have fun sometimes

Mike: [Laughing] I ain’t saying shit!

[scene fades out]

[Scene fades back into MIke finishing up with Kendra's parents. They are still tied and placed on buckets, barely dressed, but nothing showing. Kendra is Standing next to Mike with her arms crossed and Smiling]


Kendra: Goddamned son, now that is some good work

Mike: I have a few different talents [giggling]

Kendra: We should be having company soon, we better get the other room ready

Mike: Do we need more rope?

Kendra: There is plenty outside in the garage if you don't mind, just be careful not to be seen

Mike: I never get seen unless I want to be [wink]

[Mike turns and walks back upstairs, Kendra addresses her parents]

Kendra: Well look who decided to finally eat

Francine: You shut u……..

[she gets stopped by Kendra slapping her in the face]

Kendra: Now let's try this again, or dear Father, did you have something to add?

William: ……..

Kendra: Well it looks like somebody may have earned his dinner rights [Smiling satisfied]

William: Kendra…..My head…..

Kendra: Like I give two flying fucks about your head! [Slaps him in his head]
William: [screams]

Francine: [Sobbing]

Kendra: Ya know….Fuck you both, and just so you know..[whispers] your going to die here

[Scene fades out]

[Scene fades in with Mike and Kendra upstairs in the kitchen]


Kendra: The room is ready, fuck Francine and William, they can eat in the morning

Mike: Gustav should be here soon ya think

[Kendras phone rings]

Kendra: Game time

[Dialogue with Kendra and Gustav]

Kendra: Gustav, we ok?

Gustav: Better than ok

Kendra: So you got her?

Gustav: And her husband. They will not be awake till tomorrow. Everything ready?

Kendra: Yes it is, how long will you be?

Gustav: Be there in 20 min.

Kendra: Wonderful, see you then.

[Kendra looks over at Mike smiling]

Mike: we golden?

Kendra: Get another chair, two for one today [wags eyebrows]

[Scene fades out]

Let the Games Begin

[Scene Fades into Gustav’s Lincoln pulling into the back drive to the Garage. It is Dark, Around
9 PM. Kendra and Mike are outside waiting]


Mike: Its Showtime

Kendra: Back him up to the door here. We can bring them in that way

[There are double doors leading to stairs down to the basement. Kendra opens the doors]

[Cut to close up of Gustav looking over his backseat, watching Mike Back him up. Cut to showing Mike waving his arm back, guiding Gustav]

[Scene fades out and fades into them unloading the man and women from the back seat, Gustav and Kendra carrying the man, and Mike carrying the women, down the stairs.]

[Scene cuts to them going through the basement and into the open door and lit room on the end.]


Kendra: We have it set up in here Gustav

Gustav: No problem

[They enter the room. The room is large, bare concrete floor with a drain. The walls are white concrete and the paint is old. Half of the room is filled with old parts of this and that. Old lamps..boxes of junk and thinks from all over. The other half was bare with two chairs equipt with leather straps for the neck, head, arms and legs]


Kendra: Lets gettem in the chairs [Struggling]

Gustav: Here I’ll get this [pulls the man from the back to slide him up onto the chair]

[Mike places the girl in the chair next to the man and starts to buckle them in]

[Scenes cuts from that, to Gustav and Kendra walking to the storeroom door. They stop in front of the door.]


Gustav: So this is mom and dad?

Kendra: This is them [She opens the door]

[Kendra steps in and Gustave leans against the door jam with his hands in his pocket smiling]

Gustav: Well aren't they just the cutest thing?

William: Kendra..Who is..

[Kendra raises her hand and he immediately shuts up]

Gustav: And so well trained [impressed]

Francine: Please….Kendra….

Kendra: Why yes mommy whatever do you need?

Francine: Water….please

Kendra: well now, that is so much better. Yes you shall have some water, until then [Kendra walks over to her mother who is tied and runs her hand over her head caressing it, leans down and whispers] I begged you know, I begged for years, but you didn't hear….[she stands up straight and looks down at her] or maybe you couldn't see! [Raged]

[Kendra grabs Francine by the sides of the head with both hand and sinks her thumbs, nails digging into both of her eyes]

Francine: [screaming in pain with a voice going horse]

[Kendra's thumbs push in, rupturing both of francine's eyeballs making them explode]

Gustav: I bet she didn’t see that coming [calm smoking a cigarette]

[Francine is still screaming along with William]

William: Leave her alone for God sakes!!!! Kendra you whore of a…….

[He was silenced as Gustav’s foot slammed into his face, snapping his head back, rendering him unconscious]

Kendra: That's right Gussy! Daddy doesn’t learn!

Gustav: Apparently not

[Scene cuts to Mike coming from the other room Kendra and Gustav are leaving the storeroom and closing the door]


Mike: Ah getting acquainted with the parents eh Gustav?

Gustav: Oh I just think a mutual understanding, if you will

Kendra:They all set up mike?

Mike: Sure thing, ya know, I can do wonders with a battery charger……

Kendra: I have no doubt, maybe later, I have something special planned for them

Mike: No problem. Your show I’m just here to do whatever you need, to whoever you need. Kinda missed those days anyways

Gustav: Kendra there are some things I must go check on, would you like to go with me?

Kendra: oh like a date? [flirty, gigli]

Gustav: I thought this was a date, best one I’ve had in a while [snickering]

[Kendra puts and arm around Gustav and hugs him lightly with him reciprocating]

Mike: Match made in heaven, and I use that term loosely [laughing]. Seriously though do you want me to drive you?

Kendra: No not this time. I think it best you stay here and keep watch. Everything you need is upstairs, make yourself at home. And Mike….

Mike: Yeah?

Kendra: Thanks

[Mike walks over and hugs her]

Mike: I know why your doing this, anything you need

Kendra: Fuck I wish I would have known you guys a long time ago

Gustav: Everything always happens for a reason, even the bad things

Kendra: So hard to see sometimes I guess.

Mike: No shit, right? Hey Kendra, we got one more room down here, should I…..

Kendra: Not yet. Just keep watch. And don’t worry, nobody hears Anything down here.

Mike: ok, um, want me to do anything to or for them? [pointing to the storeroom]

Kendra: Nah, let them suffer

Mike: I was hoping you’d say that [grinning]

[Scene fades out]

Set in Stone

[scene starts with Kendra and Gustav riding in his Lincoln.]


Kendra: So what did you have in mind for this evening?

Gustav: First we have to goto your studio, I have a surprise

Kendra: Another?

Gustav: Remember my friends in Finland?

Kendra: Oh for sure, what's happening with them?

Gustav: They want to invest in you a bit, let's just say they put in an order, and t will play out perfectly with what you are doing downstairs

Kendra: uhhhhh, what exactly do you mean? [hesitant, worried slightly]

Gustav: They like statues

Kendra: I don't do statues

Gustav: You do now, don't worry, you will see [places his hand on hers, they continue driving hand in hand]

Kendra: I’m not [looks over and smiles, glances down at their hands]

Kendra: So what do you think of Mike?

Gustav: I think he is solid. He will have your back no matter what, that's what I read, and I am rarely wrong

Kendra: That's the same thing I got

Gustav: I put something in the garage of your studio when I was out before

Kendra: Wait, what? How did you get in?

Gustav: [grinning] I have many talents I have acquired over the years

Kendra: I bet you do. [grinning]

[Scene fades out]

[Scene fades into Kendra and Gustav pulling up to Kendras studio Garage]

[cut scene to them out of the Lincoln and standing in front of the garage]


Kendra: Oh no, allow me [presses button on key chain to open door]

Gustav: Its fine [smiling]

[garage door opens revealing some Spray paint supplies and a few 5 gallon buckets]

Kendra: What is this?

Gustav: My buddy in Finland uses this stuff. Sprays on like paint, but dries harder than steel

Kendra: You don't mean we are going to……

Gustav: No my dear I m not, you are, i’m just gonna load it up, oh yeah, go and check your email and bank account, you have orders to ship out.

Kendra: I do? Shit! Bloody fantastic!! Ever tell you that your Amazing?

[Scene fades out to her opening the door to enter her studio, and Gustav starting to load the car]

[Scene fades in to Kendra walking into her office quickly and checking her email and bank account on her computer]


Kendra: Come on

[Hurried to turn on her computer. It takes a few moments and she quickly gains access to her mail]

Kendra: No...no….[searching through mail] fuck that…..what the?! Holy shit!! She finds what she is looking for]

Kendra: Goddamned Gustav you were not fucking around! [surprised and amazed]

[Scene cuts to computer screenshot to show a deposit of 1,900,000 into her bank account]

[Scene cuts back to the office room . Kendra turns off her computer quickly, shuts lights and exits. Scene fades out]

[Scene fades into her entering her garage and locking the door, then exiting the garage and shutting the door. Then she gets into the passenger side front of Gustav’s Lincoln.] [cut scene]

[cut scene into them sitting in the car running]


Gustav: Well?

Kendra: 1.9 Million dollars?!?!?! [very happy and surprised]

Gustav: [Looking over at Kendra] Consider it a downpayment for an order [leans over and briefly kisses her. Looks straight ahead, puts the car in drive ] Lets go make some art [hits gas and takes off. Cut scene]

[Scene fades into them pulling back into her parents driveway and turning off lights and vehicle then exiting]


Kendra: I’ll run in and get Mike to help unload [Walking to the basement doors and opening them]

Gustav: [Opening the trunk to unload it] Excellent. I’m right behind you.

[cute scene to the main basement floor]


Mike: So how was the date? [Grinning]

Kendra: Gustav needs help unloading, and it was let's just say, enriching….

Mike: More Bodies?
Kendra: Nope, even better

[Gustav enters carrying a Bucket, and some spray equipment]

Mike: The rest in the the car?

Gustav: Yeah, there's not too much

Mike: Got it, i'll take care of it

[Cut scene to the room with the man and women tied up. Gustav bringing in the bucket of mix and placed it on the floor along with the spray gear]

[Kendra walks into the room followed by Mike carrying the rest in.]


Mike: I guess over here? [Motioning to the existing pile]

Kendra: For now, may have to move it outside later, but for now thats fine.

[Gustav walks over and puts his arm around Kendra’s shoulder, and motions towards the man and women]

Gustav: Now look at these two, you know what they have done, its been done to you, through that pain…….create

Kendra: When will they be awake?

Gustav: Should be out until morning

Kendra: Good.

Mike: What’s next?

Kendra: Just make sure the house is locked up tight, then just make yourself at home, we will be here a few days

Mike: Im on it, i'll see you guys when you come up

[Mike exits the room]

Kendra: So not until the morning huh?
Gustav: No they are pretty sedated

Kendra: well, until then……..

[Kendra turns to him wrapping her hand around his head to draw him in, her other arm around his waist. Fade out scene with them Kissing...long]

The Healing Starts

[Scene starts in the kitchen with Kendra, Gustav and Mike having coffee. Early morning around 7 am.]


Kendra: Mike, did you check on our “guests” yet?

Mike: Sure did, they are alive, not too well but alive.

Kendra: Ok, I will need to go down and feed Mom and Dad. It's been a while. They will need it [grinning]

[Gustav sipping his coffee and observing]

Mike: You want me to do it?

Kendra: Oh no. This is all me. [She looks down on the table where she placed the knife Gustav gave her]

Mike: Do I need to ask? [looking at the knife]

[Kendra gets up, placing the knife in her waist and walks over to Gustav and places a hand on his shoulder]

Kendra: It was a gift from Gussy! [Cute, child like, pops a quick kiss on his lips]

[Kendra walks over to the fridge with Gustav and mike observing. Mike a bit confused. Gustav has his head slightly low, following her with his eyes having an evil smile]

Mike: I see [looks over at Gustav as if to say congratulations]

[cut scene to focus on Kendra making bologna sandwiches for her parents.]

Kendra: Bologna and bread..bologna and bread….[singing a little toon]

Kendra: Bologna and bread bologna and bread, mom and dad will soon be dead…[repeat while making sandwiches]

[Mike and Gustav look at each other in silence. Mike looks a bit concerned. Gustav looks amazed and content, still with evil smile. Raises his eyebrows once at Mike]

[Cut scene to Kendra opening the door to the storeroom]

[Scene opens with Kendra walking into the room her Parents were whispering, and quickly stop when the door opens]


Kendra: Well look at you two looking all bright eyed..[giggles]  oops, sorry Mother, I forgot.

Francine: Why are you doing this Kendra?

Kendra: Oh whoa!, You do not get to ask questions! [Sternly]

Kendra: Now, I understand you cannot see, so ill place your food in your hand so u can eat, unless your not hungry….[looks hesitant]

William: No, No..we will eat, please, anything, just stop this, we will give you everything [pleading]

Kendra: Ya know Daddy, I am in a good mood this morning, I’m going to let that slide. [hands him his sandwich]

[Kendra walks over to Francine and places the sandwich in her hands. Both Francine and William devour the sandwiches quickly]

Kendra: Now see, it doesn't have to be bad,[hands Francine the cup of water as well as William ]

[Kendra waits for them to finish]

Kendra: Well, this has been very pleasant this morning [turns around to leave the room and stops, then looks back] If um, you guys hear something….and you will, don't worry, you will soon have your chance. Chow. [smiles]

[Scene fades out with her leaving the room and her parents heads hanging down]

[scene fades into Kendra opening the door and entering the room where the man and woman are. They are heavily drugged still and starting to come around]


Kendra: So here we are [spreads arms out] oooooooooh looks like you guys had a rough couple of days

Man: Groans….[groggy and drugged]

[Kendra walks over to woman, grabs her hair and looks in her eyes]

Kendra: Oh yeah…..your fucked queeney

[lets go of womans hair violently]

[Kendra turns around and walks out of the room. Scene fades out]

[Fade into Kendra walking back into the kitchen]


Kendra: Looks like someone is waking up from their naps

Gustav: Yeah its about that time [looking at his watch]

Mike: What do you need?

Kendra: Go out to the garage and get some visqueen, there should be some out there that will suffice

[Mike nods his head and exits]

Gustav: You ready to do this?

Kendra: What?

Gustav: [looking at her intently] Yeah you are…..

Kendra: Just watch me work [determined] If you want

Gustav: Planned on it

[Scene fades out to the room with the man and woman tied up, Kendra , Gustav and Mike finishing hanging the visqueen in front of the boxes of things. Kendra has on a black jumpsuit covered in assorted colors of paint from her past paintings ]

Kendra: Mike, would you be a doll and bring down the stereo please. I’ll be needing some music for this

Mike: Got ya. [mike exits]

[Man and women opening their eyes and coming around]

Man: What in hell…..[trying to move] straining

Woman: Now look what you have done you fucking idiot! I told you stop with the bullsht!!! [screaming]

Kendra: Oh yell...go ahead….get mad, makes no difference

Man: I don't know you , what the fuck did i ever do to you?!

Kendra: oh you were born my dear boy….but not for long [sarcastic]

Man: Fuck you cunt!!! [spits at her and misses]

Kendra: Oh you are a fuck up aren't you [smiling, fake understanding

[Gustav remains behind her standing against the wall, grabs a chair and sit down in the corner to observe]

[Mike enters the room with the stereo]

Mike: Hear ya go…..

Kendra: I believe classical shall be in order, how about Vivaldi!

Mike: Vivaldi coming up, Kendra, do you want me upstairs to keep watch?

Kendra: For a bit, let's see how loud they scream [couple both screaming in the background, begging, cursing, panic setting in with vivaldi playing loudly]

Mike: That was what I was thinking [Mike exits]

Kendra: Get ready Gussy dear…..[pulling out the knife he gave her]

[Gustav sits in his chair, smiling with one foot propped on one knee]

[Kendra walks over to the women slowly, arms behind her back. The woman's eyes are wide and she is screaming. The man is screaming as well. Kendra draws her knife slowly from one ear to the other, cutting her from ear to just under the nose, following to the other ear, slicing through her upper lip, leaving it hang]

[Kendra runs her blade from the woman's lower lip, cutting it in two, straight down her chin, then neck then down between breasts on her chest bone and stops just as the bone ends]

[Screams and blood according to lacerations, Music louder than the screams]

[Kendra runs her knife again, deeper this time down the woman's arm to the bone, repeat on other arm]

[Blade runs down both legs to the bone from her waist down on top of the leg. Repeat on other leg]

[Kendra is getting covered in blood and it is running onto the floor, a few splatters land on gustav who is sitting smiling in admiration]

[Kendra changes her attention to the man, And repeats the same process with him. They both sit with matching wounds]

[Kendra steps back and admires her work a moment]


Kendra: Gussy….don't they look great?

Gustav: Indeed, I believe they are happier

Kendra: I know what is missing!

[ Kendra walks to behind the visqueen and comes out with a drill, a bit, and some lag bolts. She plugs in the drill and attaches a bolt to it. She places the tip of the bit onto the woman's forehead and starts to sink the bolt into her brain, leaving one inch of the six inches hanging out]

[woman’s body starts to convulse and go into seizure]

[Kendra walks over and sins one into the man’s head as well]

[Kendra steps back and looks soe more, watching their bodies convulse] [be graphic]

Kendra:  One more should do it
[Kendra takes the drill and bolt and drills through the woman's sternum, sinking the bolt in Five inches. Repeats on man.]

[The bodies are still convulsing]

[Kendra makes two more lacerations on the woman on her wrists, and the same on the man, bleeding them out. They are dead]


Kendra: Gussy? What do you think?

Gustav: I think its beautiful! [Smiling] How do you feel?

Kendra: Alive

[Scene fades out with vivaldi still playing and camera focused straight in front of the bloody corpses]

My Old Friend

[Scene fades into Mike washing up all the blood, the bloodless corpses are still strapped down]

[Scene fades out and fades into Gustav dressed in a paint suit spraying the corpses and the chairs that they strapped in, Black]

[Scene fades out and fades into him walking out of the room in the paint suit with no mask on a and black hardened material on his suit. Solid black corpses on their chairs still. Now looking like black statues, all wounds highly visible. Scene fades out]

[Scene Fades into Mike, Kendra and Gustav in the main basement room Discussing what to do next]


Kendra: Well I guess it’s time to decorate them…..

Gustav: Ummm no. They wanted the black over the creation. You can mix any color with this stuff, it's pretty amazing actually.

Kendra: Oh I see, well in that case, I think we need to get them out of here.

Gustav: Mike you wanna grab the truck and back it up, we can load them in the back and take them to the studio to get them ready for shipping.

Mike: No problem [Mike exits the basement]

[Kendra and Gustav stand next to each other staring at the Black statues.]

Kendra: They really are beautiful aren’t they

Gustav: Yes they are. I knew you had it in you

Kendra: Yeah, but you brought them to life, and so shiny [Show the shininess of the statues]

Gustav: Friend in England makes this stuff, ya know Patent pending [smirks]

Kendra: Do we have anmore?

Gustav: Enough, what are ya thinking?
Kendra: Something special for mommy and daddy of course

Gustav: Ill have to make a call

Kendra: Do what you do baby! [Smacks him on his butt and playfully skips away]

[Scene fades out to him dialing his phone and her skipping to the stairs, then exiting]

[Scene fades into Mike, Kendra, and Gustav in the studio Garage, unloading the Statues.]

[Mike and Gustav are Wrestling the statues down a ramp, one by one. Kendra is assisting where she can]

[Dialogue] [All are struggling to unload, show in voices during brief dialogue]

Kendra: Why is it these things don't weigh a ton?

Gustav: Score one for technology, Johan is a scientist

Mike: Damn, Good to have friends in high places huh?

Kendra: Really? The guy from England?

Gustav: Exactly

[Cut scene to them unloaded, and Gustav on the phone, Kendra and Mike are waiting quietly]


Gustav: Archie?

Archie: Ah Gustav! Long time my friend!! [Russian]

Gustav: Yes it has been, how are ya? Still in the city?

Archie: Of course, you know how it is, business is good, I stay, Business is bad, I stay

Gustav: Well I have some..Business for you. Do you have a truck and crew available?

Archie: Gustav…..come on my friend you know Archie always is ready. WHere are you and where is it going?

Gustav: Im at the Daunting Canvas in Back in the garage
Archie: And where is it going Gustav?

Gustav: Finland

Archie: Finland?! OK my Friend, Archie will be there shortly

Gustav: They are not ready to ship yet, problem?

Archie: For you Gustav, no problems only solutions! Archie Take good care of you!!!

Gustav: And you will be rewarded my friend

Archie: Ahh my friend!!! Archie never forgets

Gustav: See you soon….[click]

[Phone call ends]

Kendra: Gussy?! You just keep surprising me over and over [hugs him around the neck and pecks his cheek]

Gustav: It helps to know people, especially Archie [raises eyebrows and grins]

Mike: Dammit man, are you sure we never have done business before?

Gustav: I’d remember if we had, but there is always the future….

Mike: Anytime, any place [shakes Gustav’s hand firmly]

Kendra: I'll be back in a minute!!!! [Kendra exits the garage into the studio]

[Cut scene to Kendra in the Bar room Grabbing three shot glasses and a bottle of High end Vodka. Cut scene to Kendra coming back into the garage with Mike and Gustav, who are finishing moving the SUV and closing the door]


Kendra: Awe for fuck sakes? Are we done already?! [childishly disappointed sounding]

Gustav: Hardly my dear, what do you have there?

Kendra: Well, Archie is russian right? Well I figured we would have a toast!

Mike: Um Kendra, no offence, but you only have three glasses….

Kendra: 1,2,3,...[counting glasses] well fuck my little white ass your right! [sets down the glasses and opens the bottle and takes a good sized gulp] Well, looks like Kendra doesn't need no glass!

Gustav: You feeling ok Kendra?

Kendra: Never better. Why?

[Gustav walks over to her, places his hands on her hips and puts his forehead to hers]

Gustav: You have only just begun to heal, you must complete it before you are whole. This is a dangerous time. Just know I am here…

Kendra: Awe That's my Gussy, [wraps her arms around him and hugs him tight]

[Kendra let go and hands them shot glasses.They each have one, except her. She places the empty shot glass on top of the man's hand]

Kendra: Let me stop, let me think, fuck this shit let's have a drink!!!!

[Gustav and Mike raise their glasses and Kendra raises the bottle, they all drink]

[Gustavs phone buzzes. He pulls it out and reads the text.]

Gustav: Ok Archie is here let's get the door open

[Kendra opens the garage door and a white box truck is outside. Two men get out of the truck and walk to the back one opens the door, the other walks in.]

Gustav: Archie……[spreads arms out]

Archie: Gustav!! My friend! [Embraces Gustav in brotherly hug patting each other on the back briefly]

Gustav: Looks like your well old friend

Archie: Of course Archie is well! Archie is always well!

[Kendra walks over to the statue and grabs the shot glass and pours a shot, handing it to Archie]

Archie: What? What is this? [Archie looks at his shot {always happy} Ahhh from the old country and you want Archie to drink alone?!
Kendra: Nonsense! [points a finger up in the air and pours another shot for Mike and Gustav]

Kendra: We all drink!!! [Raising her bottle and swigging as the rest do their shot]

[They all drink and place their glasses on a chest in the corner of the garage, then walk over and look at the Statues]

Archie: ok, we talk, we drink, now we do business. Yes?

Gustav: Of course

[Mike takes a stance and gets “on the clock”. Mike is Standing behind Gustav, and starts Approaching slowly. Gustav catches him barely out of the corner of his eye and raises his hand as if to say stop]

Gustav: Relax Mike, He is a friend.

[Mike stops and loosens up]

Archie: Mike!! [walking over to shake his hand] Of course Archie is friend. Any friend of Gustav is friend of Archie!!! Relax my friend!!![ jolly happy]

Archie: Now Gustav, thes must goto Finland yes?

Gustav: Yeah, that's right

Archie: Gustav only ships to one place in Finland. By the lake yes?

Gustav: Yes, Lake Bodom

Archie: Ok !! No problem! Same as last time right? Archies special service? Yes?

Gustav: Definitely..under the radar. What do ya think? 40 Grand cover it?

Archie: Gustav you insult an old friend!!! For you I do it for 30!!!!

Gustav: And that's why I’ll Pay you 40 my friend

Archie: Aaaaaaaah Gustav!!! You are always too good to me old friend!!!

Gustav: By the way, How's Nancy and the kids?

Archie: They are good!!! They all drain my wallet!!! But hey I got Gustav!!! What does Archie care?!?! They are Happy, I am happy Gustav is happy Mike and Kendra Happy [pointing around to them] Everyone happy!!!!!

Gustav: Nice. Really glad to hear it, I really missed you. I'll be in the city for a little while more, ill some more business soon.

Archie: Yes Yes of course!!!! Anything for Gustav!! Ok let's get to work yes?! [Motions to the driver to start loading the statues.]

Gustav: Kendra, I have some other things to attend to,  I will meet you back at your parents in a bit ok?

Kendra: Ok [pouty]

Gustav: Wont me long come here [motions for to come over]

[Kendra and Gustav kiss goodbye and leaves through the open garage]

[Kendra and Mike Assist little in the loading as Gustav exits. A few moments go by as they finish loading the truck and the driver Starts the truck to leave]

Kendra: Archie Would you like me to write you a check or just pay straight cash?

Archie: Oh no pretty lady! Gustav pay for everything!!! Don’t worry, Archie takes care of everything too! Farewell Pretty lady!!! [He walks over and gives her a friendly Father type hug]

[Archie walks over to Mike and puts his hand out to shake]

Archie: Mike, you friend to pretty lady and Gustav, you friend to archie. You ever need Archie, You call, Archie come right away! Ok?

Mike: Ok Archie [smiling and happy] Thank you. I could Always use another friend like you, and the same goes here, I may know a few people here and there that could use the services of Archie

Archie: Ok! Ok! Yes see? Everyone happy! Dasvidaniya!!! [Archie waves and disappears around the truck

[The truck drives off and kendra shuts the garage door with them inside. Kendra walks back to the table and grabs the bottle]

Mike: So “pretty lady” What's next? [jokingly]
Archie: What's next oh my mikee? This is the part where you and I get drunk and terrorise mommy and daddy!!!! [Smiling, phycotic happy. Excited]

Mike: You're the boss [Laughing and shaking his head]

[Scene fades out to Mike and Kendra exiting through the single door next to the garage door, turning off the light]

Prepping Mom and Dad

[Scene fades in with Mike and Kendra in the downstairs basement, each with a crystal decanter of Liquor. Drunk and laughing. Death Metal being played in the background…{Cannibal Corpse..Make them Suffer}.]


Kendra: I know what we could do [Staggers a bit] We..we could shove an ol’ broom right up mumm’ies ass, and then put a pointy little hat on top her head. Just like the ol bitch she is! [british accent]

Mike: Oh no, n,n,n,n,nnooooo, what we should…do..is… [drunk, speech slurring a bit] Shove a broom up both their..asses...and then….and we untie their feet…...and watch them...sc…[laughing hard].sco..scoot around and sweep the fucking floor!!!! [roaring laughing]

Kendra: You didn't…[laughing hysterically] you did not just think of that!!! Oh fuck that's good!

Mike: Well….I just wanted to make sure you are getting your money's worth

Kendra: Money….pblst…[Raspberries] What you wanna raise? Ok!! [no problem]

Mike: No..no i don't want that…..nope not a bit…..

Kendra: Well to bad….way it is ….Im the boss…..[giggling]

Mike: That u ….you r fun to work for….ya know that?

[Kendra staggers A bit over to Mike, and leans on him like she is telling him a secret]

Kendra: Hey Mikee…..hey guess what [Whispering]

Mikee: What? [Whispering]

Kendra: Wanna know what?

Mike: What?

Kendra: Mom and dad been talking…...They are right in there ya know [pointing to the storeroom door]

Mike: Yeah...I know….

Kendra: They want to escape….[whispering] we’re not gonna lettem are we…..

Mike: Nope….no they can't do nothin cus a on account a them knots…[pointing at Kendra]

Kendra: That's right…..those fuckin knots[laughter turns to realization]…...those fuckin….fuck….[screams in rage] Knots!!!!! You Mother Fucker!!!!!!!

[Kendra opens the door and slams it open]

[Cut scene to her pupils {close up...turning blood red….then black...three seconds??? Cut to inside the storeroom]

[Kendra violently Grabs Williams head, and starts slinging it about as she screams [William screaming in pain and terror along with Francine]

Kendra: How does it feel daddy?!?! Aren't you proud of your little girl!?!?!?!? Huh daddy??? Can you fuck me now….[shaking his head still to the words she says]...I bet your dick is hard as a rock ain't it you mother [head buts his face] Fucker!!! [Screams in guttural rage and headbutts him hard shattering his nose sending blood flying onto her face and his]

[Mike is Standing in the corner by her mother watching the ordeal]

Kathrine: What is happening?!?!!? William!!!!!

Mike: Oh shut the fuck up you old bitch!!! [Backhands Francine and knocks her out] Your fuckin up her process man…..[takes another drink]

[Kendra lets go of william, now a bloody mess again. She steps back and wipes her nose with her arm. Mike hands her the Decanter and she takes a swig, then turns around to walk out. Before she leaves she looks back over her shoulder at her parents…..]

Kendra: No Dinner…..

[Scene fades out into the main Basement room. Kendra is walking out and mike stops and leans on the door jam {Very drunk}. As Kendra walks out Gustav enters from upstairs]


Mike: Jeeeeesus Fuckin God man….What the fuck?!....was that….?

Gustav: Kendra?....
[Gustav looks inside the room, passing Kendra. She is walking dazed like a zombie]

Gustav: I see….[Looks at Mike and halfway rolls his eyes]

Mike: Hey..sh..shshh..sheeees da boss…..

Gustav: Its ok, Dont worry about it..

[Gustav turns around and walks up behind Kendra]

Gustav: Kendra? [Softly]

Kendra: Kendra is not hear daddy...Kendra is playing ...Kendra.. Is

Gustav: Kendra! [Stirn]

[Kendra stops walking and stands for a few seconds]

Gustav: Kendra come here…….

[Kendra turns around and sees Gustav]

Kendra: G..Gussy?

Gustav: Yes, it’s me

Kendra: [pointing to the room] Daddy...daddy he….[Starts sobbing and falls to the floor]

[Gustav walks over and picks her up helping her walk]

Gustav: Come on, I’ll put you to bed…[They walk to the stairs and up into the main foor]

Mike: Well, yyyyyou two doon worry bout me….goddamit..Im gonna…

[Mike turns around and looks at william]

Mike : you know what...yyy.youuuu, awe.fuck!!!! Your an ass hole!

[Scene fades out]

[Scene fades in to just outside the bathroom. Kendra is in the shower singing brightly]

Kendra: Who are the people in your neighborhood….in your neighborhood? Oh who are the people in your neighborhood….in your neighborhood???

[Camera pans to Kitchen]

[Mike and Gustav are at the table having coffee]

[Cut to kitchen]


Mike: Fuck my head…Holding his head…..

[Dave gets up and goes to the fridge and starts making a drink adding spices from the spice rack and a raw egg]

Gustav: When i was younger, I had a few nights. My Uncle taught me this remedy. Looks like death, but actually isn't bad.

[Gustav walks over and hands Mike the concoction]

Gustav: Here man, this will get you right

Mike: Thanks….fuck what a night…..that girl can drink

Gustav: She’s dealing with a lot of shit. She’ll be fine. You on the other hand….[giggling] you better drink that quick, your looking a little rough [pats him on the back]

Mike: Yeah, haven’t drank like that for a while [shaking his head and looks in the glass] Blaugh!!

Gustav: Just drink it, trust me [laughing]

[mike starts to drink the concoction]

MIke: Damn, your right, not bad at all [continues to drink it]

Gustav: Just finish it and give it 20 minutes or so. You’ll feel fine

[As they finish their discussion, Kendra comes into the kitchen dressed and drying her hair with a towel. She walks over and kisses Gustav on the cheek]

Kendra: Mornin Gussy!! [Looks over at Mike] Wow what the fuck happened to you?!?!

Mike: Umm [looking up at her confused]

Gustav: He is fine, You had a night last night

Kendra: I did? Hmph…[shrugs her shoulders] Oh well.

[Kendra walks out and quickly returns brushing her hair]

Kendra: Ya know boys?.....[pauses while brushing] I think….[Stops and stairs a moment] yup! Get ready boys! We are going to the hardware store!!!!

[Gustav and Mike look at each other both confused. Scene fades out]

Clean up!! Isle 666

[Scene fades into Kendra, Gustav and Mike going down the road in the SUV. Mike is driving. Gustav and Kendra are in the back seat.]


Mike: Hey Kendra?

Kendra: Yo!

Mike: Have decided what store we are going to?

Kendra: I don't know, A big one that sells power tools!

Gustav: We should go to Handy Hall’s Hardware. It's on 4th and Gemini

Mike: Ah yeah, That place has everything!

Kendra: Then that's where we need to go.

Gustav: You sure we don't need to call Archie for a bigger truck? [looking over at Kendra Grinning]

Kendra: Maybe, We will see when we get there [Expressionless]

Gustav: LIghten up baby, i was joking [putting his hand on her knee]

Kendra: I wasn’t [turning her head to look at Gustav with a blank look]

[Scene fades out and then into all three of them in the power tool section of the Hardware store. Large like a Home Depot or Low’s . Not very busy]


Kendra: No this looks like it could be one hell of a fucking good time! [She picks up a worm hole saw, and the large drill bit that goes with it]

Mike: Damn...now that would be a mess

[Kendra replaced the worm hole saw and bit, and picks up a sawzall]
Mike: Oh fuck {under his breath]

Gustav: What's that Mike?

Mike: Oh, nothing. Not a worry [Seems a bit off, standoffish]

[Scene fades out and into Mikes memory.]

[Large overweight man {Donny The Shank} dressed in a pinstripe suit addresses Mike. In a warehouse with several crates and a few loading bays. Usual looking warehouse, with a few separate rooms, offices and whatnot. ]

Donny: Mikee, ya know what this fuckin bum did?

Mike: No sir, I don’t

Donny: This fuckin bum, this fuck, he comes to right? [pointing over to one of the room] And this piece of shit tells me, “Hey Donny, Ya know that thing I had to do”? And I’m standin there like I got three fuckin heads, I don’t know? What fuckin thing? So this prick! [Pointing to the room again] This fuckin prick starts to tell me it didn’t happen!!!! You fuckin gotta be fuckin me right now!!!  So this fuck gives this lilly assed excuse about his fuckin wife, oh his wife is fucked and leavin…...That fuck cost me Five Hundred fuckin Thousand fuckin  dollars Mikee!!!! [Gesturing wildly all the while.]

Mike: WHere is he?

Donny: In that fuckin room over there, him and his wife! That fuckin cunt bag!! Fuckem both!!

Mike: WHere is the money?

Donny: See that's just it, I know that fuck and his bitch got that half Mil. I want my fuckin money Mikee! Ya hear?! I Want my fuckin money. Now you go in there, and you make that mother fucker talk, and Mikee, They don't leave alive. [spoken a bit quieter so nobody could hear.]

Mike: Understood

[Mike heads towards the room.]

[Cut scene to Mike entering the room. About a 12’ x12’ room,  Lit up with two fluorescent lamps hung from the ceiling. A man and his wife are tied with their hands behind their backs and blindfolded. The man has been beaten in the face. Bloody and swollen. His wife is tied next to him with a red mark on her face and a bloody lip]


MIke: Hello. [kneels down to their level and removes the blindfolds]

Man: Who are you. We told him we didn't know anything!!! [Scared]

Women: Really, we don’t!!! [scared]

Mike: No, no...I understand. It’s time like these that the memory gets all bound up. [stands up] It’s stress you know. [starts pacing the floor around them] Stress is a huge killer amongst people ya know. I would highly recommend not being in a stressful situation at all if could be helped.

Man: There is nothing to remember!!!!!!! For fuck sakes we don’t have the money!!!!!!

Mike: I see. Ok. I’ll go tell him that you just don't know. [Shrugs his shoulders]

Man: Really? You’ll do that? You believe us right? [hopeful and panicky]

Women: Oh please just talk to him and make him see we really don’t have it!!!! [pleading, borderline hysterical]

[Cut scene as Mike walks out the door to him walking into the warehouse. MIike walks over to the shop section of the warehouse and grabs a sawzall from the toolbox, a pair of pliers and an electrical cord. He proceeds back to the room where the couple is tied up]

[Cut scene to him entering back inside the room.]


Mike: Well, i talked to him….

Man: What did he say? What are you doing with that?

Mike: Oh this? [holds up the cord] Oh this gets plugged into that thing on the wall called an outlet. Then I’m going to take this other thing [Holds up the saw] and plug it into the cord so it has power. See? Pretty simple

[Mike walks over to the outlet and plugs in the cord and the sawzall. Pulls the trigger a few times and walks back over to the man]

Mike: Now, like I said, I talked to him.

Women: What?!?! what did he say?
Mike: Well, he just still seems to think that you guys know exactly where the money is.

Man: Jesus Christ I swear!!!!

Women: Please just believe us!!!

[Mike stand up and walks over to the women and kneels down, reaches into his jacket and pulls out the pliers]

Mike: Let’s just call a spade a spade here. You know it, I know it, and the boss knows it. You …. Are plain and simple, fucking lying[Said calmly]

[Mike reaches out and grabs the women’s earlobe with the pliers and starts twisting.

Women: Screams violently

Man: No!!!!! Noooooo! You mother fucker!!! I’ll kill you!!!!!!

[Mike keeps twisting as it bleeds and gives a hard yank, disconnecting the woman's earlobe from her ear.]

MIke: Now, I’m sure this will jog your memory a bit. I do believe we are all clear on what the situation it correct?

Women: More screams….

Man: We don’t have it!!!!

Mike: Ya see...That…[walking over to the man] is where you're wrong. [MIke pops him on the bridge of the nose with the pliers breaking it]

[Mike walks back over to the women and kicks her onto her back]

Mike: I wonder..[snapping the pliers] Just what else I could grab ahold of with these?

[Mike kneels down and grabs the women by the head and grabs ahold of one of her eyelids and pulls slightly]

MIke: You see this shit? [looking over at the man] You two have got to be the dumbest mother fuckers I have ever seen! Do you know that?! [getting angry]

Man: No!! Goddammit!! You Fuck!!!!

Mike: Oh no?! [looks worried for a second]

[Mike gives a yank and rips the woman's eyelid completely off]

Man: Damn you !!! you mother fucker!!!!

Women: Screaming….

Mike: This is getting nowhere…..I guess your memory is worse than i thought….[throws pliers onto the floor. Walks over and gets the sawzall]

Man: Come on!!!!! This is bullshit!!!!!

Mike: Just tell me where it is and this can all end

Man: I! Don’t! Know!!!

Mike: I was thinking you would say something like that [pulls the trigger and walks over to the man]

Man: No you prick!!!! [kicking his feet]

Mike: Oh I wouldn’t do that….[stomps on the man's foot and bends down, sinking the sawzall into the man's knee]

Man: Screaming and starting to convulse….

Women: Its in a storage!!!!!! [sobbing]

MIke: Well now we are getting somewhere!! [Stops sawzall half way through the man's knee and leaves it]

Women: StorseItAll in town...unit 56…….I have the key in my pocket……..

[Mike reaches down and pulls the key from her pocket]

Mike: Now why didn’t you tell me from the beginning and things would not have had to get so fucking ugly! Now, I have to get these clothes clean and this mess. Damned it all.

[Mike pulls out his 45 Auto and shoots her in the forehead, then turns and shoots the man in his, killing them both and sending their brains onto the floor and wall behind them.]

[Scene fades out and back into the hardware store]
Kendra: Mike….Mike!!!

Mike: Yeah what's up? [Slightly startled]

Kendra: Ya like spaced out or something. What the fuck?

Mike: No, it’s nothing. I’m good, what we doing?

Gustav: We all have a dark place Mike [Places hand on Mikes shoulder briefly and then makes his way to Kendra. Kendra is still holding the sawzall]

Kendra: WHat do you think Gussy? [Holding up the saw]

Gustav: You are the artist is what I think. It’s your creation.

[Kendra looks at the saw for a moment and places it back on the shelf]

Kendra: Your right Gussy!

[Kendra runs over to the wood working tools and grabs a couple of hand drills and throws them in the cart and takes off down the aisle. Searching isle...All three of them… till they get to the electrical department. ]

Mike: You know what you're looking for?

Kendra: Creating as I go Mike...creating as I..got it!

[Kendra runs over to a power box display and grabs the handle on one of the display boxes]

Mike: This can’t be good

Kendra: You’re correct, It’s not going to be good, it’s going to be brilliant!

Gustav:........ [Watching her intently, arms crossed with one hand rubbing the stubble on his face]

Kendra: Let’s lighterm up! [Pulls handle on the box {evil grin}]

[Scene fades out]

No Guests

[Scene Fades into Kendra, Mike and Gustav at the Daunting Canvas. Around 1 P.M. The gallery is open. Kendra, Mike and Gustav are smoking in the bar room]


Gustav: So Mike..

Mike: Yeah?

Gustav: Not a fan of sawzalls eh?

Mike: Nah They are ok

Kendra: Well I thought you were gonna space out when I picked it up in the store

Mike: I did kinda

Gustav: How bad was it?

Mike: I don’t know, it didn’t last long

Gustav: I think it still lasts. Your soul isn’t as black as you think Mike. You still have one.

Kendra: Well that’s that, you’re fired Mike! Can’t have that! [laughing and passing the bowl to Mike]

MIke: Oh HAHA Ya know [grabbing the bowl and hitting it] I did some pretty fucked up shit. [exhaling] But ya know what? Just doesn't seem to haunt me. Only one in a while i relive a memory of it, and it’s like I’m right back there again.

Gustav: I think we have have the tendency to do that. Quite possible you gave PTSD to yourself

Kendra: Well if that ain’t a mind fuck

Gustav: And fuck is exactly right [grabbing the bowl and lighting it]

[The bell chimes letting Kendra know someone is there at the gallery]

Kendra: Shit! Bad timing. Let Me go see who it is, hopefully a regular [Kendra getting up to go and see who is at the door]

Mike: ok

[Mike stands up and walks to the edge of the door so he could hear what was going on]

[Scene cuts to Kendra greeting an older couple at the door. Her Mother's sister, and brother in law Rachel and Bruce Arlings.]

Kendra: Aunt Rachel?! I haven't seen you in years! How are you?! And Uncle Bruce! It’s so nice to see the both of you. [ She moves into give them a hug. They are both cold and stiff]

Rachel: Kendra, we stopped by your mothers house today [very pompase]

Kendra: You did?

Rachel: Yes we did. Where are they? We knocked on the door for an hour!

Kendra: Maybe they went out of town?

Rachel: No, Bruce and I do not think so. Do we Bruce?

Bruce: No, we don’t

Kendra: Well I have not seen them since the last Premier a few days ago. They left and that was that.

Rachel: Kendra! I demand you give us that house kry I know you have!

Kendra: Aunt Rachel I don’t have a kry, I moved out a long time ago...remember? [Like talking to someone with ALzheimer's]

Bruce: Don’t you patronize us you little ingrate!

Kendra: Uncle Bruce please calm down

[cut scene to bar room where Mike and Gustav are]

[Gustav joined Mike at the door and listened]

[Dialogue between Mike and Gustav whispering]

Mike: This could turn out to be bad

Gustav: Oh it’s not good.

Mike: Think I should head over to the house just in case?
Gustav: No, you stay with Kendra. When they leave I’ll follow them.

Mike: Ok. I’ll let Kendra know

Gustav: Ok, I’ll see you  in a bit

[Gustav exits out the back door]

[Scene cuts to the front of the gallery with Kendra, Bruce and Rachel Still conversing]


Rachel: Well, i'll have you know that we didn’t come all this way for nothing. Did we Bruce?

Bruce: No, we didn’t [looking sternly]

Kendra: Listen, I assure you they are fine. They have been visiting museums again, maybe they spent the day there….

Rachel: Spent the day! I’ll spend your day….Come on Bruce let’s go!!

Kendra: But……

[Bruce and Rachel leave through the front door. Cut scene to kendra walking back to the bar room ]


Kendra: WHat in the flying fuck!!?? Goddamned I hate that family…..Hey where’s Gussy? [looking to mike for an answer]

Mike: He is going to follow them….Make sure they don’t cause trouble

Kendra: Really? Good. That's my Gussy! Always looking out.

MIke: Yeah he is….um so do want to go to your parents? Make sure everything is copacetic?

Kendra: Yes, but first I need a drink [walking over to the bar and pouring a drink out of a decanter]

Mike:, Ya know, I think that is a novel idea! [smiling] I could use a drink.
Kendra: Now your talking! I'll make a good driver out of you yet! [winks and smiles while pouring him a glass]

[Scene fades out to Gustav driving HIs Lincoln fallowing Bruce and Rachel]

[Gustav fallows them for a brief time. Assured they are going to Kendra’s parents house he passes them, He keeps until there is a vacant area Where he pulls over and gets out of his car]

[Scene cuts to him getting out of his car, and walking into the middle of the road, waving his arms for them to stop]
[As Bruce and Rachel's car approaches it slows down coming to a complete stop. Gustav walks to the drivers side door, where Bruce is rolling down the window]


Bruce: Now just what is this about [snaps at Gustav]

Gustav: I am so sorry, I know this is too much to ask, but I wanted to ask if you are going to be ok?

Bruce: What are you babbling about?! Of course we are just fine!

Rachel: Bruce this man is mad. Let’s just leave him

Gustav: I don’t think so

[Gustav reaches behind his back and pulls out a pistol with a silencer on it and shoots both of them in the head killing them and spraying blood all over the car.]

[gustav puts his gun away and pulls out his phone]


Phone: ringing

Archie: Gustav! My friend….

Gustav: Yeah yeah Archie, look, I need a cleaning service like 20 min ago.

Archie: ok my friend where are you?

Gustav: Off 78. Yellow Caddi, gonna push it into the weeds on the side of the road

Archie: Don't bother, I’ll have a truck there in five minutes, I have someone right around the corner

Gustav: Thanks Archie, I owe ya [Hangs up phone]

[Gustav gets back into his lincoln. Shuts door and sees truck coming in rear view mirror. Starts the car and takes off. Scene fades out]

Another Mess to Fix

[Scene fades into Kendra, Mike and Gustav sitting in the living room of her parents house, having drinks and talking]

Kendra: So what happened to Bruce and Rachel [looking at Gustav while sipping her drink]

Gustav: They changed their minds about coming over

Kendra: Changed their minds…..

Gustav: You could say that. They won’t be back if that what you want to know

Kendra: Dammit Gussy! Now come on...that was my Aunt and Uncle!! I could have really made them into something fantastic!!!

Mike: Oh Holy shit!!! [laughing hysterically]

Kendra: Well what do you expect?

Gustav: ……. [grinning]

[Gustav’s phone starts buzzing. He reaches in his pockets and retrieves it.]

Kendra: What's up Gussy?

Gustav: Hold on  a second, [he scrolls through his phone] Hmmmmmm

Kendra: Well Spill it Gussy! Don’t keep a lady waiting, it’s not proper. [ Sounding sophisticated sarcastic]

Gustav: How about we go out tonight?

Kendra: Who?

Gustav: All of us

Mike: No offence, but ya think that's a good idea?

Gustav: Sure, why not. We got this place locked down tight, mom and dad are good….

Kendra: Yeah mom and Dad…..I suppose I should check on them

Mike: Want me to go with?

Kendra: Nah, I think I…….[moves her finger around and points to Gustav] I want Gussy this time! [like a little child]

Mike: Fine with me, last time was way fucked [laughing]

Kendra: Let me get up and make them their food. Then we can go down.

[Kendra gets up and walks out of the room leaving gustav and Mike]


Mike: So how you think she is doing?

Gustav: Hard to say, she is really damaged

Mike: I know and maybe a tad…… bipolar?

Gustav: No, I don’t think so. SHe has a lot of years to work out. Years of pain and suffering. It’s all been compressed till now and it’s all coming out.

Mike: Ya fuckin think man?

Gustav: Yeah I know, she is a wild one for sure

MIke: Hey Gus, let me ask you something.

Gustav: What's on your mind?

MIke: You and Kendra…..what is um...ya know...what's the deal there?

Gustav: Deal? I’m still trying to figure that out man

Mike: So you have a thing for her….

Gustav: Yeah….I do, is that cool? I mean I didn’t…… [Mike interrupts him]

Mike: Noooo, no man, don't get me wrong when i first met her I thought about it, but honestly? That bitch scares the shit out of me!
Gustav: I can see how she would have that effect on people [laughing]

Mike: Plus man, it’s my job. You get where I am coming from

Gustav: I do. And I am glad she has you.

Mike: Yeah, thanks man, truthfully this is the most fun I have had in years, I fucking hate scumbags

Gustav: I agree there as well [raises his glass and finishes his drink]

[Cut to Kendra making her parents the sandwiches and getting them water]


Kendra: My parent’s have a first name ...it's fuck you your an ass [ Singing as she makes their sandwiches]

Kendra: My parents have second name, its i'll slit your fucking throat…..

[ She keeps making the sandwiches and Gustav walks in from the other room]

Gustav: Here Let me see the water and I will bring it down to them

Kendra: Ok Gussy!

[Kendra hands him the water in the glasses and they exit through the door leading down to the basement]

[Cut scene to them opening the door to the storeroom]


Kendra: Hello Mommy and Daddy?!?! Phew you stink!!!!

Francine: Kendra….[hoarse voice]

Kendra: Yes mommy?

Francine: It….it hurts…..please …….[pleading]

Kendra: Now you know we have had this discussion young lady. You will sit there and take your punishment like a big girl. And that is final
WIlliam: We don’t deserve this….[weakened voice] we never……

Kendra: Oh daddy…… you bore me with your behavior. Kendra why? Kendra please. Kendra, Kendra, Kendra..

[Gustav remains in the doorway watching]

Kendra: Do you know you both look like shit? You smell like shit, and for all I care you can eat shit! And you sit there and beg me….. Fuck off! [She throws the sandwiches to the floor and poors the water over their heads]

Kendra: Now you just sit there and think about that for a bit

[Kendra turns around and fallows Gustav out of the room, shutting the door]

[cut scene to main part of the basement]


Gustav: It won’t be long till infection sets in. We should really clean them up if we want them to live long enough

Kendra: Yes I guess you're right [sighs]

Gustav: Ill help Mike with it. Why don't you go upstairs and put on something seductively dark, and get ready to go out tonight? [brushes his hand on the side of her face]

Kendra: Now that sounds like something I could get into. [Kisses him for a moment, turns and walks to the door and up the stairs]

[Cut scene to Kendra  walking into the living room and meeting up with Mike]


Mike: So how’s Mom and Dad?

Kendra: Filthy! [crosses arms and plops down on the couch pouting]

MIke: I guess they do need cleaned up, I’ll take care of it

Kendra: Gussy is down there too, thank you Mike [smiling, looking almost normal]

Mike: Don’t worry Kendra, we will figure all of this out
Kendra: Yeah...we will [smiling and happy jumps up] Gussy told me to go and get ready to go out!

Mike: You should, we'll take care of Mom and Dad, you go and get ready for fun

Kendra: Yes sir Mikee [salutes him]

[Kendra disappears out of the room and Mike gets up to go help Gustav]

[Scene fades out and into them at a bar, sitting at a table having drinks. Bar is half full about 9 pm. Rough looking crowd. Bikers….whatnot]


Gustav: I don’t think I have ever been here before

Kendra: I know I have never been in here before

Mike: I have….[ sounds like he doesn’t like it]

Kendra: Uh oh [looks at MIke while taking a drink]

MIke: It’s all good. It was years ago anyway

Gustav: I know why you got out of it

Mike: Really?

Gustav: Because you can’t sleep at night. The things you did haunt you and will keep haunting you until it’s dealt with

Mike: Dealt with……

Gustav: You have to come to peace with your past, then you can come to peace about who you are. Everything has to start from somewhere. My guess is you were haunted from childhood.

Mike: Think I’m gonna go and take a piss [getting up and leaving the table. Heads to bathroom]

Kendra: Think you hit something he didn’t want hit Gussy

Gustav: He will be fine. Trust me. Until he learns to trust himself, he will never love himself. He is heavily scarred from damage. He was damaged before, and all he has done has just been to be covering up the fact that he is in so much pain.
Kendra: Jesus Gussy…[sitting with her head rested on her hand and elbow on the table staring at his eyes as he speaks]

Gustav: I am afraid he has nothing to do with it Kendra, there is a fine line between good and evil, light and dark, night and day. We all are riding that line, and it is a fine line to walk.

[An argument breaks out at the bar between a women and a man]

Man: Honestly I do not know where you are getting this shit from…[trying to be quiet]

Women: Really?! Then let me see your phone Ass Hole! [Getting loud]

Man: Fine here…[slides her the phone]

[She frantically searches through his phone]

Women: Where is it?

Man: Where is what dear?......

Women: You know what and you know who you lying piece of shit!! [Slaps man in face]

Man: You……[Holds his face and gets up] I’m outta here. I can’t handle this bull sjit anymore!

[Man starts walking towards the front door with her fallowing. Bartender looking concerned, whole bar is watching now]

Kendra: You see that shit?!

Gustav: Yeah, I see it [taking a drink]....

Kendra: Something tells me he didn't do anything wrong at all….

Gustav: Yeah, probably not…..

Kendra: Something tells me she is a controlling bitch….did you see the look on his face?

Gustav: Yeah, I saw it….

Kendra: He walked away…..and she follows?

Gustav: yeah, she did….and she will hit him again outside, he will try and leave, she will keep pressing till he snaps…
Kendra: Not tonight she doesn’t! [Getting up from the table and following behind the women]

Gustav: Kendra?!....

[Kendra is angry and walking fast so the women doesn’t make it out the door]

Kendra: Hey bitch!!! Hey you fuckin Amazon skank!! [shouting at the women who is a few inches taller and bigger than Kendra]

Women: Oh hell no! I know a bitch ain’t talkin to me! [Turning around to see where the voice was coming from]

Kendra: Oh yes this bitch is! [Getting up close to her and staring straight into her eyes]

Women: Little girl, If you…….[Raising her hand to threaten, getting interrupted by Kendra:]

Kendra: What?! [Putting her arms out] What the fuck you gonna do?! There is only one thing that is going to happen. Your ass is gonna be used to mop this fucking bar!!!

Women: Oh is that so?!

Kendra: Careful sister….i'm not your old man, i'll slit your throat and drink your blood, then i'll go and fuck your husband so he knows what a real piece off ass is like [said in a low stirn voice]

Women: What in the fuck is wrong with you?! [starting to sound nervous]

Kendra: You are what is wrong with me. What you gonna go out there, beat on him, then when he snaps you will cry victim….because that is just what you are….you vile piece of shit!!!

[Kendra's voice escalates to a scream, Grabbing the women by the side of her head and driving her knee into the woman’s face]

Women: Stop!!! Let me go….you…...fuck……

Kendra: Go?! [Starts driving her fist to the woman's head, still holding on to one hand.]

[Mike returns from bathroom and starts towards the fight. Gustav stops him from going, putting the back of his hand to Mike’s chest]

Gustav: Hold on Mike….

Mike: we don’t need this right now Gustav…..[trying to be quiet]

Gustav: Look around, they are all watching the show. Nobody is gonna call the cops, She needs to do this.

Mike: I got 20 that says she puts her in the hospital

Gustav: ……. [mildly grinning]

[Kendra violently keeps punching the women in the back of the head. She drags the women by her hair to the bar]

Women: you crazy bitch!!!! Let me go!!!!

Kendra: Oh trust me!!!! It’s all downhill from here Miss Queenie!!!! I'm gonna make you eat your fucking implants!!!!! [Starts kicking her in the chest] You fake….fucking…...whore….of….a goddamn…...Bitch!!!

Women: [Coughing….wearing down..getting black and blue and bloody. Blood on kendra’s fists, boots and knee]

[Women is moaning on the floor and Kendra let’s go and stand over her]

Kendra: Where is the fucking garbage! [looking dead at the bar tender]

Bartender: Outback [pointing to the back door...Amazed look on his face]

[Kendra again grabs the women by the hair and starts dragging her out the back door]

Mike: Holy fuck she can fight!

Gustav: She is capable of more than she knows. Did you see the confidence in her?

Mike: Yeah she flipped switch again. You only see shit like that in the movies!

Gustav: Or hang around us long enough….[mildly laughing]

Mike: No shit. You think we should go back there? Make sure she don’t pull a homicide?

Gustav: Nah, she’s fine. I don’t know about her husband though

Mike: Where did he go?

Gustav: Out the front door, Kendra stopped her from going after him. Poor guy got slapped right in front of everyone, my guess is he is long gone.
Mike: Damn, I missed a lot

[People at the bar talking about the fight. Random comments]

[Cut to Kendra draggin the Women out back. Alleyway, garbage bags piled up against the wall next to an overflowing dumpster]

Kendra: Now...you can just bleed back here a while…[dragging her to the pile of garbage]

Women: [moaning in pain and still trying to struggle a bit]

Kendra: Boy oh boy are you fucking stupid! [Standing her up] You just don’t know what shut the fuck up means do you?! [Pushes her back hard against the wall, women smacks her head on the wall knocking her unconscious. Women falls on trash and stays]

Kendra: Think about this next time you want to pull narcissistic shit bitch [Kendra spits on her and returns into the bar]

[Cut to Kendra entering the bar from out back]

[Bar quiets down as she enters...Bartender is pouring a double whiskey]

Bartender: Miss?

Kendra: Yeah….[stops and turns her head to look at him]

Bartender: On the house[offers her the glass]

Kendra: Thanks…[walks over and gulps it down. Placing the glass on the bar]

[Kendra places cash on the bar, turns and calls to Mike and Gustav signaling to them it was time to leave]

Kendra: Come on guys, let’s go have some real fun

Gustav: So it’s going to be one of THOSE types of evenings [looking over at Mike]

Mike: Well she...they….,they are the bosses

Gustav: For real [shaking his head]

Gustav, Mike and Kendra head for the door, followed by an applause from the people in the bar. Fade out scene]

Too Close

[Scene fades into them driving the streets late at night. Mike is driving the Suv with Gustav and Kendra in the back]

Kendra: Hope I didn't’ ruin your night Gussy

Gustav: Are you kidding me? I haven’t seen an ass whippin like that in years

Mike: No shit! I missed the start of it.

Kendra: Got to admit, that bitch had it coming

Gustav: That she did my dear, that she did..

Kendra: So what’s next?

Gustav: I wasn’t aware we had a plan tonight?

Kendra: You always have a plan Gussy [lays against him with his arm around her]

Mike: Well if you want action I know a place on the North side that is just loaded with degenerates from everywhere. SIck mother fuckers too.

Gustav: Well, maybe that may not….

Kendra: Lets go!!! [sitting straight up] Come on Mikee step on it! I'm ready for another drink anyway.

Mike: You asked for it…..[Steps on the gas and proceeds]

Kendra: No my precious Mikee, they are [crosses arms and sits back in the seat]

[Scene fades out to them pulling up to a black bar front with a single red door. No windows, no adds. A few people sitting against the wall, druggies, homeless]

Kendra: This looks like fun…..

Gustav: That wasn’t the word I had in mind…..

Mike: Yeah man, cops won’t even respond to this place. [puts the SUV in park] Pulls out his pistol and checks it] Be on the clock in here guys. I know this world

Gustav: Your lead bro.

[cut scene to them stepping out of the SUV. Parking lot across the street, Not too full, mostly staff parking. One guy walking the parking lot {security}


Guy: You guys going to…...Mike?

Mike: Reggie! Holy shit when did you get out?

Reggie: Shit man, I been out for a few years now. Where in hell you been?

Mike: Rollin brother [shakes hands] Hey this is Kendra and Gustav[ pointing to Kendra and Gustav

Gustav: My pleasure [shakes Redgies hand]

Kendra: NIce to meet you

Reggie: Hey Mike, this place ain’t changed a bit, you sure you want to be bringing them in?

Mike: Redgie, I ain’t changed that much either bro. You what I role with

Reggie: Hey I’ll keep close eye out on your whip bro.

Mike: Thanks man, and here [slips him a hundred]

Reggie: Thanks bro. [taking the money and happy] We got to catch up soon man. Been a while.

Mike: No doubt man. I’ll see ya in a bit

Reggie: Safety off brother! [He shouts at them as they walk to the door”

Mike: You know it [hollars back at Reggie putting his fist in the air]

[fade scene as they open the door to enter, fading in as they enter the bar]

[The bar is busy, smoke filled hallway leading into the bar/night club. Live band Playing  Death Metal in the background. People standing in the hall, talking, smoking, dealing drugs. Kendra, Mike and Gustav are making their way through the hall to get to the busy bar]

Kendra: Hate to say it Mikee….But I like this place.

Mike: Somehow I thought you might

Kendra: Who is that Playing?

Mike: I don’t know, they play a lot of local bands here, usually pretty heavy stuff.

Kendra: Any famous bands ever play here?

Mike: No, they are not allowed here

Gustav: Why not?

Mike: Well a while back, there was a band that was famous to the underground. The local bands were not happy about it, they disappeared.

Gustav: Really? Now that's competitive

Mike: Nothing to do with that man. Look around…..most of these people are Satanist bro. They have their own deal here and that's the way they want to keep it.

Kendra: Don’t seem to bad to me

[They make it to the bar, Mike clears a path for them to walk up to the bar]

Mike: Comin through, come on get the fuck out the way [grabs a guy by his jacket and moves him. Guy does nothing] Yes that means you dumbass.

Gustav: I see your reputation precedes you in here

Mike: Yeah you could say that

Kendra: What you ordering?

Mike: It’s a surprise, you're gonna dig this

[MIke motions for the bartender]

Bartender: Mike you fucker! What's going on man?! Long time no see

MIke: Ratchet Head! You still slingin in here?

Ratchet: You fuckin know it man, be here till the day I die bro.

Mike: Damn you never will change [laughing]

Ratchet: Never mother fucker, you know that. Who’s your friends?

Mike: My business partners, Gustav and Kendra. [motions to both of them]

Ratchet: Welcome to hell Guys, what’ll it be

Mike: Give us three of Satan's Children

Ratchet: Three Cacko Demons coming up…

[Mike turns around and faces Kendra and Gustav as the bartender mixes the drinks]

Kendra: Cacko Demons?

Mike: Yeah it’s the house drink….I don’t know what in hell is in it, but goddamned does it have a kick [laughing]

Gustav: Well now, Something I haven’t heard of

Mike: Yeah this place is a little different alright

Kendra: I wanna go see this Band…[Starts heading towards the stage, Gustav gently grabs her arm]

Gustav: Give it a second, we will all go

Kendra: If Ya say so Gussy [shrugs her shoulders]

[The bartender returns with their drinks]

Ratchet: Here ya go Mike. Fifteen even brother...discount [smiles]

MIke: Thanks Ratchet, [gives him a twenty] Keep the change man

Ratchet: Heard that man, see ya in bit?
Mike: Yeah man, i’ll be seeing ya before we bail

Ratchet. Ok till then…….Dammit not on the fuckin bar ass hole! [Smacks a guy doing a line of meth off the bar]

MIke: Some things never change [laughing]

[Mike, Gustav and Kendra make their way to the front where the band is playing. There is a crowd of people in front of the stage listening and moshing to the music]

MIke: Come on let's stand over here [yelling over the bands music]

Kendra: This is badass!!

Gustav: …….. Drinking his drink and observing

Mike: I remember these guys, they have been playing here for a few years now

Kendra: Who is it?

Mike: Sodomisation, They have played all over, must just be home for a while

Gustav: Interesting name

Mike: Yeah they are….well we don't hang out, lets just say that

Kendra: Why not?

Mike: I don’t hang out with anyone from here

Gustav: I think that in itself is a good policy

Mike: Fuck yeah

[They stand to the side of the stage and watch the band play]

Sodomisation: Drowning in  the vomit, you return to filth, the ground from which you came from, drives your hands to kill. Mutilate opposing, Satan’s wrath pours out. Maggots eat necrotic flesh, and words dumped from their mouth………..

Kendra: Jesus Fucking Christ that's some shit!!

Mike: Yeah it gets way worse, trust me.
[Lead singer Takes a knife and carves an inverted cross on his chest bone deep. Blood is running down his chest and onto his stomach. Guitarist and bassist singing in the background]

Sodomisation: Rise…..Satan rise! We are your eyes, Satan rise….

Kendra: This is some sick shit!!!!!!

Mike: I told ya….

Gustav: I have seen stuff like this in FInland. You should hear their music. Just as brutal, but more melodic

Kendra: Oh I wanna hear it!!!!!

Gustav: You worry me! [laughing]

Kendra: Can you take me to Finland?! [Begging him looking at him batting her eyes]

Gustav: Yeah [looking at her with realization] I will, I’ll take you anywhere

Kendra: You're amazing Gussy [passionate kiss signifying they are “together”

[The band keeps playing as Mike, Kendra and Gustav make their way back to the bar]

[Cut scene to them back at the bar talking to Ratchet]

Ratchet: Another round Mike?

Mike: Yeah man for sure [slides a twenty down] I can't believe these guys are still here playing after all these years

Ratchet: WIsh they weren’t. They keep us packed, but with what I have no clue.

Mike: Yeah this is a different crowd that's for sure

Ratchet, Yeah it is, but they pay

[Ratchet looks over Mike for a moment]

Ratchet: watch your six, wolves are about [Motioning to Mike at the two characters behind them on the wall staring and talking to each other]

Mike: Two on the wall?
Ratchet: Yessir, that be them

Mike: Saw them when we walked in, what's it like outback these days?

Ratchet: nomans land brother, go back there at your own….awe fuck you’ll be fine

Mike: Ok, cool man. Thanks for watching out

[Mike turns around and hands Kendra and Gustav their drinks, nonchalantly speaking to them both]

Mike: Six o'clock Gustav, two guys, stalking us since we got in

Gustav: I saw them, what do they want?

Mike: My guess? Your women bro. And you don’t want to know what for

Gustav: Your lead, how ya want to handle it?

Kendra: I could lead them out back?

Mike: I think you need to sit this one out [turns around to yell at Ratchet]

Mike: Ratchet!!!

Ratchet: Yeah, right there bro, hold on [mixing drinks]

Mike: Kendra, you gonna go behind the bar for a bit, cool?

Kendra: I don't wanna [pouting]

Mike: Kendra, now is not the time. Listen to me and get behind the….Gustav can you do something please?

Gustav: Kendra, this is his game, let’s just play along. It’s fine.

Kendra: Ok fine...never get to have any fun…[pouting stomps to the bar]

Ratchet: WHat ya need bro? [walking up to mike]

Mike: Still got that Widowmaker behind the bar?

Ratchet: You know it
Mike: Ok, she come back there with you?

Ratchet: Of course [opens bar to let her in]

Mike: Kendra stay put, we will be back in a few min [motions to Ratchet to watch her]

Ratchet: Gotcha bro.

Kendra: I just want to go on record and say this is not fair one fucking bit! [Still pouting]

[Gustav and Mike start making their way to the back door. As they disappear through the crown the two men follow. Cut scene to outside the back]

[scene cuts into Mike and Gustav wading through transients and druggies out back and round the corner, as soon as they disappear the two men come out of the club through the back door]

Man1: WHere did they go? [looking down at a guy shooting heroin]

Junky: Man I don't know...who you talkin bout

Man2:I’ll check around the corner

[Mike and Gustav stand ready behind a dumpster]

Man1: I think they went this way [heading towards Mike and Gustav]

Man2: Excellent [Catches up to Man 1]

[Gustav and Mike remain hidden behind the dumpster until the two man pass]

[Mike motions for them to step out of the shadows]

Mike: You two fuck sticks looking for someone?

Man1: …….. [turns and looks at Mike

Man2: ……..[Stops and looks back]

Mike: Oh come the fuck on….don’t try to use silence to scare me fuckers

Gustav….. [Standing silent next to Mike, arms folded]

[Man 1 and 2 both start walking toward Mike and Gustav]
Mike: You ready for this?

Gustav: When you are

[Man 1 pulls out a blade and heads for Mike {about 10 feet away} Man 2 Is eyeing Gustav and proceeding]

Gustav: Terrible shame I have to do this [reaches behind his back and pulls out his pistol]

Mike: Yall some ignorant bastards![ pulls his forty five out and aims for Man1, Gustav has Man2 in his sights]

Man1: Oh please, Father eternal…

[Mike pulls the trigger blowing the man's head half way off, Gustav unloads two rounds into Man2 dead in his heart]

Mike: Nice, quick and painless [putting his gun away]

Gustav: Very, well done Mike [putting his gun away]

Mike: lets go see who these bastards were

[Mike and Gustav walk over to the two dead men and start going through their pockets]

Mike: Just as I thought [holding up a card] you'll find one in his person as well. Fucking sex cult. They were after Kendra bro.

Gustav: Yeah here it is [holding up the card he found] Never heard of these guys. I thought I knew who all of them were.

Mike: What you need to know about that for?

Gustav: Intel man...always intel, knowledge is power

Mike: I hear ya, guess they weren't too bright

Gustav: Never are. Lets get Kendra and get the Fuck out of here

Mike: I second that notion

[Cut scene to them returning to the bar]

Mike: Kendra! Let’s roll!

Kendra: Awe!!!! Dammit and Ratchet was just gonna let me….Jesus mike what the fuck? You got blood on your face!

Gustav: Come on love, we will tell you all about it. [opening the bar door and guiding her out]

Mike: Ratchet?

Ratchet: Yeah bro.?

Mike: Thanks brother

Ratchet: Hey, until next time?

Mike: until next time

[Scene fades out with them leaving the bar down the hallway to the exit]

Time To Go To Work

[Scene fades into Mike, Gustav and Kendra exiting the bar and walking to their Suv]

MIke: Yo Reggie! [Hollars at reggie who is waiting by the SUV]

Reggie: I heard that shit, I knew that had to be you right?!

MIke: Yeah this shit hole hasn’t changed a bit brother! [ reaching the Suv]

Reggie: No man just gets sicker and sicker. Different day, worse degenerates

Mike: Brother why you still here man? I mean fuck, get the fuck up out of here, your worth way more

Reggie: And do what? You know nobody is gonna hire me with my record

Mike: Well you haven’t forgotten how to work right?

Reggie: Shit man, you know I role brother

[Mike motions for Kendra to come over]

Mike: Kendra, you met Reggie a little bit ago, You would not happen to have a use for someone with his abilities would you?

Kendra: And what kind of abilities are we talking about exactly?

Reggie: There is not a lock in this world I cannot get into, no secret I cannot keep, and I have no problem backing my brother here up and his friends with anything.

Kendra: Well, you are talented aren’t you. Let me ask you something, how they paying you at this place?

Reggie: I can't complain, i usually make around 9 hundred a week

Kendra: I see, well, How about I triple that and you come work with us? Let's say 3 grand a week?

Reggie: Fuck, where do I sign up?

Gustav: Real simple my friend, get in the truck

Reggie: Shit! Ok Let me go tell Ratchet real quick, man he is gonna be pissed. You know Mike he is the only one that looked out for me when I got out

Mike: Just tell him I grabbed you up, Ratchet will be cool

Reggie: Fuck yeah, ok Be back in a minute, and hey, thank you

Kendra: Well hurry up we got shit to do! [Laughing]

Kendra: Mike I am trusting you on this

Mike I would not worry, He is one of the badest mother fuckers I know. He went up for fucking this guy up bad. He snapped his back in one shot

Gustav: Fighter?

Mike: He taught Martial arts in prison bro.

Gustav: I can see where he will be useful, but like Kendra said, we are trusting you on this

Mike: Trust me you won’t be disappointed

[Reggie comes running out of bar, just hurrying]

Reggie: ok man all is good, where are we off to?

Kendra: Ever hear of the Daunting Canva?

Reggie: Can't say I have

[they are getting into the SUV, mike is driving and Reggie is riding shotgun, Kendra and Gustav are in the back]

 [Cut scene to them inside the Suv]

Kendra: MIke?

Mike: Yeah man….

Kendra: To the gallery!!!
Mike: It's that time ain’t it [looks over at Reggie] You still blaze man?

Reggie: Shit, wait till you see what old Reggie has in his backpack brother [laughing]

[Scene fades out and into them entering the back of the Gallery]

Reggie: Wow, so you were not kidding were you?

Kendra: Oh we dont kid, unless of course we are kidding of course

Mike: Oh what Kendra, kid around? Come on now [laughing]

Gustav: OH yeah, well that all depends on which Kendra we are dealing with [ snickering]

Kendra: Oh it’s roast Kendra time is it?! [laughing]

Reggie: hey just as long as all the kendra’s pay I’m down [laughing]

Kendra: Speaking of which, Mike take him shopping in the morning and set him up. Take some cash from the safe, and give him a sign on bonus. Ya know just like you. Me and Gussy have some things to do in the Morning.

Gustav: We do?

Kendra: Yes we do.Meanwhile, lets gets baked! [Walks over and gets the box from the bar]

Reggie: Oh I have that covered [reaching into his bag and retrieving a torch, dab pen and a small container filled with dab wax]

Kendra: What in the fuck is that?!

Reggie: This my friend, [setting it up on the table] is 90% pure cannabis extract and 100% clean. My Bro makes it.

Kendra: Holy fuck! Damn I thought you were about to smoke some kind of meth or some shit

Reggie: Oh no, not this man, fuvk that [shaking his head no]

Mike: Trust Kendra, this man knows his weed lol.

Reggie: Shit man you know it, just come to old Reggie for all your smokin need brah! [laughing

Gustav: I keep running into firsts tonight…[shaking his head and grinning]
[Reggie fires up the torch and does a big hit filling the air with smoke, followed by the rest. Some coughing...expressions of “oh shit” things of that nature]

Kendra: God damn...what the fuck?

Reggie: Its bad ass man, mostly blasted with Indeca, don't be surprised when you say good night [ laughing, high]

Mike: Dammit man, you have not lost your touch in finding the good shit

Gustav: Yeah I think...wait what? Fuck…[holds his head in his hands for a second then shakes his head]

Mike: Damn bro that hit rocked your head didn’t it

Gustav: Yeah, to say the least….

Kendra: Did I lock the front door?

Mike: No, we entered from the back

Kendra: Ok, we did?

Mike: I don’t know..did we...Fuck damn you Reggie! [laughing]

Reggie: I tried to tell ya….

[Scene fades out with them sitting relaxed on the couch high]

[Scene fades into Reggie and Mike driving in the Suv to get Reggie clothes]


Mike: So this gig, a little different huh.

Reggie: Man dude what the fuck is up with her?

Mike: She has been traumatised by her parents. Now it is all flooding back to her. One second she is a little girl, the next a professional Artist, then a psychopathic murderer

Reggie: WHat the fuck did they do?

Mike: Kept her licked up most her childhood, and her Dad took advantage of it
Reggie: You have got to be kidding me

Mike: I wish I was, she is really cool, makes me sick to know what happened

Reggie: So what happened to her parents?

Mike: um, about them….[pulls over and parks] They are currently residing in the storage room they kept her in.

Reggie: Holy fuck she went all out gansta on them didn’t she?

Mike: You still have a strong stomach?

Reggie: Hell yeah, nothing phases me

Mike: Get ready for a fuckin ride bro.

[Scene fades out as Mike pulls out onto the road]

[Scene fades into Gustav and Kendra in the kitchen of her parents house]


Kendra: Well I guess its time for Mom and Dad to eat….can to reach me down the blender [pointing to the cabinet]

Gustav: Sure, what ya makin them today? No Bologna Sandwiches?

Kendra: No, I feel bad, I think I’ll make them a bologna sandwich smoothie, with Kippers and hot sauce!!!

Gustav: Jesus christ..[shaking his head and mildly laughing] That alone should kill them

Kendra: Yeah with any luck

Gustav: Ya know, they can't die yet, you have a ways to go. Trust me, After you create them the way you see them in your heart, you will not feel any better

Kendra: I know Gussy, I won’t kill them yet. But I want to

Gustav: And you shall, but make it soon, they won't live much ,longer and they need to feel pain, real pain

Kendra: Ok Gussy, your always right. [Wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him

[Scene cuts out and into them opening up the door to the storage room]

Gustav: Mike had to shoot them with antibiotics, they are getting infection

Kendra: Uh oh, does Mommy and Daddy have some booboo’s?

Francine: Kendra, will you please just get it over with

Kendra: You know I should knock the shit out of your mouth right now you disgusting cunt, but I am gonna wait

WIlliam: What are you waiting for? This is what you want, so just do it!!! For the love of God just kill us and get it over with

[Kendra gets down and close to william]

Kendra; Oh Daddy, God has nothing to do with this. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Daughter [quiet, evil]

Kendra: Now, drink your fucking breakfast [hands them the smoothies]

[Kendra and Gustav turn around and leave. Cut scene to the main basement them closing the door]

Gustav: Love the self control, your getting better

Kendra: I think I’ll kill them tomorrow. Have Mike and Reggie get them set up. They die at dawn

Gustav: As you wish my love [kisses her on her forehead.]

[Scene fades out]

[Scene fades into Mike and Reggie Leaving the clothing store]


MIke: Hey bro what kind of phone you got?

Reggie: A piece of shit, but it serves the purpose

Mike: Ok, next stop the phone shop. Look bro. If your gonna roll with Kendra, ya gotta look the part. Tomorrow we may be at an art show with high end people. Don’t worry, that's when we stay quiet...get it?

Reggie: Yeah i dig it man. No problem, hell for this kinda cash I’ll be Rumple fucking Stiltskin!

Mike: I know the feeling. What do think about Finland?

Reggie: I don’t, why?

Mike: We have to get you a passport I have a feeling, as a matter of fact me too...fuck

Reggie: You know we ain't gonna be able to get nop passport, well not me

Mike: Wanna bet a grand Gustav can?

Reggie: No shit?

Mike: Welcome to a whole new world brother

[Mike and Reggie get into the Suv. Cut scene to them inside the SUV]

Reggie: Yeah I guess, Might take me a bit to get used to this, but I ain’t complain bro.

Mike: Yeah its a culture shock for sure

Reggie: SO she has them locked up huh?

Mike; Yeah man, and fucked up. She beat the shit out of them, bad

Reggie: Really?

Mike: Dude, stuck her fucking thumbs into her mother's eyes and ruptured them both

Reggie: Holy shit! Man that's some brutal shit right there!

Mike: You don’t know the half

[Mikes phone starts ringing]

Mike: Yo boss

Kendra: Heya Mikee! Hows it going?
Mike: Kickin ass, he looks like a new man, heading to get him a good phone now

Kendra: OK. Look, I need you both up early in the morning

Mike: O.k. sure, what's going on

Kendra: Its time to create, they die at dawn

Mike: Ok, we won't be much longer, I’ll head back when we are done

Kendra: Sounds good Mikee

Mike: Your Parents house right?

Kendra: Yes indeed

Mike: Ok I'll see you in a little bit

Kendra: Chow

[makes puts the phone in his pocket after hanging up]

Reggie: Boss lady?

Mike: Yup

Reggie: And?

Mike: Better smoke some shit tonight brother, the morning is gonna be medieval

Reggie: Yeah?

Mike: I’ll fill ya in….

[Scene fades out with Mike driving]

Bye Bye Mommy and Daddy

[Scene Fades in with Kendras Parent tied up in the ‘Slaughter room”. Mike and Reggie are getting things ready. Before sun up, about 4 am.]

Mike: Ok man, you wanna go out into the garage and get some more plastic?

Reggie: Man this ain’t the kind of neighborhood for a black man to be roustin about a garage

Mike: Nobody is going to see man, don’t worry about it.

Reggie: She really gonna do this?

Mike: You should see the last people she created

Reggie: Yeah?

Mike: Oh Fuck yeah. I have never seen brutality like that, and this one is gonna be worse

Reggie: Damn, they really fucked her up didn't they [looking at her parent tied up and gagged]

MIke: Yeah, real bad. But I think Gustav is helping her out with it

[Gustav enters the room]

Gustav: Somebody call me?

Mike: Nah man, just filling in Reggie on what your doing for Kendra

Gustav: Well it seems to be helping, she didn't even hit them last night

Mike: Fuck that is progress

Gustav: Either that or boredom

Reggie: Damn, that's some crazy therapy, what are you like a physiatrist or something?

Gustav: Me? Og no, I just have a lot of life experience.

Reggie: I dig it, I’m gonna go and get that plastic

Mike: Thank man

[Reggie leaves the room]

Mike: So what ya think

Gustav: I think? I think i created a monster

Mike: That doesn't sound good

Gustav: Even a monster needs love bro

Mike: Better you than me brother, but nonetheless, I got you

Gustav: I know, what about your friend out there?

Mike: Oh he is fine, he is definitely one of those you want on your side, and he is

Gustav: Good to know. I know Archie is always looking for People like him

Mike: Archie?

Gustav: Yeah Archie, no  reason why you guys can't stay busy when we go to Finland

Mike: Oh, I thought we were going

Gustav: You are [laughing] That's where Archies runs his base of operations at

Mike: Oh shit, ok then. Hey speaking of which, Reggie is gonna need a passport, and with his record….

Gustav: Already in the works, you both will have new identities by tomorrow night

Mike: Damn bro, you are the man aren't you [high fives him]

Gustav: I just know talent when i see it

[Scene fades out and into upstairs in the living room. Gustav, Kendra, Mike and Reggie are sitting and drinking coffee]

Kendra: Is everything ready?

Mike:Yes it is, whenever your ready
Kendra: Gussy….Do you have my stereo hooked up again?

Gustav: yes, of course

Kendra: Gussy….I wanna hear that stuff I heard last night

Gustav: I don't have their music…..

Mike: I got ya covered Kendra, I know what you're looking for. Let the metal be my task [laughing] Sorry Gus.

Gustav: Oh no problem, I’m not that versed in the dark arts of Metal, just a few bands I have seen Across seas

Mike: I dig it, no problem, it will be ready in a second

Reggie: Anything you want me to do Boss lady?

Kendra: Start calling me anything but that for starters, K is fine, Kendra, hell Bitch is ok even, just not Boss Lady

Reggie: Sorry Kendra: just trying to show respect

Mike: Its all good bro, it’s kinda chilled here….sometimes

Kendra: Well I have an hour, I am going to my room for a bit…..alone

[kendra gets up and grabs a decanter from the fireplace mantle and disappears out the living room]

Gustav: And there she goes….. [watching her leave]

Mike: Do you think you should…..

Gustav: No, this is her process. I just can't let it get out of control. She is borderline in love with killing and that's not the goal

Mike: Yeah I guess so, you got your hands full man

Gustav: Yeah, this wasn’t planned at all

Reggie: What's that if you don’t mind me asking?

Gustav: Falling in love with a fucking Psychopath [Gustav gets up and exits the room]

Reggie: Did I….

Mike: No man, this is a crazy mess man, not what you or I are used to. Trust me you haven't seen shit yet

Reggie: I'm starting to think I need a drink

Mike: Boose is in the cabinet, Grab two glasses, I'll join you [Reggie goes over and grabs a bottle and teo glasses]

Reggie: I hear ya. Gonna be one of those days? [pouring the glasses and handing one to Mike]

Mike: That's not even close bro, not even close [Taking a long drink after he is finished speaking]

[Scene fades out]

[scene fades into Kendra coming into the main basement room. She is dressed in all black tight clothes with her face painted in tribal markings. MIke, Reggie and Gustav are waiting for her there]

Mike: Wow! That is some transformation

Reggie: ………. [stairs kinda with wide eyes. Shocked a bit]

Gustav: There she is, ready for your masterpiece?

Kendra: Gustav, be a doll and run upstairs. I will Be needing my Fathers aged Scotch, It is in their bedroom in the Closet, in a wooden box

Gustav: o.k. , I’ll be back in a minute

Mike: Kendra: Is there anything you would like me to do?

Kendra: No MIchael, You can just relax

[Mike looked at reggie and mouth’s..”Michael? Gustav?]

Reggie: …… [SIlent gives mike a look like “ I dont know”]

Kendra: Oh Mother and Father….[Kendra walks into the Slaughter room]
[Cut scene to here entering the room]

William: ……[gagged, eyes wide in terror]

Kendra: I have a very special plan for you both, this will honor you in your passing. You should have had faith me daddy [voice changing] you should have loved me daddy, But you Fucked me instead! [Rage]

[Reggie is listening with Mike as Gustav returns with the bottle]

Francine: Kendra….

Kendra: And you….you are nothing more than a fucking coward hiding behind your fake knowledge of anything. What was your own pussy so dried up you drove him to me?! [in her face yelling] Or maybe you got off on it…..

Francine: Kendra i didn’t know…..

Kendra: Silence! Or i’ll make you suffer for days bitch! [grabs her by her hair]

Reggie: Dude your girl has issues man

Gustav: Not for long

[Gustav enters the room with the bottle and gives it to Kendra]

Kendra: Boys? Get in here! [Demanding]

[Mike and Reggie enter the room]

Kendra: I think it only proper that we toast this with Daddies Scotch!

William: Why you...Do you know how old that is?

Kendra: No and I dont give a fuck! [Opening it and taking a swig, handing it to Gustav not breaking her stare from her Father]

William: No!!! Damn you!!!!

Kendra: Oh cry daddy! Oh you get mad Daddy! You son of a bitch!!!!! [Kendra grabs him by his testicals until she feels on of them explode. He screams in agony]

Kendra: Is that what you wanted? Your little girl to cop a feel on you?!?!?!
William: …[Screaming and writhing]

Reggie: Oh my god……

Mike: Just wait….[reaching for the bottle as Gustav hands it to him]

Reggie: Damn...man that's some shit

Kendra: SO daddy dearest…..how's your nuts? Did ya...bust one? [covering her mouth as she giggles]. Don't feel too bad daddy. Because…..Its time for round two! [Rage as she grabs his testicals agin this time rupturing the other]

William:....[Screaming and passes out from pain]

Kendra: You fuckin pussy! Gussy!!! Check and see if this fuck can wake up?!

[Gustav walks over and feels his pulse]

Gustav: He is ok, just don't make his heart give out, you have one chance at this

Kendra: As you wish….[Sighs]

[Kendra walks over to the plastic hanging and grabs a grinder]

Kendra: Gustav…..Hit the fucking music [Depresses the trigger on the grinder]

[Gustav walks over to the stereo and hits play. Death Metal starts coming out of the speakers]

Kendra: You frown too much Daddy……

[Kendra walks up to her Dad slowly, she takes the grinder And starts ripping away flesh on his face in the form of a smile, shattering teeth along the way. His body starts convulsing]

Kendra: Now isn’t that better Daddy? [she looks over at her Mother] And you….you just sat and laughed….you don’t frown enough

Francine: Noooo, Kendra wait….We have tons of money…..

Kendra: Then consider me your plastic surgeon bitch!!!!

[Kendra takes the grinder to her mother's face, carving a frown in to her flesh and shredding her lips and teeth as she goes]

Kendra: Why thank you! [Bows to her parents. They are both twitching from shock making gurgling noises]

Gustav:.....[looks at Mike and Reggie. Reggie is in shock at what he sees, keeps drinking the bottle, Mike is standing next to Reggie with his arm out for the bottle]

Kendra: Now….I think I will take a moment and let that just sink into the both of you[ Kendra walks up to Mike who now has the bottle and grabs it, walks back to her dad, taking a few big gulps out of the bottle]

Kendra: Wow Daddy! We sure put the damage to this booze![Holding it up to his face] Awe…..I'm Sorry did you want some?

[William is moaning in pain and half awake with shock. Kendra pours some of the boose over his torn up mouth sending him screaming and writhing once more]

Francine: …[Gurgled noises...trying to talk]….

Kendra: Ya know what Gussy, [Walking over to hand the bottle to Mike, and picks back up the grinder] I like this brush better than my others…[holding up the bloody grinder]

Gustav: ….[Remains silent, nodding his head in approval]

[Mike and Reggie stand silent passing the bottle back and forth]

Kendra: I think this break was rejuvenating!!...At least for me because fuck you two!

[Kendra starts up the grinder once more and takes it to her Dads skull, cutting open the top of his head. Blood sprays and his body convulses as his skull is ground into in a circle around the top of his skull]

Kendra: Well this will give you something to think about! [She puts down the grinder and removes the top part of his skull]

Kendra: And a matching look for mommy!!!!! [She goes over to her Mother and repeats the process]

[Both of their bodies twitch, with her mother's face carved into a frown and her father's face into a smile, with the tops of their skulls removed]

Kendra: I know what I need!!!!

[Kendra goes behind the plastic and grabs some small pipe, half inch steel, and a hammer]
[Kendra walks up to inspect her Mother’s and Father’s ears]

Kendra: Oh I see, now this could be an issue…...Oh I know!!!!! [Kendra gets behind her Dad and starts grabbing his exposed brain and yanking it out piece by piece until it lay in a pile on the floor and her Father’s skull is empty. She then goes over to her Mother a tears out her brain]

Kendra: Now I should have a clear shot! [Happy and excited] This should only take a moment...now stand still……[Kendra grabs a piece of pipe and starts to run it into her fathers ear with the hammer and through to the other side, coming out of his other ear. Then goes and does the same to her mother]

Kendra: Ya know….you guys will make beautiful hanging Lights when I am done with you...Gussy is gonna wire you up good! AInt ya Gussy [She looks back and smiles at him and winks]

Kendra: But you just look too….I don't know…..Plain? Ahhhhh I got it!!!!

[Kendra walks over to the plastic again and retrieves the knife Gustav gave her, Then returns to her Father]

Kendra: Oh Mikee….. Could you go grab me some wire and some hooks please?

Mike: You got it [Motions for Reggie to go with him]

[Mike and Reggie disappear out of the room as the exit]

Kendra: Gussy, I think I changed my mind….I don’t want to light them up

Gustav: No?

Kendra: No, no I don't want them shining at all. [Strats cutting deep into her Father's throat all the way down to his waist, Then Cuts deep straight across his abdomen, doing the same to her Mother.]

[After Kendra makes her insitions, she starts to peel back the skin exposing the chest bones and all of their organs.]

[Cut scene to Mike and Reggie in the garage]

Mike: Hey man you ok, You ain’t lookin so good

Reggie: nah man i'm…[turns around a vomits on the floor]

Mike: I tried to warn ya man. This is a whole new level bro. [resting his hand on Reggies back]

Reggie: I’m good man [Standing up and wiping his mouth on his sleeve] can you do me a solid?

Mike: Yeah sure, what's up?

Reggie: Can you not tell Kendra I….

Mike: No problem, honestly, i don’t think she would care, but i get it

Reggie: Thank bro. We better get back in there [Grabbing the wire from the counter]

Mike: Yeah like right now...she is volatile

[Cut scene to Kendra finishing peeling her mother's skin back]

Kendra: Now, you both look so fabulous! [Clapping her hands as blood splatters all over

[Mike and Reggie enter into the room with the wire and hooks]

sitting on the couches and discussing the job he has for Mike and Reggie]


Archie: Now Archie knows Business yes?

Mike: I would say so, If Gustav trusts you then you must

Archie: Yes Gustav and Archie friends for Kendra: Ah here we go...just the ticket!!! [grabs the gear from Mike and Reggie] Damn Reggie, you look like shit! [Looks over up at Reggie]

Reggie: Must have drank too much k

Kendra: Well that happens a lot around here don’t it Mikee?! [smiling]

Mike: Yes it does…[looking like he had too much himself, a little drunk]

[Kendra starts running the wire through the pipes in her parents heads. Then she cuts them to size and attaches the hooks to spread up, and open the flaps of skin, that once covered her parents chests]

Gustav: Oh this IS good……[Stands there observing ]

[Kendra sinks the hooks deep into her parents legs and attaches the lower flap of skin in the same fashion on both her parents]

Kendra: Now I just need one more little touch….

[Kendra: walks back behind the plastic where you can hear her mumbling]

Kendra: No….oh fuck….not that,,,hmmm ahhhh, now this is what I needed!
[Kendra emerses with heavy Thread and a large needle and starts to run a border around the edges of cut skin, then sews her Mother's eyes shut, and her Father's wide open. Nobody says a word.]

[Kendra finishes up her sewing and stands back to admire her work]

Kendra: Ya know what Gussy?

Gustav: Whats that love?

Kendra: I'm done. Your turn [Kendra drops the needle and heavy thread, turns and walks out of the room and disappears into the main basement room]

[Fade out to Gustav dressed in his gear again spraying her parents down turning them into statues. Fade in and out the process briefly with it ending with him cleaning himself up and taking off his gear. Fade out to end scene]

Some work for Archie

[Scene fades into Gustav on the phone with Archie. Gustav is up in the living room]


Gustav: Archie?

Archie: Gustav!!!! My friend!!! How’s it going?

Gustav: Got some more cash for you to make. Major in house clean up, and shipping, plus passage for four to Finland ASAP

Archie: Oh my friend, you know who to call don’t you

Gustav: Can you handle it all?

Archie: Gustav! Of course! Archie handles it all! For you a good price my friend!!!!

Gustav: Name it man, It is not an issue. You know how it goes

Archie: Ok Ok my friend! Give the address of this cleanup and delivery

[Scene cuts out and into Kendra in the shower, shot through the curtain]


Kendra: If life was just a dream…..Id take you to a paradise up above...and you would be the only one I could love...If life was just a dream sweetheart….

[Gustav walks into the bathroom]

Gustav: Sha boom sha boom

Kendra: Lalalalalalalaaaaalalala

Gustav: SHa boom sha boom…..[getting undressed]

Kendra:  Lalalalalalalaaaaalalala

Gustav: Shaboom!!!!!! [Opens shower curtain, and walks in]
[Scene Fades out]

[ scene fades into Mike and Reggie Talking to Archie in the basement]


Archie: Mike, my friend I see we have more Things to ship!

Mike: Yeah Archie how ya doin man? [Shakes Archies hand]

Mike: Archie this is Reggie, old friend of mine and a damn good man to have a Fuckers back

Archie: Ah Reggie, [puts out hand] Any Friend of Gustav’s is a friend to Archie!

Reggie: Same here Brother. Good to Meet ya

Mike: Come on Archie I’ll show ya what needs cleaned

Archie: Absolutely my friend

[Cut scene to them in the Storage room]

Mike: This room, the main Basement room and the room on the end, total clean up, no evidence

Archie: No problem, Archie has the best men in the business! But first the drink!

Mike: Don’t think I forgot did ya? [laughing and walking over to grab  a bottle of Vodka sitting on the counter

Reggie: Damn, I dont think I have drank this often...ever

Archie: We drink, then we goto work!

Reggie: Sounds like a Plan

[They all pass the bottle around]

Archie: Archie has his guys sitting outside, they come in and clean now, Archis has other plans for you if you want

Mike: Plans?

Archie: Yes plans! Archie talks to Gustav, Gustav says yes, Archie has job for you two today
Reggie: I’m down as long as Kendra says it’s cool

Mike: I’m sure it’s cool brah [Looking at Reggie]

Archie: May we go up stairs while the boys clean up!

Mike: Sure thing Archie, we got some cleaning up there as well in the living room, Actually maybe the whole house

Archie: No problem! Archies boys can do it all

[Cut scene to Archie, Mike and Reggie in the living room, many years

Mike: O.K. then what is the deal? What you need us to do?

Archie: There are a couple of men in the city that owe Archie money, Gustav tells me you can get this yes?

Mike: Well that's what we do, used to, but yeah we can handle anything

Archie: Ahhhh! Archie knew you would not disappoint! [ Hands them a piece of paper with the names and address of the warehouse

Mike: What are we facing? Fire power, how many men do they have….

Archie: These men, they have a few that guard the door inside, then it's just the other two. They all carry, Archie says they don’t pay they don’t stay in business [Archies voice gets quieter, signifying the the happy act is a front]

Mike: Sounds like a cake walk, what ya think Reggie?

Reggie: Shit bro, ain’t nothing but a thing [fists bumps Mike]

Archie: Yes, this makes Archie very happy!
Mike: Consider it finished, lets roll out bro [elbowing Reggie]

[Cut scene to Reggie and Mike pulling up to the warehouse across the street, after dark around 9 pm]]


Reggie: So this it?

Mike: Yup, this is the place alright

Reggie: So how ya want to handle this?

Mike: Quietly [Reaches into the back seat into a bag and retrieves two pistols equipped with silencers and hands one to Reggie]

Reggie: Hell yeah, that's what I am saying

Mike: o.k. Let’s Drive around the place and see what we can’t see

Reggie: Hell yeah, ready to blast these fools, been a while

Mike: Shit I know the feeling

[Mike and reggie drive around the warehouse and find a place to hide the SUV]

[Cut scene to them getting out of the Suv]

Mike: Looks like the back door is clear, you can’t tell me these Fuckers are this dumb?

Reggie: No they Aint [points to corner of the building]

Mike: Fucking cameras. [cut scene briefly to show a camera on the corner of the building, then back to Mike and Reggie] O.k. Let’s get a closer look

[MIke and reggie sneak quietly, out of the site from the camera to the side of the building]

Mike: You see a wire anywhere?

Reggie: Yeah, they don’t know what they are doing, this is gonna be a breeze man

[Reggie goes up to the exposed wire, standing on some pallets outside the building and cuts it]

Mike: Good job bro, little red light went off, that camera is dead.

Reggie: Correction, this is an old system bro. It just them all down, now we wait, if there is anyone in there they will be out……[They hear voices]

Mike: Fuck, lets get back a second

Reggie: Yeah you do that, watch this shit [Reggie sneeks in the shadows along the wall towards the voices, listening and quiet ]

Mike: Reggie! Oh man…

[Mike is standing behind Reggie crouched down]

[Cut scene to the two men walking in front of the building towards the corner Mike and Reggie are hiding behind]


Man1: I told him to upgrade this fucking system

Man2: Will you stop your fucking complaining

Man1: Just saying man

Man2: That's why your always in trouble, you just say

Man1: Man Fuck you, let's just figure this out, dont wanna keep him waiting

[The two men reach the corner and Reggie jumps out in front of them]

Reggie: Surprise Mother fuckers! How ya doing

Man1: What the fuck [goes to reach for his gun

Reggie: Too late bitch [Reggie jumps into the air spreading his legs apart kicking them both in the head and knocking them out cold]

Mike: Goddamned bro, you got fucking way better!

Reggie: Yeah, trained a lot in the pen bro, lets stash these two fuckers

[Mike and Reggie drag the two men around the corner into the shadows]
Mike: No witnesses Reg.

Reggie: Shit you know how it is [Reggie pulls out his pistol and puts a round into each of their heads] Now they aint gonna say shit

Mike: Damn bro, good to be working with ya again, Let's finish this noise

Reggie, Back door or front?

Mike: Lets see whats happening round back, come on [motions for Reggie to follow]

[Mike and Reggie make their way around the back of the building to the loading docks]

[There is a light that is on above the back door next to the loading docks, Mike and Reggie are by the door]

Mike: You hear anything?

Reggie: Nah man, look out a second [mike moves away and lets Reggie at the door]

[cut scene to a close up of Reggie picking the lock and opening the door]

Reggie: Just like Magic bro [looks up and smiles]

Mike: NIce, let's do this

[Cut scene to Mike and Reggie coming inside the Warehouse, sneaking, very quiet]

[The warehouse has lights on filled with shipping crates, There is two men in a room with a large window working on the computer to get the security system up and running again]

[Cut scene two the two men in the room]

Boss: What in hell? [punching keys hard on a keyboard and getting nowhere] Where are those two idiots?

Guard: I don’t know Boss, want me to go see?!

Boss: No!! God no don’t leave! [goes over to a table and snorts a big line of crank]

Guard: Yes sir

Boss: I smell it, you smell it?
Guard: Sure Boss I smell it [rolls eyes]

Boss: Come on, let's go see where it’s coming from, I know something is fucked….

Guard: Yes sir

[The Boss and the Guard leave the room and head in the opposite direction of Mike and Reggie]

Reggie: shit they make this easy

Mike: That AK he has could cause a problem

Reggie: Nah, I got this

Mike: O.K. You lead

[Reggie makes his way quietly around and through the crates, getting very close to the Boss and the Guard with Mike fallowing. They are within spitting distance of the Guard and the boss]

Reggie:....[motions for mike to around the side behind the boss, both sneak up, Mike behind the Boss, Reggie behind the Guard]

Mike:... [Signals Reggie to kill the guard]

[Reggie sneaks behind the Guard and snaps his neck with his hands, Boss looks over and raises his gun. Reggie Kicks the gun out of his hands and spins around sinking his foot into the bosses chest sending him into a crate and onto the floor. Mike gets over him with his pistol in his mouth]

Mike: It’s payday Mother Fucker! You know who sent us right?

Boss:....[shaking his head yes]

Mike: Good boy, now take us to the money

[ Mike keeps his pistol on him after he takes it out of his mouth, reggie has the Boss's head in his sites with his pistol aimed at his head]

Mike: Now if you give us what we want, there is a good chance you will live through this, do you understand?! [very forceful]

Boss: Yeah, yeah sure [sniffing and holding his chest]

Reggie: Get movin bitch….[talking to the Boss]

[They walk to the room that is lit up. Cut scene to them in the room]

Boss: It is in the safe [pointing to a safe in floor]

Mike: If I have to tell you to open it, Ill kill you now

Boss: NO! No no no, i’ll open it

Reggie: Slowly mother fucker, one wrong move and 2 45 rounds ends it all

[The Boss opens the safe and stands up slowly, still grabbing his chest]

Mike: Reggie…[motions to him to take the boss out]

Reggie: Let's go for a walk fuck boy [grabs the boss and pushes him towards door]

Boss: Come on I gave you what you wanted…

Reggie: you just can’t go around fuckin with the wrong people man.

Boss: I was gonna pay him! I was! [Starting to panic]

Reggie: Yes I was gonna be a lawyer too

Boss: look, we can…

Reggie: We can do nothing...later bitch [Reggie raises his gun and shoots the boss in his forehead splatering his brains onto a crate]

[Cut scene to Mike pulling out all of the cash and drugs out of the safe and placing them on a table. Reggie is walking into the room]

Reggie: Goddamned it all that was fuckin fun!

Mike: Yeah, I have to admit it was [smiling]

Reggie: We better call Archie

Mike: I'm on it bro [Mike grabs his phone and calls Archie]

Archie: Mike my forend! Tell Archie good news yes?
Mike: It’s done, better bring a crew and a few trucks, I don’t know what's in these crates but there is a lot of them.

Archie: Yes my friend! Archie takes good care you now! Archie has trucks on the way in a few minutes!

Mike: O.k. Archie we will be waiting

[Fade out scene]

It’s time to Go

[Scene fades into Gustav and Archie closing the truck up at Kendra’s Parents house]


Gustav: Ok Archie, all wrapped up

Archie: Of course Gustav! Archie always delivers!

Gustav: And about the passage?

Archie: All ready, Archie has a plane ready at the airport. Hanger number 9. Stephon!!!! [Yells for driver]

[Young man comes from the front of the truck with a manilla envelope and hands it to Archie, then returns to the truck]

Archie: It is all here Gustav, passports, new identities, everything you need!

Gustav: I knew I could count on you Archie

Archie: Always my Friend, no later than 5pm, or it leaves without you

Gustav: We will be there Archie, no problem

[Archie and Gustav shake hands and Archie gets into the truck to leave]

[Scene fades out and into the living room where Kendra, Mike and Reggie are waiting]

Kendra: Finland! I can't wait!!!

Mike: Yeah I can say I am a little excited myself

Reggie: I ain’t got shit goin here, i’m definitely down to roll

[Gustav enters the room]

Gustav: O.k. Plane is all set, hanger number 9, we have to be there before 5 [reaching into the envelope and pulling out the passports and new Id’s, starts handing them out]

Mike: Oh shit! Man you were not joking around! [looking at his new ID]

Reggie: Damn, does this mean I don’t have to check in with parole anymore?!

Gustav: Not unless you really want to, but I would suggest you don’t

Reggie; Man fuck them ass holes

Kendra: Ooooh Gussy! Baby you really rocked this!

Gustav: Nothing is too good for you love

Kendra: Ummmm, one question Gussy, what about my studio?

Gustav: What studio?

Kendra: Gussy my work!!! It’s all…..

Gustav : on a plane to Finland already

Kendra: Gussy!!!! [jumps up and wraps her arms around him]

Mike: Well what else do we need to do? Anything left?

Reggie: Hey man, what kinda smoke we got over there?

Gustav: Don’t worry, I got you taken care of, everything is taken care of, unless you guys have anything you need to do, we can leave

Mike: well fuck it! Let’s blow this shit

Kendra: Gussy I want this house gone……

Gustav: Archie has it covered.

Kendra: Gone Gussy, forever….

Gustav: As soon as we leave, it will be

[Scene fades out to Mike and Reggie following Gustav and Kendra on the way to airport]

Mike: Been a crazy few days huh bro.

Reggie: Crazy? How in the fuck did you manage getting all hooked up with these people man?! This is like some fucked up Amusement park ride!

Mike: I know, but goddamned is it fun!

Reggie: Yeah it is man, thanks for hooking a brother up

Mike: No problem bro, I should have looked out for you better when you were locked up, shit just got crazy

Reggie: all good brah, Your here now and we swimmin in cash, shit dog I aint worried bout shit!

Mike: Yeah and we are going to keep swimmin

[Cut scene to Gustav and Kendra in Gustav’s car]

Gustav: SO  you ready for a new life baby?

Kendra: Yeah [staring out the window]

Gustav: Whats wrong? [looking over with concern]

Kendra: Nothing is wrong, Just thinking

Gustav: About what?

Kendra: Us, Finland, Mike and Reggie, Mom and Dad…

Gustav: What about it?

Kendra: I just don’t know, I’m thinking

Gustav: Look, if you are having second…

Kendra: NO! No baby, not having second thought, I just feel different

Gustav: You got out a lot of pain with them. You should start to feel better soon

Kendra: That's just it, I enjoyed it Gussy

Gustav: Tomorrow we will be in Finland, you're going to meet your customers. So I would suggest you do whatever it is you need to do to get ready for that.

Kendra: I’m ready Gussy [braking her stair and looking at him] I’m ready….

[Scene fades out to them arriving at the hanger with the private jet waiting. Archie is there to see them off]


Gustav: Archie! So this is the bird eh?

Archie: Absolutely Gustav! Nothing but the best for you my friend!

Kendra: Oh Gussy can we buy one?!?!

Mike: Yeah no kidding, I haven’t flown in awhile but I can fly this bird hands down

Gustav: You are a pilot?

Mike: Yeah, it’s one of the things I acquired some time ago.

Gustav: Do you still have your pilot's licence?

Mike: of course, it's something I don’t really want to loose you know

Kendra: Yay we have our own pilot Gussy!

Reggie: Goddamned! I guess I better get used to rollin….Hey you never told me you knew how to fly?! [looks at Mike]

Mike: Well you never asked

Reggie: What else you packin in there [Smacking Mike in the head playing around]

Mike: COme on man fuck off with that [laughing] Let's get the fuck out of here

[They all start boarding the private jet with their luggage]

[Scene fades out to them inside the jet. Mike and Reggie are sitting at window seats and enjoying the luxury. Gustav and kendra are sitting across from each other on the other side looking out the window at the runway as the jet taxis to take off]


Kendra: Gussy, when will that house be gone, I can’t get it out of my mind.
Gustav: You will see, I have special instructions for the pilot and Archie

Kendra: ok Gussy, I trust you

[Cut scene to Mike and Reggie]

Reggie: Damn bro this is a riot, I never thought i’d be in one of these

Mike: Dude, you have no idea how bad I want to fly this dirty bitch!

Reggie: Well if it keeps going like this, maybe you will, or one just like it

Mike: Oh it's gonna happen

[Cut scene to Kendra and Gustav]

[Pilot rings in on the intercom]

Pilot: O.K. folks, make sure your strapped in, we are about to get this thing in the air and enjoy your flight. And Kendra, get on the other side and keep looking down out the window.

Kendra: Huh?

Gustav: Come on you will see

[Gustav and Kendra move to the other side quickly and get buckled in. Moments later the plane turns onto the runway and cleared for take off. The pilot takes her down the runway and into the air Climbing and banking around]

Kendra: Oh my God Gussy!!! There is my...well what was my studio!!!

Gustav: Just keep watching

Kendra: Oh I am I am, this is amazing I have never flown anywhere before

[The Jet climbs higher as Kendra looks down out of the window]

Kendra: Gussy there is my parents house……[Just then she sees it explode into flames sending flame and smoke high into the air]

Kendra: Oh My God!!!!! Gussy did you see that?!

Gustav: I told you not to worry, now maybe you can sleep tonight
Kendra: I love you gussy [looking across at him]

Gustav: I love you too

[Cut scene to Mike and Reggie]

Reggie: Oh shit!!! Mike did you see that shit!!!???

Mike: Damn! Holy fuck!!!! Dude Gustav that was seriously bad ass!!!

Reggie: Damn now that's how ya do shit!!!

[SCene fades out]

An old friend, An old Quarrel

[Scene fades into MIke, Reggie, Kendra and Gustav exiting the jet inside a private hanger]


MIke: So this is Finland?

Gustav: Yes my friend it is

Mike: Where do we show our passports?

Gustav: They will check us at the gate when we leave. Just be calm and everything will be fine, everyone got that?

Kendra: Got it Gussy!

Gustav: And Kendra, try not to kill anyone

Kendra: Oh Gussy, you say the funniest things

Reggie: Damn, I never been out of the states before. This is a trip

Mike: Is that our ride?

[Cut scene to black Car pulling up]

Gustav: Yup that is it. We have a house in Espoo that we will be staying at, more of a mansion really. It’s owned by some fronds of mine who live there

Kendra: Awe! I thought we would have our own place. [disappointed]

Gustav: It’s just for a short time. We have a house, just not here

Kendra: Ok Gussy, If you say so.

Gustav: I do say so, I also say let's go [smacks her on the butt]

Kendra: OK ok! I’m going….jeesh [laughing]

[They all climb into the car after putting their luggage in the trunk]
[Cut scene to them inside the car heading out of the airport]

Driver: Gustav, it’s been a while

Gustav: SUre has Elias, how have you been?

Elias: Oh you know, driving

Gustav: Everything ok on the homefront?

Elias: Never better, I can tell you, that last shipment made some waves around the house.

Gustav: I heard. That’s ok, we got the artist right here. Kendra this is an old friend of mine Elias

Kendra: Nice to meet you Elias, I’m Kendra [looking up over the seat]

Elias: Pleasure is mine, Been looking forward to meeting you, Heard a lot about you already

Gustav: How are the guards at the gate today Elias?

Elias: Pocketed man, Don’t even take out your passports, you won’t need them

Gustav: Perfect

Elias: Here they are now [Pulling up to the security gate, the gate opens and the guard waves them through]

Mike: Is there anywhere you don’t have wired?

Gustav: Egypt, they don’t like me there

Mike: Do I need to ask?

Gustav: Please don’t [stairs out the window]

[Scene fades out to them arriving in front of a large stone mansion]


Kendra: Who’s place is this Gussy?

Gustav: My old friend Miiro’s. It has been handed down for generations. Look guys, if you ever wondered what hell looks like, get ready to see it. Don’t sweat anything your safe. But if you not with me, well there is good chance you could become disappeared real quick. So relax, and whatever you do, be cool

Reggie: Man you got a bunch of voodoo shit up in there?

Gustav: Wrong country bro. This is straight up Satanism

Kendra: Lets go inside!! I wanna see!

Mike: All the same Gustav, I believe I’ll keep my piece on me

Reggie: Yeah me too, I don’t know about all of this

Gustav: Well you better keep that shit to yourself. You will be fine.

Reggie: Ok Gus, I believe you, but I see any people being cooked and this man is gone

Gustav: I said satanist, not cannibals, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

[The Big black car pulls up to the door and everyone gets out of the car]

Elias: Gustav, I'll bring in your things and bring them to your rooms, ok?

Gustav: Yeah put Kendras in with mine, Mike and Reggie can each have their own rooms

Elias: No problem Gustav

[Cut scene to Mirro opening the door to greet them]

Miiro: Gustav! You made it

Gustav: Yeah we’re hear [Gives Miiro a brotherly hug]

Miiro: So is this the artist? [pointing to Kendra]

Gustav: Yeah man, this is her

Miiro: You are welcome, all of you. Come in come in [Motioning for all of them to follow]

Kendra: Miiro this place is amazing!!! [following them inside along with Mike and Reggie who are also looking up and around at the inside]

[Cut scene to them inside the house]
[The house inside is very ancient looking. Tapestries cover the walls along with paintings. There is Black furniture and and Crimson throw rugs on the floor each with their own designs and patterns.]

Miiro: Come on in here, this is where I entertain guests [motioning to them to follow]

[Cutscene into the room Entertaining room. The room has a large fireplace, a good size bar and displays of ancient artifacts along with human skulls, full skeletons of animals, things of that nature. There is a Large red wrap around couch and on each end, is Kendra's parents, their hallow heads being used to chill wine]

Kendra: Oh could I do some art work in here…..[looking around in amazement]

Gustav: I told you you would like it

Miiro: This place originally was built by my great great great Grandfather A very long time ago.

Reggie: Man, this place is insane, in a good way, I’m reggie [offers hand to Miiro]

Miiro: Yeah I like to call it home, welcome [responds with a hand shake]

Kendra: Hey Miiro, can ask you something?

Miiro: Sure, what's on your mind?

Kendra: I noticed you don’t have an accent, why not?

Miiro: Ahh, Yeah well my mother was American, and my Father died when I was six. So I never had an accent at all as it turned out. I actually spent a good part of my childhood in California.

Kendra: California? I have some customers there. Why you come here?

Miiro: My mother decided it would be best. She left this world 10 years ago

Kendra: I’m sorry, I lost both of my parents recently

Miiro: That's a shame

Kendra: Yeah well you know how it goes [walking over to the statue of her mother and spinning the wine bottle around in the ice] She wasn’t known to have a cool head anyways

Miiro: Go ahead and have a glass if you like, fuck drink the whole thing, I think That one is from 1898, We have a very large cellar
Kendra: I usually don’t drink wine, but I just have to taste this

Miiro: Not a fan of wine eh? That's ok I have a very full bar, I’m sure we could conjure something up for you

Kendra: No, maybe later, it’s not like I don't like wine, I just usually drink liquor and of course I love my weed [laughing]

Gustav: Speaking of which, Miiro were you able to get ahold of our friend in Morocco?

Miiro: Oh yeah, as a matter of fact it got here yesterday

Gustav: Excelent, I know out friend Reggie here is about ready to for a head change

Reggie, Shit you said that

Miiro: Make yourself at home, i’ll be back in a few minutes

[Miiro slightly bows and exits the room]

Gustav: Reggie wait till you get a load of this man, your going to love it.

Reggie: I’m gonna hold ya to that [pointing at Gustav and walking over to the bar smiling]

Mike: This really isn’t so bad at all, not what I was expecting

Gustav: It is still daylight

Mike: What?

[Just then Miiro walks back into the room carrying a large box]

Miiro: Reggie..right? [looking at reggie]

Reggie: Yeah that's me

Miiro: I got something here you should really like, pour yourself whatever you want and come and open it [PLaces the box on a table]

Gustav: Miiro Loves to do this, I swear this is always the best part [laughing]

Reggie: O.k. I'm game [pouring whiskey into a glass followed by Mike who has joined him at the bar]
[Reggie walks over to the table and sits his glass down after he takes a drink and starts to open the box]

Reggie: If this is weed, Yall know how to seal this shit up good, I can’t smell a …..mother fucker! [Reggie cracks the seal on the box]

Miiro: Yeah it's a special way they seal it, not even a fucking drug dog can pick it up

Gustav: SO what ya got there Reg?

Reggie: Is this what I think it is?

Miiro: Yes it is. Real foot stomped Moroccan hash , and a few pounds of this and that to smoke

Reggie: Few pounds? There is like six pounds in here! Damn Yall boys don’t fuck around!

Miiro: well I like to make sure our friends are well taken care of. Gustav and I have known each other going on 30 years. Funny thing is his family, knew my family a hundred years ago

Gustav: Yeah thanks for that history lesson ass hole! [Laughing]

Miiro: Don't worry I’ll spare you the …

Gustav: yes you will you fucker! [going over acting like he is going to hit him playing around]

Miiro: OK OK i give i give…….[laughing] I mean if history is correct you would just lose anyways

Gustav: Oh you are so fucked now! [starts chasing Miiro through the room [both laughing like kids]

Mike: What in the fuck?

Reggie: Man you got to taste this shit! [lighting a bowl of hash]

Mike: Yeah i think so, fucking crazy man

Kendra: Gussy?

[Gustav and Miiro chase each other around for a few moments, Reggie is preoccupied with his new stash while Mike and Kendra are confused at Gustavs sudden behavior change]

Miiro: Ok, you win [panting out of breath]
Gustav: What? I win?

Miiro: Yeah, it's been long enough, come here ya fucker

[Gustav and Miiro give each other a big hug and got the bar]

Mike: You two ok? [laughing as he hit the pipe with Reggie]

Gustav: Yeah yeah, our families had it out a hundred years ago, basically his family torched my family's church

Kendra: That's crazy

Gustav: No, the fact that it was full of people is crazy

Miiro: As well as it should have been

Gustav: Hey! [Glaring at Miiro jokingly]

Gustav: Truth be told they had it coming. Sometimes people should just learn to mind their own business

Miiro: Exactly. We Don’t have that problem too much now. I mean a few churches here and there and a few unfortunate unexplained disappearances, but usually pretty quiet

Reggie: Man ain’t nothin quiet bout this...hey Gus you gonna hit this bro? [getting very high]

Gustav: Yeah it’s been a while since I tasted some good hash, hell bring some over to the bar and we will relax for a bit, already been a long day

[Reggie grings some up to the bar and joins them as well as Kendra]

[Scene fades in and out a few times of them smoking and conversing and then fades out]

Lake Bodom Holds Secrets

[Scene fades into Kendra, Gustav, Mike, Reggie and Miiro Still in the entertaining room Sitting on the couch having drinks]


Gustav: Where did Elias run off to? I was hoping to catch up with him a bit more

Miiro: He is busy this evening. Lots of things going on tonight. I’m going to have to take off pretty soon

Gustav: Oh? What ya got going on?

Miiro: Just some things at the lake

Kendra: Lake?

Miiro: Yeah, Lake Bodom

Gustav: Baby don’t you remember I told you he was by Bodom?

Kendra: I guess so, eh that Hash has me wonky in the head.

Reggie: Man wonky don’t cover it, this fuckin bud is of the chain

Mike: Goddamned dude, how much you plan on smoking?

Miiro: Shit don’t worry about it. I can get this anytime

Mike: Fuck pass that over here man [reaches for the pipe]

Reggie: oh my bad [hands it to Mike]

Kendra: Gustav,baby I wanna got the lake [Laying her head on his chest]

Miiro: Yeah about that, if your going to do that you might not want to go out there at night. There are some pretty strange things out there

Kendra: Well your going

Gustav: Baby we will just go in the morning, it’s been a long day anyway

Kendra: But I want to see it, and what in the fuck am I worried about anyways?! [Sits up looking at Gustav a little perturbed]

Gustav: O.K., we will see how it goes, can we take a few hours of sleep first though?

Kendra: Yay!!! We’re going to see the lake, we’re going to see the lake [dancing around and singing

Mike: And here we go again, flip switch engage

Reggie …..[looking at kendra and laughing] Man that girl a trip

Miiro: …….[Looks at Gustav in wonder]

Gustav: I’m gonna hit the bathroom [gets up and walks out]

Miiro: So you really want to see the lake? [looking at kendra]

Kendra: Yes I want to see it!!! Yes yes!!! [excited]

Miiro: meet me out front when he goes to sleep [motioning to where Gustav was sitting] It will be a surprise for Gustav, he doesn't’ know, I have a gift planned for him and you can help [whispering]

Kendra: Really? You don’t think he will get mad? [whispering]

Miiro: Of course not, he is like my brother, like I said it’s for him anyway [whispering]

Kendra: OK what time?

Miiro: How about lets say 11pm?

Kendra: ok

[Cut scene to Gustav exiting the bathroom and walking down the hall. He stops and looks out a window to the backyard, He sees to robed figures going into a cobblestone building in the back. The sun is just going down and it's getting dark]

Gustav: Shit…..[Starts heading back to the entertainment room]

[Cut scene to back in the entertainment room]

Mike: Hey Miiro, Where are our rooms bro? I'm about exhausted

Reggie: Hey is it ok if I smoke in…..

Miiro: Yeah man smoke anywhere, That's one thing we don’t care to much about. We all smoke anyway. Come on I’ll take you all up to your rooms]

[Gustav enters as everybody is standing up]

Gustav: What I miss something?

Miiro: No I was just going to take everyone up and show them their rooms, I got you and Kendra set up in the big guest room. You got everything in there

Gustav: Ah you're too kind, Always was my favorite room

Miiro: Yeah I thought you might like that, Kendra I am sure you will love it as well [looking over at her]

Kendra: I'm excited! Let's go see Gussy!!! [Grabbing him by the hand]

Gustav: Sounds good, I’m walking asleep anyways. I never feel this tired.

Kendra: Awe my baby had a long couple of days

Gustav: Yeah I guess [shaking his head bit. Miiro looking at him with a sinister look unnoticed by the rest]

[Following Miiro, they exit the room]

[Cut scene to them coming up the stairs to a hallway on the second floor]

Miiro: Ok, Mike and Reggie? You two got those rooms down on the end. They are all set up with everything you need, bathrooms, tv,computer, bar, everything

Mike: Damn this sure beats a Hilton thanks man

Reggie: Sure beats the pen that fo damn sho

Miiro: Man anything beats the pen [laughing in agreement]

Miiro: Gustav you know where your guys room is, ill catch you guys later i have prior engagements I must attend to

Gustav: Ok thanks again bro, we will catch you in the morning [looking very tired]

[Mike and Kendra take off down the hall, a few step in kendra turns her head around to look as Miiro. Mirro motions to his wrist and mouths...11 o'clock. Kendra winks and smiles back. Scene fades out to kendra and Gustav in the bedroom]

[Fade in scene to the bedroom with Kendra and Gustav. It is a very large room with a king size bed that has a dark wood frame and headboard. There is a large bathroom with two sinks and a large bathtub, along with a shower. The bedroom has paintings, some of them Kendra’s on the walls along with some tapestries. It also has a fireplace with a fire already going]

Kendra: Gussy will you look at this room?

Gustav: Yeah, I have stayed in this room plenty of times. I actually lived her for a bit a few years back

Kendra: So trust Miiro a lot huh

Gustav: Yeah there is nothing I wouldn’t trust him with. He is family

Kendra: O.k. Gussy, you look like hell! [Noticing how exhausted he looked]

Gustav: Yeah baby, I just need a few hours of sleep. Then we can go see the lake.

Kendra: No that's ok, I was being a bitch, We can go tomorrow, just get some rest.

Gustav: Are you going to come to bed?

Kendra: No I have to check my email and work on some business for a bit, but i'll be there shortly [walks over to him and grabs him by the hand and starts leading him to bed]

Gustav:: O.k. Don’t mind me, making his way to the bed

Kendra: Are you ok Gussy?

Gustav: Yeah just let me close...my...eye……[laying back on the bed and passing out cold]

Kendra: Well fuck me. Actually I guess I’ll have to fuck myself, oh well [She picks up his legs and moves him onto the bed and after taking off his shoes, covers him up]

[Kendra goes over and sits down to the computer in the room and turns it in, checking her phone while she waits. She then accesses her email and starts to scroll down]

Kendra: Junk….Junk….oooh maybe i'll read that one later...he is hot [whispering to herself] no, no ahhh! New bank statements! Yes!!!

[Kendra reads the new bank statements and notices an increase of three million dollars]

Kendra: What in the fuck!? [loudly] oh shit! [whispering, covering her mouth to see if she woke Gustav up. He doesn't move] Holy shit who in hell?

[She reads through more email and then starts researching Lake Bodom for a while]

Kendra: Holy shit!....This lake is badass! Fuck what time is it?

[Kendra looks at the clock, 10:45]

Kendra: Oh you better stay asleep Gussy, you got a present coming!

[kendra disappears into the bathroom for a moment then reapers. She checks on Gustav for a second and lightly tries to wake him. Nothing but mild snoring]

[Kendra turn out the light and exits the room quietly and shuts the door. Fade out scene]

[Fadein to Kendra stepping outside and closing the door. Miiro is waiting in a black sports car]

Miiro: Get in [leaning to talk out of window]

Kendra: Hey Miiro, so we r going to the lake?

Miiro: Sure are , I have some friends that will be there, your not gonna fucking believe this [looking over at her with an evil grin. Scene fades out as the car pulls away and down the drive, disappearing down the road]

[Scene fades into Kendra and Miiro pulling into a dirt road and going down it . You can see lit lanterns lighting the side of the road ahead. They continue down the road till you see a large bond fire through the forest. Cut scene to them pulling in to a large area. There are a few people there by the fire]


Kendra: Wow this is fucking cool! This is Lake bodom?
Miiro: Sure is, not far from where the bodom murders happened

Kendra: I have a confession to make [giggling] I did a little research on it tonight

Miiro: You did? Awesome! It’s a big legend around here

[Elias walks up to greet them]

Miiro: Brother! How is everything coming along?

Elias: Fucking perfect...what's um, Hey kendra. [Confused as to why she is there]

Miiro: She wanted to see the lake at night, I told here strange things happen

Kendra: This isn’t strange this is a fucking party!

[Miiro and Elias look at each other, Miiro winks at Elias and motions his head towards Kendra nonchalantly]

Elies: Well Hell It ain’t a party if ya don’t have a drink, Ill go get ya one Kendra

Kendra: Fuck yeah!

[Elias leaves and Goes into and old building on the the lake where there are flickering candles you can see from outside]

Kendra: What's in there Mirro?

Miiro: Oh that's just a party place, i'll take ya over in a bit, let's stand by the fire for a bit, it gets chilly on this lake

Kendra: It is abit cold, good idea

[They go and stand by the fire warming themselves and Elias returns with a drink for her in a golden chalas adorned with jewels and pagan symbols]

Kendra: Fuck even your cups are badass [taking a drink]...what the fuck is this?

Miiro: Avery ancient concoction, very potent

Kendra: what does it do?[ taking another drink]

Miiro: Nothing at first...but soon...you will start to experience and altered state of mind that is out of this world

Kendra: Fuck me! That's what I'm talking about! Fuck I love finland!!!!! [she slams the rest of her drink and starts to dance around the fire.. Scene fades out]

Kendra Awakens

[Scene fades into Kendra and Miiro Standing in front of the fire, Kendra is mesmerized]

Miiro: How you feeling?

Kendra:.....This light is beautiful.

Miiro: Wait a few more minutes….[Miiro leaves her by the fire and walks to the old building]

Kendra: Dance for me….[she reaches out for the fire and starts to dance eroticaly] Dance for me…..

[Through Kendras eyes the fire turns into a flaming women dancing to kendra's movement, mirroring her every move]

Kendra: mmmmmm Yes….dance for me [Moaning in almost extacy. Her dance becomes more and more erotic. ]

[The concoction has fully kicked in now and through her eyes she sees into the fire the demons that dwell within her]

[ A fiery beast joins hands with her as they spin round in circles, they stop and she breaks off, stepping back and removing her shirt and throwing it to the ground. Another Comes from the flame behind her and starts caressing her naked torso and chest, sending her into ecstasy]

Naked Dancing Fire Women: Join us Kendra…..We need you…

Beast behind her: We want you….desire…….[whispering]

[The Fire women goes up to her in front and unbuttons her pants and slides them down leaving her in a thong as she steps out of them]

[Scene fades out and into Gustav and Kendras room, where Gustav is waking up]

Gustav: Kendra? [rolling over and finding her not there]

Gustav: Kendra? [ A little louder] What in the hell? [gets up and turns on the light]

[Gustav walks in and looks in the bathroom, then opens the hallway door and shouts quietly for her again]

Gustav: Kendra? Fuck! [Gustav puts his shoes on and starts heading downstairs]

[Cut to him in the hallway coming out of the room, then to him running downstairs, then to the window by the front door]

Gustav: Kendra?! [Loudly getting panicked]
Gustav: Where in the fuck? [He looks out the window and through the darkness sees a a small shimmering light in the far distance, by the lake] Oh God!!!

[Cut to top of  the stairs as he comes up and runs to Mikes and Reggies rooms]

[Gustav runs upstairs and opens the door to Mikes room]

Cut to inside Mikes room]

Gustav: Mike! Get up man, get on the clock like yesterday!

Mike: What the fuck?[Looks at the panik in Gustav’s eye’s, gets up and throws on his jeans and boots, grabs his pistol and cocks it and puts in his his holster] What the fuck is going on Gus?

[Cut to inside Reggies room]

Gustav: She is missing! [heading to Reggie's room and opening the door] Reggie get up bro! On the Clock Kendras Missing!]

Reggie: Damn man and I was about to be…[sitting up shaking off the sleep] Wait what? Missing? Fuck! [gets up and dressed quickly and grabbing his gun]

[Gustav exits reggies room. Cut to the hallway at the top of the stairs again]

Gustav: Come guys lets go! [heading to the hallway]

Mike: Guss wait! [Chasing him down the hall with Reggie] Bro hold up she ain’t missing!

Gustav: What you mean? Where in the fuck is she? [Stopping and turning around]

Mike: Bro I heard her talking to Mirro, they went to the lake, supposed to be a surprise for you man. Like a gift or something.

Gustav: That Fucking ass hole!

Mike: Dude what the fuck!

Gustav: It’s not a goddamned gift! We got to go!! NOW!!!

[They run Downstairs An head to the front door]

[Cut to downstairs at the door]

Mike: Gus what do you think Is going on down there?

Gustav: Nothing I want her being a part of!! [Opening the door forcefully and running out]

[Cut to them running out the front door and towards the garage]

Reggie: How far is it?

Gustav: Not far! I got keys to all of his cars, we won’t be long at all!

MIke: Nice!

[They run up to the garage and open the door. Inside there are a few cars and a truck, Toyota Land rover]

[Cut to inside the garage]

Gustav: Hurry up and get in! [running to the rover]

Mike: Were there bro! [opening the front door and Reggie opening the back, both getting in.]

[Cut scene to outside the garage with them pulling out, going down the driveway and disappearing down the road. Fade out]

[Scene fades in to by the fire by the lake again] Kendra is fully naked Dancing eroticaly by the fire alone]

Kendra: Take me…….[Dancing close to the fire]

[Scene cuts in and out with her vision and that of the audience. One scene she is with the fore demons, the next without...ect…]

[Cut scene to inside the old building. There is a naked Woman laying upon an alter table. Inverted Pentagrams and Crucifixes Line the walls in the form of tapestries. Surrounding the table on the floor is a big pentagram drawn in blood with symbols on the outside souring it itself. There is a Sacrificed Goat bleeding out into A Large metal bucket.Behind it is an alter built for Lucifer. The Goats head has been severed and sits on a pike at the woman's feet. She is heavily drugged an writhing on the table in extacy. Miiro and Elias are wearing black hooded robes along with two other men and three women.The men and women are chanting prayers to lucifer. There are candles on sconces all around illuminating and dancing with flame]

Miiro: Elias, It is time, she is ready

Elias: As you wish my Lord [He bows to Mirro and turns, then walks out of the building]

[Cut Scene to the fire where Kendra is Elias is approaching her]

Kendra: ……[Dancing with the Dancing the flaming demons]

Elias: Kendra, come with me [extending his hand out]

Kendra: I’m gonna come with you….[Letting go of the dancing Fire women and grabbing his hand. Through her vision]

[Elias leads her to the building. Cut scene into the building]

[Elias leads her to the Sacrificed Goat that has bled out in to bucket. Behind it is the shrine built for Lucifer]

[Cut to close up of her kneeling with elias guiding her]

Elias: Kneel before him Kendra [softly spoken]

[Kendra kneels before the Goat and the alter]

[Cut scene to close up of Elias Approaching Miiro]

Elias: She is ready my Lord [Bows and goes and takes his place at the altar with the women on it, and starts chanting with the rest]

[Miiro starts walking towards Kendra. Cut scene to a close up of him coming up behind her and placing his hands on her shoulders]

Miiro: Take him in Kendra…[Whispers in her ear. Her head rolas back Powerless, still taken by the concoction and spread her arms out]
[Miiro takes the goat down and lays it on the altar at the woman's feet, and returns to Kendra]

[As Mirro approaches her, he grabs Stone chalice from the shrine, dips it into the goats blood and fills it, then returns to behind Kendra]

Miiro: May you be covered in the Masters blessing [Dipping his finger into the blood and drawing an inverted crucifix on her head]

Kendra: Cover me……[Still in extacy]

[Cut to A front view of Kendra]

Miiro: May you be covered in the Masters power..[He then pours the blood from one shoulder to the other, letting it run down covering her chest and abdomen and continuing]

Kendra: Cover me…...

[Kendra starts rubbing her chest And abdomen, smearing the blood and rubbing it in, licking it of her fingers as she goes]

[Cut to Miiro walking up to the shrine and grabbing the knife that Gustav first gave Kendra. He brings it over with him to Kendra and Reaches for her hand. She takes it and stands up. He leads her to the open spot over the women on  the altar ]

[Cut to Gustav driving down the dirt road And stopping before the area where Miiro parked]

Gustav: Fuck! Fuck!!! [Jumping out and running towards the fire area with Mike and Reggie following]

[Cut to the alter table. Miiro is giving the knife to kendra. Kendra grabs it with both hands holding it over the girl, Blood is still dripping from Kendras hands. She stares down at the women. The women I squirming on the table now running her hands up and down her body.]

[Cut to Miiro going over and filling the cup once more from the bucket]

[Cut to back at the altar table, Miiro stands over the woman and pours the blood on her chest and abdomen, She is rubbing the blood all over in an erotic fashion]

[Cut to Gustav, mike and Reggie running up to the door of the building]

[Cut to Miiro next to Kendra]

Miiro: Send her home Kendra, We need her heart to raise him into being. Send he to the master…..

Kendra: For you my Lord [raises the knife]

[Cut to close up of gustav entering the door]

Gustav: Kendra NO!!!!!!!! [Close up of his face]

[Cut to a zoom in of kendra’s face. Her her pupils turn blood red, then black She screams in rage]

[Cut scene out to black. You here the women scream]

The Fucking End


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