Code Red A Cut Above The Rest

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I thought I would try something a little different with hospital codes. Therefore, I will be posting a different code color. Five in all. I gave you Code Blue, and please take into consideration,
no this is not what this nurse does in her spare time in a hospital setting. There is not enough hours in the day to perform my regular critical care nursing assessments as it is. This is pure
FANTASY AT ITS BEST Love and Hugs, Kemy

Submitted: June 15, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018




A Cut Above The Rest

The Nurse and the handsome Surgeon

What a cutting slice of life which brings forth all its naughty excursions

A handsome man above the rest

Nothing covets his time but the best

I thought I would move up in the ranks

More love, more me, means a bigger bank

Jovial time and vintage wines

Yacht sails and Harley Davidson ocean front rides

Who defines me

Only the essence of my heart and my healing creed

Who am I

Hum…ask me that after you’ve read and dined on my desirable lines



I just donned my scrubs when my pager beeped

Umm, my handsome surgeon must be in need of me

I go and scrub my hands

For a face to face quicken mental romance

Eyes to eyes, until the door closes and then our intimate slow dance

I walked into the operating room

Umm what an eye popping sonic boom

Coral-blue colored eyes just for me as they passionately loomed

A handsome surgeon, who nightly craves the scent of my essence like I’m his favorite smelling perfume

We both looked down at the patient with fear in his eyes

I caressed his hand and reassured him with a lifesaving lullaby

Sir, you have the best surgeon any man can ask for

As I glanced into my handsome surgeon’s eyes, I remembered the bed, shower and then the bathroom floor

Doc, how long is this process going to take

The surgeon winked at me as he remembered my see through camisole on our first date

The surgeon cleared his throat and looked down at the patient

Wondering how he could be submissive under a butter rum Haitian

Sir, this is a complex procedure, you will be under for the entire time

Yes, like the night your tongue tasted the wine rolling down the curvature of my spine

The occurrence made us both late the next day

Hurrying in to serve the needs of the ill’s fate

Can I see my wife first, please

You asking a man who this nurse has begging nightly on his knees for a taste, and then a wicked tease

Sure, why not

The surgeon looks at my lips and recollected how I services his knot on the spot

We will be right back

I followed the surgeon out the operating room

The surgeon looked around, pulls me into his arms, his lips eradicated the hospitals dreariness and daily gloom

Feelings spinning me such as this, I must sweetly gloat

Palms roving up and down my back, heated emotions displayed from being bottled up as a desert remote

Rapture escalating until someone clears their throat

Two bodies break apart, freezing eyes pinned our illicit post

I hope you like the color yellow

The CEO, umm, what a tall, muscular, and sinewy handsome fellow



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