Sweet Mary

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often, living just eats away at your life and before you know it, it's gone.

Submitted: June 15, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018




Sweet Mary

The sign says Closed.She sweeps the floor, 

then wipes the tables clean. 

She reaches for a cigarette, she needs just one right now. 

 A need to stop and sit

 a bit , a minute maybe three. 

 A pause to muse her ho-hum days.


Each night there’s rivalry among the guys; their anxious grins and wanting eyes.  She pats their backs and gently says . . .

 “Now, you come back.”

 They always do. 

 Sweet Mary.


 The boss down at the diner rolled his weary eyes, but it was Mary's birthday.She turned eighteen that fine spring day she promised she could do the job.

He took a chance on Mary.


 The years piled on, she’s twenty-two, she’s twenty-nine or thirty.

A guy or two along the way, then just the one, at love's long last.

He pledged his loyalty and vowed, "I'll love you always, Mary dear.He swore this on his mother’s life. .

 But mother died, one fateful day. .

and he was gone. . . Sweet Mary.


Each time the door swings open, Mary looks to see who’s there.

But it’s not he, will never be, she hides her ache so expertly.


An eyeball check, can’t take a chance. . 

she gave the place her Grade A glance.

She pats her hair and checks her lips.  A retouch wouldn’t hurt.

Her coat awaits, she slips into its cozy sanctuary.


The aging diner plug is pulled; it lights her aging diner world.

She locks the door then, hums a tune. .

We bid Goodnight, Sweet Mary.

Judith Corea

106 Martinek ln

Palmer, Texas 75152



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