The Wife of Cyrus Reddington

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I see fate has led you to yet another grim piece of the puzzle. Well Reader, I'm afraid that even if you have all the pieces of the puzzle you may find it hard to put them together. You must not
get out enough if you still find this the best way to pass the hours. Oh well, I won't stop you. I see you've made up your mind to journey down this destructive road. If you have any hope of
solving this madness you won't be able to do it alone. Let me help you by saying the stories are out of order, and speaking of order, first letters really do matter when it comes to some words. Or
did you not realize that there was more to these stories than there seemed to be?

Submitted: June 15, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018



The Wife of Cyrus Reddington.


Busy Thompson was searching for a new portal, this search of course brought her to the Faraday Inn. An Inn with the best functioning portal any of the members knew of. So, after joining this revolutionary Organization she traveled to the Inn she had heard so much about. She had also secretly hoped to meet the owner Jack Faraday.

Standing outside the black gates of the inn, she rang the buzzer.

“Hello?” a man’s voice answered the buzz.

“Um... yes, Hello? I’m--uh-- Busy, Busy Thompson.” She wasn’t quite sure about how to go about such things.

“When the time is right” She paused, “I shall like a room.” There was a silence on the other end.

“When the time is right,” The man said, and the gate opened. It made a loud squealing noise. She shyly walked into the warm Inn and was greeted by a short man.

“Busy, was it?” He vigorously shook her hand, “I believe I have just the room for you,” He held out a key with the number 003 on it.

“Thank you, Sir,” She gave him a nervous smile.

“I look forward to talking to you… later.” He nodded to another man who was alone in the corner.

“Yes-- Later.” She took the key. The man in the corner came over and shook her hand.

“I’ll show you to your room,” he took her arm, “Busy was it?”

“Yes-- Thompson, and you are?”

“Jack--Faraday.” She looked at him astonished.

“Please,” He said, “keep walking,”

She smiled and looked at the ground. Her husband had talked so highly of Jack that she could hardly believe she was meeting him.

He opened the door to her room and stepped inside with her, locking it behind them. He then continued to shut the curtains. Then he went to the north corner and opened the full-length mirror to reveal a passageway.

“After you Miss Thompson,”

“Thank you,” She flashed her charming smile as she descended into the tavern.

Taking a seat in the back of the tavern she could see the rough looking bartender cleaning the counter.

“So Busy, how did you happen upon the Organization?”

“You mean who told me about the organization?” She again smiled shyly, “My husband-- Ex Husband.” She said the second part more quietly.

“What was his name?”

“Cyrus Reddington.” She spoke clearly.

Jack gave her a confused look.

“Cyrus, Reddington?” He looked at her with doubt, “I’ve never heard of him.”

“Are you sure? He claimed he knew you,” She looked very confused.

“Ivan,” The brute behind the bar lifted his head slightly, “will you grab the records for me?”

Ivan nodded.

“You see Busy, the organization is growing, it used to be that I knew everyone personally, and well now it seems that there are just too many for me to recall them all by memory.”

Busy smiled nervously, she was unsure about everything now.

Ivan placed the book on the table with a loud thud.

“Thank you, Ivan,” Jack began to comb through the pages looking both under C and R for Cyrus or Reddington. “He isn’t listed.” Both Ivan and Jack glared at the young lady.

“But-- I don’t understand,” She whispered emotionally.

“What can you tell us about this, Cyrus Reddington?” Jack asked, sounding more accusing then he meant to.

“Cyrus, he found me about six years. I was working at a library. Cyrus came in, he was frantic--looking for some book about a Jewel. I told him I had seen the book and that another gentleman checked it out just before he got here.”

“A gentleman? Can you describe him?” Ivan asked, which took Jack by surprise seeing as though Ivan normally didn’t talk.

“He--he had black hair.” She paused as if to recall the man, “He looked really odd-- not in an ugly way, or a handsome one. He just looked odd.”


“Yes! Peculiar.”

Ivan crossed his arms and clenched his jaw, muttered something under his breath and left to the back room.

“Cyrus seemed really upset. He asked me if I had read the book. I told him I had read only a few pages. I remember him giving me a very funny look. He began to go on and on about the strangest things, a place called Ardia, and travelers.”

Jack sat up as those words seemed to grab his attention.

“At first, I thought he was crazy, but I started having these dreams.”

“About Ardia?”

“No,” she said, “not entirely. I kept seeing this child, and Cyrus was there too. He was older at the time, he was dying.”


“Cyrus.” she looked down for a moment, but then continued. “After that, other things began happening. I kept travelling there.”


“One of the realms.”

Jack seemed amazed, and his stupefied face made Busy pause.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you understand that everyone else uses a portal to get to Ardia? And even then, some people don’t make it through.”

“Some people?”

Jack crossed his arms and leaned back.

“Some people just aren’t magic enough.” He said in a sour tone.

“But Jack, that’s why I’m here. I need the portal. I can’t travel like that anymore.”

“Why not?”

“It’s like someone is put up a gate. It’s nearly impossible for me to get there without help.”

“And coming back?”

“I can do that very easily.”

Ivan slammed a book down on the table.

“Is this the book you were talking about?”

Busy looked at it wide eyed. “Yes--but how do you have it?”

“Another Rival Day in Aurora vol. II.” Jack said in disbelief. “This is the book you read?”

“Only a little,” Busy admitted.

“Fascinating.” Jack said with almost contempt. “You are aware that only those who bare our seal can enter the portal… safely.”

“Very much so Jack. In Fact, when I first started traveling Cyrus insisted I get this tattoo.” She pulled back her hair revealing a small tattoo behind her ear. It was an infinity sign with a pitchfork going through it.  

Jack looked baffled. “And he claimed to know me?”

“Yes, he said he knew you very well,”

“And you say his name is Cyrus Reddington?” Jack said stroking his chin.

“That’s right.”

“I would love to meet this man you speak of.” Ivan said in a hollow tone.

“Oh.” Busy said halfheartedly. “I haven’t seen him in years.”

“Why is that?” Jack asked insensitively.

“He disappeared. I haven’t seen him in years, ever since…” She quieted down. “It’s been a long time.” Ivan looked at her with an odd expression, as if he were questioning something.

“I see…” Jack said in a way that made Busy cast her eyes toward the ground. Maybe it was his condescending manner toward her that he himself was not fully aware of.

“So, you want to use our portal?” Ivan said after a moment's pause.

“Yes, I would. I believe he’s stuck on the other side.” She cast her eyes off to the side the way people do when they are recalling a memory.

Jack stood up, “I’m sorry Busy, I’m afraid we can’t help you.” Jack nodded his head at Ivan and turned around rather coldly.

“That’s Jack Faraday for you,” Ivan said with a grim look, “Hasn’t been the same sense he lost his cousin.”

“Oh. I hadn’t realized.”

“C.R disappeared through that portal and was never seen again. It’s been almost six years now.”

“Is that sort of thing normal?”

“No, C.R was only the second person to disappear through the portal.” Ivan paused and rubbed his eyes which were growing tired. “Wasn’t the last, just seems these days that more people are going in then they are coming out.”

“I understand,”

“It’s not just you Jack turns down; most people aren’t allowed to travel there anymore. Only a few.”

“Like who?” Busy had leaned in and changed her tone. Some plot seemed to be forming in her mind.

“The mad-men, they were the last ones to go in and come out alive.”

“I’ve heard of them,” Busy’s eyes gleamed, “Cyrus told me about them-- Do you know where they are Ivan?”

“Upstairs, their leader, he works as part of the staff here at the inn.”

“Thank you,” She smiled as a sign of gratitude and left the room.


Upstairs in the lobby she was approached by same short man who had given her the key.

“Did you enjoy your stay Miss?” He held out his hand for the key.

“Yes, it was exactly what I needed” She lowered her voice and spoke softly, “Are you a mad-man?”

His eyes lit up and a fowl grin came across his weaselly face.

“I am indeed.” he gave a wicked little smile.

“Is it true you’re one of the few people they let travel,”

“Me and my team….” He leaned closer and looked around the room before saying, “But there is always from for another member.” He raised in eyebrow.

“When do we leave?” Busy asked with a small grin.

“Tonight, with or without you, we’re going through the portal at 11:45.”  He whispered, but suddenly turned around and began to look preoccupied when Jack was seen coming down the stairs. Jack pushed past Busy and grabbed a peculiar looking man, quickly shuffling him outside.

“That’s him,” Busy thought, “That’s the man who had taken the book before Cyrus could find it.”

She stared at the door, she had always believed that that peculiar man had something to do with Cyrus’ disappearance, but she had never been able to track him down. And now, here he was, practically hand delivered to her. She had waited for when the time was right, and now, it was.


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