The Sweetest Taboo

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Submitted: June 15, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018



The Sweetest Taboo

 Poem inspired by the lyrics of Sade

The Sweetest Taboo

The Sweetest Taboo

As earth tears sheds from its wrath of reminisce due

Soaring higher with fragile angelic wings

Things are not always as they appear on earth when the cold winds sting

Angels echoing cry when we sing

A warm blanket of life, comfort lost in the gust

Clipped me from the sky, earthbound me, heavenly whispers are now turning to rust

Swept in the wind and gently carried away by Morocco sand dust

Glimpse into your heart

Rainfalls of an Angel tears hears your beautiful art

Galaxy, moon, rainbow, the big bang theory of its start

Your pleasure

An once blinded cherished treasure

Was it all in vain of a good measure

Let it be your soul’s guide to channel the frost bitten weather

A whisper to the stratosphere as I stand strong

A clandestine kiss from an handsome earthling, unscrupulous behavior, now that the stars have gone

Silence is the company of being alone

What now propels a mental song

Fallen Angel for such elevated whimsical lyrics in the sky, could my wings have been wrong

Tattered Angel, as I once so eloquently said

Heaven, earth, the galaxy, the stars, the sun, and the moon has always been my celestial bed

Love, heart, mind, body, and soul

My halo from a far away land I shared as I once earthly patrolled

As my Haitian Creole spiritual temple would say

You can’t have Earth, and Heaven your way

Divinity are for wise men

The infinity is for a wise man who surpasses the temptation to sin

A man who knows the worth of his life as his own story begins

Aquarian water flow to sustain life

Bread of life is given to those who condemn daily strife

Fly higher Sweet Taboo in your journey to be, allow your mind to rise to set you free

A heart that now divides and an umbrella to shelter me

An earth Angel with an arrow without her heavenly bow, is that all you see


Se pou van an toujou ankouraje w

Let the winds always encourage you

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