That Terrifying Scene

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The one scenario of horror that a woman might have no choice but to face is being told in this six stanza etheree poem.

Submitted: June 15, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018




was still

being scared

out of her mind

and it was due to

the sounds of the women

before her who were in the

process of getting savagely

raped in the room next to the one she

had no choice but to stay due to bondage.



was not

able to

move because of

the ropes nor scream for

help due to the cloth gag

on her mouth but her ears were

still able to work much to her

horror because she had no choice but

to hear the sounds of the other women.



was just

before the

door opened and

two men had dragged the

unconscious body of

a naked woman into

the room and Jane was able to

see that her body has been truly

violated with more than just a lash.



Jane looked

up with eyes

of a scared girl

at one of the thugs

and heard him say, "Your time

has come! The master is now

waiting for you!", before the two

other thugs had lifted her off the

chair and out of the room she had been in.



as she


to hear the sound

of snapping whips and

more women screaming in

pain, Jane saw that the goons were

carrying her towards a light

at the end of the hallway which made

her gag slip off in order to scream, "NO!!"




that scream, Jane

looked around and

saw that she had been

laying in her own bed

and that terrifying scene

was nothing more than just a dream

before she looked at the invite to

a friend's bondage party and tore it up.

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