Steak House

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Submitted: June 15, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018



Would you like a table or booth ?

No I came here to eat on the floor ,

carpet for one please. How would you like your steak?

Just knock the horns off of it

and chunk it on the plate.

Sorry for the wait,

Would you like an appetizer ?

No thanks , I think

I'll survive on five peanuts.

A crowd of seven walks in

they place an order,

and within five minutes

their food is on the table.

I start tapping my fingers

on the edge of my table .

I was hoping to draw the attention

of the waitress who had walked past me

countless times,

filling everyone's drinks.

I was growing very impatient

with the so called "fast service ".

So I called out to her

and asked how much longer

it was going to be .

She acted like she couldn't

understand the English language,

and simply replied with "what?"

My face began to turn red

as a cherry tomato .

I wanted to ask her if

I was speaking Greek.

Another crowd of five come in

and take a seat.

They place their orders

and within ten minutes ,

their food was on the table.

I began tapping my foot on

the concrete floor,

revealing the message that I wasn't happy.

Finally my steak had arrived

and it looked like

a blow torch was taken to it .

I may as well have just

ran at full speed ,

and dove my face into

a live bull.

I had enough

and got up without saying a word.

I walked out the door

and haven't been back since.

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