The Golden Pocket Watch

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Every terrible end begins with an even more terrible beginning... bad beginnings. Yes, I like the sound of that. Call me morbid if you'd like after all you chose to be here, I on the other hand
have a very different reason for being here. What? Oh, you'll find out won't you? After all you've read this far, why stop now? Perhaps you can prevent the end. But look at me, getting a head of
myself. I will warn you, if you continue you may not like what you find. Please get out of your house a little more and find a better way to pass the hours.

Submitted: June 15, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018



The Golden Pocket Watch


It was another routine day in August. The dry air and scolding sun made the two children who sat under a pathetic tree, vigorously impatient.

“I don’t wanna do nothing today.” The older boy said with contempt.

The younger boy who was his minor by at least two years, looked over at him, “Why’s that C.R?”

“There isn’t a reason to do anything that’s why Jack. Sometimes you just gotta lay back and do nothing and think about nothing and be nothing.” C.R said as he put his hands behind his head, leaning back against the tree.

“Yeah!” Said Jack mimicking his cousin’s actions.

“What they don’t tell you about life Jack is it don’t matter if you’re smart or not,”

“It doesn’t?” The young boy asked, he had been told his whole that he was an extraordinary boy for his age.

“Course not! The only people who come out on top are the people who make things happen, the same people who know it's easier to get people to work for ya instead of working twice as hard yourself.”  C.R spit into the grass and rubbed his nose. Jack tried to copy him but being more dignified than his cousin he has never really spit before and found it dribbling down his chin.

“Why would people do your work for you?” Jack asked after he wiped his chin.

“Cuz, some people don’t look at the bigger picture.” C.R paused and glanced over at his little cousin. “Ya know Jack, I’m a smart kid, but you, you’re really smart. But that’s where you got short ended. Ya got all these adults telling ya stuff like it pays to be smart, but that isn’t true. It isn’t always good to be good at knowing everything. They tell ya stuff like knowledge is power, well that’s not true. The more ya know the more miserable you’ll be. Once ya know something you can’t unknow something. It’s people like you that never get to dream, they got too much common sense for dreaming cuz they know dreams don’t come true. They’re trying to make you into an adult even though you’re just a baby. There’s lots of time for being old, don’t let them take it all away from you. You’re just too young for that.” C.R pulled at the grass as he spoke and when he had finished he looked over at Jack to see if he understood.

“I’m not a baby.” Jack muttered under his breath, “I don’t want to be smart C.R. I just am.” Jack’s little face looked somber, and his eyes were full of gloom.

“You can’t help it, but stop trying to learn so much. It’s not normal.”

“But I like learning…” Jack whimpered.

“You like learning about how to be an adult?”

“No, I like learning about science.” Jack said with satisfaction.

“Science?” C.R laughed, “Oh man, you’ll never be able to beleive nothing if you beleive science.” C.R stood up. “Come on kid, lets have some fun before you become a boring adult.” Jack hopped up and followed his cousin.  

“Where are you going?”

“We. And we are going to the lake.” C.R said in a mocking tone.

“But Alpa said not to go to the lake alone…”

“Kid,” C.R stopped and turned around. “I thought ya were smart,” Jack stared at him blankly. Frustrated C.R shook his head and took in a deep breath.

“Ok genius let me break it down for you, you aren’t going to the lake alone, I’m going with you. And I’m not going to the lake alone because you’re going with me. See, that makes it ok.”

Jack knew this logic was faulty however he idolized his cousin and refused to ruin their fun.

“What are we going do?”

“Swim, it’s a lake, you swim in lakes.” C.R retorted with a small laugh.

They soon came to the small trail that lead down to the lake. It was an isolated outskirt of the lake in fact only the two boys knew about that prime spot.

“Take of your clothes and leave ‘em on the ground,”

“Why do we have to take off our clothes if Alpa would be fine with us swimming?”

“Did I ever say that? No. Just come on Jack, I’m going to show you how to have some fun before you get too smart to have fun.”

Jack, who still wanted to have fun decided that one secret from Alpa would be ok.

They both jumped into the cool water and began to splash around.

C.R dove to the bottom and came back up.

“I think I see something down there.”  C.R declared.

“What was it?” Jack asked as he swam over to the dive spot.

“Dunno. Why don’t you tell me, go get it Jack.”

Jack who naturally took this task as a challenge decided to dive down to retrieve the shining object. He surfaced moments later with a loud gasp for air.

“Got it,” He waved an object around wildly.

“Let me see.” C.R took it from his hands, “Hey, wow. Look Jack, its gold.” C.R bit down on the watch.

“Gold!” Jack said in awe.

“Look Jack, look it’s a watch, it’s got two sides.” C.R began to play around with the watch. Jack who felt a fish brush against his leg looked away from C.R for a moment only to turn back to find him gone.  

“C.R?” He called out several times with no answer. He dove under water frantically searching the tides for C.R. He was gone.  

“C.R!” He cried out and listened to the silence the proceeded.

He floated there a moment, unsure of what to do when, his cousin appeared before his eyes. The surreal moment made Jack pause.

“JACK!” C.R exclaimed wild eyed and unsure of what had just happened. “How long was I gone?”

“Gone? A minute or two.” Jack didn’t understand what C.R meant by gone. “Where were you?”

“Another world. You won’t believe what I saw, it was…” He suddenly searched himself and then raised the watch out of the water. “It was the watch, it’s-- magic.”

Jack looked dubious.

“Another world --” He hesitated, and his eyes grew big, “C.R, your-- your arm!” Both boys stared in horror at the odd markings the seemed to glow and then fade on C. R’s arm.

“It was the watch, it took me there!”

“Give me that watch,” Jack grabbed it away from him and clicked the button and moved the back parts. He wanted to see magic, but it didn’t work.

“What’s wrong!” He demanded.

“Some people aren’t magic.” C.R said in dismal.

“You mean, I’m too smart…” Jack looked at the watch in his small hand and his lip quivered. He wasn’t magic, some people aren’t after all. But that comes from intelligence and from science. Doubt in unexplainable things, when others don’t question them or even know they should. He didn’t believe, he couldn’t, therefore he would be left out of many trips to this strange land C.R had discovered. But, when the time is right, even Jack Faraday would get his turn to see this place. When the time is right.  


© Copyright 2020 H.C.W. All rights reserved.

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