Just another gift

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Fable for true lovers

Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Just another gift!



Ganapathy sundar Lakshmanan








He smiled at her. When she wears glasses.

But he started loving at her, when she’s not wearing glasses.

You know why? That’s just because of her eyes!

He is so crazy about it.

  • GanapathySundarLakshmanan



Believe! You have the power to turn the worst in to best.

  • GanapathySundarLakshmanan






Thanks to the people of this world!


















It was a breezy afternoon, around quarter past Three. Margaret is on the terrace. She was in an elegant red top and a black jean. Hanging clothes at terrace for drying. The Wind from the mountains blew stronger and faster.


Margaret’s hair swung in air at random. Without Margaret’s knowledge Alex came to terrace and he’s standing behind her. Her hair is in contact with his entire face, for about 20 seconds.


Suddenly the rain started. Margaret, now turning back looking for a hide, became unforeseen and unspeakable seeing Alex. (“She can’t express how happy she is”). Margaret asked Alex, “What’cha doing here, dear.” He replied in amorous manner “I'm feeling you my sweetheart!. You smell like my love”. Instantly Margaret blushed. She had dimple on her cheeks. She kicks on Alex’s chest. He kissed on her dimple and said I loved it. Then they played in the rain like the littles.


Unintentionally, Alex wakes up from the bed. Alex is so upset, he’s started crying thinking of the moments he spent with Margaret. His T-Shirt,now full of tears. It is so fucking hard for him. It was around 3:35 early morning. He's was so happy when he was with her. They felt like they both were alone in the planet, loving everything in it. The grass, flowers, mud, water, the sun, the moon and everything. “Now she's so damn far away from me.” Alex thought. Alex is telling that like so vehement in inside his heart. Blood started bleeding from his nose.


Staying still on his bed, looking mysterious, with tears welling through his eyes and blood through his nose. The sun rises, Steve entered into Alex room. He knows all the story of Alex. He is trying make him as clean. Then Alex is getting ready to go to his work. He came to the Colorado junction to catch his train. He saw an elegant small girl looking puzzled with teary eyes. Alex can understand the reason behind it. Clusters of people got past her but none resembled her mother.


She came to Alex, hugging his leg, crying. She told that she lost her mama. Alex says politely “Relax sweetheart, I’ll get you to your mama. Let’s find her out together alright.” He started showing every women that got past them. All the same, they cannot find her. People started suspecting him as child thief. He can understand by the looks people gave him. There was a mild rain. There is a lady besides to Alex. Her hair flicked through his face in the air. Immediately he was like an eyes on stalks. It is the smell of his love.


To his surprise, Margaret’s eyes were fixed on the child in his hand rather than himself. The child instantly on seeing Margaret leapt out of his hands with joy. “Hazel, Where have you gone, dear?” Alex is staring at them. Now he’s lost. Margaret, seeing Alex stood still like a statue. Her hair is ill-favoured. Alex took her hand. Tears welled through her eyes. Alex consoled both of them. They sat at the walking pavement and had a little talk, Alex gets to know that her husband died. And that Margaret with Hazel has planned on move to some place far away.



Moments later, Alex started his car, Margaret and Hazel are with him now.


“Where would you like to go, Mar?”


Margaret replied, “To your Heart” in a lovey-dovey manner.


Alex simply cannot explain how he felt or how happy he is. They started off their journey. Alex took them to a pleasing place he’s visited. A place plenty of nature. A place where only the three of them existed.


Alex owned the place, along with a small house made of woods. They started loving the beauty of nature.There was a mild rain again, they played and danced with Hazel. Margaret hugging Alex said “You smell like my true love sweetheart and I'm feeling you.”


Hale dedicate this story to her love Adele, who really want to get reveals the great part him. She asked him to write something for her. Eventually he did it for her. Adelewas impressed by his story.They both were kissed.She said I love you so much and he said love you too darlene.











[Dedicated to all who are in True Love]


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