Letters of our Love

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Transcripts from a tragic love story.

Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018



“Baby, I’ll always love you”
“You’re my world and universe”
Tears stream down my face
Some words can really hurt
Transcripts from a letter
She wrote just a year ago

An innocent, I couldn’t have known
Days later, my heart she broke
“I love you with all my being”
Why must she be so unforgiving?

“Yours truly, fully, lovingly”
The most painful lie she wrote
“I hope we stick together”
Oh, how much I still love her

She couldn’t let me be
I fell in love, my hopes were up
I thought I reached the sky
Then she pulled me back to Earth
With a swift move, it was all over
Suddenly, I couldn’t even talk to her

When we were us, I did the best I could
Our passion seemed to fit me like a glove
Did she ever even love me?
If she did, it’s surely gone
Or was that only something written
In the letters of our love?

I even told her I was sorry
But my words she didn’t buy
For I apologized for nothing
A reply she wouldn’t write

I know we could be friends
If she could just forgive
But at least I’ll always know 
Even though she forgot me
That I gave myself to her
Truly, fully, lovingly

© Copyright 2019 Eddie deMoura. All rights reserved.

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