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This is a poem describing how young people are getting into bad lifestyle with their friends and how it is not only affecting their life but also how it can affect the whole country!

Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018





The sky is dark,

Lights flickering side by side,

Three friends are heading to places unknown to them,

Bought those three cans,

It’s fun one said, it cools you the other,

Let’s experience it then, said the third brother.


They are heading, places unknown to them,

New place it is,

 Making their friendship stronger,

They are walking without looking,

Speaking without thinking,

Now they look to see where they are,

They now see where they are,

But do not realize where they are!


After cooling, they now go to their hotel,

It’s already midnight, but the night has just started,

They now go to see the darkness with point lights flickering,

They speak their hearts out,

They still do not realize it’s good,

But it’s bad,

It is worse than it is good for their life!


The fourth brother joins them,

They go for a walk again,

The new brother is shy at first,

But is he really shy?

Oh maybe because it is his first try!

The glass structure in front of them is a piece of art,

A curve resembling the curves of a young lady,

They are eager to try it,

They have already made the decision,

 The round will go clockwise,

Starting from the first brother,

The pipe is handed to second, third and fourth,

And back to the first brother again,

Now they are already brothers for life,

Sharing each other’s secret about their future wife.


They are smoking it like there is no tomorrow,

Inhale and exhale is all it is,

That experience is all there is to live,

They enjoy their day as they have never before,

The brothers cannot see each other now,

Smoke is all there is to see,

But there are many things to listen to!


With those ideas you can really make so many life easier,

But who will do it?

Those brothers are not even able to help themselves,

They are not only not seeing each other,

They also cannot see their future,

Their family’s future,

Their country’s future!!!


Now they return back to their hotel again,

It’s now 2 am,

But the night has really just started,

They now go to see the darkness with point lights flickering,













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