Hidden Chronicles of The Land Of Doom

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A normal teen, whose life is a mess, her family broke ,when discovers a secret passageway through her cupboard leading to the Land of Doom

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Darkness prevails inside me. I'm really in a very chaotic state where my emotions are engulfing me with every single second of my existence. My brain and heart are constantly battling each other as the scenario which has presented itself in front of my eyes is really unexpected. The legends i heard were no fables but the truth. " He shall riseth one day, when the heart is reunited with sword". Dammit. It is all my fault. Maybe it's should have believed him for once. My name is Chelsea. I'm just a normal teen from Queens. I live with my father in an old , ugly building in the suburbs. But this ain't my original home. We are basically from North Canada. I lived in Whitehorse which is the only city in the smallest state of Canada. Lush greenery and fauna teems the region as river Mackenzie flows in its beautiful, curvy course. My mother died when I was just 13 years old in a car accident. This was what my father told me but I never believed him. I was closer to my mother than my father, who being a scientist was always away for research. We talked to each other rarely. My mother was the only string of communication between us. Unfortunately, after her death even our small talks stopped. Things were very awkward between us. My dad was devastated as I thought. We since have moved from city to city eventually reaching Queens. My early teen years have been difficult. Losing my mother made me weak and vulnerable. Everyone in my new school teased me because I was silent and weird. They didn't know how I was hiding my shattered heart. They teased me, put me down and did everything to make a clown out of me. I am eighteen now. My college is about to start. It's the Queens College. It is a very prestigious institution. As I get up early, and start performing my daily, mundane routine, I know my father would be gone as it has happened before. As I went down for breakfast, I saw a lady cooking some bacon and poached eggs on the stove. She was small in height, and had thick black curling hair.She wore a long , colourful dress. When she saw me, she beamed with delight and said, "Hello! I'm Lily, your housekeeper. You must be Chelsea. See, I made some gourmet breakfast for you." " Hi, nice to meet you. And thanks.. for the breee--akfast". I said with an awkward pause.She just smiled and served the delicious meal. As I gobbled upon it hungrily, she went to the living room. It had been days since I had eaten such great homemade food. Tinned food has only been my source of power. I set out to college. It was just a block away. I was wearing a black tee and a ripped jeans. I rehearses some lines in my mind. If anyone said hello, just say hi and move on. If someone invited you, being extremely busy is the best excuse.And if any teacher asked about your family, just tell the smallest cum nicest description. No eloquent speech. I wanted to avoid everyone as much I could. Super introvert I am. Reaching the college, I admired its campus. It was massive . The buildings were sandstone colour. Hordes of students and staff could be seen everywhere. I started walking inside , finding the secretary office. Some bunch of punks stood there and one of them stopped me. "You, new?" He asked. " Yeessss", I said trembling with fear. They started laughing. He then said, " You are going to the office?" I nodded.They looked towards each other as if something hilarious was happening. He offered me to take me to the office. I accepted, but I was hesitant. The boy nudged me forward to follow him. He took me till the end of the corridor.Something was not right. My heart was beating loud. The corridor was deserted. Suddenly he opened a room and pushed me inside z closing it. I was shocked. "Hey! What the hell you trin---" "Enjoy, you new little sparrow. Welcome to the college. May you enjoy a happy stay with us." He grinned a smile filled with mirth and went away. The room was dark and smelled trash. I banged on the door with my so called herculean strength and screamed for help but to no use. The room had a small window from where a little light came. But the window wasn't enough for me to go. As I cursed myself for my folly, I saw something glistening in the corner. But there was no sunlight there. What was it? As I came near, the light glistened with more intensity. I saw it was a mirror. As I saw my reflection in it, something strange happened. Suddenly my reflection started shaking. I felt a surge of energy in my body. And then I lost consciousness. Thrown into a void of complete darkness. Next I wake up I feel a surge of pain in my head. I get up see that miraculously I have been transported somewhere! Am I dreaming or something? I tried to comprehend my surroundings. My surroundings were livid and colourful . It seemed as if I had reached a magic land. There were colourful flowers with a great essence essence and greenery surrounded me .The lucious green trees were tall enough to reach heaven. Butterflies,so marvellous, glided around me. The birds chirped in a melodious voice. It seemed so unreal. I started walking towards a cottage I saw at a distance. As I did so, everything disappeared. The lively surroundings turned miraculously to vantablack, everything disappearing almost in a nanoseconds time. All I could see was just a dark void with the house shining still bright. It was made of redwood and had a tiny blue roof. I was confused, yet my intuition told me to enter it. All I wanted was to get home from this horrible place. As fast as I could . I knocked the door. Someone came to reply. The door opened. What I saw next was unbelievable. "What are you doing here? I thought you went to work. Weren't you a scientist? And how are u dressed!! Where am I ?" , I asked in a single breath. It was my Dad. It was unbelievable. The man, with gold rimmed glasses, dishevelled hair and in always a lose, turtle neck sweater, suddenly was wearing a dress fit for a king. He was wearing a suit, navy blue in colour with an intricate, golden embroidery. His hair were neatly combed and a golden cape draping down his shoulders. He looked great. He had a very surprised and worried expression seeing me there. " What are u doing here Chelsea? How did you come here?" I told him my sad tale. He listened attentively to everything I had said. After I finished, he said with sigh, "The is something you need to know.I'm not who you think. Currently you are in the Land Of Divine. But now it has become Land of Doom.I'm the so called current king of this land. My parents were killed by the barbarous invader, Zandu. He belongs to the Gartyu tribe which belong to the Dark Universe. I had never been interested in politics. So I had shifted to Teres which we call " Earth". I had interest in astrophysics so I devoted my life studying wonders of space. My parents weren't happy with my decision and banished me . My younger brother, Davem was declared the heir. I had no problem.I fell in love with your mother during one of my holidays in Canada. She was wondrous. After you were born, my home was attacked.I had to rescue my people but my powers weren't enough. You mother died , it was the greatest blow to me. My parents were killed, even my brother. All the magic of this place was stolen. Everything colourful was gone. You experience illusions everywhere due to Zandu.'s evil magic. He does so to trick everyone who enters. He has a powerful army of loyals who could die for him. Thank God they didn't find you in their daily rounds. " " How is your home safe then ?" It has been protected by this ancestral locket in my neck which gives me the power to create things with my magic which are invisible to the Gartyu tribe." " But then I just saw...". " You have the royal blood my child. You are special. I also wanted to tell you that I was away and distant just because I didn't want you to be in trouble and I wanted you safe". It was too much for my mind to digest. I collapsed. Next thing, when I'm awake I know that I'm on a bed with my father sitting by my side, smiling at me wearily. Royal blood. Check. Inter dimensional being. Check. Bad people. Check. Seems a good idea for a story. " How are you feeling, my child?" " I'm fine." Suddenly someone comes into the room and says in an unknown language, " Het tslo sha eb dfoun.( The lost scroll has been found." He has a long white, weird and the clothes of a wizard. He is wearing thick spectacles. He stares at me and then bows down in respect. I'm just rooted to my place, lost. My father speaks to him and says something in that language again , "Tgrea. Slet ees hte yprophe.( Great. Let's see the prophecy." He then turns to me and says. "Child, you rest here. I'll be back in a minute". And he goes out with the man. I just wait for him to go and then get up to eavesdrop their conversation. I could overhear the wizard talk in broken English. "Shee iss our savior. Let's tell em . " My father said, " But she can't be.She is a human. It could be dangerous." " Test er. I see a spark in her." Suddenly I slipped and fell. The men stared in my direction. I got up, went up to my father and asked him to tell me who I was.My father sighed . " This is our beloved advisor. Mr. Higgins. He has found the Lost Scroll of Dormaku. It says you are the one who would kill Zandu and bring peace to our land. But.." I said, " I'm ready to do anything to save this land. I'm the princess by the way. It's my duty. Just tell me what to do." My father tols the wizard, "Ok".The wizard's grim face lightened. He nudged me to follow him. He took to a room in the corner. It was dark but not that much, with a couldron filled with a green liquid that shined. In a corner,there was an armour , silver and bright. The wizard went to a cupboard in the corner and bought out a golden case. When he opened it , I saw a necklace with a ruby, the size of my index finger bound to it. He said, "You to perform ritual. Wear it. Do what is said." I wore the necklace. It started shining bright. Then the wizard took the liquid in a small bottle and told me to drink it. I did as I was told.I started feeling energy surging inside me. It felt as if my bones and muscles were becoming stronger, I felt that I was growing up . I felt an intense pain in my brain. It became unbearable. I screamed and then there was unconsciousness. I woke and saw that I was again back in the room. My heart was beating rapidly. My father asked if I was okay. I nodded. The wizard told me to look myself in a mirror which was hung on the wall. I saw my reflection. I had become more muscular,grown in height, my face looked a little pale and my hair were thick brown from black.I admired myself . The wizard spoke. "The portion and locket with the power combined, enhanced your abilities. Both physical and mental. Only a few could activate the energy of the locket . You are one of them. You are our new warrior. I have kept your armour here near your bed. Go dress up. Your fight is near." I looked into my dad's face. Didn't seem much happy. The men left the room. I quickly wore the armour and also tied my new hair into a braid.i was ready. I went out in the living room. The men were having a rapid conversation in the unknown language. My father looked displeased. As they became aware of my presence, the wizard spoke first. " I am presenting you this sword . It is not just a sword but a magic weapon. You can achieve whatever tactic or peril you want for your enemy by just thinking it. It is stunned to your sciences. Also I have this magic helicarrier awaiting you outside. It would directly fly you to the palace." My father said, "All the best sweetheart. Save us all." Then they bid me farewell. Aboding the helicarrier, I set out for my mission. Dad was right. After every second, the scenario around me changed. Magic. Then I saw my destination. I saw a palace which was grand in front of me. But it was ripped of its awe as dark vines engulfed it. Suddenly something fired into the helicarrier but it dodged it successfully. It was a fire ball. I looked down and saw men wearing black uniforms firing at me through a huge cannon. The helicarrier was able to dodge it everytime. I landed successfully inside the castle. I took every step with caution. I remembered the location of the king's suite . It was a floor below. I proceeded but was suddenly encountered by the guards. They looked weird . They had cripply green skin and they face was scared. They had a grim expression. They came charging towards me . I took my sword out of the scabbard and thought about a peril. I opened my eyes and saw them wearing ballerina dresses with their weapons vanished. They were struggling to get out. Can't I think better. I thought once again and they changed to frogs with the ballerina dress encaging them. I moved forward. I reached the king's suite. Strange. The whole floor had no protection. This seems strange. Nevertheless I went inside the suite, cautiously. I saw someone standing in a purple night robe near the window. I could see his pale green skin and lush brown hair. The man was looking out, with no purpose. Suddenly he spoke. "So you came at last. I had seen you when you were a small girl on one of my visit to Teres. Now see, all grown up and beautiful. I knew you would come. Come, be my guest, my killer." Confused me again. Is this man crazy?? I came to kill him! I charged upon him with my sword. But then I was flying in air. All laws of gravity redefined! I struggled to come back to the ground. The man have a sly smile. He turned towards me. His face was really ugly. He had black stone eyes and lips like a dry rose .He laughed . I tried to think a way to paralyze and thought the sword would work but it didn't. I was aghast. Why did I even volunteer to do this? I was gonna die. The sword turned to ash. And I fell on the ground.Vines crept over me bonding my arms and legs.Zandu came towards me , laughing. "Oh, my dear. It is a pity you have to die so soon. Don't worry, it won't be painful. Like your mother." I was stunned. "You killed her?But she died in a ...." . " Car accident? You believed your father's lie? I came to Teres searching for the locket you are wearing. It could have made me the ruler of the five realms. But I didn't know your mother was no ordinary human. Her mother was a witch. She tried to defend you and the locket. The locket, she put a curse that only it could be obtained by killing the savior and sent it to Higgins. And you. She used her powers to provide you a safety cover. I killed her and now you too honey. The scroll chose you." I swelled with fury. I wanted to truly kill him. As he came near me, my locket started shining more brightly. Soon a beam of intense light came out and burner him. My energies were concentrated by the locket. It killed him. I couldn't hear his scream. I felt dizzy and swoosh! Unconscious again... I awakened in my bed. I looked around it was my room in Queens. I went downstairs. I saw Lily. She saw me and beamed with delight and said, "Hi, my name is Lily.." . "Hi. Can you tell me the day today? "Tuesday", she replied offended. I rushed upstairs to look myself in the mirror. I was back to normal. Was it a dream?I called father."What happened to Zandu? When did we return? Mr. Higgins is where? " "Sorry child I don't know what your speaking. Maybe it was a dream. You should not go to college today. You look I'll by your voice." I cut the phone immediately. It had been a long day. I just went to sleep again, praying that the nightmare doesn't return. Somewhere in Land of Divine, "Thank God she is fine. Didn't hope her to survive. Thought I would lose her too like her mother." " It's ok, my king. Your daughter is as brave as you. You did much for your people. I think it's time you tell her the truth and rule here together." "Higgins, I had something to say. I never liked this. Did this for my people. For taking Amanda's revenge. Don't wanna lose Chelsea. So I want you to rule her ." "But.." " No, now you're the king. I have faith in you. Rule wisely. Now I must go."

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