bts car acciident

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Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018




When everything comes crashing down ?

After a tiring day of practice Bangtan boys decided to head on a restaurant to fill their empty stomachs and chill out a  bit , the car ride was as usual loud with the maknae's line jokes and playing stupid games or at least thats what Suga thought  he realy wondered how could Jin and RM bare it 

" i guess since Jin has the same pesonality as the maknaes despite he's the eldest and RM is the leader then they would bare it easily or perhaps they are just stone dephs "Suga guessed . and while he was lost in his thoughts he saw from his seat a car speading towards them swerving in all ways , it was just a matter of a blink of an eye that it would crash in them and there's no way they could avoid it so he braced himself waiting for the car to collide with them , waiting for the pain since it would hit his side but he didn't feel anything just a loud bump then shouting but he couldn't understand any of the words and then just darkness ...

Jin's POV :

I was in my seat just searching in my phone for some new dad's jokes to tell later the other members about it but suddenly i heard wheels scratching as i was about to look up i felt a hard bump and then the car rolled up twice then landed on its side , i felt sharp pain all over my body but more in my left shoulder , i heard people shouting some asking to call 911 others trying to get help , i looked up to see blood everywhere , i saw jungkook and tae in obvious pain but conscience "good"  , RM had blood drooping from his head probably due to he hit his head with the widow since he was sitting next to it and Jhope had bruises and scratches all over his body but not serious , i looked at the other side and there was Jimin unconsciousness but i was shocked to see Suga that his picture scared me to death , he was also conscienceless , all his body covered in blood , his legs were obviously broken "smashed" , laying there too still that he looked dead i would believe it if i wouldn't notice his small shallow breaths , he was hanging only the seat-belt kept him from falling , then i saw medics who were trying to get us out as they worked on the members and me but i heard one them shouting to the others to come and get Suga out first " john ! come and help me get this one first , he has loast a lot of blood and his pulse is weak , i can barely stablise him " that's what i heard .

after the got me out of the car and the others safely i saw Jimin and Suga both with neck braces in case they hurt their necks , i went to the other members , they were all in shock and just complaining from the pain and then the peremidcs sent each two of us in an ambulance Suga and Jimn both them got their owns since they were the most injured .

When we got to the hospital it was a total mess, ER was so busy obviously there was another massive car crash , i saw the others coming with doctors in the ER when i suddenly saw Suga lying in the bed soo pale , he looked weak and a doctor was on top of him doing compressions to his heart and another one was ordering the nurse to shock at 260 joules and then i saw yoongi's body jerks from it place 

" damn it ! shock to 300 joules , i'm not letting this kid to die because of a stupid drunk driver , CLEAR ! , sh**t charge again " the doctor said .


The members were crying seing their hyung , their band mate, their beloved brother dead while the doctors were trying to bring him back to life ; blood drooping from his whole body , the ground was a pool of red liquid , they thought that this is it , they lost their Yoongi until their ears picked the sound of beeping on the heart monitor , they sighed in relief and saw the doctors quickly working on him and then rushing him to an emergency surgery .

a doctor walked towards them " are you his family ? "

" we're a band mates but we're more then family " the leader spoke 

" well i need to tell you that your friend has sustained some serious injuries and needs operation immediately which is why i'm here i need someone to sign this for the improvement of the surgery "

" yes , of course just do what you have to do just ... please save him " Jin said 

After hours that seemed like ages to the six members ( all of them got checked up and been given the properly medical treatment ) they were sitting in the solid metal uncomfortable chairs of the hospital wondering if their hyung is still alive , waiting for someone to come and give them hope , just a small hint that yoongi is still alive until the same doctor that they spoke to earlier came out , and they all braced themselves for what kind of news will they receive , it could be the news o their Sugar farewell 

ok so i have good news and bad news " the doctor said

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