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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Seeking Out the Enemy

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



Jason and Patricia were laughing and joking as they did the washing up that was left over from breakfast. In between drying Jason had a quick look out of the window towards the campfire.

“Is he still at it?” asked Patricia.

“Well he's doing something, I'm not sure what.”

“He’s burning something onto that leather.”

Jason finished drying and put the tea towel down. “At least he seems to be doing something.”

Patricia finished cleaning up the sink, “So will we be soon,” she said as the two of them sat down.

Jason picked up a printed photograph of Valerie that was on the table. “Who's this; she looks a bit of all right.”

Patricia frowned at him. “If you can control yourself for a moment; that's who we're looking for.”

“Hey, what do you mean?”

“I mean you and attractive young women.”

“Well you know, I still haven’t found the right one. I have to keep looking,” said Jason laughing. He put the photograph back down and moved the keys off the guidebook and looked idly at it lying on the table. His laughter stopped and he said “We could be searching for ages along that fissure and never find her, or them. Even if we do they would probably have the bomb planted and exploded before we could do anything.”

“I know, but we have to try.”

“What we have to do is find them before they can make a move.”

“I agree; that would be great, but how?”

Jason idly played with the tea towel. “That’s the big question. How do we know we’re even in the right place?”

“Jim and Talbot seem to know what they’re doing,” said Patricia, trying to convince herself as much as her brother.

“So, we prepare to save the world on the words of two strangers?”

Patricia handed Jason the last of the plates. “Not exactly, there is Trevor remember, that makes three strangers.”

“Okay then three strangers.”

As she emptied the water from the sink and wiped it down Patricia said “We can’t afford not to. Half an idea of what he’s up to is better than no idea at all.”

Jason dried off the last plate and put it on the pile. “All the same it would be nice to have some hard evidence than these vague trails we’ve been following.”

Patricia sat down at the small table and Jason sat on the opposite side.

“What sort of evidence were you thinking of?”

Jason sat back and looked out of the window. “That’s just it; Jim and Trevor are working on ways to find them; Talbot seems busy on something but I’m not doing anything.”

Patricia leant forward and rubbed his forearm. “Don’t get like that; I need you.”

“No you don’t, you are the Swordweilder.”

Patricia withdrew her hand and said sharply “A responsibility I would rather not have; especially if my brother is going to go all moody on me, and leave me to face the Evil One alone.”

Jason immediately looked her in the eye. “Hey, hold on. Nobody said anything about you facing this alone. You’re my sister, we’ll face it together.” For a moment there was silence. As he span one of the plates round on the pile Jason said quietly “I just wish I had spent my time learning something more useful than...” As he spoke, a sudden realisation came over his face and he leapt up. “I can do something. I’ll find them.”

He dashed out of the trailer taking with him the keys, the photograph and the guide book from the table while Patricia looked bemused. Jason ran across to the jeep. Patricia was now standing at the door of the trailer and she looked quizzically at Talbot, who was equally intrigued. Jason went to the boot and got out his Frisbee; he went to the front and threw the Frisbee on the passenger seat as he got in. Before anyone had a chance to react to what was happening, Jason drove off. As he was driving away Trevor and Jim came out of the tepee, and they all watched him go. Patricia just shrugged her shoulders at the three men, and as they drifted back to their tasks, she went back inside her trailer.


“This seems like a popular place,” Jason thought as he pulled up and found a space to park in the busy picnic area. He got out with his Frisbee, found a suitable spot and began spinning it and letting it settle on his finger. As he was doing various tricks, and just as he had expected, some of the kids started taking an interest. Before long, a crowd of eager faced young people had gathered around him. The kids watched for a while, but they were not content to just be bystanders; some of them started calling for Jason to pass the Frisbee to them. When he did pass it to them, they did some tricks of their own and passed it back.

Jason had to keep doing fancier moves to keep them interested. They would often try to copy him but mostly they just weren't up to it. None of them minded; they enjoyed watching Jason and trying to copy him. During the hour or so it went on, Jason got to know some of the names of the crowd. Eventually, he held the Frisbee when it came to him and held his hand up to signify that it was time to stop.

“That’s it guys, time for me to go,” said Jason.

Zoot, pleaded with him. “Oh come on man show us a few more tricks.”

“No, sorry guys,” said Jason. “I can’t spend all day doing this, I’m supposed to be looking for someone; I thought I might find her here.”

Stretch stood farther back in the group of kids but he was tall enough to see over them. “Who are you looking for?”

As Jason got the photograph from his pocket he said “A geologist friend of mine, she’s really into cracks in the ground.”

Jason handed the picture to Zoot who looked at it and shook his head. Stretch leant over and looked but said nothing.

“Anybody recognise her?” asked Jason as the photo was passed around.

There was much shaking of heads as the photograph went from person to person, until it came to a small kid called Cooter.

Cooter studied the picture briefly and said “I’ve seen her.”

Jason was elated. “You have?”

Cooter handed the photo back. “Yeh, she goes up and down the roads north of Heart Lake.”

“You’re sure that’s her?” said Jason.

“Yeh,” said Cooter; “she’s been at a couple of the places we’ve stopped off at. My dad fancies her; that’s why we moved our camp over to here. I think my mum didn’t like us being so close.”

Jason got a map out of his pocket. “Can you show where you were camped.”

“Sure,” said Cooter looking at the map.

Cooter pointed the position out; Jason thanked him and the others for a great afternoon and headed back to the car.


At the second of the picnic areas that Cooter had pointed out, Jason saw Valerie. She seemed to be alone, and though she might have the crystal there was no sign of a van or explosives.

As he watched she went to speak to several people but didn’t stay long with any group. It just didn’t seem right that these were accomplices that were hiding a bomb of any description let alone a nuclear one. He watched her as she sat in her car and was worked on her laptop. He assumed she was working on the plan, but he couldn’t be sure. She put the laptop away and prepared to drive off. Jason determined to follow her but he was not at all sure the trip had been worth it.


Talbot's camp was very quiet. Patricia came out from the Trailer and walked over to the tepee. Hearing her coming over, Trevor came out to see whether she was all right.

“Still no sign of him?” said Trevor.

Patricia shook her head and looked at the ground. “No; mind you this is just like him, to go racing off like that.”

“Do you want me to go and look for him?”

“Where would you start?”

Trevor shrugged and looked around. “I don’t know but I feel I ought to try.”

“He’s done this before; he always comes back.”

“But not with such an evil foe out there, I'm guessing.”

“No, you’re right. We always hoped there would never be one. I trained hard so that I would be ready but I never wanted to end up being the one to fight this great evil.” As she turned her back to hide the tears welling up, Patricia said “It doesn’t even have a proper name.”

Trevor put his hand gently on her shoulder. That's how they stayed, that one small touch offering support. Giving a barely perceptible squeeze, Trevor said “That's one thing that perhaps we can put right.”

Patricia turned back to face him.

“We could call it Thatcher if you think it would help,” said Trevor.

Patricia looked Trevor in the eye and came close to a smile.

“It’s a name that represents great evil in my country.”

“All right then, Thatcher it is.”

Trevor smiled. “Does that help?”

Patricia smiled in return. “Yes, actually it does.”


“I’m still not sure that I am the one to stop this Thatcher, though.”

“You don't eh,” said Trevor, and he leant forward towards Patricia. “Look at my cheeks.”

Patricia looked but did not see anything on which to remark.

“Are they ruddy?” asked Trevor.

Patricia continued to look. “No, no they look quite normal.”

Trevor stood back. “I know, and here we are preparing to fight Thatcher and stop the world falling into darkness and evil. On top of that we are a person short, and we don’t yet know where the fight will take place.”

“I know all that, but what does that have to do with your cheeks?”

“They should be glowing red, because my blood pressure should be through the roof.”

“So how come you are so calm about it?”

“I don’t know it must be something to do with having a Redmayne to save me.”

Patricia said tersely “Are you making fun of me.”

“No. I'm a cynical old policeman who's seen more evil than most people. I came out here chasing one man, not really believing what your brother said.”

“Do you believe him now?”

Trevor nodded. “While you were all talking last night, I was watching you all. Part of my job was to know whether someone was lying, and I was pretty good at it. In the end I couldn't help myself; I'm in this now as much as the rest of you.”

“It's good to have you with us.”

“Just do me one favour; if you are beset by self-doubt, don’t show it to the others. They, like me, believe in you.”

Patricia rubbed his upper arm gently. “I just wish Jason was here.”

Trevor walked over to the fire, poured a coffee and handed it to Patricia.

Patricia came and took it and they both sat.

“He'll be back,” said Trevor, “it's just a matter of waiting.”

“That's the hard part.”

“I'll help you through it. I've had plenty of practice you see.”

Patricia just smiled and sipped her coffee, cautiously, so as not to burn her mouth.

“There was this time that Sid and I were...”

“Who's Sid?” asked Patricia.

“Ah now, she was the best partner a cop could ask for; though I didn't think that when we first met.”

And so the conversation continued, Trevor pulling up any amusing anecdote he could about stakeouts. He hoped it would help Patricia through the wait for Jason's return.


Jason was at that moment hiding in the woods near a small track. He had followed Valerie as close as he dared, it was not hard to keep up because she travelled slowly even on the straight stretches.  He saw that she had been down a road that seemed to him to be a dead end on the map.  He hadn’t followed her in, he had waited until she came back out, which had not been long and she turned back the same way she came, meaning she had driven back past him. He pretended to read the map, but he knew that he ought not try to follow again now. If she hadn’t thought him a stalker she certainly would have done if she saw him behind her again. He knew where she was so he felt sure he could find her again tomorrow.

He had decided to check the track before returning to his sister and her allies. He came to an area that everyone had turned around in so he parked there and continued on foot, checking for clues as he went. Having found nothing, he was weighing up whether or not to turn back. The quality of the track kept him intrigued; it seemed strong enough to bear the weight of even the largest RV so there seemed to be no reason for everyone to turn back so soon. He thought he would continue at least until he found where the route became impassable, or until the dead end as shown on the map which was less than a mile on the map. The possibility of there being a crack across the road or some other geological feature might be something he could tell Jim, who might see some connection.

When he saw the trailer, similar to the one he had been standing in with his sister earlier, he quickened his step and headed for cover. Alongside the trailer there was a black van. His breath quickened as he saw the trailer door opening. Through the foliage obscuring his vision he could see a figure walk from the trailer. He thought it was a man but he couldn’t even be sure of that.

After looking in the front of the van, the person Jason could see went back inside. Jason was certain it had to be Ryan, though he had no evidence beyond his supposition that it was a man he had seen. He started to creep away; the main thing now was not to get caught, but to get the information back to the others.


Jason couldn’t wait to tell them the news as he pulled up in the car and parked it. Patricia was the first to race over to him; she got up from her spot by the fire where she had been talking with Trevor. Trevor followed her slowly to give her space with her brother, and the other two soon came out of the tepee as well.

Both relieved and angry Patricia verbally assaulted Jason almost as soon as he got out of the car. “Where the hell have you been? Eh? Running off like that without telling us where you had gone?”

Jason was not ready for such as assault.

Trevor quickened his pace and came walking up quickly. “Calm down; let him answer you.”

Patricia scowled at Jason. “It better be good, or so help me I’ll use my sword to cut off something you’ll miss.”

“I found them,” said Jason. “I found them,” he said again, this time directing his statement to the others, as Jim and Talbot reached them.

“You what?” said Jim.

Jason addressed all of them. “I found the geologist, and I followed her to a trailer just like that one,” he pointed to Patricia’s. There was a black van up there that could have the bomb in it, and a man looking after it. So I assume the Evil One is there as well.”

“How the hell did you find her?” spat Patricia.

“I asked around,” replied Jason, “after I showed off a bit with the Frisbee.”

Talbot tried to put the sibling strife to one side. “You had better show us where they are.”

As Jason got the map out to show the location of the Evil One's camp, he noticed that Patricia was going back to her trailer in tears. Hurriedly pointing at the map, he said “Look it’s right here guys, I’ve marked it.” He then went over to the trailer, knocked and went in.

Once inside he could see that Patricia had her back to the door. Closing the door behind him Jason said “Sis; are you all right?”

Patricia turned and glared at him. “No of course I’m not all right. What the hell did you think you were doing? I was worried sick about you.”

Jason hung his head, the last thing he wanted to do was hurt his sister. He was also hurt that his efforts had not been recognised. He had come back with the one piece of information they needed and his sister was berating him for it. “I had to do something; I was feeling pretty redundant.”

“Oh don’t be stupid, of course you’re not redundant.”

“Yes, well I sure as hell felt like I was.”

“Well I could sure as hell do without you racing off like a crazy person; we have to stick together; this is not some minor problem here. The world is at stake and I need you.”

“Well if I hadn’t gone, we might never have found the Evil One and all could have been lost. But don’t bother to thank me or anything.”

“So that’s it, you went so that you would get thanks. What about if you’d been caught? What would I do then; I’d have to fight him alone.”

“You’re not alone; you have the others.”

“It’s not the same and you know it.”

Jason turned to go out the door. “I’m sorry, I was trying to help that’s all. I wanted to give you the best chance in the fight ahead. I got you the information you needed; I’m sorry it made you angry at me, but I’d do it again. I’d do it because you needed me to do it even though you didn’t want me too.”

“You should have known I wouldn’t want you to do it.”

Jason reached for the door handle. “I did, that’s why I didn’t say where I was going. I did think that you might agree that the risk was worth it when I came back with the information.”

“I know it worked out well and I’m glad it did, I was scared that’s all.” said Patricia.

Jason sensed that she had turned to face him , but he just turned the handle. “I’m scared too. I’m scared that I am going to have to let my sister get into a fight with the Evil One. You cannot expect me to stand idly by and not do all I can to give her the best chance. If I could think of a better way I would take it but you are our only hope.” He paused momentarily and then continued. “Be angry at me afterwards, but don’t cloud your thoughts with it when you have to fight.”

As Jason opened the door and was about to go out, Patricia said “Hey Bro; good to see you’re still as good with that Frisbee as you used to be.”

Jason turned back. “You have your skills; I have mine.”

“I still have my temper too.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Silence filled the trailer in contrast to the raised voices there had been a few moments before.

Patricia moved up and patted the seat next to her. “Sit for a bit, we’ve been apart for too long.”

As Jason closed the door he said “I know; I always meant to come over more often but I just never got around to it. I do my best to keep in touch though.”

Patricia nodded and said “You came now though, which is what I’d wished for all these years. Ever since I knew I might have to fight the Evil One, I hoped I wouldn’t be fighting alone, and that you would be alongside me.”

“You know I will.”

Patricia went over to her sleeping area, she came back with a small case, similar to an attaché case, and put it on the small table. “In that case you are going to need this.”


Outside, the three men had seen the trailer door open briefly and then close again. They had as yet not seen anyone come out.

“Perhaps they have made up,” said Talbot.

Jim nodded. “Or round two is just about to start.”

Trevor headed towards the tepee. “Well, one stakeout is enough for me. You'll have to excuse me; all that coffee has gone through me. I'm going to have to make myself comfortable.”

© Copyright 2019 Kevin Broughton. All rights reserved.


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