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Chapter 13 (v.1) - The Eve of Battle

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



Later that evening, Jason was sitting with Trevor, and they were talking about a device they had on the floor in front of them. It was a crude device; just a piece of wood with a saw blade bent slightly upwards.

“Would this have worked?” asked Jason.

“I think so,” said Trevor. “When the van goes over the saw blade it bends and makes an electrical circuit. I was going to rig it up to the Morse sender on a walkie talkie. We would then have got a buzz on our radio.”

“Sounds ingenious.”

“Yes, but I don’t know what good it would have done. It would have told us a heavy vehicle went over it, but it wouldn’t tell us what the vehicle was. In any case from what you said, I’m not sure the van has moved anyway. So, all in all it wasn’t as effective as a plain plastic disk and a few tricks,” said Trevor as he got up and walked over to poke the fire. “Anyway, you should be grateful we don’t have to use it.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because you'd have had to have been the one to set it up.”

Jason shrugged. “I'm sure I'm going to have to do a lot more than that before this is all over.”

“Yes, I suppose we all will.”

“What are Talbot and Jim up to?”

Trevor looked over his shoulder back towards the tepee. “I have no idea. They've been tucked away in there working on something, and I've been out here working on this.”

Patricia came out of her trailer, she was carrying her sword and she came over to sit by the fire with Trevor and Jason. She said nothing as she got the sword out of its scabbard and began wiping it.

“That's a fine looking sword,” said Trevor.

Patricia raised an eyebrow. “You do a lot of fencing do you?”

Trevor shook his head. “None at all, but I still know a fine looking sword when I see one.”

“It's certainly been well looked after,” said Jason.

Patricia gave it one last wipe and then put it back in its scabbard. “It has to be, it would never have stayed in this condition all these years otherwise.”

“Well I suppose it will get used tomorrow,” said Trevor.

Jason looked at him and said “Probably, but when and how?”

“You're asking the wrong person,” said Trevor, “we are all here to support the Redmayne who wields the sword.”

Patricia looked through the heat of the fire at Trevor.

Jason looked on, unsure of what was happening.

Trevor nodded at Patricia and smiled slightly at her. Patricia's smiled back and seemed to gain in stature. She stood up and called “Talbot; Jim.”

Talbot and Jim came out of the tepee.

Patricia waited until they were had got to the fire. “Now that we know what they are planning to do, we must make our plans. Rather than wait for them to make their move, we should hit them tomorrow if we can.”

Talbot sat by the fire. “Agreed.”

Jim also sat by the fire. “I’m ready.”

Patricia sat down with them. “Then let's sit and talk about what we're going to do, and I need to know what you've all been doing so far.”

Talbot began, but before long they were all sharing their thoughts as the small company of five prepared for a battle that would decide the destiny of mankind.


The fire around which the plans were made was now just a glowing ember, but it still gave warmth to Trevor who had just come out from the tepee. He was staring into the glowing patterns when he heard someone coming to join him.

“I couldn’t sleep either,” said Jim as he sat down next to Trevor.

“I’m surprised anyone can.”

“Oh my brother can. If the ancestors tell him, he has absolute faith in it.”

“It must be nice to have that kind of faith, mustn’t it?”

Jim picked up a stick and idly poked at the fire. “Don’t you have faith like that?”

“Not in my ancestors.” There was a pause and then Trevor added “Mind you, I thought I was going join them when you had me hanging from that tree.

“Yes I’m sorry about that,” said Jim.

“You didn’t exactly let me down easily either.”

Jim smiled and said “You did fall with quite a thump.”

Trevor stifled a laugh as the thought of what he must have looked like. “I know.”

Jim also started to laugh, but he too stifled it for fear of waking the others.

Trevor wasn’t sure how long the two of them sat there trying not to laugh, and each time they looked at each other it set them off again. He thought that Jim probably had no more an idea what was so funny than he did, but perhaps it was the relief of just sitting and talking instead of having to research and digest information as they had done together earlier.

They brought their laughter under control and talked about their part in the plan for the following day.  

“There’s just one thing I don’t understand,” said Trevor, “how did you know they would come here?”

“From our ancestors.”

“But how would they know, surely they would not know what the future holds?”

“They know many things, they told my brother that the Evil would come here seeking an end to the people. That if the Evil went unchallenged, it would be the end of our people. If, however we help overthrow this Evil a great opportunity will present itself to the Shoshone.”

Trevor picked up a stick and he too began to poke the fire. “Then we must get our parts right in this.”

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