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Chapter 14 (v.1) - The Die is Cast

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



It was all quiet, and the early morning mist had burnt off, as the lone figure carrying a sword walked up to the blue trimmed trailer that Jason had found the day before. This was the moment that Patricia of the Redmayne lineage had been preparing for, and she did not flinch in the hour of her fate.

“Evil One I have come for you,” called Patricia. “If you have courage enough to face the Redmayne again, show yourself now.”

The door to the trailer opened and Martin came out. He looked badly burned and scarred as he walked to one side, and then slumped against the trailer.

“Is the Evil One lacking in courage?” Patricia asked.

“He is not in need of courage just because he has sent me out first,” said Martin.

Patricia took a step forward. “Why do you serve him? If you cause the caldera to erupt it will cause the end to all life on the planet; it will kill you as well.”

Martin seemed unconcerned that the Evil One’s plan had been discovered. “My life does not matter, not to me, nor to the master I now serve. I have no choice; I must help him achieve his goal, but it will not be the end of all life. The Evil One does not seek an eruption to kill us all.”

“Then why?”

“The caldera will be destabilised, and it will cause eruptions and seismic disturbances for many years. You see the fault will slip and Yellowstone Lake will mix with the magma causing more pressure...”

“Enough,” called the voice of the Evil One. He then walked forth from the caravan; his staff in hand.

Patricia held her sword in front of her. “What do you hope to gain from all this?”

The Evil One kept his eye on the sword. “Destruction of the global economy, environmental catastrophe, and most of all change.”

“Change is no problem to us,” said Patricia.

The Evil One laughed. “Change is the one thing your pathetic race fears most. As they blame each other for their misfortune, they will fall on each other. The wars will be as bloody as human imaginations can devise methods of death.”

“We might surprise you.”

The Evil One laughed loudly. “You do not believe that. It will be an age of darkness, war and fear.”

“Perfect for one who feeds off it like you do, I suppose?”


Patricia took a fighting stance; ready to pounce. “A good plan, perhaps, but you’ll never see it happen.”

The Evil One stood looking relaxed and confident. “Just because one of your ancestors was lucky, you are not so foolish that you think you can defeat me?”

“I have the sword of Erik Redmayne in my hand; forged by Odin and wielded in a just cause; against it evil cannot stand.”

Once again the Evil One laughed. “You forget; I have faced the sword supposedly forged with the help of Odin. It’s bigger than the one you have. I don’t know what sword that is in your hand, but it’s not the one I faced before.”

This time it was Patricia who laughed. “It will serve its purpose, as will the sacred land we are next to. But you know that, which is why you are afraid to fight.”

The Evil One hesitated very briefly and Martin's eyes rolled in his head as his mind was searched for knowledge. There was a second pause by the Evil One as if reaching out again.

The Evil One turned his attention back to Patricia. “There is no sacred land here.”

“Then why do you hesitate; why the bluffing about your plans for our future?”

“I was just telling you what the fate of your people will be so that it would make your defeat even more delicious. However, it is now time to rid the world of the Redmayne.”

The Evil One lunged with his staff, but Patricia saw it coming and parried it easily. She countered, but the attack was deflected by a blue beam from the staff. The attacks went back and forth, but each time it cost Patricia more physical energy than it did the Evil One. Just as it had gone with Erik, so it did with Patricia until she was on her knees exhausted in front of the Evil One. Just as he was about to make the final strike; Jason came out from the brush into the clearing and threw his Frisbee over the heads of the two combatants.

The Evil One saw the projectile going overhead and smiled as he reached up a hand. Under his command the Frisbee slowed, stopped in the air and then fell to the ground. Just as he was about to torment Patricia about her failure to do what Erik had achieved, and that he would not get caught the same way twice, the Evil One felt something was wrong.

As he looked down towards his victim, he saw that Patricia's sword had not only pierced his defences, but his newly formed body as well.

As he was considering what to do next, Jason ran over and grabbed the staff from his hand, throwing it far out of the Evil One's reach.

Martin laughed pathetically. “I’m free of him,” he said. “He can’t control anyone now that the sword has pierced him.”

Jason saw his sister forcing the Evil One back; pinning him to the ground. He pulled a radio from his pocket and said “Okay guys, we were right, he can't control the minds around him when he's stabbed.”

Patricia decided it was now time for her to do some tormenting of her own. As she pinned the Evil One to the ground she said “How does it feel Thatcher?” She twisted the sword to increase the pain. “Yes, it is the sword of Erik Redmayne. You think none of us have ever had it altered to suit our style and physique?” She twisted the sword again. “How does it feel?”

The Evil One could feel the pain of the sword, but he could bear it. He felt something else too, and what made the feeling all the sweeter was that he knew Patricia also felt it. “Most uncomfortable but how long can you hold on? I can feel you weakening already.”

Patricia was hanging on, but barely. She was already fatigued from the fight, and she knew the Evil One was right; she was weakening and when she did...

Before she'd been able to finish the thought, Jason had raced up and grabbed the sword with her. “Need a hand Sis?” he said.

Patricia smiled and said “Just until the cavalry arrive.”

While Patricia and Jason continued to pin the Evil One, they heard the car with their allies coming up the track. Patricia knew it would take a few minutes, but with Jason’s help she could hold on easily for long enough.

The Evil One smiled. “You’ve done well,” he said, “though I did have to give you a bit of help by making Valerie visit the tourist areas so that you could follow her back here.”

Jason was annoyed that the Evil One would try to upset Patricia by undermining his efforts. “Why would you do that? Eh, why would you do something that would lead us right to you.”

“To bring you to battle of course you fool. I do not want an enemy running around out there trying to ruin my plans. It is much better to bring you all here so that I can destroy you all together and then there will be nothing to stand in my way.”

Patricia twisted the sword again. “Don’t listen to him. He didn’t even know we were up here looking for him.” She heard the car getting closer up the track. “If he did want to draw us to battle, it couldn’t be going much worse for him.”

“But the game is not over yet,” said the Evil One as he beckoned someone from the trailer.

Patricia looked in that direction expecting it to be Martin that was going to come to the Evil One’s aid, but what she saw chilled her. The trailer door opened and Simon came out with his sword held out in front of him.

“What the hell are you doing here,” Patricia called to Simon.

“Oh I wouldn’t bother asking him,” said the Evil One, “he’s forgotten that he came up here to see whether he could help you. I found him reading a map and trying to find you so I gave him a new set of reasons. He is going to fight you and defend me.” He listened for a moment. “Your friends will soon be here and you will have to remove the sword to defend yourself. I can enjoy watching you fight your mentor till one of you lies dead, and I will soon have two new allies to deal with your idiot brother.”

As Simon moved closer and the sound of the car approaching got louder Jason let go of the sword and reached inside his jacket. He pulled out a dagger and plunged it into the Evil One alongside the sword wound. “Okay Sis,” he said, “I can hold him.”

Patricia withdrew the sword and parried the first blow made by Simon. 

The car raced up, as best it could on the rough track. Talbot got out and went to a patch of ground where he drew a symbol in the dusty soil. While he was doing that, Trevor and Jim got out and ran over to Martin who was lying on the ground; too weak to move.

“Where is the crystal?” demanded Trevor.

“Inside, on the table,” said Martin, with a tone of relief in his voice.

The Evil One, tried to free himself or at least to control one of the minds around him.

“Who is the fool now,” said Jason grinning. “The sword has been rebalanced for many of the wielders, and my sister is no exception. You were right, the sword is smaller. I think you now know what was done with the steel that was taken from it.”

Patricia was still fighting defensively against her former teacher. It was harder than when they last fought, due to the fatigue from the fight with the Evil One, and this time he meant to harm her whereas she still did want to hurt him.  

Jim came out of the trailer with the crystal, which he was busy wrapping in the leather onto which Talbot had been burning symbols the day before.

Trevor nodded towards the leather bound crystal. “Are you sure that leather will stop him passing through?”

“I hope so,” said Jim.

“Iron.” The one word from Martin got Trevor and Jim's attention.

“What?” asked Jim.

Martin tried to raise himself as much as he could; using all his reserves. “He doesn’t like iron; put it in a steel box. One inscribed with something you believe in.”

Jim looked at Trevor and they stood silent for a moment. Then suddenly Trevor dashed over to the car. He grabbed a box from the back seat and emptied the contents while running back over to Jim with the open box.

As he was running back past Talbot who was sitting cross legged on the ground, Spirits started to appear. There were Native Americans, a few cavalrymen and some mountain men.

Trevor held the box out to Jim. “Put it in here; quickly.”

For once the Evil One looked truly worried as he watched the leather covered crystal being placed in the steel box. He got more and more desperate and struggled with panicked urgency as he saw Jim get into the black van and drive off with his crystal. Leaving just the one small blue car that had been sitting behind the van and the trailer.

Patricia spared a hasty glance at the Evil One and laughed. “That’s right, there is no escape.”

“Now now; all that struggling will do you no good,” added Jason.

The Evil One was desperate; he looked towards Martin. “How? No-one can lie to me.”

Patricia mocked “Oh poor Thatcher, he never knew that all land is sacred to the American Indian.”

The Evil One tried even harder to get the dagger out that was pinning him down, but Jason continued to hold it firm.

The spirits moved in from all around until The Evil One and Jason disappeared from view. There was a pitiful cry and all the spirits disappeared leaving just Jason, who slumped to the floor to recover from the exertion.

Simon who had been readying for another attack looked confused, and then he looked in horror at the sword and then his former pupil who was now leaning against a tree exhausted.

“Simon?” said Patricia, as she stayed on her guard for the next attack.

Simon dropped his sword and fell to the ground, he did not fall gracefully it was as though all the support in his body had gone.

One lone Crow spirit appeared and approached Talbot, who had now opened his eyes.

“It is done; The Evil One has gone,” said the spirit.

“Has Evil gone from the world?” asked Talbot.

“There is always evil; it is necessary to make the good strong. That one evil has gone,” said the Crow Spirit as he faded and disappeared.

Trevor went over to check that Patricia was all right. She smiled at him to let him know that she was and they went over to check on Simon. He was unconscious but other than that he was all right. Trevor put Simon into the recovery position.

Martin started gasping for air and coughing. “He will recover.”

Talbot had already reached Martin, he had sat him up against the trailer.

Patricia and Trevor went over to join Talbot who was kneeling next to the worn body.

“He is free from him...a tool nothing more. He won’t even know why he’s here.” Martin gasped between laboured breaths.

Though Patricia knew he had been an enemy, he was so pathetic that she pitied him. She held his hand, and she was gentle so as not to cause more pain to the burnt sensitive skin. “Is there anything we can do for you?”

Martin struggled to form part of a sentence. “You’ve done it. I caused this... luxury of forgetting...not mine... atone soon enough.”

“What’s wrong?” asked Jason.

Martin was losing his grip on life, and between words he convulsed with pain. “Killed me many times now....will God have...enough forgiveness?” Those were his last words, and his life ended in a final fit of pain and fear.

As Talbot held the lifeless body, they all just sat in a timeless moment of relief, triumph and sadness.

“Now what do we do?” said Patricia.

“We give him a Christian burial and then get out of here,” said Trevor as he stood up.

Jason stood up as well and faced him. “That’s a bit surprising, coming from a police officer.”

“Police have got more than enough crime, they don’t need to be getting involved in something that they won’t believe,” said Trevor.

“He is right,” said Talbot, who had now stood up as well, “dishonest, but right. I will help.” He got up and took Martin's body under the arms; Trevor took Martin's legs.

“I’ll help get Simon into the car and then I’ll join you,” said Jason.

“Would you bring with you the spade from the boot of the car?” said Talbot as he and Trevor carried off the lifeless body.

Jason nodded and helped Patricia lift Simon up.

Putting an arm around each of their shoulders, the siblings got Simon back to the car. Patricia sat with Simon as Jason picked up the two swords and the staff. He took them back to the car, put them in the boot and took out the spade.

As Patricia was sitting in the car watching Jason head into the woods in the same direction as Talbot and Trevor, she heard Simon muttering to himself. She took hold of his hand and patiently waited while he made his way back up to consciousness.

As Simon became aware of his surrounding he looked at Patricia and said “What are you doing here? I was in my car, but when did you get here?” 

Patricia rubbed his arm she said “Thanks for coming up here to help me.”

Simon didn’t seem to want to meet her gaze. “What am I … how… am I losing my mind? What help could I have been - I don’t know what happened at all, where did you find me?”

“Oh you helped, believe me. We would not have found our foe if it had not been for you,” said Patricia who was now uncomfortable herself. Simon would be confused in the first place, and now she needed him to go with her into the trailer and remove any items of his that he might have brought along. She thought the best thing she could do is tell him the truth, she’d told him part of it before, and she thought she owed it to him. He had travelled across from Germany, and had now followed her up to the middle of a national Park so there was no doubt he could be trusted.

“I’m sorry,” said Simon, when Patricia reached the part about him fighting her with the sword.

Patricia just smiled and said “You have nothing to be ashamed of; it was the power of the Evil One. He could alter minds as easily as you can parry a blow.”

“But I thought I would be stronger than that.”

“Strength has nothing to do with it. One of the old tales handed down in the family is of how even the bravest and strongest of the people was changed easily. It is not brainwashing or the power of suggestion, it is just changing of the mind. As you now know yourself, there is not even the idea in the victim’s mind that anything has happened. I have heard the tales but I have never seen it until today.”

“But what if I change again,” said Simon.

Patricia sensed his anxiety, so she rubbed his upper arm and said “You won’t. He has gone, and you helped us defeat him. You are as you were before; all that was changed within you has left, just as he has. You were my mentor before and you are again. I had the gift to resist his mental attacks, but you gave me the gift to resist his physical assaults. I am still indebted to you.”

Simon patted her hand but he said nothing. There seemed no need for words, just the silence as they sat and sought comfort in each other’s company.


“Is she all right?” asked Jonah, as Mary lifted up the legs of the woman they had just seen collapse.

It was still cool in the morning, so Mary didn’t think it could have been the heat, but sometimes the city folk just weren’t used to the country air. She looked a bit pale but she was breathing okay, so it was probably just a faint, and all that was needed to get the blood back to her brain.

Jonah called the Park Ranger’s office, and almost as soon as he’d rung off, he and Mary saw the Woman’s eyes open.

 “What happened?” said Valerie who was disorientated and confused.

“Don’t worry,” said Mary, “you just fainted, but you’re going to be all right. Just sit quietly for a moment. The Rangers are on the way and they’ll sort you out.”

“Park Ranger?”

“Yes, that’s right,” added Jonah, “the Yellowstone Park Rangers.”

Valerie looked around, as if taking in the greenery of her surroundings for the first time. “How did I get here?”

“You drove, don’t you remember?”

Valerie shook her head and tears welled up in her eyes.

Mary put her arm round her and comforter her. “Oh don’t worry dear; you must have bumped your head.  It’ll all come back to you. I’m sure the Ranger will take you to a doctor and get you looked over.”

“Can you tell us your name?” asked Jonah.

“Yes, it’s Valerie, Valerie Erlin.”

“There you are you see, you remember that, do you know where you live.”

“I live in Charney Bassett, and I work for Oxford University. I don’t think there is anything wrong with my memory; I just can’t remember how I got here. I was in London for a conference on plate tectonics. How did I get here?”

“I don’t know,” said Mary. “You’re safe now, and that’s all that matters.


Jason returned to find Simon conscious again and talking to his sister.  

Patricia pointed at the small blue car and said “That car is Simon’ hire car, can you drive it back?

Jason nodded. “Yes of course, but will you be all right?”

Patricia smiled at Simon and then looked back at Jason. “Yes, I’ll be fine; we’ve had quite a chat about it, and we’ve cleared up any evidence that can lead anyone back to us, including Trevor’s packet of pills.”

As Trevor and Talbot came out of the woods Jason spoke to them and then went to the blue car. The two men then got in the car.

“Are we all ready to get out of here?”

“Yes indeed,” said Patricia.

Talbot gave a quick glance at her in the rear view mirror, as Jason pulled around and drove away first. Talbot had to do a three point turn in order to follow, and as he did so they all looked at the trailer that now stood locked and alone.

© Copyright 2019 Kevin Broughton. All rights reserved.


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