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Chapter 15 (v.1) - When Our Use is Done

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



As Patricia, Jason and Trevor walked away from Old Faithfull, and away from all the other visitors, Jason turned to Trevor and said “I still can’t believe you used a Government Issue tin.”

“I had to,” said Trevor, “it has the mark of Her Majesty’s Government. I believe in my country.”

“Will you be heading back to work for the government again?” asked Patricia.

“I don't think so,” said Trevor, “I thought I might try something different.”

“Well good luck anyway with whatever you do,” said Jason.

Patricia smiled. “You know where to find me if you need someone to vouch for you.”

Trevor smiled, and then seemed to struggle on the edge of speaking. He shuffled from foot to foot and looked around, embarrassed.

Patricia sensed the unease, so she stepped up to Trevor and put her arm through his “Julian would be very glad to have an Uncle Trevor?”

Trevor began to well up; he smiled as best he could and nodded.

Patricia squeezed his arm. “You could come back with me to California.”

Trevor shook his head. “It's very tempting and it's time I sat in the sun for a while, but I have some things to sort out at home first.”

“What sort of things?” asked Jason.

Trevor smiled. “I have to say a proper goodbye to an old friend and to my job.”

“Well come over as soon as you can,” said Patricia.

“I'll look forward to it,” said Trevor. “What about you, what are you going to do now that Thatcher has gone?”

“I don't know really,” said Patricia, “I've always had that one thing in mind: train to fight the Evil One. It's like a weight has been lifted from me.”

“And not before time,” said Jason.

The three of them walked on a bit farther until they came to where their ways parted. Trevor patted Patricia's hand and said “Well, here we are.” He nodded towards his car, “I'll leave you here and give you a few moments together.”

Patricia gave a forced smile. “Thanks.”

Patricia and Trevor hugged.

Trevor looked at Jason and said “I'll see you back at the car.”

As he was about to turn and walk off, Patricia looked at him and Jason, and said “You both seem very relaxed about all this.”

“About all what?” said Trevor.

Patricia said “You know. The black van and its contents; are you sure we made the right choice?”

“I am,” said Jason. “It’s about time the Native Americans joined the nuclear club.”

They all looked at each other and nodded.

Jason said to Trevor “We never did find Ryan though, and that's who you were really after.”

Trevor shrugged, “Well nothing's perfect. After what we’ve just been through, it seems less important.”  

“Let's just make sure we keep in touch,” said Patricia.

Trevor tried to force a smile. “We'd better had; we're family now.” With that he took a couple of paces backwards while waving and then he turned and walked away without looking back.

Jason and Patricia watched Trevor go, and they walked on. Patricia was enjoying a feeling of contentment as she walked along.

“I thought Simon might have stayed on a bit longer,” said Jason.

Patricia shook her head. “I would have liked him to, but I think he still finds it all a bit unsettling. I’ll make sure I fly over to see him next year, but right now I think he needs time to himself. He still feels bad about it.”

“You heard what Martin said though; it wasn't his fault.”

“I know, but I don’t think he can help it. Perhaps one day he'll be able to see past it, but I don’t think he can at the moment. I’m sure it will always be there in the back of his mind, and it will take time for him to understand how completely I’ve forgiven him.”

You’ve forgiven him, but I expect it is harder for him to forgive himself.”

Patricia walked on. “You're right; I guess I'd feel the same way.”

Jason took a couple of quick strides to catch up. “Well, what are you going to do next? It's not like you can sail off to the Western lands now that it's all over.”

Patricia looked puzzled, having failed to get the reference, so she shifted the burden of the conversation onto her brother. “What about you, what will you do when you get back to England?”

“I have commitments to tend to.”

“I'd hoped we might be free now to do what we like.”

“Not quite, but I'll be back over as soon as I can.”

Patricia's face lit up. “How soon?”

“As soon as I can, I promise.”

They walked a couple of paces farther, and then Patricia began tearing up, even though she was smiling.

Jason moved in front of her and held her by the upper arms. “What's the matter Sis, are you all right?”

“Yes, I was just thought of how wonderful today has been. I think it's relief more than anything.”

Jason hugged his sister. The drive back to Jackson would have to wait.


Kropotnyev looked down on Ryan who was just coming back to consciousness. He knew that Ryan would be unnerved by the darkened room and the row of lights shining around the edge. He saw his captive’s muscles strain against their bonds, and the stir in the air on bare skin would soon tell Ryan that he was naked, if indeed he did not know already.

“What the hell is going on here?” Ryan said.

“You still to have no memory?” said Kropotnyev.

“I remember being caught and drugged, and I know you were asking me about money and nuclear devices, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was in London waiting for a shipment to come in so I was.”

Kropotnyev sighed and sat back. “I had hoped the rest had helped your memory. Very well, perhaps it is better this way.

A light came on, and a thin faced man in a white coat came and stood at the table to which Ryan was strapped.

Ryan looked up t the man and appeared agitated as he looked back at Kropotnyev and said “I told you, all I remember was that I was in London. I don’t remember any deal between us.”

“You don’t member our meeting? I’m hurt, but I will get over it.”

“I must have been in an accident or blacked out or something. What happened to me?”

“Truly I do not know, but we had to move quickly to get you before the police did.” He gestured towards the man with him “I am glad that you want to know what happened; I have brought someone to help you. He is very expensive, but I am told he is the very best at what he does. He has helped many people recover their memories; though his methods do not concern themselves with the welfare of the patient. You of all people though will appreciate his art.”

Ryan struggled against the bonds holding him to the table. “I don’t remember, I swear, in the name of Jesus. Please.”

The man in the white coat walked up to Ryan and looked him in the face. “Unfortunate; but I’m sure you will soon be so keen to remember that you will manage it. Otherwise you will die trying.” He turned to Kropotnyev. “I believe that was our agreement.”

Kropotnyev nodded. “If he cannot remember at your hands, he does not know where it is. Do not worry, I can get another device like that one, but I won't bother. It was too hard to sell and too costly to keep on the move. I am better rid of it.”

“Then you don't really want the information from him?” said the man in the white coat, sounding disappointed.

“It will be interesting to know, but that is all. Main thing is to make sure you record everything you do to him so that people will know what happens to them if they steal from me. It will be worth far more to me than the device he stole.”

The man in the white suit smiled and looked down at Ryan. “There will be much to record. Your death is many days away, and there are plenty of ways to keep you aware of the pain.”

As the man in the white coat picked up one of the devices and moved towards Ryan, Kropotnyev turned and walked away. Kropotnyev, felt neither pleasure nor remorse as he walked from the room; to him this was just business. He paid no attention to the cries and screams of agony mixed with mental anguish as he heard the continuing shouts of “I don't remember.”



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