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Chapter 5 (v.1) - New Directions

Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018



It was a beautiful May dusk, as Martin looked out of the hotel window across the London skyline. The colours of the sky were such that if you painted it you would be accused of using parts of the palette that were not natural. He watched a small flock of what he assumed were pigeons flying towards the dying light. For a moment, his thoughts had lapsed from his reason for being in the city, until the voice of the Evil One flooded the room behind him.

“Yes, look out and see the twilight of the days of light. Soon it will be my turn; darkness shall consume it all and I will be ruler of the world.”

Martin did not dare turn round, he just spoke while still looking out of the window. “Yes Lord, but I don’t understand. All you had me do today was to walk around and travel on the underground. Why wait until tomorrow?”

There was silence for a moment and then the Evil One said, “Come closer.”

Reluctantly Martin turned around and walked over to the crystal.

The Evil One's voice spoke again. “Closer, and I will explain it all to you.”

As he got closer to the crystal, Martin could see the faint trace of the Evil One's face superimposed on the crystal. Suddenly Martin Reeled back in pain and horror as he clutched his head and fell to the floor. The Evil One just laughed.

After Martin had suffered for some minutes, the Evil One spoke to the tormented mortal before him.

“You are a pathetic lower form of life that I could crush in a second. You want to run, and I know your mind is filled with regret. You know that the only reward you will get is to be at my mercy and yet you cannot control your mind enough to run from me.”

On the floor Martin whimpered in agony and mental anguish.

The Evil One's mocking voice continued. “You are not the only mind I have enslaved. Today I found three more. Two of them for my conquest of the world, and one for pleasure; though not the same pleasure as I get from enjoying your torment.”

“Let me show you,” said The Evil One and laughed. As the laughter increased in volume, so too did Martin’s pain.  

Martin could now see that the minds affected by the Evil One would now go about their work with no knowledge at all of the reason, or for whom they were doing it. No one could see it in their eyes or tell from their actions; nothing about them was outwardly different; they just had a different program to follow. No one would know who they are, what they were doing or how to stop them. This is what Martin’s childhood hatred had bequeathed to the world.

As Martin’s pain and fear was fed with guilt, the Evil One fed and gained strength.


Nobody had really noticed the smart looking gentleman who sat on his own in the Jugged Hare. He wore the uniform of the standard London businessman, except perhaps for the fact that he wore a tie, the habit of which is tending to fade from the suit wearing community. It showed that either he or his business was conservative.

The bar staff could not have guessed his work, but they knew theirs and they had only sold him two drinks in the hour he had been there. Not that they were worried; it wasn't a busy night and they didn't need the table. They noticed also that he was about to be joined by the slightly shabby looking bloke to whom they had just sold a drink, so they thought he might be about to start drinking in earnest and might even want to eat.

The shabby man walked up to the table and said “That looks a pretty evil drink you have there?”

The smart looking man looked up at him. “Would you like to be joining me then? Perhaps we can have an evil drink together?”

The shabby man put his drink down on the table and sat down. “I was told there was a man called Ryan here who could get me what I need.”

Ryan sipped his drink and put it back on the table. “And wasn't I told there would be someone called Desmond who would come to me in need?”

Desmond pointed to himself. “Yes that's me; I'm Desmond.”

Even as they were talking, they both noticed a ladybird had landed on the table. Desmond immediately picked up a beermat and was about to squash it, but Ryan stopped him. While holding Desmond's wrist, Ryan drank down what was left of his drink and then upturned his glass and put it over the ladybird; trapping it.

“You don't have to be rushing these things. It’s much better to see a little suffering first.”

Desmond smiled and pulled his arm from Ryan's grip. “You do it your way if you like, but I prefer the direct approach.”

Ryan sat back in the chair. “Ah now; lucky for you, I have exactly the thing you'll be needing, but I'm sure you can understand why I haven't got it right here with me now.”

“When can I have it?” said Desmond, as he sat forward and leant on the table.

“You can be having right away but not here so; we’ll have to be going somewhere quieter.”

Desmond immediately stood up and signalled for Ryan to lead on. “After you.”

Ryan stood up, refusing to be hurried he took one last look at his prisoner through the upturned glass and left the bar, with Desmond following close behind. Once they'd gone, the bartender came to clear the table. She lifted the upturned glass and upon seeing the ladybird she glared at the door where the two men had recently exited. Using a napkin, she dried the dregs of the drink off the ladybird and took it to be released out the back of the pub.


“How much longer am I going to have to wait?” thought Sid as she sat in the car.

It was a good job she was used to waiting around like this; she knew that without the engine running she was likely to get cold. She rubbed the plush upholstery, enjoying the high-quality interior of what was outwardly a standard family saloon. It was some help on these long stakeouts.

In her wing mirror she saw a man walking up the road from behind her. The man was walking quite swiftly and she knew he would soon pass and be on his way, which was good because her mind was focused on the building across the road, the one that contained her suspect.

As the man came level with the back door of Sid's car, he quickly opened the door and got into the seat behind her. She had no time to react to the intrusion before he leant forward and said, “Take me to the airport and make it quick.”

“Bloody hell Trevor; what are you doing here?” said Sid turning around to glare at the intruder.

“I thought I would help you keep an eye on our friend.”

Sid snapped back in her harsh Glaswegian tone, “I just hope nobody saw you; he’s got company in there.”

“Anyone we know?”

“Nobody I know,” she said, being sure to emphasise the I in the sentence.

“Did you get a picture of 'em?”

“Of course I did, but I’m not going to show it to you.”

“Why not?”

“It’ll be bad for your blood pressure that's why; you’ve been signed off because of it, remember?”

Trevor’s voice dropped somewhat and he said “My blood pressure won’t come down while he’s running weapons through my manor.”

Sid said, with as much understanding as she could put into her voice, “It’s not your manor; not anymore.”

Trevor looked down, and with no elevation in his tone he said, “You’re a mean spirited bastard, do you know that?”

“Aye I know; twenty years working with you does that to a woman.”

Trevor sat back in the seat. “Yes I expect it does.”

There was a silence between them, Sid tried to carry on with her surveillance, but she was aware that Trevor was still there. From the way he kept looking out of the window, she supposed he had no better idea what to say than she did. Then she saw his eyes looking at hers in the rear-view mirror.

“Come on Sid,” he said, “I can’t just leave it; you know that. Just one picture; let me do a bit of rooting around.”

“I don’t know?”

“Or I could sit here for the rest of your shift and tell you some of my jokes.”

Sid immediately printed out a copy of the picture and handed it to Trevor. This was partly as a joke and partly because she saw a way of getting rid of him. He was great to have as a partner, but he was just too much of a distraction at the moment.

Trevor looked at the photograph of Desmond.

Without looking away from the building she was watching Sid said, "Take it, but if I see any sign of you around here again, I’ll bust you. They said this job will kill you so don’t force my hand because I won’t hesitate to save your life.”


They looked at each other’s eyes in the rear-view mirror and it was clear to Sid that they did indeed understand each other.

Trevor held up the picture and said, “Thanks Sid.” He opened the door, got out and instantly disappeared into the shadows.

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