Who plays Fate?

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This is a story for my writing club's weekly prompt where a dialogue or theme is chosen randomly. I have decided to make this open-ended and open to interpretation, so no one view is definite.
However, take a close view on how the society is set and the way soulmates meet each other. Friendship vs. love? Enjoy!

Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018



You (or your character) exist in a universe where the age you find your soulmate is etched into your skin. It seems you confused Fate, for you have multiple numbers, and some of them are crossed off.




Have you ever met someone, and you feel like you should love them, but something is off?


Aris lived in a world where love was exact, where you felt safe knowing you would eventually find your soulmate. Her parents were in middle school when they first met, and they were told that they would be soulmates. They never questioned it, because they have very similar interests as if their belief in it were so right.


When she was born, she was the second love of their lives, a miracle in itself because of how early she came into this world. Struggling, crying, and fighting to sustain her body, she was born blind. How ironic is that? Ever since she was young, she had heightened senses of feeling emanating from those around her. Her parents just assumed it was intuition. That she could not see things. Her world was dark but had strange colors of light when she was at school, and she kept this to herself since she was already different than the other kids in the class.


Her marks on the back of her neck were branded numbers as if they were scars, and they never told her why she had so many. Every morning she would softly brush her hands against them, and wonder why there were so many.


10.6, 16.5, 19.4, 22.3, 26.2


Sure enough, when she reached ten years old her teacher introduced her to a boy named Alex. She was told that he had the same number on his skin and that he would be her soulmate, eventually. They like to give them time since they were so young. There was a strange jagged color of red floating across her dark vision, apparently coming from the boy. He seemed excited.


“My name is Alex! I hope we can be friends!” His words wrapped around her, but the sounds seemed cold and distant to her. He seemed nice, but something was bothering her about this.


“Are you sure though? I mean, I can tell right?” She asked so doubtfully. She was so confused by these feelings and that she should be sure about him.


“Don’t worry, it’s normal to be anxious. But you are two destined to be with one another. Be thankful you have found each other so early an age” The woman seemed to be smirking in her thoughts. She seemed harmful enough but this whole situation overwhelmed her. How do they know? How?


At an early age, everyone was taught how miraculous and special their numbers are. It became normal and almost religious to believe that two numbers were the same. That they would be matched. The way this woman was guiding her seemed so innocent, but how do they know?


She was friends with Alex in high school until she heard and felt how some of the other couples already matched were with each other. This was how it was supposed to be.


They had extremely similar interests and he was always reaching out to her. He laughed at her sassy remarks and silly puns that she would make. She loved his company and they bonded over their passion for comic book movies. He would always explain everything to her, but she could feel the movies from the sounds and music. Her imagination would bloom. There was a distance between them, not yet in a relationship but still friends. The soulmate answer dangling before their eyes. Her parents were ecstatic about meeting him, always offering him to stay over for dinner.


By the next number, she was best friends with him and eventually forgot about her instincts between them as they grew closer.


That same month, when she was 16, she met a new boy from her debate club. He was mysterious to her and her senses seem to be blurring such intense purple lights in her vision that she almost stumbled before him and fell. He caught her.


“Quite a clumsy girl, are ya?” His words sparkled with teasing and yet, were so warm. He confused her and made her second guess herself.


“I’m so sorry! My n-name... is Aris, are you going to help practice with us for the competition?” She brushed herself off with these nonsense feelings and smiled towards him.


Every moment she was near him during that meeting was agony. She had these signals coming from her body that he was strange and yet, pulling towards her. His words directed towards her were familiar yet teasing. It was ridiculous. Aris would pinch herself until her arm felt tingly and bruised.


When he left, he said “It was nice meeting you, Aris. I have to go meet up with my girlfriend, but make sure not to trip over yourself in the hallway. The number of times I have to check you are appalling.” He seemed to chuckle and pause a moment. “Do you want to hang out sometime after school?”


With that, she blurted, “Yes!” as if she were holding her breath. He seems surprised but it made him laugh and give her his phone number. She could see more soothing and velvet purple pieces in her vision as he left, that gave her such a nostalgic sense of deja vu.


She would never see him again.


By the end of the week, her parents told her they will be moving by the end of the month. Another state gave them an incredible job opportunity in such a short notice. She was always busy with debate team and packing things this month she forgot to even call. He was in different classes than her, and never had the chance.


Alex was always there, though. He was sad to see them go and said they will keep in touch via video messaging. It tightened her heart to miss her best friend. He was always there for her when she needed him most. Before she got in the car to leave, they hugged and cried with each other, saying he will visit soon. She smiled at him.


A few years later, she was in college. She was 19 and studying to become a translator because she loved the diverse languages from her braille and audio books. Alex coincidentally was going to the same school as her and they grew to love each other. She ignored these strange sharp sense of red at the corner of her vision when she was with him, hidden warning signs for the things to come. Everything was falling into place.


At 22 her hands were tracing the numbers etched into her back neck as she was putting back her hair. It has been years since she last felt them between her fingertips. She wondered why there were still remaining ones. She gasped when she saw there were some blurred beneath her skin as if forgotten dates fading away.




She saw tingling purple lights later that day.


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