Problems In The Garden

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Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018



Problems In The Garden


  In the garden...

- God! God!

- What's wrong Adam? What's the problem?

- Have you seen Eve?

- No Adam. Isn't she with you?

- No God, she went out early this morning to do some 

gardening and I haven't seen her all day. Have you seen

her God?

- No, not at all Adam, maybe she's with that snake, she's

been hanging around with it a lot lately. Can you see it

about Adam?

- Yes God, there it is over there, it looks like it's sleeping,

and it looks awful fat God. You don't think it?

- Yes Adam, it's sleeping off it's meal. I warned Eve about

it, but you can't tell women anything, it must have swallowed

her whole! It's probably just as well Adam, she'd been playing 

up, eating my fruit, I was going to kick both of you out but now

she's been eaten I suppose you can stay. But I guess you'll be 


- I guess I will God.

- Look Adam do you want me to make you a new wife?

- No God, Eve was nothing but trouble, I don't want more 


- Well Adam how about I make you a computer to keep you

company? You could surf the internet!

- No, I don't think so God, I'm a bit of a luddite, I'm not into

all this new technology.

- Well how about a mobile phone Adam? You could talk all day on


- But who would I talk to God?

- You could talk to the angels.

- No God, all they're always on about is their wings and their 

harps, I'm not interested in that stuff.

- Well I know Adam, how about I give you a penis?

- A penis? What's that God?

- It's something I could put between your legs to make you

happy, to stop you being bored! It will keep you busy all day

and night!

- Alright God, that sounds great...

  And now the real problems start...




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