The Essence Of Me

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This is the typical thoughts as if I was an organ donor. For the ones that truly are, God bless you all, and the awaiting.

Love and Hugs, Kemy

Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018





I was born with vital organs to survive as I live as an earthly loner

What happens when I die as an organ donor

My fate, essence, and creed will live in the body of someone else’s me

My soft brown eyes without my corneas

Once implanted, will they see the beauty within the world to embrace in warmth, without deeds of hyperthermia

My Haitian Butter Rum Skin

Used as a graft for someone’s third degree burns to regenerate, the scared nerves to begin

My heart, oh my beautiful heart, the core beat of my pulse

The marathon runner of its stamina as winds chase me from getting lost

Such a vital organ to love, forgive, find peace

If it’s instilled in another body will it still remember me

My essence, the flow of blood as it pumps through the four chambers

No more a vital organ than the heart, to ever be categorized as life’s disclaimer

My non-toxic kidneys

Will they be given to someone name Cindy or Sidney

Utilized for someone’s else body to filter the toxic need of their creed

Will someone else benefit from breathing with my lungs

Tried and true breathes of life from countless marathon runs

A pair, but if needed from off a lengthily waiting list, then here is your donor’s spare

Remember me as I once walked, ran, or soared by feet on celestial air

Engulf the breeze with each new breath as the winds gently blows through your hair

Waiting list recipients with the call of a beep

Awake with anxiousness, feeling a hint of despair when they fall asleep

Liver Failure without a last hope

Fate bows to them daily as they mentally cope

A liver has been given, someone can now walk a mile

From a donor’s source to now store glycogen, yours can now make its own bile

My favorite essence as it rests inside of me

Thoroughly cleans my blood stream to sustain a function to be

Will you pamper my liver

No alcohol to drown it as if it’s in a river

A virgin Cosmopolitan it will accept sometimes, no drugs please to my vital organ you shall ever deliver

My sweet pancreas converting my food regulating my glucose

Will you care for it and not live footloose for the most

Knowing it came from a sexy goose, who you now have her golden egg to brag and boast

Vegetarian lifestyle, be advised my organs are very spoiled

Therefore, treat them, accordingly to function well as a car needs premium oil

The Essence of Me

So many states, I will stretch for eyes to see

Another life to go on

Hopefully, my donated organs will sing, once given an acclamation of a unified song

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