(I) A woman on the loose!

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A girl was having a picnic in the forest... Unexpectedly, a beast emerged that led them both in a strange... circumstances.


Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



Spoiling her day was not nice. Oh, not nice at all. They say Luck doesn't exist neither was coincidence except it still happens to people who are unaware of what may happen in their special day. After all that's what people say. The future is a mysterious one. Oh, she could relate to that. It was her special rest day and now her beloved picnic for a breakfast was spilled all over the ground. Oh, she was not happy about it at all. Her favorite beverage, Special chocolate milk, was not spared. The delicious contents flowing on the grass floor. The one who did this was a minotaur. It was towering over her due to its inhuman size. A five-meter-tall monster. This monster was a beast in a form of a half human on the lower body and half bull monster on the top. Hairy, muscular and smelled like spoiled stool. Long bull horns and large cow teeth. Mighty and dangerous in a level C monster, which indicates a level near the titanic and monstrous ones. Considered as one of the most dangerous monsters in the continent and also considered as one of the most perverted monsters in the known world. She gritted her teeth and jumped backward to give distance between the beast and herself.

Being a high rank monster and brutal information, the woman in front of the beast did not waver. Anger and resolve could be seen in her crimson eyes. Her eyes twitched and her white ponytail hair, flying by wind, made her look like a maiden of a perilous beauty. After all, she had that white skin and the monster had bet she was a smooth skin woman. However, the monster wondered what made her so angry instead of being afraid of him. It was a monster, and it had the right to be feared by common people, let alone wearing no armor. What she was wearing now was some leather shirt and trousers. She also had no weapon at her side except a strange ring at her left finger of her right hand. The monster wondered what she was doing in the middle of the forest where it was full of monsters with no weapon. It didn't care anyway. Time only wasted in observing her. The monster roared at her, to intimidate her. It shifted its body in fours to ready for a charge, planning to slay her in a single rush. It had plans to violate and cannibalize her afterwards. The beast roared again and charged, crushing down the ruined picnic.

The woman growled in distaste. It must be some trick on the wind but the beast swore that it heard her mutter "Weak"

A small gap of distance before the minotaur could reach her, and an instant slicing sound was heard. A sickening sound like a knife on a butter. Before the monster could register what happened, its body torn into half. The split bodies and its insides spilled on the ground. Wet as red and a pool of blood was streaming around the corpse. Juicy and dirty flesh was a worst sight for any stranger to look upon but for her, this was somehow natural. After all, she had seen worse than bloody torn intestines and scattered teeth. A slight thin curved golden blade, similar to a katana, was at her right hand, dripping blood. It was radiating fear. Anyone who saw this at a distance could feel the dread of it. A weapon of carnage yet beautiful. All gold crafted and despite of its magnificence, it was a dangerous design.

The woman stared at the corpse. Her angry expression turned to relief. She was relieved that her revenge on the minotaur for spoiling her good breakfast picnic was successful. The forest was filled with monsters but she wanted a picnic here instead inside the city. The face of the forest was beautiful after all. It was a perfect to hold a picnic there. People may disagree on her but that's what she wanted. Ancient trees that stood for a hundred years and animals wandering there. Rocky and beautiful landscapes. Even different kinds of flowers mysteriously bloomed there. This what was she wanted and the beast ruined it.

Something was up in her mind and she suddenly smiled at the bloody corpse and mutter in a lewd tone “Not enough. My beloved Tana is still hungry."

Her smiling expression immediately fades into a scowl. She shook her head in panic and turned her back at the corpse and her spoiled picnic. Her golden blade magically glowed and suddenly shrink into a shape of a ring, fitting itself at her left finger. She sighed tiredly "No matter what, I must not give in. No matter what. Monsters is one thing but killing humans is a different issue."

"Damn it." She clicked her tongue and turned her back at the scene and with her hair swayed behind her as she walked. If anyone was there watching her deed, all they could last see was her face looking back at her work. Whatever words she spoken earlier, a maniac smile appeared at her face. After that, a deadly silence was the only thing in the forest.

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