club hush (part one)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

crystal and her best friend decide to check out a new club in their small city, at first it seems fun and exciting but they soon realize the real horrors behind it, the owner and the real
customers. money can buy you just about anything, whatever your fetish is, no matter how awful it might be.

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



Crystal and her friend Jenny waited in line at a new club that had recently opened in their little city. Bars were plentiful, but dance clubs were a rarity in such a small city. She was still unsure and hesitant but her friend Jenny insisted they go and have some time away from their boring lives.

"It'll be fun, I promise!" Jenny assured her as they got closer to the entrance.

"Of course it will, I know." Crystal let the skepticism sound out loudly in her response.

"Girl, you need to get out of your shell and socialize. A bit of dancing and drinking, and having a good time every once in a while isn't bad." Jenny laughed and grabbed her arm as they walked through the entrance.

The music was loud and there were a few strobe lights and a mist like fog that came off the ground about 3 feet. A woman who looked like a waitress walked up to them and smiled.

"Good evening ladies, my name is Lacy! We are happy that you have come to opening night, what you see in front of you and all around is the main level or dance floor, we also have 2 other stories with private rooms for private parties and other..... activities. The bar is to the right, and the bartender will be more than happy to make whatever drink you'd like." She smiled and walked away.

 Crystal walked up to the bar and looked around as she waited, Jenny walked up beside her with a smile.

"See, this isn't so bad is it?" Jenny asked.

"Evening, my name is Dave! What will be your poison tonight?" The bartender smiled from behind the bar.


After a few shots of bourbon, Crystal looked around and then looked up, noticing the building was open and showing the two other levels with doors to the other rooms. She counted 6 rooms on each floor and then noticed a 4th level with what looked like a very large but very tinted window. It was easily 12 feet wide and 8 feet tall, whoever was up there could see everything that was going on out on the dance floor and at the bar.

"Alright lady, it's time we get out there and dance and have fun." Jenny laughed as she pulled Crystal toward the center of the room.

For an hour or two, they danced and took shots and laughed, occasionally joined by men they didn't know. She didn't want to admit it to her friend, but Crystal was having fun. She was also beginning to feel a little dizzy and felt like the floor was moving like waves underneath her. She tried to yell over the music to let Jenny know she was going to go and sit down for a moment before she walked away. She sat down at the bar and asked for a water,  a few moments later Lacy, the waitress walked up to her with a smile. 

"Hi again, how's your night going so far? " She asked Crystal. 

"Great, I'm just taking a moment....  I might've had too many shots. " She laughed it off. 

"Here,  take this keycard upstairs to the room number that's on the card.  You can lay down and rest for a while. " Lacy handed her the key card and walked away. 

Normally she would have rejected this offer and been suspicious of it, but she was so dizzy and couldn't quite see or think straight so she headed for the escalator to the third floor where this room was. As she walked down the aisle, she noticed that each door had a number on it and were a different color. The doors looked like they were made to look like old, rotting wood. She also couldn't help but notice what sounded like whimpering behind some of the doors, and laughter. Finally reaching the door with matching numbers to her keycard, she grabbed for the handle but couldn't help to stand there puzzled. For a moment she would've sworn she heard muffled cries for help from the door just a ways down the hall from her room.....down that way the ceiling lights weren't on but she could see the light underneath the doors. She listened carefully, trying to tune out the distant music.

"Please, please don't do this. I just came here to have fun." A woman's voice begged.

"So did I." the deep, gruff voice of a man replied.

Crystal didn't realize that she had walked away from her room and was now standing just in front of the door where the voices were coming from. Adrenaline caused the blood in her veins to burn hot and pulse with such force she was trembling.

"Are you lost or something?" Suddenly a man's voice came from behind her.

She spun around and nearly lost her balance as she realized a very large man was in fact standing behind her. 

"Did you hear me girl, or were you too busy eavesdropping?" The man asked again, this time he stepped closer to her.

"Um no, I guess I just got lost and was having trouble finding my room." Her voice shook as she answered.

He stepped closer,  looming over her and blocking any escape. She could feel the heat from his body and his eyes burning into her skin.  She couldn't make out his face though,  he had his back to the little bit of lighting down the hall. Crystal pulled out her keycard and pretended that she was really looking at it. 

"Oh fuck,  it's 213, this one here is 218....  In the dark I must've read it wrong" Her voice was shaky as she shoved past him and headed to room 213.

Certain she was safe; she opened the door and walked into the dimly lit room, but as she begin to close it,  someone suddenly shoved it open. The force knocked her to the ground,  unable to get to her feet in time,  she watched as the same shadowy figure from the hallway walked into her room. The dim light barely showed his face,  she could see the devious smirk along with the strong jawline and 5 o'clock shadow. 

"I wasn't finished with you,  little lady. " he growled as he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to what looked like a long couch or narrow bed. 

Crystal tried to fight back but it was no use, he threw her onto the bed and was on top of her. All of his weight pressed her down, he had her stomach facing down and shoved her face into the cushion making it hard for her to breath. She kept fighting and struggling until she could move her head to the side and breath. 

"Get off of me you fucking asshole!" She yelled as he quickly ripped her pants down to her ankles with expert skill.

"Don't worry, I'll be getting off." He responded with a chuckle.

"Why the hell are you doing this?" She cried out as he pulled them off.

"It's what you're here for bitch, all of you that came here to have a good time, so did we." He growled.

She tried to take advantage of his hands being distracted to try and turn over to kick at him but he quickly subdued her with one hand and held her down while he undid his pants. He used one hand to hold her down by the back of her neck and used his other hand to force her legs open just enough for him to shove himself deep into her ass as she screamed out in pain. It felt like an eternity as he thrust himself over and over again, shoving her face into the bed to muffle her screams. When he finally finished, he flipped her over onto her back and she tried to scratch at him but he only punched her in the head and grabbed her throat, cutting off her airway. As she struggled again to try and breath, he plunged his cock into her pussy. She could feel herself losing consciousness as he squeezed her throat harder with each thrust. 

Crystal woke up in a daze, seemingly alone in the room. The man was gone, but his scent was not. She felt so much pain as she tried to sit up, and she was so dizzy still. When she finally sat up, she looked around again and her heart sank when she saw him sitting in a chair in the corner watching her. She backed up against the wall, her heart had sunk into the pit of her stomach and now felt like it was about to burst out.

"You can either hide out in here until the next guy comes along, or you can get the fuck on out darling." His voice was lowered again to a growl.

She sat there for a moment longer before he began to move as if threatening to get up which made her jump to her feet and grab her clothes. She ran to the door and slammed it shut behind her, she struggled to get her pants on as she walked down the hallway with no memory of which way to go. She stumbled down the hallway and noticed another door that was opened, she cautiously peered inside and saw a girl laying on a bed much like the one she had just been on. The girl wasn’t moving but it was obvious she had been crying a lot, Crystal’s gut told her to move on and find Jenny but she had to check and see if this girl was okay. She quietly walked into the room and touched the girl’s shoulder, there was no response, no movement. Crystal pulled away quickly, she thought about checking her pulse when suddenly she heard footsteps and voices in the hallway. She quickly crawled under the bed and hoped they wouldn’t see her.

“Take a look in here, someone had a lot of fun with this bitch.” A man’s voice spoke as the footsteps came into the room.

“Yeah, this one is going to wake up and not remember a damn thing….” Another man’s voice laughed as the footsteps came closer to the bed.

“Alright, well you know the drill let’s get rid of it and clean this room up.” The first one spoke.

Crystal could hear them grab the body and watched from under the bed as they carried it out of the room. She then quickly got up and poked her head just enough out into the hallway to see if anybody was out there. She slowly stepped into the hallway, all of her senses were struggling to get a grip on the situation and find a way out. She went left and walked slowly down the hallway, it was so dark that she could barely see anything other than the light underneath the doors to the other rooms. She could hear the cries and whimpers of girls in each room, and the laughter and murmuring of men. She tried to hurry past each door, she could see the corner where it turned left to the next hallway and was hoping for a stairway or something. Suddenly one of the doors opened and a man walked out, he wasn’t very tall like the other man that she was trying her best to forget. He stood there, blocking her pathway.

“What are you doing out there all by your lonesome?” He spoke with a British accent.


She just stood there frozen in fear, with tears welling up in her eyes as she knew no amount of begging or pleading would help get her out of this.


“I asked you a question, are you out for a stroll…. Looking for some action? There’s quite a bit of action going on in here if you want to take a look.” He said as he grabbed her and pulled her to the entrance of the room.


He spun her around, with her back against him and one arm locked behind her and the other arm pressed against her side. He forced her to look into the room, and as she did she began to cry as she saw a girl against the wall, strung up with chains by her wrists. She was bloodied and bruised, it appeared she had been cut down along her stomach and thighs. It was also obvious she had been whipped dozens of times, even in the dimly lit darkness Crystal could tell there was blood all over the floor. Another man grabbed the chains and loosened them around her wrists, and the girl fell to the floor without any help up.


“Is that a new toy, man?” The darker man asked, also with a British accent as he grabbed the lifeless body and pulled her away from the wall and into another corner.


He then walked over to Crystal and the man he called Tom, he touched her face and smiled as he grabbed her jaw and turned her head from one side to the other as if he were studying her like a breeding mare. He looked her over some more before grabbing her away from the other guy and slamming her against the wall, her back to him. She felt his hand grab her crotch and drag her slightly up the wall. She could hear him murmuring something as he looked her over, too frightened to say a word at this point, she only prayed he’d change his mind.


“Somebody’s already destroyed her, this bitch is damaged goods man.” He growled to the other.


He then flung her toward the door and threw her out into the hallway, he and the smaller man stood there and looked her over without saying a word. Crystal slowly got up, nearly in tears as she continued down the hallway. She finally turned the corner of the hallway and began to slowly walk down it, listening carefully. As she passed a few doors, she could see one just ahead that was cracked. She got closer and could hear a woman crying, everything was still fuzzy but she recognized her best friend’s cries and walked to the door and opened it just a little. As she peered inside the dark room, she could see Jenny laying on the bed with a man on top of her tracing the sharp edge of a knife against her stomach. She frantically searched for some sort of weapon; spotting something just inside near the door, she grabbed it and slowly opened the door.  Without a second thought,  she rushed over and hit the man over the back of his head knocking him out. With a groan he fell over to the side, Crystal grabbed her friend and pulled her away. 

 "Crystal!  Oh my god I didn't think I'd ever see you again! " Jenny cried into her arms.

“We’re not out of this mess yet, come on!” Crystal pulled her friend to her feet, they headed for the door before Jenny turned around and looked at the unconscious guy.

“Who is that bastard? He looked so familiar.” She asked, her voice trembling.

“It doesn’t matter, let’s just get out of here before anybody else comes along.” Crystal replied as they walked into the hallway.

They both moved as fast as they could, still sore and in pain from the previous horrors they experienced but determined to get out of there. It felt like forever before they finally found a stairway, at first it appeared that it only went down but upon closer inspection Crystal noticed a door to their right. It was as dark as the walls and barely visible in the dim lighting, but she was certain that way went up to the room with the large window.

“Come on, let’s hope this leads all the way downstairs. Don’t act strange or anything when we walk through the crowd, just be normal.” Crystal said to her friend as they headed down.


Nobody seemed to notice as these two girls, beaten and bruised and tear streaks drying on their cheeks, walked past them. Everyone was still having fun dancing and drinking, and partying. They got closer to the door they came in earlier that night when suddenly a woman stepped into their path and smiled, it was Lacy.

“Hey girls, leaving so soon? I’m afraid the door we use as the entrance isn’t the door we use for the exit.” She smiled.

“Oh, where is the exit then?” Crystal smiled the best she could.

“Back that way, beyond the bar and to your right and just down the hall. You’ll see some other doors and a room that was once a bar but is no longer in use, then shortly after you will see the exit. It’ll have a large neon red “EXIT” above it.” She smiled and walked away.

Crystal grabbed Jenny by the arm and they headed that way, their steps were quicker. They moved through the crowd, close to the bar and past Dave the bartender. This time his smile wasn’t friendly but sinister as he waved to them, neither of the girls waved back or even smiled to him as they rushed past. They turned down the hallway, it was another darkly dim corridor and very few people were walking through it. Most were drunk and laughing, some were stumbling about against the walls but none of them really noticed the two girls now running.

“Are we getting and closer, she didn’t say how far this went.” Jenny asked nervously.

“It can’t be very far, the building isn’t that big.” Crystal answered.

The doorways and rooms Lacy had mentioned were on both sides, there were two on the left side and the doors were shut. There was a wide doorway on their right that led into a very dark room, it must’ve been the old bar. Crystal and Jenny passed them very quickly, without looking in and the hallway made a sudden turn to the left before they saw the glowing neon “EXIT” and a door below it. Nobody else was in the hallway at this point, Crystal breathed a sigh of relief as she touched the handle and began to push it open.

“We’re almost out, oh my god, we’re almost out.” Jenny cried tears.

Just as she opened the door enough to see an alley and some street lights, Crystal felt a sudden and painful blow to the side of her head. As she fell to the ground and blacked out, she heard Jenny scream.

© Copyright 2020 Lady-Wolf. All rights reserved.

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