The enormous escape

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In this book there is a little humor, a little fun trip and a huge moral. This 8- grader learns a lesson for life.

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



The enormous escape.

It was just going to be a normal and quite nifty day, but then i realised that we had a math- test this morning, due to my dentist appointment I was lucky enough to have it another day and the another day was today.


I came to the school at an awful early time. I found a chair and started waiting for the teacher. I slowly started feeling unpleasant and I had a big fear of failure. Then my teacher came, almost twenty minutes late. She did not make it easier when she started talking about the grades. I was so jealous of the teacher. She looked so happy like she had no responsibilities at all. My anxiety slowly came after just an hour, and the whole test lasted a day. My cruel teacher did not manage to be quiet, not even for a second. It was like she didn't even want to. All I could think about was how silly she was. Then suddenly my anxiety spoke to me. It voiced loud, but at the same time quiet “ break the window. Break the window. Then louder. Break the window! It actually never really stopped. When my teacher was grabbing some coffee it yelled even louder. I tried my best to stop it, but I realised it just made my temper higher. Then the anxiety wailed “ do it!” It was at this gruesome moment I realised it was what i wanted and what my anxiety wanted. It really was a win win situation. I hasty found an empty flower pot and threw it at the window. The window broke to a thousand parts and my pulse was on the moon. I didn’t even take a moment to think before i took speed and jumped out the window.


“ Where should I go? What should I do?” I panicked to myself. It instantly hit my that I couldn't go home. I met a man who saw me jump out the window. I didn’t freak out, because the man didn’t seem so intelligent or scholarly. Well to be honest he seemed like a homeless, but he didn’t seem malicious or something either. He actually acted really lovely and polite. I informed him about what he just had seen. He giggled, but also announced he knew a psychologist i could go see, because of my anxiety. I have always been too ashamed and shaken to tell my parents, so this was a superb deal to me. We started on our trip to the city. It was a little far, but I was convinced we could make it before the sun went down.  Then some other homeless people came. It was a little uncomfortable, but could I really complain about that his four friends joined the trip.I had to remember that he was the one doing me a favor, not otherwise Although it was really uncomfortable and I felt kind if like an outsider. Them plenty of bikers came to us. They were really fired up and dreadful. I got a shock when the people I knew as homeless really were bikers. It was a gang. How could i be so dumb and how didn’t I notice that they had the same gang-jacket on. The biker guy also known as the homeless guy howled “ Hey seems like we have transport to the psychologist. “ I will never ever if i was the last human on earth join you rats” I dramatic yelled. He was just so calm. They took their bikes and went to who knows where. That was the last I saw of the bikers.


Because I was following the biker aka the homeless guy’s shortcut I had no idea where i was, until I saw the sign Houston. “No way.” I toughed. I guessed I was just seeing stuff, due to my hunger. How could i possibly walk from Austin to Houston in a day. No way on earth this was real, but it was a clear sign from my body about how hungry i was. It was just one store i could see from my eyesight. It wasn't exactly the most glamorous, but it was the only one. It smelled like I was in an old farm with some stinky poop that no one had cleaned up. The smell was far from worst, because the worst was the sight. Everywhere it was ruined wallpaper and gross probably old food. It was one worker there. He seemed like a cowboy. chatted like one too.He’s style wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Well I have to admit we were in Texas so I couldn't really complain about the cowboy thing. I also had to admit the fact i had no money at all. This was the very first time ever in my life that I have to steal. I looked nervous on a bag of oranges. I don’t even like orange, but it’s the only thing that looked somehow eatable. I grabbed it and ran for my life.


While i ate my disgusting orange I realised that I was following the wrong path. I stole food, hang with bikers, broke a window and quitted school. How could I. This was not me. I used to be the well-mannered and lovely girl with totally average to ok grades. I needed to find a way back. Back to my old life.


The next day I went back to the store and asked the guy behind the desk to borrow a phone so i could call my mom. He was actually the sweetest guy ever. I will definitely never judge a book by it’s cover again. My mom came early to pick me up. In the car it was a strange silence for a while. Then me mom voiced “why”. That made me think of why. It was because of my anxiety and that I wanted to see a psychologist. After an explanation to my mom I think we hugged for about half an hour.


Now a year later I’m much better. In fact I’m doing great. School is wonderful without my anxiety. Yes as you probably understands my mom got my a psychologist and it’s awesome. My grades as gone up so much and my life is marvelous now. I even took time to make an apology to the friendly cowboy man. He’s name is actually Fred. Turns out the bikers gang was illegal. They sit in prison now and for the next nine years I expect and hope.


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