walking with happiness

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One day, while walking with happiness I discover something new when it leaves my hand.

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



So, one fine autumn morning I was walking with happiness, holding hands, in a ground far away from the miseries of right and wrong. Happiness loved me and I loved it, we were singing and walking, just seeing the roses and ignoring the thorns, just seeing the purity of the world in this damaged society. While walking with it, I promised that I would never leave its warm hand. When we were together, we never differentiated between reality and fantasy, what was lovable was to be loved no matter what and hatred was not even a word in that world. Happiness taught me to see the roses except for the thorns, to see the light of hope in the land of misty distrust. I was in love!.

But then one day, my dearest friend, happiness got humiliated by ego and by other people. I did not know what to do, what happened, that one day it suddenly left my hand and disappeared leaving me orphaned, miserable, confused. I frantically started searching for it, here and there, behind those flowers, under those hills, beside the lake, but I was not able to find it anywhere. I shouted " please happiness, don't play a game with me, now who will hold my hand and walk with me?", but I didn't get any answer. What was wrong?

I didn't feel like I would survive any further without my dear friend so I  just lied down on that wavy grass on that hazy day praying it to come back. Then suddenly a stranger touched me with its cold hands. I asked " who are you and what do you want?

 The stranger replied,"my name is sorrow, may I help you in any way?

I asked " have you seen happiness anywhere around, he just left my hand and got lost"

he said "no, I probably cannot help you with that, but would you like to take a walk with me? maybe we could find your friend together"

I agreed and I started walking near to it, he started explaining to me, certain things like he said, " are you seeing that cloud, that thick dark cloud", I worried and said "but no, happiness told me to stay away from such dark things, I can't even think about it.

he said" darling, just calm down and look at the beauty that nature has created.you have these dark clouds so that you may appreciate the ones with rainbows, you have failure to understand the importance of success, you have storms to appreciate the meaning of calmness, you have me to appreciate your friend. But listen, even the storms are not constant, they are a phase, and just like that everything is just a phase, enjoy them. You do not need to find your friend, because there is beauty in everything, even the thorns have a purpose, you just have to see."

"Now I should leave", saying this he started walking further away but this time I did not join him. I realized that this stranger was much more intellectual and taught me so much more.

I then tried looking at that dark cloud once again, and this time, I did not see the lightning but the colors of nature that were embedded so beautifully into it, somewhere a bit of grey, somewhere, misty black all mingled up with a bit of sunlight.

I stood up appreciating even the darkness in the light when I noticed that the storm passed by and I didn't need happiness anymore to hold my hand and show me the world.

I was enough, and you are enough too, happiness is everywhere, there is a meaning of everything, YOU JUST NEED TO SEE IT.


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