The Climb

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Facing a tree and a fear of heights, the only way is up.

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



She didn’t know when she would do it, but she knew it would happen eventually. Squaring up against the tree, it wasn’t difficult for her to feel like a seed in the shadow of a beanstalk. Of course, that was how it all started. Reading Jack and the Beanstalk with her mum, yearning for that feeling freedom he felt as he explored the heavens. But that was also how she discovered her irrational fear of heights. Starting with a small tree in the park, she had been doing so well until she looked down at the ground. The distance - which was only about a metre or so - suddenly stretched out, and a fear of facing the wrath of any giants whose homes she’d disturb settled in her mind. Her mother had carried her off the tree to show her there was nothing to fear, and that’s when the climbing lessons began. Hours spent in the attempt to eradicate the irrational fear had all led to this moment. This new tree was much taller than her original tree, but she was taller too. Her hand reached out and she started to climb, slowly at first but then building her speed as the confidence settled in. A few more branches, along with some scratches, passed before her head was able to break through the leaves and survey the land. Any fear had gone, now in its place was pride. A giant beam broke onto her face as she closed her eyes to let the sun pour across her from the heavens.

Then she heard the branch snap.

And now she knows how Jack felt exploring the heavens. 

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