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Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018




Should a person vital organs be donated without consent

Sadly, organ harvesting seems to be a practice of relent

Missing people who have suddenly disappeared

Another rich person in another country life expectation has been bioengineered

Trust me America, stolen organs are on the rise

At an alarming rate that the news report chooses to hide

Blood type matched from a black market computerized database

Studied interest profile to abduct to take

Posters, milk cartons, hopefully a face of the past shows up

A heartbeat not of their own donated to another by chance of unethical luck

No one wants to talk about this hidden transmit

Being a Critical Care ER Nurse, I swear this conversation is a big hit

Patients of third world countries organs voluntary donated

Body parts have been surgically segregated

The higher bidder’s money, lips sealed under intense interrogation

Cambodia refugees

Here without a breath of energy

Voluntary butchered beyond despair

Life expectancy now hanging in the balance by thin air

Meals for the family one must eat

At the price of donating their consecrated meat

This is a business…shh my lips are sealed

Money, bills, look the other way for a meal

DNA match for ancestral history rites

Here today, disappeared tomorrow, now supine under an involuntary knife

Read through the lines

My doctrine of oath has seen, once various future kings and queens

Poster face now, donor waits across the continent unforeseen

Consent forms, where the hell are they

Practice of unethical dismay, sadly it just goes down that way

White collar by degree takes all

The higher ups final call

Grants, stocks, boardroom meetings

Yet, the cycle of black market harvesting keeps repeating

These are such mean streets

Make sure you watch your heartbeats

There are bidding wars to compete

For life sustaining body parts

Hushed requests of the kidneys and the heart

In the progress of unknown destination, they depart

Operation here comes the iced filled red bio bag

Presence, marked expired before the official toe tag

You fall ill, knowledge better be your intuitive guide

Or not, half of you here, the rest of you on a private jet ride

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