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This isn't a nice one.

Submitted: June 18, 2018

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Submitted: June 18, 2018



In this age, we are closer than ever. So close, that all of us become substitutes. In my eyes and head, all people aren't perfect and unique cogs thanks to which a huge machine called "Society" moves. We aren't all special snowflakes, we never were the reason this planet turns. 

The universe, day and night, waves of ocean and lunar objects, those all were before us. Humans aren't a deadly disease to Earth or the chosen ones who are destined to rule all there is, that is all a lie. The world worked before we turned our self-centered faces to the sky, and it won't stop once those faces are gone.

Come to think of it, maybe this is why humans are so destructive and aggressive. We don't break stuff for no reason or for the greater good, we break it to lie. To convince us and all there is to convince that we are able to turn the gears of fate ourselves. That we can destroy this world that is so independent. How humorous, even if we would be able, or even if we did blow our planet into tiny particles of dust, to hammer in the point of our importance, we would be gone only to that dust reform and go on undisturbed by our presence. Maybe that's why we want to stick around until the end of all, only to prove how the world won't turn with us gone.

Think of the greatest achievement of humanity. You know what came to my mind? The moon landing. Neil walking on the moon. The giant leap for mankind. A life form leaving it's parent rock, spending many of it's hard earned resources to go visit another rock. We didn't even do anything with that rock, we actually used it only as means to resolve a conflict, our conflict, a human versus human conflict. Two stubborn humans dried up all the wells to prove a point. The more I think, the more I realize just how insignificant the single greatest achievement of humanity really was. Honestly, it won't change my mind really, I still see the famous moon landing as the greatest.

Let's get a little bit more personal, how about it? You don't have to, of course, you can stop reading any time you like. If you don't mind, then hang on a bit longer then. You know what, I won't be digging into you, don't worry, I'll generalize a lot so you won't feel attacked, you can just self-reflect a bit. Remember the start of this little derailed train of thought, the bit about cogs and special snowflakes. Let's strip everyone down. I mean skin, or muscle even! 

fundamentally, we are all different. Claims like "having the same starting line" or "all your shortcomings are the faults of you in the past" may be true, but I don't believe them. I neither believe in fait. We are so vastly different from one another, and still are bound to the same limits, until once in a lifetime one of us rises above the rest, giving hope to all of us and feeding the concept of change. The world never favorers anyone really, only we do. All the horrid stuff like racism and other things are man made, we give power to the most stupid of things just so we can argue about it! The truth is, nobody is perfect, there isn't a single soul that is perfect, only some people have less faults then others.

All of this we made up. Life is probably even meaningless. Assign yourself all the privileges an meaning you want to, sure, but don't expect to be above the rest. It doesn't matter what you do with your life, because ultimately it will be stolen, misshaped, changed and ultimately destroyed, until even the smallest spec of your life will be forgotten. At least that's what I think on the subject. No one and nothing is necessary, that's all in our heads. 

Even you, don't try to convince me that you never thought not to dissimilar from me. Don't be shy and gladly recall the last time you felt life was never worth living. Think about all the things you hate about yourself and all of the people you envy some ability or looks. Remember your best quality, the thing you're most proud of and now don't hesitate to look up people who are better at it, or even were better at it. There'll be always someone above you, there were people better than you and there are people better than you. And if you are standing on the very top, brace yourself for people who will eventually outgrow you.

Even something really trivial, you don't need to think of your life dedication. Looks, speech, charisma, knowledge, experience. You can still go a bit more trivial. Something like your smile, an itchy place or one imperfection that throws huge shades over your ego. How hard did you have to look for the smallest of mistakes of your person? Did it take you long, or just a few seconds to recall one of those, or even a multitude of them. It can be a minor thing that divides you from the "flawless" category of humans, or it is just another feature in the list of inconveniences. Whatever your flaw or whatever you lack is, they make you unique. 

Humans aren't unique, we are just another event in the universe that will inevitably end. That's what I honestly believe in, we aren't any unique or special. But at least we can find a brief glimmer of light in our own flaws and faults. Perceive them as negative if you can change them, but if you don't want to or can't, these things that supposedly make perfection such a far target to shoot at, make you shine just a bit different than the rest of us, maybe even just a bit better. Don't let any existential dreads (or me) get to your head then and have a nice day.

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