knights of the dancefloor

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Submitted: June 18, 2018

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Submitted: June 18, 2018



We are the guardians of the night,
Glittering green chalices of golden light resting in our hands,
As we sway flippantly in flight,
To the melodies of the dreamers delight,

We, sullen heroes of the scene,
Layered in loving labels we traipse the site of the war-floor,
Where the temporary kings and queens,
Flit through the worlds between,

We are the highest of royalty,
Marvellous multicoloured layers of miraculous design hide away our flesh,
While the delirious dance of subtlety,
Carries us away from true reality,

We, knights with fairy helms,
Daunting dreams of our determined futures shimmer in our eyes,
Laughing relentlessly in our realm,
Daring subtle emotion to overwhelm,

We are the saints of our own design,
Taunting our tectonic tarantism with elegance unmatched by aspiration,
Losing ourselves in time,
And the shiver in our spines,

We, intoxicated simpletons,
Fumble through fake fascination for the world around us,
Live only for the tasteful poisons,
And the joy of other humans.

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