Code Green The Security Of The Heart

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I thought I would try something a little different with hospital codes. Therefore, I will be posting a different code color. Five in all. I gave you Code Blue, Code Red, Code Yellow, and please
take into consideration, no this is not what this nurse does in her spare time in a hospital setting. There is not enough hours in the day to perform my regular ER critical care nursing assessments
as it is.This is pure FANTASY AT ITS BEST Love and Hugs, Kemy

Submitted: June 18, 2018

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Submitted: June 18, 2018




The Nurse and the handsome Security Force

Not to worry, he is the only one serenading me with his deep baritone voice

His muscular body keeping the nights warm

My heart has been totally disarmed

Body to body, rainfalls to set off all types of alarms

Candlelight dinners, caressing on a bearskin rug near a roaring fire

No home invasion for this salacious dame, only escalating flaming desires

 A trip to Paris, China, and yes, even Italy

My handsome Proprietor of his own Security Firm certainly loves me

Flowers and chocolates delivered daily, umm…I think I’m in love

Deep pockets, and his family jewels is loaded, fits inside me like a hand inside a tight glove

Nightly bliss for a nurse’s resume of naughty gifts

Tongue to skin, and then a wet kiss

Without a doubt ,I love his stroking grooves the best

Passion felt under him than all the rest

Code Green

A finger caressed down my arm as I laid in bed

A hard pillow chest wall of comfort from a night of being carnal fed

Kemy, what would you like to do tonight

Take in the city lights, a little Salsa dancing, and then dinner by candlelight

A kiss to my head for the acceptance of a plan

My hand creeping down under, a tease below, for an erected stance

Watch it woman you are going to be late for work once I start giving you a hard poke of this sticking romance

I will take my chance

Be wary for what you ask for

Covers dropped, souls as one, my handsome security force providing my body with so much more

Pleasing my temple’s center core

Marry me Kemy, a kiss to my forehead for all it seems

Eyes instantly opened, did I just hear the M word that sounded so serene

Pushed out of the abyss of pleasure my handsome one laying angry on his back

Handsome, we’re good as we are, why tamper with that

I have a career, I love my freedom, control my own purse strings, I love my writing knack

If the eyes were the window to the soul, I hear an upcoming manly verbal attack

For once you have to quit code consorting

Bed to bed grand touring

Allowing men seeds constantly pouring

And then a hard smack

This mean and green code will be the one to attempt to lessen my emotional carnal snacks

I do not need this flack

Heated minds have now prevailed

I told him to just bail

Pulling me closer to erase what was just said

Too late

The door slammed close without answers, or even a verbal debate

Feelings and emotions for him I’m sure will slowly dissipate

Code Black to set my chagrined mood

The feelings behind the loss of a lustful groove

Is he right about my wanton moves

The essence of the spiritual and healing properties of me, should not be pitied as being a fool

My Haitian grann instilled, since being in America, have I allowed it to just flow free

Without regards of my own emotional and well being needs

A knock on my door interrupted my musing

For my own mental self-abusing

I opened the door, a bouquet of long stem red roses and chocolates welcomed my smile

I do not know if codes can stay awhile

Time will tell, I sensed Code Black lurking

Fate against Destiny one of them is working

The nightly makeup interweaving on silk sheets made amends

However, is this the beginning or the end

Code Green


**Someone in boxed with the request to bring my Code Color Series to another site, other than Booksiesilk…hum. I just might give that consideration, I’m sure there, I would have to develop more color codes of course…wink

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