Not the Same

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The smile on my face doesn't always mean that I'm happy

Submitted: June 18, 2018

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Submitted: June 18, 2018



She dangles her feet over the edge,

lifting herself just slightly with her hands.

She has so much power,

so much control over her next move.

She wants to end it.

She’s tired of fighting

And losing

against her demons.

She wants a time out

A breath of fresh air

And this might not bring

The satisfaction

She was yearning for


It’ll end the pain

She takes a deep breath

And scoots backwards

Stands up,

Balancing dangerously

On the bridge ledge

All is quiet around her

Not even the usual brisk night air

The choice is hers

She leans against the pole

She has no times for tears


Or regrets

She stares down

At the dark abyss

The waters are calm

They hold a mystery

A different adventure

She wants to be torn about her decision

But she isn’t.

She lets go of the pole beside her

Closes her eyes

And jumps in


“You always do that, you know?”

She looks up,

Both feet stuck in a puddle

Mud splashed across the pavement

It had been raining again

She loved the rain

Or more so,

The puddles it created

She didn’t answer him.

“You always jump in, both feet first. No regrets.”

That was true.

But what he didn’t know

Was that she always wished

The puddles were just a little


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