Strange Foods

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When you smell an orange, what do you think of?

Submitted: June 18, 2018

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Submitted: June 18, 2018



I’ve always been a bit strange when it comes to food

Like, no matter how I try

Food doesn’t just smell like one thing

I group everything together


An apple smells like fall

I can see the leaves changing colors

And my father rolling the dough

In the kitchen

I can hear my family’s laughter

As I cozy up to our fireplace


[Pumpkin] spice reminds me

Of October

And all the joys and hazards

That come with it

The spookiness of Halloween

The pies and thanksgiving


I never just smell the smell

And sometimes I’ve wondered

If I’m slightly stranger than the rest

Because sometimes I don’t smell the smell

At all.


Sometimes I can’t smell an orange or strawberry

At all.

I smell the orchards where I used to pick them

In second grade

Or I smell something that reminds me of

The fruit or object

But never the actual thing


It has become so strange

That even in the forensics lab

I can’t always smell the bad smells

The body fluids, the chemicals, the body parts


I can’t smell them

But I can feel what we do it

Sometimes samples have to be heated

And while everyone wrinkles their nose

I can’t smell it

But I can feel warm


And it’s a good feeling

Until you remember

That you basically just

Microwaved a bucket of pee


I sit there,

Wondering how I got to this place

If it’s a gift or a curse

And how do I explain to someone

that when someone asks me to smell something

and I respond, “October.”

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