Who's Right?

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She's dead. You're pretty sure you didn't do it. Who do you trust?

Submitted: June 18, 2018

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Submitted: June 18, 2018



** Writing Prompt from Pinterest **


You wake up. A petite naked woman is beside you. You don't remember her name. Or how you ended up in bed there. But worst of all, you don't know why she's dead.

You scramble to put your clothes on, wondering if you've left anything behind. The only thing you can think of is getting away. Everyone will think you've murdered this woman. Your mother said she'd believe you no matter what, in any circumstance. In this situation, even she might change her mind.

Maybe you did.

You can't remember.

ANd you can't seem to calm down.

You can't find your keys and you're pretty sure they dropped somewhere last night. You manage to find your wallet before leaving her apartment. The door slams behind you as you take off down the hall. You realize that you're on the 4th floor and the elevator just isn't coming fast enough. 

You fly down the stairs, your brain still rattled.

You hail the first cab you can find and tell him just to start driving. You aren't sure where you want to end up and there's no plan b. You've got a few hundred in your wallet but it won't last long.

A few days pass by. You've been hiding in an abandoned storage unit. No one has come looking for you, but your face is plastered all over the media. You know that if you turn yourself in now, you're going to jail forever.

Your phone vibrates in your pocket and you timidly pull it out. You don't recognize the number at first. Oh, it's your best friend. The cop.

You're not sure if you should answer. After all, you've seen way too many cop shows. They might be on their way towards you even now. But you really want help. And you can hardly breathe from all the fear. 

You pick up but refuse to speak. 

There are a few moments of silence.

"Where did you disappear to? Look, it wasn't your fault. This is a part of something much bigger. Why don't you just come back home?"

You hear a few sirens in the distance and hurriedly hang up. You turn over the back of the phone and remember that you upgraded to an iPhone. You can't take out the battery. 

You fumble for the power button but your nerves are on edge. You throw the phone on the concrete floor and start kicking it with your heel. Hopefully, that'll keep them at bay for just a little while longer. You need to start moving. But her words ring in your ear. It wasn't your fault. Part of something bigger. 

Do you believe her or do you slip into the shadows?

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