Sauren The Twisted Blade

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Charming, handsome and debonair. That is how many view Sauren Nightflame, leader of the elite Rogues Guild The Crimson Blade. But, beneath the polished exterior, a dark side lurks.

Table of Contents


      Huddled in the corner of the schoolyard, the boy watched the other children as they played their games o... Read Chapter


The Crimson Blade was still in the process of appointing staff from pageboys to stable-hands, cleaners to cooks and trainers to administr... Read Chapter

For Future Reference

The dining hall was actually two elongated stores knocked into one dilatant and impressive room which could accommodate around one hundre... Read Chapter

An Aberrant Dreamer

The abundance of premium food with exceptional quality wines and ale made for a very pleasurable start to the evening at the Crimson Blad... Read Chapter

Royal Seal of Approval

Capital City was a mass of fast running narrow streams as the drainage system struggled to cope with the unexpected deluge of t... Read Chapter

Brett Hornsby

"Wake up, Sauren! Your training starts today." The half-elf shaded his eyes as the drapes in his room were abruptly opened. Sunlight ... Read Chapter

Lone Wolf

At seventeen years of age, the half-elf was already a few inches taller than his appointed rogue trainer. Standing at six foot two, he po... Read Chapter

A Little Muck ...

    "So who was that?" Don asked jerking his head in the direction Louvel had taken. "He is called Louvel Nottley, ... Read Chapter

The Chill Fog

On the eastern border between Hillsbrad Foothills and Hinterlands amid the pine forests, a group of rogues lay concealed amongst the unde... Read Chapter

Curiosity And The Cat

Sa'themar was a man whose proclivity for perfection looked well beyond his own specialisation. He knew that his ranks would benefit great... Read Chapter

Dead Men Lead Nothing

The elites readied themselves for a potential battle. They were occupied in the armoury selecting a variety of carefully manufactured poi... Read Chapter


Pain. Indescribable agony. He sensed he was falling into a paroxysm of grief and despair for events which had not yet been visited upon h... Read Chapter

A Martyr No Matter What

"How is he?" Sa'themar stood over his comatose son, his eyes never leaving the youth's face as he prayed to see a flicker of consciousnes... Read Chapter

The Tailor

The twang of steel vibrating in a solid surface sounded for the umpteenth time. It was accompanied by an irritable grunt and increasing p... Read Chapter


Mature content in this chapter, read at your discretion
Read Chapter

De Chieftain

The Blackened Woods, so named following the recent desecration of vast areas of Quel'thalas' forests had resulted from the Horde's carefu... Read Chapter

I Am What I Am

The rogues and Farstriders stayed no longer than they had to in the burnt and bloodied landscape at Darrowmere lake. Sa'themar had his ma... Read Chapter

It Is Tea, Isn't It?

Early next morning the whoosh of heavy drapes being opened and the corresponding daylight streaming into the room abruptly woke the young... Read Chapter

Penance - Mark One

The next few day's training was indeed intense, the focus on building strength, stamina and speed. It was something which Sauren welcomed... Read Chapter

A Perfect Paradigm

Morning and the house-staff went about their duties as normal in the grounds of the Crimson Blade albeit the week's end. It was never qui... Read Chapter


She looked up at the crescent moon. Incandescent rays bathed the city in a silver shroud, giving it an almost celestial aura. Soft, shimm... Read Chapter


The Siege of Capital City begins...
Read Chapter

A Strategic Consideration

Having endured day one and the relentless assault upon the city, the Alliance defenders have the night to recuperate. The rogues, however, do not wish to remain mere rats in a cage and venture out
into the enemy camp; their aim, to sabotage the Horde's war machines.
Read Chapter

In The Darkest Places, There Be Light

Reprimanded further by his father for disobedience in the battlefield, Sauren is given a chance to redeem himself. He is sent to locate the labyrinth beneath the city in a bid to determine if the
Horde is breaking through below.
Read Chapter

The Battle Raged On

The orcs are pushing forward almost breaching the upper gates of Capital City. Their siege towers advance to the defending wall. Alliance soldiers and magi pull resources and do all they can to
thwart the enemy.

Sa'themar is informed the boys' found their way under the city and there too, the enemy is about to break through. Sauren and Don are still below.

The Crimson Blades, along with mages and priests descend into the undercity where they discover the might of the orc army.
Read Chapter


Apologies to readers, it has just come to my attention for some strange reason this did not upload properly and the font altered occasionally. Hopefully, all is remedied now.
Read Chapter

Cupid's Itch

"My, we are looking pleased with ourself, are we not?" Sauren spun around at the familiar voice. A smile spread easily across his fac... Read Chapter

Hatched, Matched and Despatched

The battle with the orcs was still ongoing albeit far from the city. Troops were still being sent to front lines, rogues and mages amongs... Read Chapter

Made To Measure

  Sauren spent the next five days deliberating over the fate of Benjamin Morley. His recent discovery on the reprobate's behavio... Read Chapter

Prey To A Predator

Since the night he had erased Benjamin Morley, Sauren was plagued by new nightmares. Repeatedly, the images of skinning the young man ali... Read Chapter


The dining hall had been cleared of the previous night's celebrations leaving only the decorations and winter veil tree in place. The sta... Read Chapter

The Queen's Pawn

"You are daring to attend an audience with the Queen carrying these?" Don said, incredulous. He held up the blades his friend was in... Read Chapter


SPRING - YEAR 599 "Sauren! It is time." The tone in his father's words instantly made the half-elf desist from the mindless frivo... Read Chapter

Debt Owed

"I can't believe you need to come all this way for herbs, lass," the old trader commented as his passenger climbed down from the wagon. ... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments

Keke Serene

Sauren is an interesting character indeed. Though- one nit pick- you refer to his blonde hair like so much! It gets old really fast, after once or twice, you're beating a dead horse lol! We know his hair is blonde hahaha!
Besides that, I'm just ever so curious about Sauren, his eloquent speech and politeness is certainly something to watch out for.
I can understand his admiration of the Fireflurys, though ouch- what a nasty subtle stab at Brett. I'm glad to see his relationship with Don is still strong. This list they're working on can't be any good for his bullies, perhaps this is the glimpse Don got in the prolouge. Especially if his father's business deals with assassins and rouges! You'd think you wouldn't mess with a family so powerful lol. Great work.

Sun, September 16th, 2018 3:59pm


Thank you for pointing out about the hair actually. I confess it slipped by me (obviously), though it would suggest I have a fixation about it lol.

Yes, his rather brutal dig at Brett shows an underlying flaw in his character and it is only one of many, as you will see. Yet, as with tipping of the scales, he has certain redeeming qualities which keep him balanced.

Bullies, as a rule, do not seem to care about one's connections, their loathsome prejudices blind them to the potential consequences I think.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your feedback. It helps me see important things, however small, which I have done well, or not as the case may be, perhaps missed or simply went completely off course lol. It all goes to (hopefully) helping me improve.

Sun, September 16th, 2018 9:22am


Some strong character building going on here.
the dialogue flows naturally.
our young protagonist's, aspirations are soaring.
all in all, I liked this second chapter and has wetted my appetite to read on.

Mon, November 25th, 2019 5:22pm


Thank you. It is a work in progress, I still have quite a way to go with Sauren, and it will be written in due course.

Mon, November 25th, 2019 9:29am

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