Timmy and Tommy: Gameland Warriors

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What happens if video games aren't just pretend?

Submitted: June 18, 2018

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Submitted: June 18, 2018



Timmy and Tommy Thompson were fraternal twins. A duo to be reckoned with. That is when it comes to video games. 

They would spend countless hours in their room. Empty chip bags, soda cans lying on the floor and dirty clothes sprawled across.
The one thing they didn't have...was friends. 
Their parents worried that all the time they spent in front of the television playing their games would lead to an unhealthy future.
Although the two were twins, they were nothing alike.
Timmy was the funny one. Well, at least he thought. Timmy loved being the center of attention. Always getting in trouble and playing pranks on his Tommy.
Tommy on the other hand was nothing like that. Even though he shared his brothers love of video games, he actually enjoyed reading more. His favorite thing was to sneak down to the basement to read in peace. Not even his brother knew about the spot.
One day, Timmy and Tommy were busy playing their favorite game, The Legends of Doom. A two person action-adventure game, filled with ghouls, witches and talking toads.
"Boys!" their mother called out.
"Yeah?" the twins responded insync.
"Get down here!"
The boys looked at each other curious. They dropped the game controllers and headed downstairs where their mom and dad stood displeased.
"Ye-yes mom?" Timmy asked trembling.
"Is there something you want to tell us?" she asked, arms folded with disagreement.
"Uh--no no nothing" Tommy quickly replied.
"We-love you?" Timmy said, hoping that would get them out of whatever it was they did.
Their parents looked at each other un-amused and then back at the two boys.
"Come with me boys." their mother said, ushering them with her finger.
The boys took a big gulp and started behind her. Their father followed close behind.
As Timmy and Tommy entered the kitchen, they immediately noticed dirty kitchen counters, plates over flowing with left over food and flies swarming them. Tommy almost pukes but instead swallows it, earning a disgusted reaction look from his brother.
"Geez. This kitchen is disgusting mom. You should probably clean this place." Timmy announced, oblivious to the irony of the scene.
His mother scolded Timmy. 
"Uh--you might want to try that again son?" his father urged, feeling the hole burning through the boys from the glare of their mother.
"Uh what he meant was, we should probably clean this up, right Tim?" Tommy responds, nudging Timmy.
"Uh yeah-yeah" Timmy said agreeing.
Hours later...
Timmy was lacking effort scrubbing the kitchen counters. Lightly rubbing the sponge along the marble counters. Tommy however was washing the dishes.
Their mother came in to check on them, which Timmy suddenly acted like he was working hard. To her amazement the kitchen was starting to look a lot better.
"Wow. I guess I underestimated you two." she protested, gleaming with a smile from ear to ear.
"It's okay mom. I underestimate Timmy all the time." Tommy joked. Earning an annoyed look from Timmy.
"Listen, your father and I are taking off for a bit, are you two going to be okay?" their mother asked.
"Mom, we're practically adults." Timmy stated, confidently standing in a tough stance.
"Yeah mom. We can handle it." Tommy chimed in. 
Their mom looked on for a moment more. Unsure at first, but she decided to trust them.
"Okay. I trust you guys." she replied, looking down at her watch. "We'll be back in a few. Try not to burn the house down while we're gone."
"No promises." Timmy replied sarcastically.
The two boys watched closely out the front window as their parent's car pulled out of the driveway. 
"And..they're gone!" Timmy announced.
Both boys jammed as fast as they could up to their room.
Timmy and Tommy were locked into their game intensely. They had just completed the highest level in the game. 
"Timmy watch out!" Tommy warned.
Boom! A blast destroyed an evil witch character that plagued the game throughout; A villain that terrified the boys.
"Nice!" Tommy congratulated.
"Die ugly witch! Die!" Timmy yelled out, moving to get comfortable, his knee knocks over a can of soda, causing it to spill onto the game system making it spark.
"Ah man. Look what you did!" Tommy accused Timmy while shoving him.
"It was an accident." Timmy replied, shoving Tommy back.
Tommy grabbed a rag and began to lightly damp the console trying to save it from burning out.
"I think we're okay." Timmy said.
The doorbell rang.
Timmy and Tommy paid it no attention.
The doorbell rang again. This time loud enough to stop the brothers activity.
"Coming!" Timmy yelled in reply. Tommy followed behind.
The doorbell rang, one after another obnoxiously. The two brothers were suspicious. After all, who would be ringing this much? They thought it could be the neighborhood kids playing a joke on them.
"WHAT?!" Timmy barked, pulling the door open swiftly.
No one was there. A gust of wind blew by.
Timmy stepped out to investigate a little further. He looked around and around. But no one was there. Not even a creature. Timmy stepped back into the house and shut the door with a dumb founded expression.
"Who was that?" Tommy asked.
"No one was there." Timmy shuttered. 
"What do you mean?" 
"I mean I don't know. There was no one there." 
The doorbell rang loudly. It was as if it echoed the walls.
The twins shook with fear.
The ringing subsided. It seemed all was quiet.
Tommy looked at Timmy curiously. He decided to check it out.
"What are you doing?" Timmy whispered, holding himself back.
"I want to see who it is." Tommy whispered.
"Don't you know that's how every horror movie starts."
"Yeah." Timmy frantically claims, "An unsuspecting kid home alone, hunted by some psycho that just escaped from like prison or the loony bin."
"You watch way too many movies. You need to get out more." Tommy jokingly replies.
Timmy mocked Tommy's comments with a goofy expression. 
Tommy crept to the door, tip toeing stealthy like a cat. He tried to listen for anything out of the ordinary. Nothing. He then looked back at  Timmy, shrugging his shoulders like he didn't know what was going on. 
Without giving it an afterthought, Tommy slid upwards, looking through the peep hole. Tommy started to think about all the times he had ever watched a horror movie. How usually after a few moments, the person looking through the peep hole was shocked by someone or something looking back at them.
Those thoughts haunted him heavily in this moment. He always gave his brother a hard time for being a wuss but he in-fact shared the same terrifying thoughts, but he couldn't stand to let his brother know that.
Tommy looked through the peep hole a couple more times just to make sure nothing appeared. A sense of relief came over him.
"Anything?" Timmy asked worriedly.
"Nope. Must of been the wind." Tommy replied joyful.
A sinister laugh from behind sent chills down the boys back.
"You naughty naughty boys shouldn't call people ugly." a malicious voice called out from behind, releasing that horrendous laugh again.
Timmy and Tommy were frozen in their place. They looked toward one another with fear in their eyes. As they turned around to look, Timmy began to nervously shake. 
A villainous old woman, curling her fingers, cloaked in a wrinkled dusty black robe, a green jewel hung from her neck. Her face  wicked with a pointy nose and dimpled chin. Eyes beaming with fire. The very witch from the game the boys played. 
The witch floated there above the stairs. She viciously gawked at the boys, wiggling her pointy black heels.
"You're the--the" Timmy stuttered, too scared to talk.
"WITCH!" Tommy yelled in a terrified reaction.
"Hahaha!!!" the witch laughed, "Aren't you a clever little lad. I bet you'll taste delicious in a bowl of stew." She burst into that malicious evil laugh again.
Timmy and Tommy faced each other in a fit of terror. Unable to speak, the two brothers dashed into the kitchen, opened the basement door, ran down the stairs, slamming the door firmly behind them.
"What..was that?" Timmy asked, hunched over trying to catch his breath.
"I don't know." Tommy replied, lifting his head to breathe.
"What are we gonna do?" Tommy asked.
"Hide out here until mom and dad get home." Timmy replied.
"Good idea." 
A loud knock interrupted their assurance.
"I'll huff and I'll puff" the witch exclaimed giggling devilishly.
The witch pounded on the door. The wood splintering from the impact.
"What are we gonna do?" asked Tommy, shaking his brother for answers.
"I don't know! I don't know!" Timmy replied terrified.
Suddenly Tommy had a thought.
"Wait." Tommy exclaimed, "The game."
"What about the game?" asked Timmy.
"In the game the witch can be killed with anything made of steel."
"What's your point?!"
"Hello. We're in the basement. There's gotta be something down here we can use."
"You better hurry. I don't know how much longer that door's gonna last."
"You check that corner, and I'll check over here. Remember, anything that's made of steel."
The brothers split up. Turning over boxes and other various nick nacks looking for anything made of steel. They found nothing.
"Wait! The thingy we use on the fireplace." Timmy explained, snapping his fingers as if it's an instant clue.
Tommy was unsure what his brother was talking about at first, but then he realized what he was talking about. "The poker. Yeah the poker...which is upstairs."
"Upstairs where the witch is."
The two brothers realizing their only hope of victory is on the other side of the house.
The cellar door burst open. Pieces flying all over the room.
The witch gracefully floated in looking as wicked as ever.
"Now now my dears. Don't be scared. I won't hurt you. Well..maybe just a little." the witch told, twirling her fingers evil like.
Timmy and Tommy held each other tightly. They knew it would only be a matter of time before the witch would take them.
Suddenly Tommy remembered something. "Wait a sec!"
"What?" Timmy asked, gripping his brother tighter.
"The jewel. The jewel!"
"What about it?!"
"Don't you remember. If you break the jewel, you kill the witch."
"Yeah okay, but how are we supposed to grab the jewel from the witch without her ya know, eating us like a stuffed crust pizza?"
"I got a plan." Tommy said, confidently pulling away from his brother. "Create a diversion."
"A what?"
"A diversion. You know, distract her--it"
"Oh sure. Why don't I just lay down so she can feast."
Tommy ran over to a corner. The witch turned her attention to him but Timmy thought fast.
"Hey!" Timmy yelled.
The noise brought her devious red eyes toward Timmy. Now realizing the intensity of the witch, Timmy immediately regretted making himself the distraction.
Meanwhile, Tommy searched and searched for something to strike the witch with. He came up empty. He looked back, the witch was inching closer and closer to his brother. He needed to act fast or she would hurt the both of them. 
Timmy tried to by his brother sometime but was quickly proving unsuccessful.
"Anyone ever tell you, you don't look a day over a thousand?" Timmy said to the witch nervously.
A thought occurred to Tommy. 
"Hey ugly!" Tommy yelled to the witch. The witch turned swiftly. Tommy threw rope over to Timmy. The witch looked back and forth at them confused.
The brothers ran opposite ways, wrapping the witch with the rope. Around and around they went, tighter and tighter until she couldn't move an inch.
Tommy grabbed the jewel necklace off the witch's neck. The two moved away from the witch, teasing the jewel in their hands.
"Missing something?" he asked waving the jewel in-front of the witch. Tommy smirked as he continued to tease her.
"Give it to me." the witch demanded, wiggling her long crooked nose.
"Come and get it!" Tommy challenged.
The witch struggled to get loose. Tommy smashed the jewel hastily. The witch began to melt piece by piece, dripping onto the floor. The boys covered their faces to avoid any back splatter.
After she had completely melted away. Timmy and Tommy uncovered their faces to see the result.
"Whoa." Timmy uttered.
"Yeah." Tommy agreed.
"That was close."
"You can say that again." 
"That was--"
"I didn't mean literally."
After a moment of relief, they heard the door upstairs shut.
"Boys?! We're home!" their mother called out.
"Do we tell them?" Timmy asked.
"What happened to the basement door?" their mom asked.
"Guess so." Tommy replied, shrugging his shoulder as they couldn't hide it now.
Timmy and Tommy helped each other to their feet and took a look around. 
"I think we should take a break from video games." Tommy suggested.
"Agreed." Timmy obliged.
The two headed upstairs to explain what happened. 
Timmy and Tommy did in fact take a break from video games for awhile after that. 
The witches jewel, which they thought they destroyed, had in-fact slid under the basement stairs. Waiting for it's owner to return.

© Copyright 2019 Griff D. Con. All rights reserved.

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