"The bomb and the tracker"

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Submitted: June 18, 2018

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Submitted: June 18, 2018



My wife and I were driving down the freeway in West Virginia. It was late around 1:00 am. We were the only people on the road, our car stalled and died. After a few minutes of me trying to get the engine to start we saw a man pulled up behind us and got out of his car and asked us if we were in need of some help. So of course we said yes and told him what had happened with the car. 

He took a look we didn't know what he did but after five minutes our car was working fine. We thanked him and asked if there was anything we could do? The man declined and said he was happy to help. But we didn't know was that he was dangerous.  

We drove off and stopped at a Taco Bell. We were out of the car for about a half hour when I had noticed a group of people were surrounding our car. I walked out to see what was going on. "I'm the owner of this car" I said. One of the women told me she heard a loud ticking sound coming from the car. I opened up the trunk and to our horror strapped to the engine of the car was a bomb. It was set to detonate at 3:00 Am. 

We called the police who came and brought the bomb squad. Several minutes later the bomb was defused. We were lucky that the people had noticed otherwise we would have been dead. We thanked everyone and apologized. 

The police were happy to help and the people were happy to help us out as well after all they saved our lives. But our horrors weren't over yet. We also had a tracker on our car and the man who put the bomb on our car was tracking us. 

We had no idea what he wanted but he knew what hotel we were staying at. He pulled up to our car with another bomb. Luckily one of the managers was leaving the hotel and caught the man in action and threatened to call the police and have the man arrested. The man left. To our knowledge we never saw the man again but the hotel manager warned us what he saw and we had bomb squad come again to make sure our car was fine. 

It was fine. The tracker however is still on our car to this day and we never found out about it...the man very well could still be watching us and waiting to plan another attack to our knowledge we have never seen the guy again who knows if we ever will see him again or not though hopefully we won't. It's crazy to think people are out there who will hurt you for no good reasons.

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